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Muhammad West
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And from one tomorrow to the next all the sins of the week that are minor are forgiven. Similarly one Ramadan to the next Ramadan and one jumar to the next Juma and one will do to the next Moodle and any minor sin that we do a lot opens the doors of forgiveness and Toba and in sha Allah, we hope that while we are here, Allah subhanho wa Taala forgives the sins of this past week, and grants us a light for the coming week to come in sha Allah. I know we've been discussing the days of resent glory, we've been discussing the Battle of butter. And it has come as a request from the community of the blue cup that our neighborhood watch massager of the blue cup that we address a particular

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problem that is affecting our community. And therefore Al Hamdulillah will continue once again with a battle of budget next week. But in sha Allah today we'll discuss commerce and intoxicants. As we know, unfortunately, sadly, it is one of the greatest plagues affecting our communities, especially here in the Western Cape. And our young people in particular, has become, you know, all around them, they're exposed to common intoxicants drugs, and therefore it has been a request from our community leaders that we address it today and in sha Allah. A few months ago, we had a beautiful series on the major sins. And due to time constraints, we did not get to discussing many of the other major

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sins, which were meant to be discussed. And we go back we go back to that series, and we remind ourselves of what Allah subhanaw taala has mentioned, of avoiding major sins.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us the good news. Allah subhanho wa Taala he allows us to enter into gender through different ways and means some people you know, they do lots of good deeds and insha Allah by the mercy of Allah the good deeds will enter them into Jannah.

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Some of us will we say today, we don't have the ability to stand every 19 Pm to force continuously to recite our cartoons of the Quran. So what other options do we have to enter into Jenna? We commit sin as well. Some people don't commit, you know, hamdulillah they commit very minimal or limited sin and what certainly do commit they commit they asked for Toba and they'll enter into Jana, by the grace of Allah through the limit, the very few things they come up.

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We say this is both difficult for us. We don't do a lot of good deeds, and we come up a lot of sense. Yeah, Allah isn't the another option for me. So Allah subhanho wa Taala makes it even easier. And Allah says to us, in Surah, Nisa, verse that you want, if you avoid the major sin, if you avoid the major sins which you are forbidden to do, we shall forgive your mind essence, and admit you a noble entrance. So Allah gives you the good news. For the small sins you do, I will forgive those Smithson, the words you speak that were out of turn, the look the lesson, the little things that we've done without thinking without, you know, just taking it lightly. How much total must we make

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for all the continuous sins we do daily? So Allah says, I give you an opportunity, stay away from the big sins, and I will take care of the minuses. And I will give you Jana. What a great What a great

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reward always giving us a great opportunity to entertain the agenda, stay away from the major incidents and if we ask, so what are the major sins and all sins, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has made the majority of sins minuses and is only selected a few of the sins as major sins. So Allah says, Yes, a list of major sins, stay away from the sins and the minus ones you do daily and nightly, I will forgive them, I will forgive them. So Allah subhanho wa Taala allows us and is on top of the major sins if we avoid them, a lot opens up doors in which the minor sins are forgiven. All of us we commit sin. And all of us we know we know if we wake up the sins we do. Just think one

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day or one week, and how much nobody can be spin. If we weigh the hours of sin we've done versus the hour of Toba that we've done, what position are we in on kiama I was going to weigh the good deeds, the bad deeds, if the scale is heavy on the on the good deeds, the good deeds outweigh the bad deeds, the whole agenda you into the agenda. If the bad deeds outweigh the good deeds, then at that point in time, we are at the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala with the punishments or rewards but Allah has made it easy for us on the dunya to get the minor sins forgiven if we stay away from the major sins amongst them. Allah subhanaw taala is doing good deeds, doing good deeds which wipes out since

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Allah says and performance solder

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and performance solder at the two ends of the day and in some hours of the night, veiling the good deeds remove the evil deeds. So Allah has made it applicable for us.

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But when we do small good deeds like sorta like fasting, like coming to the masjid while you are here, while you're here you're not making Easter far. But while you're sitting here, minus things we've done during the day, in fact during the entire week for Joomla are being forgiven.

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And Allah has made this illegal for us to have our sins forgiven in an easy manner, the main essence, Allah subhanho wa Taala and they'll be so subtle, I mentioned that the five daily Salawat, the one solid to the next, and the one Ramadan to the next and the one Hajj to the next and the one Juma to the next will be a forgiveness, a cafaro for everything that happens in between those, those two periods. And those, of course, as I said, are only applicable to the mind and since in addition to that, so we look again, as I said, the mind has since the Muslim unfortunately the inside that we are, we commit sins continuously, and they've always given us a cleansing Okay, fara continuously

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just as we commit the sin, Allah opens up doors of forgiveness by making Salas okay ALLAH forgive everything in between. But even over and above the good deeds. Nabeel Salaam says, any hardship any tiredness, even when you're feeling tired, when you feeling exhausted, when you have any worry or concern, or grief, or depression or anxiety, anything that bothers you, any hardship that you go through, even if it's as small as a phone picking you, that will be an expiation that will be a forgiveness for some sin. Allah subhanaw taala. Allah has made it easy for us to have our sins forgiven, provided that they are minus and

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if you commit a major sin, now, it's a different discussion. If we commit a major sin, now, this is a special kind of Toba that is needed, or a special kind of punishment where you have to be learned. Yeah, that is required. And that is why amongst asuna, well, Gemma, and there are certain groups that broke away concerning the one who commits major sin. Some of the groups the average, they took it, and they believed in the Marta Zilla, the one who commits a major sin has in fact, exited Islam.

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It's a reason to leave Islam, right? This is not the view of Allah subhana wa, but it shows you the fact the level and the seriousness of a major sin. So the question is, what will happen to the one who commits a major sin on piano? And we must mention this on the day of piano, the one who has committed a major sin, and he's a believer, he's a believer. What is his position with piano, then as the listener? Well, Gemma, our belief is that he's beneath the mushiya of Allah, meaning it is always there, right? And allas allas always a right over that person that you should be punished. Allah can send that person to Jana, for a period of time and then intervene, agenda, or unlucky and

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forgive. None of us in sha Allah want to be at that position on piano. None of us want to come on piano and have these big sins against our names. Either we make either we avoid the major sin, we've committed the major sin, then we make Toba and we stay away, and inshallah that will be sufficient for us on pm and none of us will we hope that the sin is forgiven through Toba. But none of us have that guarantee. And therefore, if we have not committed the major sin, don't get the don't committed. So we asked what is a major sin give me a list of major sins, I avoid those sins. And as Allah says, In the ayah, if you avoid the major sins, you enter into gender, Allah promises you I

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will forgive the minuses and I'll enter you into gender. So what is a major sin? Unfortunately, no list is given to us in the Quran, as Ravi saw Salam has mentioned some lists and he included other things and in the Quran, it includes other things that Allah might have looked at all these sins. And and it comes if we look at the definition, and Allah put down this definition, a major sin is any sin that carries a specific punishment in the dunya. So any sin way the Sharia has specified a punishment in the dunya that we know it's a major sin if the punishment in the dunya is is stipulated, there must be a punishment in the akhira. So the one who steals punishment is his

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handlers be removed. We must be a punishment in the Acura The one who commit Zina is a punishment in the dunya which means there must be a punishment in the Acura for any sin that has a punishment attached to the dunya is a major sin. Also, any sin we Allah says in the Quran, or in the Hadith, that the one who commits the sin, Allah puts the Latin as a curse upon him, but it is curse, the one who does this. And he incurs the anger of Allah and he incurs The Wrath of Allah and you will be punished any any description where Allah uses these terms attached to a sin. We know it's a big sin. And any sin of course, which liquid and specifically I said, stay away from this haram act, as is

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discussed as being a major sin

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So when he does intoxicants, the concept of Hummer fall in, we didn't mention it amongst our major sins, is it a major sin? Or is the minus and if I smoke something, bring something slipped something, is this a major sin or a minus and, and as I said, we know the implications of a major sin. A major sin is that sin on piano. If you did not make proper Toba and you're not properly forgiven, then you are liable but Allah for a punishment.

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So what is an intoxicant and where does it fall under the major sins for those brothers who are coming to the masjid? We are discussing intoxicants because inshallah we'll continue with the Battle of better next week but today inshallah especially request that we discuss intoxicants the word Hummer, where does it come from, and they for many of us incorrectly, believe that common only refers to alcohol, you know, cause some lager and whatever beer it is and why it is that's how the rest of it is not common. What is the Hummer refer to, if we look at the Arabic language, common Akuma is something which is used to cover the head, it conceals the head. So in the Arabic language,

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any substance which covers the head, which means it removes the Echo, it removes your ability to think it removes your your ability to to make the proper decisions. As I say the word Apple, it really it leaves your your, your intellect leaves you that this is an intoxicant, any substance, anything that is smoked, or used to eat an elephant inhaled, if it removes, and it affects your judgment, then it is a Hummer, then it is an intoxicant, doesn't only refer to alcohol, it refers to all the substances that affects your judgment. This is what the Arabic language refers to, and what the Quran refers to as an intoxicant as a Hummer, and all of it has the same ruling. Of course, some

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are even worse and more severe than as others. Now he's also lamb. So we say, Okay, how much of my mind must go some things I take it and I'm on a different planet. Other things I take it, I'm just floating and I'm still on Earth, but I'm not in the Steven summer. So which, you know, is there a distinction between this NaVi salsa lamb says, a beautiful concept and a beautiful understanding, it doesn't matter if you drink a little bit and you become drunk or you drink a little bit and it just it you still okay maybe salsa says whatever whichever intoxicating intoxicates in a large amount, then the small amount of that substance is haram. So, if you take a substance and you took a lot of

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it, and you became intoxicated by it, your your judgment is impaired, then the small amount the the 0.0% of that is also Haram. So this is the rule. Now this also llamas put down with regards to intoxicants.

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Now we ask, Is this a major sin? If I were to drink something which impairs my judgment, smoke, something faze my judgment, snot or shoot something you can face my judgment? Is this a major sin? What evidence do we have to remember our definition, anything which Allah has specifically cursed, in the Quran or the Hadith, or Allah stipulated a punishment in the dunya or in the Akira, then it's a major sin. So Allah subhanaw taala mentioned specifically, the drinking of or the usage of intoxicants when Allah says, Oh, you have believed, indeed, calmer indeed, intoxicants and acid includes everything, and gambling, and sacrificing for something besides Allah, sacrificing on

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altars, and dividing arrows, meaning using predictions and superstitions, and horoscopes, and all things we try to predict the future, right, these four things, commerce,

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gambling, slaughtering for something besides Allah, and superstition, which tries to divine the future. They are rigid, they are full and defilement, from the work of shavon. And so Allah says, avoided, that you may be successful, if you want success in the dunya. And in the era of with these things, and we know in a society that has allowed these things and leads only destruction in the dunya and the destruction of the ark era. We can only imagine the severity of the destruction in the author of Allah continues and sudama in the next verse, Allah explains, a lot explains why he has made common haraam. Allah says shaytaan only wants to cause between you and a mosque and hatred

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through humor and gambling, that intoxicants and especially gambling and intoxicants, it causes hatred between insaan fighting and violence, it causes this unity and it cause instability in our society. So Allah goes a step further and says, This is what's going to happen to your society, if you indulge in humor, and intox intoxicants and gambling and and shaytan wants these things to avert you from the remembrance of Allah and from sada so when you're not desist, last rhetorical question, will you not stay away, but this thing is going to harm you in the dunya and I

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Promise you in the accurate is another isn't there's a bigger harm. So we want to stay away. And this is only a method of shape on trying to who is disunity and hatred within society. It's a means to cheat on users to destroy society.

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So we know from the Quran, clearly Haram, Haram. I remember a chef telling me that there are some people in his experience that don't they still assume that you know, wine is haram but drugs is not really haram or drugs doesn't make the same ruling haram haram completely major sin mentioned in the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah it is of the defilement of shavon No, two ways about it. No, there is no island on the dounia we have so many sects and groups, not a single one of them says it's okay. We are all united Sunni, Shia, how are you everyone around and said How did you even go to the extent the one who drinks it is a coffee based on what are you making McAfee based on a hadith that we're

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gonna mention now. Now he's also lamb says inside Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, no one who commit Zina is a believer at the moment when he's committing Zina. His Eman is lifted. And no one who drinks alcohol or takes any toxicant is a believer at the moment when he's drinking it while he's on that bus while he's in toxicated. State he has no Eman

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and no thief is a believer at the moment when he stealing and now robber is a believer at the moment when he's robbing and the people are looking on right to this person and this is why some six and this is not the viewer or listener was the one who would commit Zina who steals or drinks alcohol is a coffee and complete coffee and you should be executed and he shouldn't be buried in the burial place of the Muslims shouldn't be made Salah upon and his position is Jana Eternity is not the view of the Sunnah of Gemma. What this means is that he is not a complete believer his belief has gone to such a low level and it's almost as if though it's non existent. If he says La ilaha illAllah we

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still treat him as a Muslim. This is the view of Allah Chanel Gemma, but now besides me saying your belief has gone to such a level that it's almost non existent and why Yeah, why will you die in that state? on this level of Eman? What is your state when you reach Allah subhana wa Tada. You die in the state of being intoxicated, or stealing or committing Zina. You have to believe Allah protect us from having a bad day. Allah grant is only good. A beautiful day in the state of Nevada, when you imagine is at its highest level was from grant as to die with the Kalam on our lips in sha Allah.

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Now he's also lamb says whoever drinks or has intoxicants in the dunya he will be deprived from it in the author of meaning in the deal will not enter into agenda because one of the rewards of Jenna is that which was Haram in the dunya is helpful for you. So whatever was restricted for you on the dunya, you will find it helpful for you in the accurate and it won't have all the negative side effects. So whatever you're making, and this is what we make the trade for. Allah says I trade with you leave of these things of the dunya. And I promise you better in the era leave of the temptations of the dunya and I will fulfill all your desires in the era of Esau says make the trade make the

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choice between the dunya and the archaea you enjoy whatever you need to enjoy in Jenna.

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And a lot takes this a step further. And this is very scary for us.

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Because Allah is not only cursed NaVi Sol Salaam and abyssal Salam does not curse people very quickly. And he does not not it does not come from the tongue of newbies of Salaam that he uses the term curse very quickly and easily. His nature is more to have mercy and kindness. But he says that the sunny shade, not just the drinker is cursed is who seldom says in Suna Abbey, Dawood narrated by even Omar Nabis also says, Allah has cursed, Allah has cursed hamara intoxicants. And so the thing itself is cursed. The substance itself is cursed by Allah, the drug itself is cursed by Allah. A curse of Allah means it is deprived of any goodness and Baraka from Allah. And it is rejected by

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Allah. So Allah has cursed the substance. And Allah has cursed the one who drinks it. And Allah has cursed the one who pours it and unless curse the one who sells it, and allies curse, the one who buys it, and alas curse, the one who makes it and allies curse the one who squeezes it or assist in making it and Allah has cursed the one who carries it from one point to the next. And the one who is carried to

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almost curse everyone in the transaction. And this way, brothers, we need to think very clearly about our jobs. And the basic rule and from this hadith is any job that you perform, that is part of the haraam transaction with a with a US accountant, whether you are the buyer, whether you're the seller, the marketer, the packer the carry, the one who carries it, I don't drink it, I didn't buy it and sell it. If you are party to the transaction, you have facilitated it and the curse is shared upon you. And it will be shared Of course between

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I mean, the one answer some will get it worse than the others. But you are included in this and this goes for all sins, does not just hammer applies to interest. It applies to Xena, it applies to everything. So be very careful and we should make a lot we asked Allah subhanaw taala assistance in guide us to make the right choices and a lot of things which we might take lightly. Allah subhanho wa Taala we are asking for his forgiveness. This is where we hope for the Toba. But we need to make we need to think clearly of our work and our profession.

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So the curse of last curse, and in particular, the one with rings, right? He comes first in the list of the first person cursed in this transaction is the user. He's the first one in the list. Will Allah subhanho wa Taala as cursed so all those who are under the protect us.

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Now he's also lumps reported into unnecessary

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Abdullah bin Amar, did you hear the Messenger of Allah saying anything about commerce so that once a hub is asked you and others to hobby, what did you hear about intoxicants? And he said, No one said yes, I heard the Messenger of Allah saying, If any man from amongst my own uses it, Allah will not accept this Allah for 40 days.

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And what is solar? solar is the mythos of gentlemen. Now this also lumps is unclear.

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The first question to believe is going to be asking about is solar. The first thing all of us are going to be on all of us are going to be asked this question about last minute Allah and listen Charlemagne while you're the lucky 70,000 will include the agenda without any questioning of last minute grant as that great success. But if your question, the first thing you're going to be questioned on is SATA. And if you struggle to answer the question of Sala, you will struggle for the rest of your questioning. If you fail in the question of solder, the rest of your questioning will fail and if you are successful, in answering the question of solder the rest of your question you

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will be successful and it will be a means in which you enter into gender. The one who can can come on kiama with the solder In fact, it's almost guaranteed you will enter into gender.

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Now before Solomon says the line that divides the believer and the disbeliever is for the man taraka for the one who leaves Uppsala he has become for now Homer, unlike Xena, unlike stealing unlike murder does not affect your Salah for Salah is the foundation on which your deen is built on. So Hammad fits this thing. Comet attacks your solder, and it diminishes your solder for 40 days you took a substance a month and a half ago. you experience something for few hours. 40 days later, your Salah is still not being accepted.

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sad stories, people tell us people will say I need to stop for 30 days that Armageddon is coming up and I'll stop using drugs.

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Right? This is still better than the one who continues on. But this is the thinking democracy mean for 40 days your Salah is not accepted. What is your position with Allah in that period of time? And it's not to say that my son is not accepted I'm not going to make sure that no you still have to perform the Salah because the punishment of leaving of Salah is still applicable but the rewards plus you've lost the reward but the punishment is still on your neck unless you performance Allah forbid have severe severe, you know severe Howdy. stringent words from lobbyists are seldom The one who thinks I'm just smoking something likely or I'm drinking something easily. It affects Eamon on

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the one hand even a man is gone. And on the other hand, a 50 solder which will enter into gender major sin serious and serious implication. On top of that, amongst all the things we've said about how bad is

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now visa Salam has stipulated in the Sharia the one with drinks hammered at lashes for him at lashes is the HUD the punishment of the one with drinks. Who drinks Hummer and I know on top of that the one who sells and builds the drug dealer penalties, the penalties death many countries in the world and in the Muslim lands, the penalty of the drug dealer, the one who spreads these things is executed serious punishment. serious, serious sin right if the Sharia has made it so severe. If we look at certain punishments, Xena 100 lashes right if you're not married 100 lashes how much 80 lashes on a lot less put this as one of the major sins which he has forbidden us to do. And if we

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look at why is the Harmon show bad? And why does it remove your Eman when you take it? And why does it affect your Salah and why is the punishment in the dunya severe and the punishment in the Akira severe

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it is what the whole amalco it's all about it

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is the mother of all evils. Why not the father? What's wrong with the Muslims again? Right No, right not sixes to any way it's a way of speaking is Alice's omokoroa. In the Quran. The mother of all cities like the mother city of Cape Town Mecca was referring to Makkah in the Quran, right to the expression into the base of all cities. It only

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Pura Allah if it's the Hummer is referred to as Omaha, it is the mother of all evils. Why? Because the one who commit Zina

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just commit Zina, or *, whatever, he won't do it with his daughter, or his mother or his grandmother, but the one who's on drugs, we'll do it with common Xena with anybody.

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The murderer will only kill a specific person, someone he hates, whatever, but the one on drugs will kill anybody, even his own children or father. Once you are under the influence of commerce, you're under the influence of shape on when everything becomes easy for you to do, then every sin is accessible. One sin doesn't necessarily lead to another, the one who still might not commit Zina, but the one who drinks and uses substances and under the influence of Hammad, he will steal and he will * and he will kill. And this is what we see in our time. That's why it is the mother of all the evils. And specifically Allah said, and this is the thing that will destroy your society.

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calmer, and gambling will destroy your society.

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It could be Xena, specifically, and we see, we live and I grew up in a society where these things were very well controlled and restricted. And many, I have many friends when they grew up growing up, you know, he's an Islamic extreme, which is having a bit of fun, a lie you see in our society, we live in a society where to be made available and accessible. We know the effects of it. In terms of what we know today, the effects on the user. And this is for those who don't ever try and get involved in it. Don't ever begin, this is the the easiest, the strongest way you're going to stop yourself is the beginning. Once you've done it once, the second time will become easier, the

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strongest, you have to stay away from it the most forgiveness to be from it is not doing it at all. Some people they tried once they're addicted for life, or they actually die. The first it can kill the first, the substances are so strong that the first hit can actually kill you. You're playing with your life, for younger brothers and sisters, and sometimes even for older older brothers and sisters, know that you're playing with your life that you can die, and what state would you die in? If you're taking that substance, the long term effects a brother is a doctor. And he tells me about these effects. It will if you spend years on these substances, it will destroy your liver, it will

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destroy the lining of your heart, your kidneys, your your brain will rot literally rot. And

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he says majority of the people that he sees in the asylum in the in the mental hospital is as a result of substance abuse, it will make you insane, it will not only remove your mind will remove your mind permanently destroy your mind, you'll never come back from that.

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We know on top of that it's the risk of AIDS which has no cure.

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As I said, One hit will make you a lifelong addicts. People who committed this to one substance when they were young and you know didn't have what, you know when thinking correctly. They were 15 to 12 3050 years later, they still can't get out of it. They are enslaved. One One mistake, one lapse of judgment, and if enslaves you for the rest of your life, it ruins your family. It the ruins your relationships, it ruins you financially, you'll be bankrupt you'll be enslaved to somebody else. And eventually, you will it will leave your day who as I said you will end up in an asylum, continuous use eventually it will destroy you completely. This is why Allah has made this thing so Haram, that

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it destroys the very thing which makes you insane. The very thing which elevates you above all of us creation is this mind, this computer in your head. This is the one thing that destroys it.

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Many of us are harbor cinnabar karate Allah and he says Well, I even before I became a Muslim, I never had a liking for humor. I never drank wine should Why? When I was a young boy, I saw a man lying on the you know, lying in the sand. He was drunk out of his mind. And he was gripping around and he took a piece of camel dung. And he was bringing it through his mouth to eat it put it by his mouth to eat it. So out of his mind. So singer Baccarat Viola at that moment in his life changed him. So this is what Harmon does. It lowers you to this level to believe in animal. How can this be something good.

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And if we look at the effects on our country, in particular make it relevant to us here in South Africa. We make it relevant to South Africa. I took this from a Christian you know a website that website that

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hamdullah we can unite This is one of the areas where we can hold hands with the Muslim, the Jew, the non Muslim, the atheist, we can hold hands and say together we stand against this amazing that every religion will speak out against us. But inside no matter what color he is, no matter where it is in society what religion

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ability as he, as he will stand hand in hand and say this is this is the start this will destroy our society. We look at South Africa, and in the Western Cape, which is the capital with regards to drugs in South Africa, it is double the average norm of use uses, we have twice as much as expected. Twice as many people use drugs they miss what is the norm?

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a statistic and this was done more than five years ago, it took 18% of the population or drug users who have a drug problem. What about those who tried? What about those who are, you know, as a casual and today the drugs doesn't allow you to be a casual user 15% 15% are on drugs or using drugs. Panama, may Allah protect our children, or protect our loved ones. Billions are lost, that could have been used to build hospitals could have been used to build schools could have been used to feed people that are starving, orphans, billions are lost. And the taxpayer, the one who works hard, he has to pay for this.

00:31:06 --> 00:31:52

Today is the tax return I haven't even submitted mine. But you are paying for this. You are paying it because of the billions are used for this makes you angry, it upsets you that this is what is lost is becoming to our psyche, because of the lack of leadership on those in power. According to the figures from the police, the sap SP is 60% of our crimes committed nationally is related to dance. 60% of the people are killed is because the killer was a drug addict. No reason to kill the man for no reason. Even the news the push of people, the lady walking into the house shot dead wife is a drug addict wanted a few ran to get the next fix 60%. And in the western thing that goes up to

00:31:52 --> 00:32:39

80% * and murder and theft and robbery, car accidents linked to the use of Hummer alcohol and drugs and smoking substances. All of this all of the lives and the billions of rands lost because of substances, and it's why the Sharia is shown. And this shows you the wisdom of Islam, Allah subhanaw taala has not made these laws simply to make hardship on the oma No, this is good for you better for you follow what I'm saying, and you will live a happy and safe life and will lie to you ask. And this is to our younger brothers who are thinking or sisters who are thinking, let me try it. Let me see what it's like, go and ask someone who's used it or didn't really make you happy. We are the

00:32:39 --> 00:32:41

most miserable people on earth.

00:32:42 --> 00:33:24

They can no longer have happiness except under the influence of the substance. The life is virtually over. It will not if you bring me someone and adequacy is not hamdulillah I've used it I'm happy I used them and I'm the happiest man on earth. If you bring me one person, you know we can change and say something else. But every single addict admits that he greets and remains the same. So why do we why touch that fire which you know will burn you Why go into the thing which you know will destroy you. proven record, be that stranger as a result Salam says Islam started with something strange. And who in there's something strange so glad tidings to the stranger be the stranger particularly to

00:33:24 --> 00:33:46

young people. Your friends are all doing one thing which is wrong. You be the odd man out. We talked about the earlier the friends of Allah sometimes we picture a you know old man with a big beard and a big turban a lie a young person, when all these screens are committing her arm and all these springs that are making Sarah and all his friends entourage and he says no, I'm making Salah I'm gonna stay with that is a valuable last panel Tada.

00:33:47 --> 00:34:25

That is Wally. And that is why Allah specifically to our youth in particular, one of the seven categories of people will be under the shade of Allah on piano is the young person who in his youth upholds his Deen doesn't mean he's a monster 24 seven, but he performs his salah and he stays away from major sins. You do that and your youth is that one blessing that will never ever come back. Wealth is taken and returned health is taken in return, but youth can never be captured again. So that is the time to make the right choices and the right decisions by Allah subhanaw taala sisters in raising our children correctly and protect them from the victim. The times they live in is far

00:34:25 --> 00:34:43

more difficult than the past. But Allah subhanho wa Taala is our only salvation and Savior, make the law and education and with good parenting and childhood leadership. We can help and stop and stop the train. And lastly, for those who have fallen into it, we have done this in any major sin.

00:34:44 --> 00:34:49

That if you're still alive, you're still breathing. will not do October is open.

00:34:50 --> 00:34:54

This door of return what is Toba? What is the word Toba means that forgiveness

00:34:55 --> 00:34:59

means to return the return you're coming back to Allah

00:35:00 --> 00:35:06

50 years away from Allah. Allah says the door returns open the door is open, I'm waiting for you to come back to me.

00:35:07 --> 00:35:35

So whoever has fallen into it, who is in it was busy with it. The time to return is now you don't know that door, how long it will be open. So Allah subhana wa tada and we end up with this lesson one of the most amazing is on say, oh Mohammed to my servants who have transgressed, say, to the evil ones of my servants, the one who committed Zina, the one who took drugs, the one who murdered the one who did all the evils in his life, the one who didn't make sadar for 50 years, say to that one, not the good ones, the bad ones,

00:35:36 --> 00:35:39

who's transgressed against the souls, law,

00:35:40 --> 00:36:20

in law, do not display in the mercy of Allah. Allah forgives all sins, for his oft forgiving, Most Merciful, Allah subhanaw taala. Forgive all our sins, Allah Your mercy is greater than the sins that we have done. The Allah Allah says if we come to him with a world full of sin, and we do not come a chip, he guarantees us a world full of mercy. He says to us to take it from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Grant us to return to Him, forgive our sins protect us from committing future sins. Now alarm is easy for those who are going through difficulty and hardship to those who are ill, and grant mercy and Rockman. For those who are deceased inshallah next week, we continue on with the conclusion of

00:36:20 --> 00:36:58

the Battle of butter. We'll go back to our series The days of razor and glory. And in sha Allah, as I mentioned, just a few announcements to be made mentioned. Yeah. Any questions or comments or wonder slides or anything like that, feel free to email me or leave a comment in the suggestion box in sha Allah. Other announcements, we are pleased once again, as I said last week, that Alhamdulillah our new committee or management committee was elected last week, and Alhamdulillah. These names are the brothers and sisters who have signed up to serve this Masjid. So in sha Allah, we ask Allah to guide them, to grant him the strength to make the right decisions at this house of

00:36:58 --> 00:37:13

Allah is only maintained by the best of people. And once again, we see a great sugar and we ask a lot of except the efforts of those men and women that stood on the committee for many, many decades, gave hours of their time, of course, is a great great reward in the skills of goodness.

00:37:14 --> 00:37:51

Once again, a reminder to our classes on Tuesday night, the time is not optimal grip, it's changed to seven o'clock, from seven o'clock on Tuesdays until eight o'clock, we will have our senior applause the life of an OB Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. Then also an announcement and hamdulillah we have a very interesting Lecture Series happening at the panorama Masjid in panorama and not at this Masjid on Wednesdays after mostly we're having a discussion on Shiism. So we started our first class was very well attended our hamdulillah this Wednesday, and inshallah will continue in the weeks to come to insha Allah introduction to Shiism, all of you are welcome, no fee, women are allowed to

00:37:51 --> 00:38:28

come as well. They know reminder that altostratus course the lives of the MBR the prophets of Allah is coming up the sixth of December is one of the pillars of your mind. One of the things which makes you a Muslim to know who the MBR were and what the lives were, please ask your kids in particular, do you know the snubby as I said, I heard from a young person who said You know, when Nabi Musa put the animals on a ship, you know that was positive? No, you need to go to the school system, you need to go to the schools, like I'll buy the ticket for you even please You know, but once you say stuff like that, it's a problem. So please ask your kids hopefully after the exams at UW see if tickets or

00:38:28 --> 00:38:45

you can go to the website and buy the tickets, all the NBA in one day, one day your entire follow up email inshallah completed because I feel lucky to ask the last panel to Allah except from us and to guidance and to grant us flexibility in the dunya and ostrich circle of fate, or Salalah. Mohammed wa salaamu, Sheringham de la Plata me

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