Muhammad West – Izzah – Episode 13 – Islamic State And The Battle Of Badr

Muhammad West
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So the

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big marine salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Allah once again brought us here to the house of Allah asked Allah subhanho wa Taala. To forgive us for the shortcomings of last week, and to protect us and guide us in the coming week inshallah.

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We continue our discussion on the days of his glory days in our history that we can look back with pride and honor and be proud to be a Muslim. And we spoke about the foundation of the Muslim state. And we spoke about the defense of that state in the Battle of butter, and we're talking about the great events of the Battle of butter over the past few months now. And just to quickly summarize, we mentioned that the Battle of budget occurred on the 17th of Ramadan, the second of hegira, when the Muslims unprepared for a war came with 300 men and the kurush of Makkah, St. 1000 men, and we spoke how the details of the battle in which Allah subhanho wa Taala seen his victory and sent His angels

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that he was a decisive victory for the Muslims Alhamdulillah the Muslims were not expected to win. The chorus is proud and boastful and they were 100% sure they were going to win. It's no doubt we 1300 we are equipped and prepared. They didn't come ready to fight a war, they didn't come with weapons and armor. And yet Allah subhanaw taala gave him a great victory. But in the course of the battle 70 of the kurush and the senior members of crush Abu Jahan, who may Allah Akbar, the senior leadership of Croatia were killed and 75 of the nobleman taken as prisoner, and only 15 of the Muslims were killed. And they were no prisoners amongst the Muslims taken this was a great victory

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for Islam and for the muslimeen. And we said that the verses of circle and fall were revealed during the course of the battle, the lost behind Allah tala gave the instructions as what to do. And we said a number of issues arose what to do with the spoils of war, what to do with the prisoners of war, and we talking about the prisoners of war. And we spoke about this, Heidi, when a visa lawyer seldom asked the Sahaba What should we do with the prisoners of war, and two opinions arose the opinion or worker of the Alliance, who said, basically, let's take them as prisoner, ransom them off, and insha Allah, in the future, they will become bitter and become Muslims. Instead, our family

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members, give them a chance and show mercy to them. And we'll take the benefit of the ransom. Oh my god, Allah and he says, No, let us put it into them. These are the leaders of the Cooper. These are the big criminals. And if we let them go, they're gonna come back and fight us, but I will take care of my family and Ali rhodiola will take care of the Hashem is your family will show them that we mean business and maybe salsa Lamb has two opinions and we know the nature of Rasulullah saw Salah what would he choose? the easier the mercy the most simple of the two options and he chooses the opinion of Satan abubaker of the a lot and he said we'll take them as prisoner and we will arrange

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them have and then as we mentioned Allah subhana wa tada sins versus not approving of this decision in Surah. unfurl, Allah subhana wa Taala says, that is not befitting for the prophets of Allah to take prisoners of war until he is firmly established in the land until they are fully strengthened and completely defeated in the land. But Allah subhanaw taala has said that he pardons there'll be so so we spoke about this last week in detail. We spoke about the wisdom behind the punishment of the disbelievers. Why Allah subhana wa Taala would instruct that first of these prisoners of war should be executed. That the that the basis in Islam is mercy and forgiveness meaning if Allah will

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say that for those who harm you, if you forgive them into

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you forgive them and have mercy on them. This is better for you. But in this position, Allah says no, here in this situation, it is better to take justice and to teach the Qureshi a lesson. Because if they teach if they are taught a hard lesson, they're not going to come and fight you the next year and the next year. And this in the long run is basically for peace. So Allah knows the future. But Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanho wa Taala has agreed with an abyssal Salam we spoke about this last week. But even though Allah says that it would have been better to choose the option of Omar or the Alon, follow the decision of Mohammed Al salam, and he agrees with what nevison decreed,

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and says, Allah says and so to know, and Allah Subhana, Allah says, in certain facts, so take up the spoils of war, take the spoils of war that you've taken Halla is handled for you now I've made it Allah. So Allah has made the prisoners of war halaal salaam into southern fall, so consume what you have been taken of war booty, and this includes the prisoners, local and good and fear Allah Indeed, Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. Love forgives you what it was transgressions you made and he's now made color.

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So now, the prisoners of war of all

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To the custody of the Muslims, and Allah subhanaw taala now would instruct that it's okay and acceptable to accept prisoner of war surah Mohammed, Allah Subhana says, so when you meet those who does believe when you meet the disbelievers strike the next until you have completely subdued them defeat if you come and you face them in battle, and fight them severely and fiercely. And then when they sit in the security bonds, and either confer favor upon them, grandson them, until the war lays down his burden, meaning Allah has now revealed versus saying that if you are challenged, and they want to fight you, then fight them severely, and fight them to the limits. But if they don't want to

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fight and they sit in there, then except they surrender, and keep him and ransom them, don't execute them. Don't harm them, don't molest them. So Allah subhanho wa Taala has now made the keeping of prisoners of war over the execution is made it halaal for the Muslims. And this is a very topical topic today, a very important topic, because we find throughout the world, Muslims are waging jihad in inverted commas, and they are taking prisoners of war. And we ask, Is this in accordance with Islam? And the treatment of the prisoners of war? Is this in accordance of Islam?

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Let us put ourselves back 1200 years ago, at that time, there were no conventions or international laws. There were no such things as human rights. People treated the enemies as they pleased. They tortured them, abused them, molested them and murdered them. In the Encyclopedia Britannica. It says in the early history of warfare, there was no recognition of the status of prisoners of war, they had no rights. People in general had no rights. Imagine your enemy under your control, what liberal rights we have no rights, and the defeated party would be killed and murdered, especially when it came to religious warfare.

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When the Christians would defeat the non Christians, they would murder and execute them. The same with the Persians. The same with the Egyptians. The same with the Jews. This was this was the norm. This was how things were done back in the day. Islam says no, that even the prisoner of war came out to kill you, as a right. And once he surrenders, he is actually protected by the Sharia. he surrenders. He came to fight the Sharia, to fight Allah but now he surrenders. Now he has rights according to Sharia, and those rights are binding on the Muslim is. An example of this is the well known hadith of Osama bin Zayed. He was like the grandson of the adopted son of an abyssal Salaam,

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Osama his son was like a grandson to the newbies also loved. He loved to some are very, very much like he loved hassling saying Osama was on this level,

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in the middle of a battle with families fighting with a man and the man you know, he's overpowered by Osama and before he's about to be killed, which is La ilaha illAllah la isla except that you know Muslim. sama continues on and kills the man. Now visa salami is about this summer. Did you kill him off the seat now you know, in a lot of the cylinder of the submitted, you killed him. So it's all messy. But Yasuda la salami only feared the sword is only saying this because of the sword.

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Says Did you kill him off? He said La ilaha illAllah? Did you cut open his heart to see what was inside? How are you going to freeze Alon kiama when this man brings in a law, he surrendered and you still killed him? And Osama said the reason we repeated this over and over and he said I wish I became a Muslim after that event. Because you become a Muslim. all your sins are forgiven. See throughout my life I regretted that moment. He feared this thing for the rest of his life. This shows you that the prisoners man was ready to kill Osama this man a second ago he would have killed Osama. And yeah, the minute he says La ilaha illAllah The minute he surrenders.

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He has no rights. We can't take his blood. This shows you how the Sharia operates

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even above the line rates that on the day of bother after the Battle of better than a visa Salam commanded them to be kind to the prisoners and instructed the Sahaba all of you you have prisoners of war, treat them kindly. So they used to put them before themselves when it came to photo Sahaba now understood treat them kindly means we need to make sure that they are comfortable treat them as if though they are guests and there are many students of what occurred. Allah mentions the treatment of prisoners even in the Quran. So those who say that the Muslims are commanded to kill the enemies and to kill the disbelievers. This is an example we they are completely under our our mercy, they're

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at our mercy now. And these are the worst of people because they came to fight us what do we do with him? Allah says in the Quran, instead of to concern and you'll find the believers. What are the qualities they give food, in spite of love for it. Even though they are hungry, they feed others who do they feed the needy and the orphan and the prisoner of war. They put the prisoner of war even before themselves. They are hungry and starving, but they realize the prisoner of war is under my control.

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I need to make sure he's okay. So they give the prisoner of war preference over them. And they say the Sahaba and this is the Muslim, we feed you only for the pleasure of Allah. We wish not from you any reward or gratitude. We don't want from you when you become rich, or you go free that you repay us for this. No, we only want our repayment from Allah. So Allah says this is the quality of a believer that he puts the needs of a prisoner of war, the man came to kill him before himself, even though he is kasasa. He wants he's hungry himself. He's starving.

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So how did the Sahaba see these prisoners of war? Let us discuss some of the incidences. So each person who captured a prisoner of war a man who said to him, he was responsible for that prisoner, it's your job now to feed this man. And to house this man and to close this man. And if he's ill, you must treat this man. Right. He's not under your control and your care and your custody. An example of this is the brother of Mousavi below me, we spoke about

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great Sahabi, the first ambassador to Islam, his brother was taken prisoner on the day of brother, right, his brother was taken prisoner on the day of brother. And he reports this, this brother who suddenly becomes Muslim, he becomes since I felt ashamed at the treatment, the way they treated us that a group of people have the answer took me as prisoner, and they must have been a poor family. And we didn't have much food in the house that some bread and some dates, and they would always give me the bread, and they would take the dates, the breathing was better. And he said, I felt ashamed. I felt so shy. When I saw the way the people of Medina treated me and I'm a prisoner of war. And I

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would refuse to take the break. And they would refuse to take the break. This is how they treated the prisoner of war. To Haile even amor, he was the one of the last remaining chiefs have the Battle of better right to use one of the second level chiefs and all the top guys are killed. So he's one of the Chiefs now he's one of the big guys. He was captured. A B so someone said Bring him to me. I will personally look after him, and I will keep them in my house. But what would we do to be the guest of Navy so solemn in his house? Yeah. And obese also mistaking these arch enemy and says I will personally see to his well being and keep in the house of noble seldom. What example do you

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have in history and Allah mentioned, we don't know of any example of way the king would personally seek to the prisoner of war of his arch enemy. You keep selling even armor in the house of abyssal Salaam. And he personally sees to his well being feeds him closing and treats him kindly.

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So what was the ransom? What did the Muslims charge to release the prisoners of war?

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For those who are wealthy, the price for them was 4000. Durham's 4000 Durham's for those who could afford it. So the Sahaba and the Nabi saw Salaam, they knew who were wealthy and were poor, and they stipulated a price depending on your ability and your means to a poor man who came to kill them, and sell them and the Sahaba they made lenient on them only 1000, Durham's 4000 for the wealthy, and 1000, less for the poor ones, then there were those who couldn't afford even the 1000 ncdrc Yamaha model, they're not Muslim, so we can't afford 1000 our families quo, we don't have the money, what should we do? To not be so seldom said, for those who are literate? Your answer is you need to teach

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10 children of Medina how to read and write love. But in a time when knowledge meant nothing. Well, it wasn't where they went to schools, where knowledge wasn't important, that result from shows that the price of knowledge, teach 10 children of the people of Medina how to read and write, and that will be your answer. You may go free. Then a group of people came and said, you know, we don't have money. And we can return right? What should we do? So in episode number, at least some of these prisoners and as our answer what was their answer just promised us You will never come back and fight us. That was the answer.

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This is the treatment of prisoners of war. And we talk about more of the stories. We go back the story of Musab even made and he shows you the label of a man of the Sahaba who made his brother was taken captive, and he walks past and his brother is now being tied down and he sees his brother and he says oh my god, my brother, right? He feels glad you know Musab My brother is here and Musab looks at the captive. You know, the one that took him prisoner, the person of Medina and he says to him, listen, that this guy, this brother of mine, well, this guy here, I know his mother is a wealthy woman and she will pay top dollar for him. Musab Of course came from a very wealthy family.

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So he tells this Ansari tie him well keep him Don't let him get away because his mother will pay top dollar for him. And the brother who such as Yeah, he's the same to me. I'm your brother and you are like encouraging them to keep me prisoner you're not helping me out and Musab says that you are not making

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I think that He is my brother. The answer is my brother and you are no longer my brother. Right? The Brotherhood is basically Islam. Right. So this shows you the Sahaba. Another interesting story is the incident about a bus about the Alon, V, uncle of the NaVi salsa lamb. And we said before the battle before the Battle of butter Nabeel Sallam told the people told the Sahaba that is a list of these these names, you gave them names of people don't kill these people in battle. If you find them on butter, try your best not to kill them. Allah bass was one of them. And abus was one of them. Why? Because these were people that were good to us back in the day in Makkah, even though they came

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out here to kill us, if you can spare their life, try your best to spare their life. Because when they were in Makkah, they weren't. They weren't abusive to us. They didn't oppress us. So now we're going to return the favor. Now when it's their turn, we're going to show mercy. So Ibis was taken prisoner. And we remember the story of we a small man from the inside a small man beat him. And he says, Well, I you didn't take me prisoner. But there was a big guy. I don't see him. Yeah. And then obviously, one of the angels took us prisoner, right. My boss was very, very upset that the small Ansari took him prisoner, but it was actually an angel who assisted him.

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So he tells him that he's also lamb. You know, we are a pseudo law. Why are you keeping me prisoner? And why do you demand a ransom I'm a Muslim. You know, I'm a Muslim, who says,

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you know, you came out against us. If we judge you, according to a car, either a principal in Islam, we judge the person on the outside, we don't know what's in the heart. The man says La ilaha illa Allah and he knows what the Muslims we judge him as a Muslim, irrespective of what is inside and what he does. And on the outside if you don't open the show you Islam so Allah bus, he didn't open the show with Islam because he remained in Mecca, he didn't perform the job. We say we judge you according to what what you show on the outside, the matter in the heart belongs to Allah. And then Allah reveals versus pertaining to the situation. Allah says, Oh Prophet, say to those who are

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captive in your hands, if Allah finds any good in your hearts, he will give you something better that was taken from you, and He will forgive you. And for Allah for Allah is of forgiving, Most Merciful. Allah says, These verses were revealed pertaining to me that they were Muslims amongst us, were forced to go out to whether we hit our Islam, but we will capitols and we had to pay the ransom like everybody else, nobody so Salaam, no favoritism to my family. And then on top of it, he says to our boss, you're going to pay the maximum and he tells the inside you took him, don't let him pay a sin list that is owed to him. And on top of that, there are two cousins of the NaVi salsa lamb

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signal his brother, and another cousin who also was fighting against an Ibiza song, he tells Allah bus, you're going to pay for them as well. So Allah says, you know, I'm not a rich guy, I don't have money, what money I don't have money, right? And then a visa Salaam, then gives him a miracle. And he says, what about the money that you eat with your wife?

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Right, you know what I'm talking about you and your wife. You gathered a little fortune and you dug someplace in Makkah, and you buried it. You know what I'm talking about? An Ibis is La ilaha illAllah I swear by the rub, who sent you a truth that you are the Messenger of Allah, no one knew about that wealth except me and my wife. Right? So you know about the treasure IE and Allah boss has to pay up. And he says later on in his life when he is a man becomes stronger and he opens the show which is Islam. He says Allah promised came through. On that day Allah took from me some of my wealth, but when he gave to me in return, my business has flourished. And I became one of the

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wealthiest men in Medina later on in my life and I wish is I wish allowed took more from me on that day, that will give me more in return. Right? The shoes you stood up on a bus and a visa Salaam ransom have. Another example of shows you the intensity of the Battle of butter, and other capital was oblast rhodiola. And he wasn't a Muslim at that time. He was the son in law of Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, the nephew of Khadija. So then obeso salaam has a daughter Xena practice for daughters. And just a side note here, maybe salsa lamb. He has a daughter Xena, a granddaughter, Xena, and two of his wives. He named them Xena. Maybe something like the name is enough, right? You

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have an opportunity Zeynep is a good name and shall he changed his wives names that some of them had bad names. And so the out of Jackie Lee, they'll give the daughters are the names you know, Cindy one or Beto or something like that, then we can change the names to something better. So zeyneb, the daughter of NaVi salsa lamb, she was a Muslim, and she had married a lot of us before Islam right before the way and he was a good husband. He was a good husband, but he didn't accept Islam. And she remained in Makkah with him and didn't perform the job.

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And when the bait the day of the Battle of butter came, he was taken as prisoner of war. And on top of that he was the nephew of

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Khadija, meaning his mother and her deja vu sisters, and when even a beast on Salaam would hear this lady speaking or see her walking, you'll begin to feel so sad because it will remind him of his beloved Khadija rhodiola Anna. So the herbalist was taken as prisoner and the answer is they were able to keep this prisoner they demanded the price and they know the dose of Navy salsa lamb struggled to get whatever she could have the answer money, she sent it to Medina. And when they opened up the ransom money from the ransom money they found a Nicholas and obese on some shoulders Nicholas and his heart melted because this was the Nicholas of Khadija and she had given it to her

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daughter on her wedding day as a mother does she gives from her jewelry to her daughter you get married now Mashallah, you know, becoming a big woman now, she gave this necklace and Zainab used this to pay the ransom of Allah husband. Salaam, you know, his emotions now got to him. And he asked the Ansari, the person who took this man as captive as a favor, leave this Nicholas aside, take whatever you want of the ransom. But this Nicholas has some special meaning to me, honey, just Nicholas. And there'll be something additional. Right. So he tells us go back to Makkah and he speaks to us. And he makes a condition when you go back to Makkah. One of the conditions of your

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release is you sin sign up to Medina.

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So I will ask goes to my goes back to Makkah. He's really ashamed and you know, it's, it's really sad at what he did. And he loved his wife, Xena was a good husband, even though he was an unbeliever. Once again, we see that Islamic differentiates between a disbeliever the good ones and the bad ones. Not all of them are the same. And he goes back to Makkah, and he can't fake Xena. And the rumors come around people are beginning to understand that I will ask was released with a short of what he was supposed to pay. So they think maybe and they begin to understand that maybe Zainab is going to go to Medina. And this is the only thing that we have have done abbyson sama hostage,

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reportedly the daughter of Mohammed Salah go to go to Medina without us doing anything.

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So they try to prevent her from going to Medina and they attack her and a caravan just as she's about to leave to Medina. And she falls off her horse and she was pregnant and the grandson of maybe salsa lamb passes away she miscarried. And then Abu sufian will talk about him about the Alani wasn't a believer, but of course, he's now the Chief of Operations. He comes in he intervenes, and he takes our will our society and he takes Xena beside and he says, you know, how can you think that we're going to let you go? The people of Macau humiliated and bother. You think we can let you go just like that. Take her out when no one is watching at night to Abu sufian had some decency in his

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heart. So there's no purpose we keep this girl yeah. And we torture her and we abused this I think we're going to do need to go to a father, right? Let it go to a father. And it says take her out. We no one knows. Don't humiliate the Qureshi like this, you're going to take the daughter of Mohammed or send them out of Makkah, without in the middle of the day, like Abu sufian later though, and maybe it's because of this, that Allah subhanho wa Taala guides him to Islam later on in his life. And what makes it even stranger is Abu sufian son, armory, baby soufiane was taken prisoner on the day of by the his son armor is taken captive. And they send him the letter, you know you to pay 4000

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Durham's to to release your son. And he says,

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He says Do you know I'm not going to pay this? They defeated us the humiliating now they want my money. I'm not gonna pay this they can keep them as long as they want. Right. And the only reason why he said that is because he knew maybe some solemn would not torture a son, or using or abusing, right eventually, Abu sufian takes another Muslim hostage and says I will release this Muslim for my son and then a visa Salaam makes the swap. And this shows you how the prisoners of war were treated in the innocence the chief son visas and put up abused him. Don't let him go without any ransom in exchange for the life of another Muslim. And there are many examples of the treatment of prisoners

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of war in Islam. And one of the greatest examples is the example of the mama. Right? He was the chief of one of the tribes and the Muslims captured him and the obese person to bring him to me and time in the masjid. Today in the masjid of number week, you still have the pillar on which he was tied up. He was tied the end he says you know, you know if you harm me or Mohammed, you know, what, what do you have to say? He says, You know, I don't accept you as a prophet. And if you harm me, my people will avenge me. But if you're good to me, I will repay you and I can pay a ransom. Let me go. Let me some didn't say respond to him. And he let him stay in the moseyed for three days. After the

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third day that nobody saw some said, You've seen what's in the motion, feel free, you can go back to your people.

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Go as you want. Once he's released, he says I should have a la ilaha illAllah. After what I've seen, I've embraced Islam, after what I see happening in this Masjid, and listening to your words for three days, I now accept Islam, and he becomes a Muslim. And he goes straight to Makkah, and he tells the people of Quraysh, I've accepted Mohammed Al salam, you're not going to get my support. And if we look now, in Islam, we compare the rights and this is a great honor for us the way in which our Sharia preserves the rights of even the prisoners of war. If you look at the prisoners of war, the rights of the prisoners of war, it only became standardized within the last 5070 years

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after World War Two, in the third Geneva Convention. So after world war two and World War One, when the world saw the way people were killed, left, right and center, the way the Holocaust and how people were humiliated, and tortured and killed and massacred. Now mankind says we need to lay down laws Congress do as we please. So in 1949, right, they decided to throw up a law, international law, the third Geneva Convention, and these laws, which we take as how great and forward thinking, all it says the things that it says they that you cannot cause violence and torture and abuse, the prisoners of war. You can't mutilate them, you can't give them physical or mental torture, they

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should have religious freedom. They shouldn't be forced to convert to a certain religion, that you need to give them adequate food and shelter and housing. You compare that to the laws that the Sharia gave him 1400 years ago, the prisoners of war they don't have to convert Not a single one of them will commanded embrace Islam we kill you know, they will free to practice their religion, every person across the deen there is no compulsion in religion between you and Allah, what you choose, and your destiny is between you and Allah that no one should be tortured. Maybe salsa lamb criticizes Sahaba when he heard that, they tortured somebody and he even said, Don't mutilate the

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dead bodies, even the dead enemies of war. The bodies are sacred. You want to mutilate or cut or harm the bodies and you bury them. After the Battle of butter. Javid narrates the prisoners were brought among them was on a bus and he didn't have a shirt on, and it didn't have a shirt to wait. And then a result Salaam told the Sahabi that took him his prisoner, you have to put clothes on him. You can't even the clothing and the food of the prisoners of war is incumbent on the Muslim, the Muslim has to make sure that the basic needs are seen to

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another interesting law which is beyond even that of of our laws today. But if you take a family captive, you shouldn't separate between the obese also lamb says in a in a Hadith, a mother should not be separated from a child whoever separates a mother from her child will be separated from his loved ones on piano. You won't find this low in our in our books today. But this is the treatment of the prisoner of war in Islam. And that is why it's a beautiful Hadith in Bukhari, Allah Subhana Allah says, I'm amazed at those drag to gender in chains, right that drag to gender in change what this means are those prisoners of war taken captive, and through the excellent treatment that the

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Sharia gives them, they become Muslim, they came to fight Islam and wage war against Allah. And in return Allah gave them Jenna through making them prisoners of war and they are as if they are dragged to Jana in chains. So this Gemma to see mean, it shows you the completeness and the perfection of our Deen that we see what we hear on the news and the radio, when you take these evidences thickness to your non Muslim friends and neighbors and say this is how Islam treats even the enemy. And I ended up with this note when the Muslims you know, in the bad days when there was a civil war, say now he says you know now visa Salaam continued to explain to us how to treat the

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prisoners of war and not to harm the woman was a non Muslim. If that's the case, how should you treat the Muslim woman? Even if she fights you? And if that's the case of treating a Muslim woman that fights you with dignity and honor Yukon striker back? What about the woman that lives with you that she is your baby that looks after you? How can you even harm her. So this shows you that the perfection and the rights in Islam and the beauty of our Deen hamdulillah Allah Subhan Grant has the ability to understand and to live up to this high expectations of Islam. We continue and inshallah next week we'll conclude with the Battle of butter. And once again, our announcements we remind the

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brothers that any suggestions or comments, please email me directly with [email protected] and it's a suggestion box out there, please put it down. We also have a big announcement that hamdulillah we'd like to take this opportunity to thank all those who attended our AGM Monday, Monday evening, available time and and agreed to join up and we take this opportunity to especially thank the committee members, the outgoing committee members, some of them stood and has been on the committee for nearly 50 years serving the massaging of a lot and as I said, this position

00:30:00 --> 00:30:35

of committee member or the servant of the masjid is mentioned in the Quran in surah Toba and it's the base of people that serve the masjid masajid of Allah and we therefore say, a great disciple of Lady award you and continue to increase human height and Baraka, what you've given him and his Deen and we say welcome to the new members on the committee. These names inshallah we will read all of them, we welcome them to our committee and we ask Allah to grant them guidance and grant them protection grant them to increase them in the knowledge and to choose and grounding to choose correctly in the decisions Allah grant prosperity. Our senior classes on Tuesdays are continuing

00:30:35 --> 00:31:15

Charla please, please attend on Tuesday evenings I will see rock classes on Tuesdays of the Muslim and Alhamdulillah we also are pleased to announce that we have a very interesting course that will be happening in the panorama my students we I stay in panorama for the next four Wednesday's off the majority but the panorama Masjid will have a course in title in the footsteps of the Sunnah a discussion on Shiism few people have asked me about Shiism communists opportunity for us to learn about this topic with understanding and without criticism and without hatred and extremism. We discuss this openly and freely insha Allah at the panorama Majid in panorama also a reminder the

00:31:16 --> 00:31:28

lives of the NBA I have tickets for this course coming up in December international speaker and co author lies of the NBA please inshallah support it generously circle affair. Alligator salaam aleikum wa lubricator.

00:31:31 --> 00:31:42

Chicken couldn't she also got one announcement, the interval year's Expo will be held on the 18th and 19th. November those who are interested.

00:31:44 --> 00:32:08

Those who want to open a business and those who are in business are all coming to attend this Expo, which will be held at the river club that is opposite oddly whaling observatory and the expo tickets on the 20th end. If you want to take part in the conference, the ticket is 900 and for more information, you can

00:32:10 --> 00:32:15

get this pamphlet and it goes through this. Got it I will leave it in office sugaring

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