Zakir Naik – Why do Muslims Believe that Jesus is born without any Biological Father?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the myths of Jesus being born without any biological father and how Jesus can have a son without a wife. They also mention the use of the holy spirit in relation to religion and the importance of not believing in religion. The speaker concludes that these myths are not facts, but rather qualitative and that there is no way to prove them.
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My name is Kailash I am an atheist. My question is, why do Muslims believe that Jesus is born without any biological father? When there is a Quran says that Allah says that is the originator of a heaven and earth. How come he can have a son without any concert? We ask the question that Muslims believe that Jesus Christ will be upon him was born without any biological father. But the Quran says How shall almighty God have a son when he doesn't have a wife? As far as the miracle of the Salah Salem? Quran says in Surah Al Imran Chapter three verse number 47 when Marie Melissa mom says Mother Mary, that how shall I have a son man, no man has touched me the reply come back into Gabriel

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for DACA the Omron fine no Maya confi Akun. When Allah decree the matter, he just said to be and it is. Similarly in Surah Imran chapter three verse Psalm 59, Allah says, in the masala Issa in the light of masala Adam, Perla, coming to rob some makalah, confer con, the similitude of Jesus in front of Allah is like Adam, that he was created from dust, and that be and it was, so what we realize that Almighty God normally by nature, human beings are born by mother and father, but to show the power of Allah

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that He can create, even without a father, the example is Salaam. Another miracle Allah did created a human being without mother or father Adam, peace be upon him. But the verse of the Quran saying that Almighty God doesn't have a son. Neither NaVi concert, neither the wife. And furthermore, Quran also says that if Allah begat a son, see, I would be the first person to bow down to him.

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That doesn't mean Allah has finished saying that there's no question of Allah begetting, because begetting the animal act.

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It is function of low animals effects, that the reason Allah will not begin Allah did not require a wife also, wife is required as human beings meeting is the function of no element of faith. So these verses of the Quran that if Allah the Sunnah would be the first to bond is negating that Allah can never have a son. Neither does Allah require a wife. So these are concepts of the Quran trying to say don't belittle Allah by saying Almighty God has a wife or either son. It is not the dignity of Allah who's so gracious to have a son or to have the wife Welcome to Donna hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen

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