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A powerful speech by Sh. Murtaza on how we need to Obery the Prophet and to carry out the commands of Allah.


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of the praising or loss of Canada either sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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we find that common practices that after speaking about loss of Canada either

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one needs to begin to then follow those commandments that are lost, found as laid out.

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And Allah Subhana Allah sent the best of creation, to implement those commandments or to show us how to live those commandments. 1 million dequan in our in what in what you knew her, the beginning of suta najem the 53rd chapter of Quran Allah, Allah mentioned he does not speak of his own whims or desires. Whatever he speaks is nothing but divine intervention. Likewise, our last founder Allah mentioned once a night a karate karate to be united nassima Musee de la Mola, Kuru we sent down the vicar upon you with Vicar, Minister of Foreign Vicar is from amongst the names of the Quran need to be iannelli nassima lucilla la Mola, lomita for Kuru and then you may begin to ponder and reflect

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over the verses of Allah Subhana deondre and you may begin to explain it. The best explanation in the Quran is the living embodiment of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa earlier seldom does we find the hadith of Bokhari when asked about his characteristics and his behavior for color, or Asia or the alota

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Ghana hula hula earn his characteristics and his behavior was the

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big man with the meaning of that anything inside the Quran which is Helen, he implemented inside his life. Anything in the Quran which is haram or forbidden, he avoided that. And that's before we enter into the topic of obedience. barato Rasul Allah is salatu salam obedience to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is important to maybe take a few steps back,

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maybe not just a few years, but a few centuries, to help us to understand the healthier the background of who we are supposed to be obeying. Because we find out Unfortunately, the masses of Muslims are very weak in the amen are very weak in their perception of the authority of the Prophet sallallahu seldom does you find that it becomes excuse expression for many of us to be trivial. And even those people are talking at the moment you're talking indirect, going against the statements of the profits of the Laurie salon, that you find the beginning of show to the pajara you're Latina Amanullah therfor satakam focus Alton Abbey SoTL 149 Chapter The Quran Are you believe Don't raise

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your voices above the voice of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that he works with the facility managers when a hadith and Quran are delivered or mentioned that people continue to speak. So humbly respect or ask those people who are busy speaking in the back to lower the voices. Because we are speaking verses from the Quran and the Sunnah, and not having a get together for people to entertain themselves. We've come here tonight to listen, obedience to Allah and obedience to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. That is the intention of coming and attending today. And as I mentioned a centuries ago, that the prophets they all gave an allegiance to the Koran is a measure sobre la

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Emraan that if this message is to come amongst you, that you're going to aid him and give him victory. And you're going to remain true to that covenant that promise that you've given to a loss of Hannah Diana and that's later on that we find that Ibrahim Ali Salaam when he made that what is what is known as direct to Ibrahim the call of Abraham at a salon. He made a call to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Subhana Allah subhana wa bersih masuleh Minh home yet Lu la chica we are alumina teachable haik moto is a key him will ascend amongst them one who's going to teach them the book and teach him the Scripture. And he's going to prove purify them in nicaea until Aziz al Hakim indeed

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Oh, the Almighty the wise one this is classified as the call of Abraham and a solemn he made the door he made a supplication that our last cent from amongst my lineage, my progeny for my genealogy, one who's going to make that call, centuries later that you find that that call or that supplication and Rahim Allah, Allah is responded. And even before that call is responded to find Isa la salon. He also made a call He also made a supplication as well, that even as a side point, the Bible itself it documents inside the book of Deuteronomy 1818 that they will come when one like unto the

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Musa alayhis salam speaks about what will come like unto thee. And he's referring to none other than the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, because Isa does not resemble Musa alayhis salam. The most resemblance is the prophets of the law I sell them and he said Islam he mentioned as well inside the Quran when describing him or speaking about him with color Isa Maria Maria Bani Israel in new Rasulullah la con mucho de Colima, Dania de Yamuna, Tara MOBA Shira Mira su li team embody smooth Achmed, Lisa, Lisa, he gave a supplication we gave this statement as well. There is going to come one after me is smooth.

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His name is going to be the Praiseworthy one. That was recently Sam was waiting as well, for the deliverance of the coming of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, and that's refined last month Allah mentioned who will lead the birth of Phil O'Meara Suleiman and foresee him yet through Alabama yet he will use a key hammer your aluminum key table hikma when can cobbler feed while Alamo been in the beginning of Soto Juma that we find will lower the bar I mean, he's the one Allah Subhana Allah has sent amongst the illiterate individuals, a messenger from amongst your own self, who is going to teach in the book, teach him the Scripture and he's going to purify them. And as we find amongst the

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most ultimate verses inside the Quran inside surah Emraan Allah Subhana Allah mentioned na codman Allahu Allah meaning a Beretta Phaedra Suleiman unforseen yet you are a it was a key Hema, your Alamo Kitab al hikmah. When can human Kabbalah feed Allah Allah mobian similar verses that we find, but on this one occasions I saw RON and RON, Allah Subhana, Allah mentioned the codman Allahu Allah, meaning, Indeed, Allah conferred a great big blessing upon this Muslim Ummah, the ultimate blessing upon this Muslim Ummah, is the sending of the prophets and the longer I sell them. And the ultimate calamity upon this Muslim Omar is not the bloodshed, that term when the corruption, the fit and well

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facade we find in the face of this effort, the moment the ultimate calamity begins with with the death of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, leaving this dunya in the coma yet, and we're in no major tune, you're going to have to leave this dunya and likewise, everybody leaves this dunya This is the beginning of the signs of the Day of Judgment. That's the first sign of the coming of day of judgment that we find amongst a minus sign is when the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he left this dunya and that's it becomes incumbent upon us to understand how Allah Subhana Allah describes the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for us to increase in our Eman in obedience towards him. When we don't

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understand his role. We don't understand these tasks, then you find obedience becomes minimal inside our lives. Allah Subhan Allah mentioned what a foreigner like a vichara we've raised high your remembrance, why not Allah Allah hoolock in our game, in such subtle column in the beginning we find a last point that I mentioned when Nicola Allah follow can indeed your characteristics are so sublime and manifest. One of the Andalusian mufa serien in New Jersey he mentioned based upon his one ayah 28 o'clock or 28 OSA live Rasul Allah salatu salam about he was 28 different characteristics about the profits on the lower I sell them especially is a special characteristics

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is characteristic which have been given to him. Like was the last time that I mentioned la caja Kumara Suleiman and forsaken Aziz en la hemara need to hurry soon. La con bill Manero for Rahim. And in this short tutorial that we find, indeed this come a messenger from amongst your own self. It troubles in it harms him, he becomes overwhelmed. You don't come to the path of guidance. This is how Allah Subhana Allah describes the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the end of suta Toba that he's a messenger from amongst your own survey troublesome, that you do not respond to is called Are you obey the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and likewise you find the most ultimate Ayah inside the Quran

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inside sowton as a lacquered can Allah confira Su Ling there he was certain hesson alimentaria joola Yeoman was Dr. McCarthy era for you to emulate and to copy the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is the best role model for you to emulate to copy him inside your life. Whoever believes in Allah on the last day and remembers Allah Subhana Allah abundantly and as you find that the messenger la salatu salam is not just been sent to our people, our nation, last panda described inside so tell me at the 21st Chapter The Quran warmer. sanaka illa Rahmatullah Allah Nene will not send you except for the mercy to all of mankind in other places in the aroma sanaka in laka, fatale nursey Bashir on when a

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de la Vela kidnapped Varanasi, La La moon, we said you as a warner and when we give glad tidings to every single individual, but most of many

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I fail to understand and perceive that unlike was the last counter argument and yet you would never be in Ursula cache hidden. When we buy Sheeran whenever the Euro or the yen in Hawaii be his knee He was sirajul Mooney euro, Allah dementia by the prophet Elijah, our messenger of Allah, Prophet of Allah, we sent you too want to be a cooler, to give people glad tidings to warn people to call them to Allah Subhana Allah, and we've made you the blazing sun, the radiant sun, that people come towards the attraction of the Sun of the life of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, not the burning sun. This place inside the Koran is Mufasa who mentioned one who's given a radiant light that people are

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attracted to the light the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. This is how Allah Subhana Allah has touched upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Likewise, you find Mecca and Mohammedan Abba, I hadn't married a little while Akira Rasool Allah halterman. They've been the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is not the father of any man amongst you. But indeed he is the Messenger of Allah, and he's a seal of prophethood. Lana v. Abadi, as he mentioned is going to be no prophet at comes after the Prophet sallallahu sallam. It is the seal of prophethood he is the last messenger and he sees the door of prophethood. And this becomes an final Omar. But the blessing of this Muslim Ummah is

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that this final nation will be the first to enter into paradise, and the doors of Paradise will be opened by none other than the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And as he mentioned, kulu Mati and hola Jenna, all of this oma will enter into paradise, except whoever, whoever refuses and is meant to be said, who will refuse who will refuse to enter Paradise. Parliament upon me, the Salah Jana, woman, a Swami for

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whoever obeys me goes into paradise. Whoever disobeys me has rejected has refused. And this is how simple Islam is. Whatever Sufi comb the messenger is amongst us in the meaning that he sadhana is there. Most of us we know what he shouldn't have, and his teachings are, but we find that because of our lust and our desires, because she'll be nice and Allah, she has various forms and formats. The average individual I think that should be nice to Canada and is to prostrate in front of a human being, to prostrate in front of a green to sacrifice it under the name of a lot under analysts the ultimate sharing, but in other elements of ship that some of us average practicing Muslims, we fall

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into that unfortunately, that ship is at Bell Tower, falling your nest and your desires, giving them preference. When you said to him, that Do you believe? Do you believe in a prophet sallallahu Sallam he said I believe, but I love my own self. Every human being loves their own selves more that's inside there, but you find it you may need a min and fusi him the profit is closer to you than your own cells. Almost said I love my own self more. The population he rebuked him, he said your own you haven't really believed you haven't really believed. You have to love me more than your own self, more than your parents more than your children when Nancy adjumani and the whole of mankind almost

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said that, the more refreshed he's been I love you more than even my own son. He said angioma Now you've reached a pinnacle level of a man. And this is where we've fallen short. Because Allah Subhana Allah selected the Prophet alayhi salatu salam in some durations getting back to Abdullah bin Massoud statements regarding himself making a statement. Allah Subhana Allah selected, looked at the hearts of all of mankind, and selected that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is going to be the final messenger. They looked at the hearts of the rest of mankind he selected those men and women are going to be around him. Then he looked at the whole of the earth. And he selected that the final

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place of revelation will be Makkah, that will be the final point of Revelation. Mr. bottlenose maybe as a returning point for mankind and natural love which is placed inside the heart of mankind whenever a woman does Hello, Karina Amina, we've entered into the precinct, and haramaki Minar in a state of peace and tranquility. Everything has been selected by lots of 100, Ghana. So it's not simply that I just selected certain individuals to be with the profit and loss element to support him and to support his message. But yet he gave us this favor. The week was ended the time could be with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that's in southern Sudan has shown that we find one terkemuka

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sufu woman her camera angle, photo, whatever the messenger tells you to take taking, whatever it means to stay away, stay away from it. This is where

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At bhairahawa comes, falling one's lust and desires. Day in and day out. We find people say, I know it's sadhana. I know what should do this, but this and that. And for this reason, you know, even the sideboard, you've read the deceit of this ayah sutra, Hashem, the 59th chapter, verse number seven or so pick up the fear of inadequacy, and especially towards the respected sisters, we did concede of these verses, because a famous Chinese proverb that we find, may you live in Strange Times. And that's exactly what we're living in at the moment. a totally new Why didn't he tell you that tsunami bag, you believe in part of the book and reject another part of the book, we like to pick and choose

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those teachings which are easy for us to follow inside our lives. In this series iomadh Super hobo woman.

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He found a woman by the name of Omar

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Abdullah bin Massoud said of those who cannot add as close those women can see those women who pluck the eyebrows, who play spaces inside their teeth and tattooed themselves or women who tend to other women. Only Yaqoob said that where is this inside the Koran, he said to Abdullah was set to go and read the Koran. She said I'm going to put on cover to cover and there is no verse inside the Quran that says Allah has cursed the women who carry out such actions. Well, how come there is no verse inside the Quran? There is no virgin shadow and it says lies curse women, parents what actions? He said to her no karate, Columbo he sued Hannah, Diana, if you read this verse of a loss of Hannah, do

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you find the answer? If you read the verse of a loved one man, tell como rasuluh. Woman and move into home, whatever he tells you to take, take it, wherever it is to stay away from stay away from it.

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This woman all respected What did she say? She said that I see your family members doing this action. Abdullah said that if you find that my wife is doing this action, then I will divorce her.

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Just like today that we find people find excuses that so and so does it. This person does it that person does it. That's not the life of a Muslim. That so in such individuals in because if you follow the most of the people who are facing this earth, they'll take you away from the path of a loss pounder Anna. And likewise, you find another lesson for sisters that we find that adornment, the way that they display themselves. reader is inside so to know the 24th chapter, leader is inside so to answer the 33rd chapter of the Quran, when verses came down of Egypt, you find that a female companion, who was not dressed appropriately, would go to a fellow sister and then cover itself with

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her dress, there may be two or three women will be wearing the cloth or by a covering themselves. And they said to be nothing but darkness that can be visualized about them. There was no tight fitting revealing clothing, they adorn themselves in appropriate manner. That's what the Quran teaches us. And that's what the prophet Elijah salon, he mentioned to people around him the way they should adorn themselves. The reason why many of us don't carry out these actions is because of our lust and our desires is because what we people say? What will people think? What would people make comments about me and even many of our brothers as well, the way that they dress the way that they

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adorn themselves, the way they represent themselves. You find that but it will say that I don't want to for example, it may seem something trivial. I don't want to grow my beard because they may upset my wife. It might upset my mother, I may upset such and such individual. Don't you think that would upset Allah Subhana Allah? Don't you think it would upset the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, when a person came in front of him, he's clean shaven in front of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam for the angle he turned away from him. Turn away from him person had shaved his beard and a long mustache grown mustache. And he said poses because in America who did you to do this? He said, My Lord, my

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master, my master commands as to shave arbeta delete a mustache is the perfect example said that my master My Lord has commanded the men of this Muslim Ummah to grow their beds and 50 mustaches. That's what he commanded us to do is not an issue of well it's obedience to this now partly mahalo FEMA sciatic Holic there is never any obedience to the creation if it means to disobey the Creator. Remember that they will you stand in front of Allah Subhana Allah Don't think about standing in front of people and being worried about people. That's the point obedience of the prophet Elijah to Salam is paramount inside the Quran. The Quran mentioned some 3334 pages of the Quran, wanting to

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obey Allah and obey the messenger to such a degree that one place inside the Quran in Surah Nisa that we find, woman when you deliver Sula, for court of law, whoever obeys the messenger has

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Beit Allah is only one place in the Quran inside. Certainly sir, Allah has flipped it around. Why are the last pantalla flipped it around to make mention of the messenger first, and then Allah, Allah after that, because he is in a position of the Sharia. He's in a position of making legislation by the permission of Allah Subhana Allah, that if he commands us to do something, there is no choice unless he mentioned the choice, unless he mentioned some exception, or some Quran in some carena he says whoever does not want to do or not able to do it, whoever wants to do it, I think will make mention that but if he does have something as realm of a soul or a convention, and

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you feed him whenever he commands you to do something you have to do it is not about that maybe let me look at my own life. Let me weigh up my own life. Let me find some best way to find what's known as photoshopping every day in day out people shop around well maybe you said this maybe shake sons have said this. Maybe you said music is haram but fonzo shakes his head Ah, maybe you say three mixes Hara but salsa shakes is a lot. Maybe he said that having a partner he's had on but Santosh accent is allowed to find your wife. Let that chef stand on the Day of Judgment, all of us. T Rockman for the old for the standard a judgment on their own. Let your own self be a judgment about

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your own actions that you find some narration These are some random I made a critique of these narrations, but in generally accepted acceptable us your own heart. Question your own heart. When after kindness. People will come and say this is allowed to do this do that inside your life. If you have any doubt question your own heart, your heart will tell you because you find that evil sin vise it wavers inside the heart. It creates a feeling inside the heart it disturbs the individual that you want every time a person disobeys a loss of energy either. A disturbance begins to take place inside the life of the individual and loss of the mentioned woman outage and decrease in

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illumination. Dunker when I shoot Yama, Yama, Yama, kohlrabi, Maha Shakti, Dr. melaku, basura colloca delicata Kalia tuna, Sita waka Delica Yama tune, sir, it's also Taha that we find woman our daughter and decree ever turns away from a digger and turns to his mother and does not obey Allah Subhana Allah for in Alomar, Asia to Dunker, that individual will have a wretched life and difficult life. This person will say the Day of Judgment, whatever become blind on this day, because you turn away from the signs of Allah Subhana Allah so this day have not otherwise turned away from you. And that's defined the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he will also turn away from some of his followers.

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When they begin to disobey Him. They don't want to follow the commandments of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the Quran that we find here you levena Avenue up to LA to

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remain calm for internet officials

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in contempt.

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Oh you believe obey Allah and obey His Messenger and those people in authority amongst you with a B and also Donna leaders amongst you then obey them in that which corresponds to the Quran and the Sunnah. So Allah Subhana, Allah is telling us time and time inside the Quran, that obedience towards the prophets of Allah. Likewise, we find that the most important is to earn good income.

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For Tommy Rooney, you have a local local, local, local food Raheem say you claim to love lots of Canada and then make it cheaper have a soul mate at bat follow him inside your life. Because an emotion is it about terminally about aspiration? Well, Akasha and how truthful was the point you mentioned, Nokia nakatsuka sacandaga in Mohave Valley, Manu to more in the manual.

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If you love is true, then your love has to be carried out obedience of the one that you love. You love the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, then you carry on obedience. You don't give a near lip service that you love the Prophet sallallahu sallam, or you chant about him, or you sing about him or today's for for anonima you sing a sheet about him. There may be some element of praise and salutation of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but life doesn't stop there. revival of his sadhana means that every single day inside your life, you try to exert effort to be as close as possible to the prophets of the Lord Tell him to be like him. That what type of personality and individuals he

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what things pleased him, what aspects they upset him. This is what a Muslim you should remember inside the life towards obedience towards the prophets of the Lord send them and does Allah Subhana Allah mentioned about disobedience. My younger sister was solo acaba de la mina. Whoever disobeys Allah and disobedience messenger has gone away in the fall misguided, manifest powerful misguidance

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My yashima sunova in Alona Johanna mahali. Dina.

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Whoever disobeys Allah and disobeys His messenger will be placed inside the punishment of the hellfire. Like all the fine woman you share with your soul and embodiment of a Buddha. While you're a bit later Serbian mini Diwali he met when he Johanna, was at Mercy era. It's so tonisha that we find a woman you shake your soul, whoever content with the messenger, after guidance has been shown to the individual, and follows a path other than the way of the believers, they will leave that person inside that path. And that path is none other than the path of gender. So it's not something trivial that a person thinks that I could just disobey the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and nothing

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will happen to me inside my life for young very lovely new Holly food and I'm ready and to see bofit not to WC Boomer Adam and Eve, let there be a severe chastisement a wound, a warning to those individuals who go against his commandments, who go against the commandments of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and as he mentioned from a monkey Baron suniti, Felisa mainly will be turned away from my sadhana has got nothing to do with me. And that's the Prophet, Allah Islam in this hadith that we find the three individuals that came to him, or they came in, they asked about his life. And he thought that maybe we're not doing enough inside our lives. One of the individuals, he said, I'm

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going to pray every single night and not break my prayer, and not the individuals that I'm going to force every single day. They said, individually, I'm never going to get married inside my life. When the prophet Elijah some heard about this, he said that I pray and I rest, and I fast and I break my fast, and I marry and our relationship with women from and runkeeper. And so Nettie Felisa meanie, whoever turns away from my sadhana has got nothing to do with me. No one can outdo or Excel the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, everybody has to follow his life, to become linguistically the ideal personality, the ideal individual, because he is the benchmark to follow. If you place him as your

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benchmark, then you always begin to aspire to follow him inside your life. And this is where many of us are falling short, because our aspirations are not towards the prophet Elijah, to Salah mentioned Amir of Sierra are reading continuously in the life of the prophet Elijah Salaam to develop a life to be like the prophets of Allah. And that's the point that the companions if you follow the path, if you look at them in great detail, you find that everything about them was emulation and imitation. You find that for some of us, they may sound trivial, they may sound something we can't seem to perceive this. They used to sit down and deprecate exactly like the prophet Elijah Shula at

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about a third that we find a good lead in reverse, we just squat down, he would just sit down, squat down at a location and companions ask him why you squatting down this manner. He said, this is the location that I saw that perfect example of a distance that he's he sat down, and he carried out a call of nature, or he turned his riding beast around, no obstacle in front of him. They said, Why did you do that? He said, because of this location. So the population turning his riding beast, so I wanted to follow him. I want you to be like the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, this is what these individuals were. Because in their love and their obedience, every time there was discrepancies

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inside the light, there's weaknesses inside the life. What was the first question they asked themselves? The first question they asked themselves, which sooner Am I missing inside my life? Not for many of us that every sooner is destroyed. It's only sooner every day we hear this statement every day day in India, it's only sadhana. It's not that important. It has no impact. That's not how the companion saw their life. They never saw that only they used to be, we might find it trivial to make sure that our miswak is the same type of tree, the same size, the same element. Why did the companions do that inside their life, because they want you to be like the prophet Elijah to serve

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and as many of us because we don't share that love. That's why whoever comes in front of us the role models that come in front of us and to suck rebellious, wicked individuals, whether it be the idols, the stars, the media, we find shallow individuals we are whatever they display, we begin to emulate them, we begin to imitate them, we begin to take them as our role models. Is there any doubt in the Prophet alayhi salatu salam wa ala, the witnesses of those people who never believed in him, yada yada funa Abner Oh, they know him like they know their own sons. I don't want to quote non Muslims tonight. But there's passages and works. And his books which have been written by non Muslims, who

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praise whom they praise the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, Michael Hart, who wrote 100 Most Influential People in the face of this earth. He was a Christian. He said, I tried to push Jesus to be number one. I tried to push him to be number one. That's what his aim was. He said, But when I began to study various personalities and people

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To look at their lives, there was only one individual who fulfilled every single statement

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who fulfill every single compartment where the caffeine

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is a disbelieving individual. He says there's only one individual who your prophet alayhi salatu salam, he fulfilled every single statement. He fulfilled it. We as Muslims, we begin to walk away, we begin to travel away. You know the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, how will you recognize the judgment, you will recognize us by ourselves.

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Abu huraira, this person actually mentioned he would make perform will do to go beyond his, his arms, his elbows, he will make it to go beyond his ankles up to his shank up to his car, even if action is not sooner. But the reason why he definitely could shine more on the day judgment. We find it that we don't perform will do properly. This will shine a judgment we're going to be recognized by the appropriate ally, some men who do like a white strand on a black ox or black strand on a white ox. He's going to recognize his Muslim Ummah, when they perform Voodoo properly, he's going to say to them come, this is my own medicine, my nation is going to recognize them. But if you don't

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fulfill his Sunnah you don't pray. You don't force. How many people just come for your Majumdar and what is it? I fulfill my obligation. Do you think I'm gonna need your obligation? This what many of us we think many of us Muslims that we think I'm doing a favor to Allah, I wear the hijab of being a favorite or LA I just like something a favorite Jambo New Moon alika cool vanilla moon Do you think you show a favor to Allah, the flavor is from Allah to you that he guided you to Islam Alhamdulillah Allah

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wa cannellini da da da da da da Ma, Praise be to Allah who guide us to Islam, oxy movie laid out in all of us would have been to hell egra individuals would have been told by her in like animals, as you find people have seen under described that at that time, the area pre Islamic era that we find the Arabs in a worst state used to perform tawaf in a state of nudity, fornication, intoxication, adultery, all types of awadhesh. While it can damage our food, as

00:32:17--> 00:32:19

you read, you may not

00:32:20--> 00:33:01

even know his name. He takes him out the realms of darkness to the light. The light is all around us today. But we don't want to respond to that light anymore. That's a sad fact it is. We don't want to come towards that light. That's in conclusion that we find that the impact and the role of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that we find that this sooner is a second element of Islamic law, rather than deed before an earlier mentioned, is actually the first element of Islamic law. How did that fall through that the sooner the first element of Islamic law, because as I began with one Sunday Lake vikhroli to being in a nassima nosey de la Mola, lomita corrode, we sent down the liquor

00:33:01--> 00:33:37

that you may explain it, the sooner explains the Quran, the Quran does not explain the Sunnah. So you need the sooner inside your life to help you understand the Quran. Second, we find that every sooner is only patchy. Then what is the role of the Sunnah? Why did the prophet Elijah some come with certain things? Why do you practice certain things? If the student actually paid you Today we find that time and time again, some others may Allah guide them in his zeal and their passion. All you talk about is a sadhana Syria is burning. Iraq is burning. Kashmir is happening there you're worried about is whether your beard should be dislodged your focus should be like this. Your niqab

00:33:37--> 00:33:39

should be like this, you should dress like this.

00:33:40--> 00:34:18

This is your fallacy. This is a fallacy you folded into because according to your own belief, if you believe that Islamic law is supreme is divine is to be governed and to rule by Why can't you implement it on your five foot 10 inch body yourself? Why can't you implement it upon yourself? You want the world to be governed by the Sharia. But you say that the sadhana is only trivial. It has no real impact inside your life. It's something small, it's something petty, if it's smallest, Petty linguistically. Why can't you adopt it inside your life? Because why? sequel loopy Kumara in your heart is a sickness is a lack of conviction and belief, to the son of the Prophet alayhi salatu

00:34:18--> 00:34:59

salam, likewise, you find certain individuals would you accept certain a hadith only certain statements that are leaves you reject messages of statements of the Prophet alayhi wa sallam or you would accept certain narrations from certain family members. This also means that you reject a mass portion of the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And likewise, you find that some of us individuals that we begin to just classified as soon as rational that are only going to do anything that makes sense. This is a Western concept that many Muslims have fallen into. If it makes sense to me, I'm going to avoid it. If it makes sense to me, I'm going to carry on inside my life. Islam is

00:34:59--> 00:35:00

not based on

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

phonological upon upon rationale, that if it falls into your action, there's certain things inside the court under sadhana that will never ever fit the rationale. So when we fall into this trap that I need to know the wisdom of why something is wrong, I need to know why the reason why is it dangerous? Some people say that, you know, when I do certain things inside my life, that doesn't really affect me. You don't look at the shediac according certain individuals, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, people, Kabir, Allah Subhana knows what he's created. He's the most subtle, the most aware. That's what the cherry is based upon no upon a personal individual. If a person speaks to a person,

00:35:40--> 00:35:56

opposite gender, and their feelings are not aroused, that could be specific to them. That doesn't become Islamic law. That's not Islamic law. Islamic law talks about the masses, if a person drinks, barrels of alcohol and finally gets drunk and says that now alcohol is heroin, Mashaba,

00:35:59--> 00:36:01

callaloo, kathira,

00:36:02--> 00:36:41

Muslim, whatever intoxicates, you inside large amounts is forbidden inside small amounts. This will surely is based upon is based upon prevention. Preventing and during this Muslim oma is not based upon your feelings, your rationale, what you feel is right or what is wrong is based upon divine intervention. Likewise, we find only taking from the Quran, some people only want to take from the Quran. And likewise, we find over emphasizing certain things. Yes, certain things of the sadhana are very important. All we have to do them inside our life. But some people make it a benchmark that this is a personal sadhana. And I'm only saying this. Note that I may try to belittle certain people

00:36:41--> 00:37:14

sooner. But some people will say that if you move your finger in a certain way, you place your hands in a certain way, you dress in a certain way, this is a symbol of a person who is sadhana. That's not totally true. That's not totally true that you move your finger at a certain speed, that means you're a person of the sun and that is not true. And then for kaha that's not the benchmark to judge who prepares for the sadhana is there could be many elements, traits of the person that have decided sadhana, but because in the dream, a lack of knowledge, we make this a benchmark to decipher This is the person who's implementing the son of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and that's the conclusion

00:37:14--> 00:37:54

that we find fun our MC Allah you had a you had a McAfee Musharraf, I know Somalia didn't seem hard. Mmm. When you send him with a schema inside his versus I certainly saw that we find for now Rebecca, you know, and neighbor, your Lord, they will never ever believe and today do not take you as a judge in the disputes that take place amongst themselves. And when you pass the judgment or profit or loss all of a sudden, you find that there's no ill feeling inside their hearts. They accepted totality in total acceptance. And this is where many of us have fallen short, that we have choose expression a grudge feeling that why is this wrong? Why is this? Why should I do this? Why should I abstain from

00:37:54--> 00:37:56

this, this is a sign of

00:37:57--> 00:38:35

a weakness of Eman and lack of understanding the personality of the prophets of Allah are similar. And thus we find in conclusion, that every single action should be conforming to the best of our ability to the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the end does not justify the means in it just because a person may do certain actions and they think that the end result is good person cannot commit her on and say at the end, there's some hide some goodness inside that a person throughout the life tries to do everything as close as possible to the sooner there is a path of success that you find Mr. Maliki mentioned that the student is like the art of New Haven, a salon.

00:38:35--> 00:39:04

Whoever embarks that Ark will be rescued and returned is mazuma returns back to the sadhana the life of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam they'll be rescued. They'll be saved. A love and a devotion. We all know so Canada Allah give us all the tofik and ability to develop the love towards the prophet Elijah to salah and to develop obedience towards him to obey Him to the best of our ability inside this dunya Fatah Hamas Takata. Mr. Khurana mentioned, faith Allah Subhana Allah as much as you can recall only

00:39:06--> 00:39:09

when he can be a Muslim being first of November for Rahim