Prophet Muhammads RING & What Kind of Rings Can Men Wear

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses various narratives about the use of rings in Islam, including ones from the Prophet sallahu, the use of silver for a ring, and the use of gold for a ring. They also mention that the use of silver for a ring is disliked and that it is discouraged. The speaker invites viewers to leave comments and questions about the topic.
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I sit down with a Google Document Allah who are going to get him. So recently, I was going through some of the comments left on the videos, and one of my subscribers left a comment in which he asked a question. And I thought it was a wonderful question, and I figured I'd make a whole video about it. It was a question about rings. Now, before I get into the specific question or questions that were asked, I want to give you a little bit of background regarding rings, or I should say, the ring of the Prophet sallallahu. I knew he was sending them. So we do know that the person who sent them wore a ring and we know actually why he wore a ring, we have the narration of unasyn, pneumonic or

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the Allahu, in which he said that when the press Send and wanted to write letters to the other nations, the process LM was told that they won't accept an official letter unless it has a seal on it and official seal. So the prophets I send them got a ring commission for him which he would use as a seal to sign or seal or put his seal on these letters. Now that we know that this ring was made of silver, we know that it said on it Mohammad Rasool Allah Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, but interestingly enough, it was written it was to be read from bottom to top. So it said, Mohammed on the bottom, and in the middle, it says also, and on the top, it says Hola. And it is said that the

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reason why the person Salam had this ring made in this way is that he did not want his name to be above the name of Allah who's Panwa to Allah, we know that this ring was made of silver, we know that the press is sending them would wear it on his pinkie, his right or his left, we have narrations that mentioned authentic narrations that mentioned him wearing it on his right hand and narrations that mentioned him wearing on his left hand. So the scholars interpreted this as saying that he would alternate between his right hand and his left hand. Another interesting detail we have about how the person wore his ring is that when he was not using his ring as a seal, he would turn

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the face of the ring inside towards his palm. So like this ring that I'm wearing here is pinky ring trying to get focus. Let's see, though, if you can see the face is on the outside, it's facing outside. So if I tell him when he was not using his ring as a seal, he would turn the face towards the inside. So as you can see, now, it's towards my palm, if you can, yeah, there you go. So this is how he would normally wear his ring when he was not using it as a seal. So this is how it would be the face on the inside. So that's an interesting detail about how the person wore his ring. We know that it is permissible for men to wear rings, not only to sell them wear rings wear a ring, but

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there are many narrations upon the companions that they would wear rings. It was actually a common style at that time that men would adorn themselves with rings. Now that being said, let's get into the specific question that was asked. The questioner says Set one equal y equals Salaam and I believe the name is Mohammed here. The question says is the ring you're wearing made of silver now I wasn't actually wearing this ring. I have the ring with me here that I believe that he's referring to it's this ring. Once again try and see if we can focus on it. This medulla There you go. That is the ring. It is not made of silver that ring is actually a steel ring. The question that says and is

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any ring besides gold, halal or just silver is halal? So the answer is that as long as it's not gold, it any other material is fine. We know that gold is impermissible we get this from the narration of it at all the Allahu in which he said that the prophets had Allahu Allah who sent them took some silk in his right hand and some gold in his left hand and he said in the how they need haram on Allah fuku Matisse and these two are haram they are impermissible for the men of my ummah. So yes gold is not allowed for us to wear any other material besides gold is okay, this here ring that I'm wearing is silver as I said the other ring from the other video is it is steel and it's

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painted to be black. And so the rest of the question says also if only silver is allowed, can we paint it as you've done? As you said it's not only silver as long as not gold? It's okay. And yes the rink can be painted even Subhanallah painting the ring gold, gold color is fine as long as the material is not gold. Please answer my question. There you go Mohamed, I have answered your question. Another important point I'll share with you before I close out this video is something we learn from it all the Allah who his narration mentioned in Sahih Muslim he said the messenger of allah sallallahu Allah he was setting them forbade us from wearing rings on these two fingers and

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then he pointed at his middle finger and his pointer finger the finger right next to it. Now the vast majority of scholars took from this that it is mcru It is disliked, for men to wear rings on these two fingers not that it is haram. It is disliked it is discouraged. So it has been

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as to avoid wearing rings on those two fingers and Allah who's panela to Allah knows best if you have any further questions regarding this topic, you can leave it in the comments below and I will try my best to read through them and maybe perhaps a video based off your comment or your question as well and if you liked this video, if you benefited from it, please share it with others as well and I'll catch you in the next one insha Allah to Allah take care of ceremony come what happens Allah He or barakato