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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the loss of social distancing and the loss of acceptance of Islam. The importance of establishing a community in a culture to support Islam and rebuilding machines is emphasized. The speakers emphasize the need for people to keep their emotions intact and maintain healthy relationships with them. The community is responsible for their budget and the importance of rebuilding their machines and emotions. The challenges of the pandemic have impacted media and the media community, but support for the community and their efforts are being made.
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Are we live in Michigan or James Miller and Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam on ashrafi monsterinsights Mohammed Ali he was happy as many Muslim brothers and sisters as Solomonic Morocco to LA he obrigado al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen was We will begin with the praise for las panatela National Allah Allah Allah Allah we will witness that man has a writer of Worship Center las panatela and we send our love and greetings salutations availa with Nabil Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam who is pious and pure family to his companions and all those who follow this soon until the end of time, malice panda bliss has to be amongst them. Alhamdulillah amin

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Alhamdulillah. Last week we concluded our series with regards to gender. Today inshallah we want to talk about our connection to the masjid the masjid being the center the heart of our communities, because for the last few months during lockdown wherever you are in the world, the Muslims were closed as well as Pinilla. And I mean, what a sad moment it was for us and we saw isolating them very clearly. But first week in which you know, we were not going to Jamal, for for for Friday, the first time in our lives for the last 30 plus years, every single Jamal we made sure that we were in the masjid. And now Al Hamdulillah as the restrictions are being relaxed yet so Africa and other

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parts of the world, we return now to the masjid and you know, people have asked, Is it compulsory for me to go back to Virginia, for example, this discretion should I go? Should I stay at home? And just some broad guidelines before we go into the top just to answer this question, that if you are obviously of an elderly age, or you suffer from a comorbidity, you you have diabetes or any other underlying conditions, then of course you are at risk. And for the time being, you should still remain at home and try to avoid not just the magazine, of course but all gatherings that have a large number of people. It's not compulsory on you to go to the masjid for example, the sisters is

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why Jesus fuddled on you to go to Juma, those who are not McAuliffe, the young boys, the young girls, they're not required to go to the machine. So it's better than for them to avoid the machine or not to make it densely packed. But for the rest of us that are young Alhamdulillah that do not have an underlying medical condition, we don't have a serious risk or concern, then we should be going to the masjid and we should be performing Juma. And if you therefore have a Masjid in your area, and the limited seating when you should apply to go to that magic, if you are not successful, if for example, the emergence capacities in each and you're not able to go in there, they don't come

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together, you have done your part. And then the matter was it was not available to you. But you should not be at home and allowing Juma just to go like this without without trying to go back to the machine. With these no imminent danger. There's no risk. And of course from the masjid sides, whichever Masjid you are, you're responsible for the well being of your Marsalis. If you're not sanitizing, you're not ensuring the is sufficient social distancing, you're not enforcing the wing of mosques. And really, you are liable in anyone that becomes sick in the merging and transfer the disease and release Panama that is upon you. So that on the most of his responsibility on the

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Mussolini's responsibility, as we also lost pantalla to places. And of course now that the lockdown is sort of coming to an end, and we're returning to our Magistrate's we return to a place of work, and life is slowly becoming back to normal part of the challenge. We always say this COVID-19 is going to be the challenge of our lifetime, so many of us will not have experienced anything like this. The challenge of going through it was difficult living through lockdown. It's also a new phase in this chapter in the new normal. How do we rebuild from here? You know, companies are going to start from the beginning. Most it's also from the beginning and ends panel when we look at the

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Muslim community. The beating heart of the Muslim community is the most you to know if a Muslim community exists in a certain area in a certain country. We look at the massaging before monsoon is built that community is not fully organized. And therefore the first thing the prophets also did when he came to Medina and he established oui oui oui community nadina. The very first thing he did was to actually establish three massages, three mosques in Panama he bought before he built his own house, because it is symbolically the masjid is healthy, then the Muslim community is healthy. It is the parameter it is the heart of that Muslim community. And to understand the importance of a

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Masjid, we just need to look at the three holiest mercies in the world most Haram in Makkah imaginable in Medina and most exciting Jerusalem. And we can see that Allah subhana wa Taala only allows the very, very best of people to build machines that are sacred to him. But in the magical Haram, for example, we know that when the B item came here to this earth, the Kaaba was already established, and so therefore, the name of a city and have said that the angels were in fact, the first people were the first creation to build the harem on this earth, and then with time, of course, the Gambia lobby, lobby, Ibrahim alayhis, salam to be smart and the prophets of Salaam Hamad

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as well, they rebuilt the Kaabah again and again, and, of course in Medina and we'll talk more about the construction of the Muslim Medina, the hands of the prophets of Allah himself with the Sahaba, boubakeur and Ahmed and all the Sahaba you know, they both that merging together, as well as most relaxar you know, all the Vietnamese with a man for example, over time that he both Muslim saw many, many times over. And so it is a great honor that Allah bestows upon certain people that they are able to be part of the building and the maintenance and the upkeep of a regime. It's very rare that you get that kind of

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opportunity. And so Alhamdulillah when you look at the Muslim, those who are supporting it and building it, it is an opportunity to you and it's really a gift from Allah subhanaw taala that he has afforded us. And as I mentioned when we look at the abyssal Shalom, when he arrived in Medina, often the 13 years in Makkah, and he performed the heater, for the very first time we had a Muslim community, we had a society that was Muslim, they could practice the religion openly. Before that Muslims were making Salah in secret, they were not able to practice the deen and so we know that he arrived. in Medina, the 12th, European or well, was the day in which he arrived in Medina on a

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Monday. And of course, the first thing he did was when he arrived in Medina, he arrived in a suburb outside the center of Medina. That summer was called Cuba salad of Cuba. At that time, Medina wasn't wasn't a big Cuba and central Medina, if you will, was sort of disconnected. And so Cuba was like a little town outside of Medina. And then I'm using some arrived at Cuba. First he arrived on a Monday, and he stayed in Cuba, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and then on Friday morning, he left Cuba and the very first thing he did when the problem arrived in Cuba is that he he established a Masjid or other there was a masala, the Sahaba remember, they were Muslims, they already they were

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Muslims in Medina. And so when he got to Cuba, he found the Muslims performing Salah in a certain area. And then of course, he took that masala and he bolted into a structure and he bought a Masjid. I remember abyssal Salam as an even the reef Medina he hasn't built his own house. He hasn't established anything. But the very first thing he understands and needed and he knows the first thing we need to do when we get to an area is the first thing we do is we establish the house of Allah subhanaw taala we built a Masjid and Allah subhana wa Taala actually speaks about mercy in Cuba. In the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala speaks about Majid Koba in Surah Tauba when Allah speaks

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about the A Masjid, whose Foundation was built on the righteousness who says Allah taqwa I imagined whose foundation it's it's its initial building block was taqwa from the very first time in only Omen is more deserving for you more worthy for for you to stand in Salah in that kind of machine. In that regime. Our people are mean who loves to purify themselves, and Allah loves those who purify themselves. So this is in reference to magic Koba and lots of analysis, that emotion who was both with sincere intentions, this is a place that people should come and then the people inside that machine, Allah panda loves them. Now it's amazing that Allah speaks about those who come to the

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masjid to performance Allah and when they get to the masjid, they're being purified, they're being cleansed of the essence their life is being put in order. Allah loves them now much more is almost practice love for those who actually build and maintain the masjid for the sake of, of the of the community. And of course, we know that if you ever go to Molina and mala now this was soon again that it was the son of Nagisa Sonam off the hippo machine Koba. And of course he would move to Medina that every every week he would go and he would perform Torah class once a week he would perform to Raka asuna in magic Cuba, and then he would have that was in Morocco, he would go to

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magic Cuba, and he would habitually make Sala emerge in Cuba. And so the provinces elements we said he stayed there for for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Friday morning before Juma. He left Majid Cuba going towards Medina and on his way towards Medina. The walk of Juma time into the reason didn't arrive at Medina sinful Medina at Juma time and so when the walk of Juma came in the profit center was almost between Cuba and Medina and so he stopped obviously that is not traveling alone. It was a big entourage the whole city was excited. And this was we know the first goodbye that he really gave in Medina, he established a Masjid mazuma, almost in the middle of

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nowhere. So this Masjid was was established. And so the prophets Allah gave a sermon and they have a short sermon. And then he proceeded to to Medina itself a central part of of Medina. And so that is called mercy Juma. So again, we can see within within a few days there'll be so Alam has established two machines already. When he moves into central Marina this is maybe the late afternoon on Friday, and the professor's alarm when he reaches to Medina Of course all of the city is is excited everyone is so happy to meet the prophets of Allah moment we can only imagine this panela if there'll be some more alive and he went to come to to Cape Town how everyone would want to meet him everybody would

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want to hug him and everyone is inviting them to come have lunch, buy my house. come spend the evening by my house I have you know you don't have a house. You can stay by me and everyone is trying to pull the camel and then I'm useless. Adam says to the people leave the camel don't pull the camel side note the prophetesses camels name was oswaal she camel and she was with him. For most of the car. Many, many times you do have Alka swan. events will occur with alpha swan. And so the problem says leave her she is being guided by the last panel and of course what is being guided by Allah Subhana Allah and so let her decide. We aren't going to know as long as we walked and she

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reached a certain area and then she sat down, she knelt she sat down. And so we she said this was the problem. This

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This is going to be where we are going to build the machine. So the reason wasn't even concerned about his own dwelling or his own well being. He wants to see where Allah subhanaw taala was going to designate for Muslims to be established. And so at that spot where she sat down, there was a few date trees, there were a few graves on that spot. And this land belongs to orphan boys. And so Sahel and soil the names of these two boys, Sal, and Sohail, they own this land, this plot of land, and so the province alum, purchased the land for it, and then they cleared away over the trees of the in the graves. And so the process comes in this is where the match is going to be. And everybody's

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panela participated in building muscle and every brick by brick, the Sahaba the profits of himself, both measured in number week. And we know it wasn't a very big motion, it was a very small measure, originally with some data leaves as its roof ground was slow Sandy or somebody originally faced Jerusalem, of course, the Qibla was to Jerusalem, and Han Allah. But this must be as simple as it was, as we know, was the second holiest Masjid on the face of the earth, and the Sahaba that had the honor of building it Allah bless them to build to build that mercy. And we know this harbor For example, I might even he acid was carrying two bricks, wherever his hobby was, everyone else was

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only able to can you one brick, he was planning to brick so excited he was to participate in building the measures and it was covered in sand, and then abyssal sanlam looked at him with such love and happiness, and how excited he was to participate in the building of the masjid. Many, many years later, the main street, of course, became too small, and it required to be expanded about six years later, the most it was required to be expanded. And like every other machine, whenever there's an expansion, and this is perhaps something we will talk about later on, whenever there's an expansion needed, or some thing needs to be built. It's something which the community needs to get

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involved in together. And it requires funding, of course requires funding even when the Kaaba was built by the Quraysh. A few years before that everyone had to contribute to the building of the Kaaba. And so yeah, the province says the magic of magic number we now have the six years the Muslim community has expanded, it's no longer a big enough we need to extend it and to do that it was divided into several plots of land several plots, each one buys a plot and we will expand the masjid further to one direction. And so the prompts Allah says for Sahaba in this Hadith, whoever purchases one of these plots, so that he may purchase his land in gender so this is not your land on earth

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you're purchasing you're purchasing your plot in Jannah and when the people wants to purchase a plot, the promises of it sorry, all the plots have been bought with man or the alongside not of man bought all of those plots, you know the entire expansion project, he funded it himself and Subhanallah as part of the proposal. We know what with mother of your line, the Robinson said he is confirmed his place in Jannah. Through his actions there were three actions in North man did that confirmed the prophecy confirms with mine is going to Jana One of them was this way he basically single handedly purchased the plot of land required to extend Muslim Naboo Subhan all these all of

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those investments, the extension of a Masjid, the building of a Masjid, the maintenance of a museum are one of those investments that have the highest return and the highest reward in the sight of Allah Subhana Allah because a Masjid as we said, it is the the central part of the Muslim community and it is the closest that we get to Allah in this dunya in fact the name Masjid what does it really mean? And so in Arabic If you say a THON is to eat Mata and you add the mean but um is the place I eat Salah to perform Salah masala the mean is the place I performed Salah. So what is a Masjid, it is the place of sujood that this is this place is the place in which prostration to Allah is made.

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And we know from the Hadith and ivsa salaam says the closest a slave comes to Allah in this world. The closest we get to Allah in this world is the one that is when we are making sujood and so maybe you are in your shoes or even so I Muslim. And so the place of sujood is the closest that we can possibly be to Allah. It is the place most beloved one liner, the Hadith, the prophet Samson, the mosques are the most beloved places on the face of the earth. That is the place where Allah Rama, His love, His Baraka comes down it descends on our massagin and those who are at the merchants, you know, at you know, five times a day hopefully with Allah grant us to be amongst them, or at the very

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least we are in the mercy for Juma when we receive vedecci of Rama and mercy and that chain of dough is being accepted. And so this is the closest we can possibly be in other Hadeeth is the most disliked places to a lot of the marketplaces where business is being done. And this isn't really a place where a lot of pantalla the malls, the shopping malls, where a lot is really forgotten and is in the merchants where we are purified we are returned to Allah Subhana Allah, how much you attend the masjid and how close you are to the masjid is an indication of how close you are to Allah Subhana Allah, Allah analysis when he speaks of those who are the metolius those who administer the

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It so even in the time of an abyssal Salaam, they will people that were in charge of cleaning the masjid, we know Subhana Allah, that only two people got a janazah in absentia only two people the prophets Allah made an effort to give them a janessa even after they passed away the one was a Natasha the king of every senior when he died there were no Muslims performing janessa on him. And so hello we know the cleaning lady of mercy remember we so every Masjid across the world there is some uncle some Auntie that sees to the the the maintenance of the cleaning of the masjid these people sometimes we don't look at them very highly when we look at the Imam spatola we don't know

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who is the closest to Allah. And there was a lady that when she passed away, she was the cleaning lady, the merchant we all know the story and she passed away. This is a harbor buried her they made your answer apana and they buried her and they didn't feel she was significant enough to disturb the lobby. So Solomon Sierra spa lady has passed away and we waiting for you to make Johnson understood that abuses Allah will do it ourselves. And so when the person comes to the machine, he says, Where is it so and so was cleaning the machine? So they said no, she died yesterday is like you tell me he was very upset. Why don't you tell me and he said show me her cover show me where she has been very.

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And he performed Genesis Allah upon her. So what level of taqwa humans lady must have had. And this was not someone that did a great, amazing, you know, Hitman, she, she cleaned the most evil hamdulillah it was it wasn't a service, but she wasn't on the senior people that could take care of her magic. Now imagine you are the chairman or you are someone that is you know, you funded the masjid. You are someone that is ensuring the electricity is being provided and for anyone to know what to see. But for the sake of Allah Spangler, these are the opportunities that really take us to the next level. And so Allah says in the Quran about the people that care for the Muslim, the people

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that look off to the masjid, Allah says, The massager of Allah, are maintained by those who believe in Allah, Allah says that it is only a believing person that will have key and concern for the masjid to make sure it's clean to make sure it's working to make sure it is comfortable for the muscles. And now's power in the COVID time. So much effort needs to go into sanitizing, making sure it matter clean, that temperatures are taken who do who does all these things. Although it is only a person who believes in Allah will maintain the measures of Allah and he believes in the last day and he is someone who she is someone that establishes a Salah, she's a regular on her Salah, and they

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give these occur, and they do not fear anyone except Allah. And Allah says it is expected it is hoped that these people are the people on through guidance. And so anyone who has if ever advice to you to myself, if ever you have an opportunity to join the committee of your machine to join some committee, whether it is the cleaning committee, whether it is the electricity committee, whether it is being in a meeting once a week, once a month, do not take do not lose out the opportunity. You know, if you were offered a position to be on the board of some super big JC company or company on the stock exchange, you could sit on that board and you'd get a salary, you would jump at that

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opportunity, you would jump for that opportunity. So it comes once in a lifetime. now ready to be part of the maintain is the motto or at least the caretakers of the motion is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities, it is more valuable than any company on earth to take care of the house of Allah subhanaw taala and this idea is an indication Allah is saying this is he is he is stressing there is only a person of Imam that will dedicate the time when it's not easy. It is time consuming some of these meetings Pamela become very often very exciting. But it is part of it is for the sake of the messaging you are getting the guy who sits on the budget committee doesn't get any payment

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for it, he doesn't get any benefit for it. Many times he comes on quite late his wife is angry with him more why you outsold so late and the rise of massive meetings can drag very very long I know from personal experience can drag very very long. But hamdulillah does offer the service are more important than donating a five Rand or donating some some few change in the towel. More important is to to donate yourself Your time is really the thing that is what is needed. Another verse another indication that how close you are to the masjid or how much care you give to the masjid, whether as a muscley one who just attains the merciful Salah or the one who actually is part of maintaining it.

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We know the hurry that on the day of karma, there are seven people will be shaded by the throne of Allah Subhana Allah on the day when there'll be no shade. only seven categories of people will be honored by Allah Subhana Allah under the shade. And we seven are people that have a very, very high level of email, people that are very unique people that stand out because they are not the run of the mill. Everyone, most people will not fall in this category. For example, you will have a king a ruler that is fair and just no one keeps him in kick only he keeps himself by his taqwa he does not break the law. So how many of us how many presidents Can we say does not commit corruption does not

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break the law. It has not been the law. How many of our presidents leaders do that? Imagine you are King or your absolute authority. So one of the people that will stand under that shade is a ruler

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Who was Fie and just any young person who worship Allah in his youth. And one of them, of course, is a man or a woman whose heart is attached to the masjid. Now it doesn't say it means that there are five times a day in the Salah. Of course, this is ideal, but it's not only just about being in the masjid for Salah, but to be attached with meaning you will love the UK about the budget, part of it is maintaining it, looking after it, and being concerned about it. Now that we are opening our emotions again, we really have to restart rebuilding our machines and rediscovering our machines. And it's a start for all of us to have a deeper connection with emotion. And so this budget as we

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said, Why that began, when he came to Medina, there was so many issues, there was a water shortage you had, you know, 100 people of Makkah, not having homes to live in, he himself didn't have a house for his family, so lots of them. But he understood the very first thing we do as Muslims. The first priority in our community, the first building that we see too, is to make sure that the masjid is seen to that if the machine is okay, then everything else will follow. But in times of difficulty and hardship, a merchant must be maintained and spawn last year in South Africa, throughout his very brutal history, you know, the Muslim community here, if we look at the last 300 plus years has gone

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through many, many challenges. One thing that Alhamdulillah we can say with pride, and perhaps this is the goodness in our community was that our forefathers come all the way back to one guru, they made sure that there's always a place for Salah even when the buses were illegal, they made sure that we will make Salah in a certain area out in the open in the quality. VEDA hamdulillah when Allah allowed that they would have a machine or machine they made sure and so Allah we know, when we talk about machines, our sisters, it's not just about the main, the most important machines yes of Africa. The land was donated by women, a woman ship you imagine Mohammed Islam, these marches were

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donated, the land was donated by sisters and females. And so our sisters have, you know, an equal responsibility and opportunity in and to take care of our budget. So the first things we do is we build a Masjid. And we know during apartheid For example, when when many Muslim communities will be removed from the area's district six for example, while the houses would demolish the shops were taken from them the property was taken from them for one thing that upon the government could never take what the most seats in those areas so even though the the community was gone, completely normal people living around the region, the Muslims of that area, the Muslims in Cape Town, made sure that

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those mansions will be cared for they will slowly Salah in those mansions, even even just a token Salah, but just to make sure we have an Imam me, this machine is going to be functioning and we will build new machines in the new areas and hamdulillah what Baraka Allah has placed in in those people's lives and in this community, now that COVID has come in sha Allah is coming to an end, it's about re establishing our Messiah even standing empty for a number of months. Many merchants are in financial difficulty, you know, merchants depend on this collection. And so your local machine might be struggling and it is upon you are responsible for the budget of your of your area. It is the

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place that we you know the most she doesn't just only function as a place of solar. In the time when the machine was the sanctuary. It is the place where someone who had any difficulty or complaint anyone who was looking for a job anyone who couldn't find food, anyone who was looking to get married panela women that were looking for husbands, they will come to the masjid and they would express the concern and someone will assist them and I recently himself with a system or someone would assist it is the place where the kids would learn me the first madrasa is the masjid, it is the place where when a decision needs to be made from a community perspective, it was in the masjid

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so this is no is the place that we we meet each other five times a day we meet our neighbors we meet our friends, it's at the masjid and answers panel. This is so important to our community. And of course we know it is the last place on earth that we will be before we go to our cover every single one of us. And you know it and we realize now in COVID when many people were not allowed to go to the masjid for the janazah It is an honor that when you pass away the day you die that day either that people will take us and bring us to the masjid and the community of our area will bring janessa Salah upon us and we know that it is a great honor in the size of that janazah that you are someone

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that the community comes out to to remember and to make dua for and so you don't want to be that guy or that one black person that when you got to the masjid, there was no connection between you and the masjid. The Magic never saw you. Now on the last when you're when you've passed away, you can't help yourself when you are hoping that they will be that you will find peace and tranquility on your last ritual of Jenin Salah before you enter the pub. This is the spammer you don't want to be that person that never saw the inside of the masjid. And only on the day of your janessa was the first time you really came to the masjid. Since you know properly so Subhan Allah make sure that you have

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a connection with a Masjid. It is a level an indication of our Eman And so with me

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Salah in the masjid or supporting the masjid, it's an opportunity. I will speak inshallah about an appeal for our own mercy. But on Islam there's a need. But I know that this is

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a problem across the board, not just in South Africa throughout the world because the masjid have been been closed for so long. Because there are extra precautions. It's costly is a lot of not just money. Many times we think when we have an appeal is all about money. It's about time actually, who needs to clean the mess, you don't need to sanitize. So a lot of people need to chip in the community needs to get involved now and kickstart and get things get the most in moving again. And really this is your your opportunity to assert your Eman to assert your your your your connection with Allah subhanaw taala to lay your claim that this is my machine, you know, allow you to meet

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many people before they pass away. They also the Imam comes and they have a conversation. Never ever do. They mentioned chef, you know, I used to own a property in this area and I traveled to that country now. They will those brothers of those Auntie's that had a chance they will say, you know, 50 years ago I was part of building that Masjid, I contributed to, you know, the things that you look back at your life that really gives you a meaning to your life is to say I participated in building something of substance, when there was a difficulty in the community. And really, when we find difficult times it is a it's an opportunity Allah gives you a need to elevate our status with

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him. We can really say that we did something for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah and so promises will ever relieves a hardship for a believer in this world. A lowly leave I hardship for you on the day of piano, and whatever makes easy Oh ever helps make the difficulty easy in the dunya. Allah makes it easy for you in the archaea. And so be someone that will make easy many masters are going through hardships be that person that signs up to the committee. How can I support the committee go speak to him on today's panel Juma? Go and speak tomorrow. Have Juma? How's everything at the masjid? Our bills being paid? Is there anything that is broken? can we fix something? How can I help

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you be someone make easy for the sake of Allah and Allah welcome Baraka in your life in your children in your business in the dunya and SubhanAllah. Even more in the author of the Prophet Solomon says when a man dies, everything comes to an index in botanical Nigeria, as we mentioned, all your businesses, all your money comes to an end, the only thing that is left behind is something that will continuously benefit the community. Like you leave a child or you leave some knowledge, a pious child or knowledge or perhaps the thing that will have the longest endurance is a is a structure like a magazine as panela we can see in Cape Town, for example, many of the emergency in

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the book up over 100 150 200 years olds panel, and I think of those aunties and uncles simple people didn't have you could say much in terms of dounia but they contributed a brick or two and continuously as the years have accumulated Salas, kneecaps, hard thumbs, all of that is going to the account. So it is an opportunity now now especially when many of the merchants are in difficulty, it is your opportunity to get involved and to really get in at a time when when it is needed. to to to increase your standing what Allah Subhana Allah, what is the word to use? I get involved in building a Masjid or contributing King for the masjid. What do I get? The Allah the promises will ever build

00:28:16 --> 00:28:53

a mercy for the sake of Allah. Even if it's as small as a sparrows nice even if it's a small like a nest of an of a bird doesn't have to be a palace of a Masjid a small budget, your Salah Hannah, your jamatkhana in your office will ever establish bolts in case we for the sake of Allah. And Allah will guarantee you a house in Allah will build for you a house in Indiana. And so this is an opportunity for you and for me. And before on this point, I need to also mention that our man Syria, Islam and not just the moseying brown Islamism is an organization that does many, many things. We have a Masjid, we have a nursery school Alhamdulillah we have a feeding scheme for the people, especially

00:28:53 --> 00:29:27

now in COVID. So many people are dependent on our wealthy soup kitchens, and other areas Alhamdulillah teaching and classes and all these things happen under the banner of Parana Islam. And so during COVID, like all organizations, things have been difficult. What makes it even more difficult in this time, is that for the past year now, our rates, and it's very shy for us to speak about these things. But our rates have not been able to be cleared council changed its policies. And so these are rates both for a year that we've been trying to get rid of, is anyone out there that is a specialist in tax law, anyone that knows these things, please contact us if you can assist us we

00:29:27 --> 00:29:59

can get this rights bill cleared with really appreciate it. Because it is very sad that you know, you have to spend almost 25,000 Rand a month to the council, when this could be going to the monsoon, it could be going to the people that need to feeding people's panels, and really what we're doing not to be paid for salaries or these kind of things. It is to really support the community. But we are under you know, we've been trying for a year to get through this. We've been unsuccessful, and other things become a real problem. So if any of you know someone or you have the expertise and you're able to assist, please contact me your expertise is appreciated. And if we're

00:29:59 --> 00:30:00

not able to resolve

00:30:00 --> 00:30:31

And we have to pay Unfortunately, when sinulog we asked and we humbly request that anyone who is able to sign up have a debit order with us, not a lot of money 100 Grand 200 and whatever it might be once a month, and let that be your sadaqa Let this be the you know, this, this has to be paid if we include that we have to pay these bills, even though it's for the benefit of the community, but it has to be paid Alhamdulillah we have to pay it as part of our our obligation in the community. And so we pay it, but of course, this has to be a community thing. The budget doesn't belong to the Imam, it doesn't belong to the committee or the chairperson, the Imams come and go, the committee

00:30:31 --> 00:31:05

comes and goes 100 years, 150 years, the budget has stood long after I am gone, you are gone, the majority mean but it is now upon us. We have now been chosen by law to care for this machine and this organization and to continue doing the work of Allah Subhana Allah and so like that it is also an appeal to the community. He said who will contribute to the masjid and earn your place in gender. Similar appeal is being put out now who would like to contribute? And I always say when you make a donation to the masjid to an orphanage or whatever, don't just give that all to someone you know, someone a beggar on the road. Don't just give that five grand when you give, give it with a Nia

00:31:05 --> 00:31:41

Allah put Baraka in my marriage Baraka in my business, make me see a return of this 5 million times over in the dunya. We live in a time when our health is at risk. I put this as an insurance Allah I give this to you so that you can insure my health so sign up for David oder with a neerja Allah that once a month a month, we will contribute to the masjid once a month will contribute to the masjid and this will inshallah secure our well being in the dunya and the Hara. Allah bless you, my lovelies all the messages over the world. Allah grant that we are people that love our messages that are connected the message and where the message love us. And last announcement Alhamdulillah next

00:31:41 --> 00:32:17

week as Sunday, the 18th of October, we will be having our first class of the lockdown in our center. This will be our marriage workshop that our hamdulillah marriages are continuing and coming towards December in his marriage time. And so for those it's a workshop, we only select maybe 10 couples or so as a maximum especially social distancing. So if you if you are about to get married or you want to get married, or you are married or you're single, it's open to everyone, please sign up to a marriage workshop. It's a one day workshop and insha Allah, we'd love to assist you in that circle of hate or Salah Salem hamadryad. mousseline Alhamdulilah with me, I said, I want a library

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