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AI: Summary © The history of the European Empire is discussed, including the rise of Christian religion and the rise of Islam in various countries. The history of the Empire is also discussed, including the decline of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of the Ottoman Empire. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting the people and not interfering in political activities, while also discussing the history of the Middle East and the potential involvement of Islam in offensive warfare. The history of the Empire is also addressed, including the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the replacement of the Empire by a new one in Pakistan.
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slash Ramallah Mussolini syedna. Mohammed

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Marin will have brothers and sisters in Islam Islamic Morocco De La Habra Gatto from the de la. We back off the two weeks of the absent and we're going to continue inshallah our discussion on the biography of say no Baccarat Ilan, we've basically been through the first year of saying how baccharis Caliphate as the ruler as the halifa as the successor to the Navy so seldom was a very busy year. pretty busy. Can we mention quickly in summary the things that you did during this first year. So like one issue after the next keep, arising, as you deal with him one crisis after the other, the first crisis to deal with was the death of the Prophet was on them. That was the biggest

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crisis to actually keep the oma from falling to pieces of the difficult problem and to consider translate this into leadership. Remember how Islam should look off the Navy so seldom, no one even discussed this, no one even thought about this. So this was a major step and remember that foundational step will we a religion without the sinful government? Will we was Islam just to the visa Salam is the isn't such a thing as a halifa. All these ideas only become known now in the time of Satan abacha. So we spoke along about the succession and we said there was some issues around saying around the answer, but Alhamdulillah we sit across the line, and really clearly it was this

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method which was left in my hands also how they succeeded in consolidating power. But that was just basically was confined to Mecca Medina, he just what happened immediately after that you had

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before the Quran, what what happened after cinnabar can becomes the halifa.

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Read the math skills would that's the war of rica for about one year, the whole Arabia. Now remember, when an additional one passed away? He was the first man in history to rule all of Arabia. Arabia looks like on the map. Do you guys know what he looks like on the map? Saudi Arabia looks like a like a shoe basically, it goes down and it's a peninsula. And in that is Saudi Arabia, Yemen at the bottom. Oman on the other side, you have Bahrain, Kuwait, Dubai, Emirates stuff? Well, that's not part of usually Arabia, Syria, Iraq is not seen as part of Arabia, in what we call this was called Sham, let's call Sham the label. Syria, Iraq, even though the people speak Arabic and call

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the Arabs. Historically, at that time, the Arabian Desert, the people of the desert is one, it's a totally different area, a different area of civilization. And it's important that you mentioned that distinction is going to become important in our few next sessions. So this area called Arabia, which was like the Wild West, he had no government it had no rule. It was, you know, idol worship was pagans, all kinds of different things. It was never united under one government. This only happened under the resource folder. And it only lasted a few years, when our belief system passed away, it all went upside down, everyone revolted. So now say no buckle spins the next year, bringing them

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back under the authority of Medina, bringing all these areas back. And of course we should the worst wasn't only a political revolution, it was even a religious revolt that there were false prophets, new ideas about Islam and Islam without xhaka. To say Now,

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of course, with the help of the Sahaba, they put an end to all of this the war of heresy. So for one year, we spoke about how the Sahaba different armies went all we see 11 different armies, leaving Medina, and slowly but surely dealing with every threat one by one, and putting into them. And of course, we said the leader, the overall general of this campaign was, was the general in charge of these wars, the Muslim union, harlot, Molly was on holiday and worried and we said, This is what made Holly mallet famous. This war, the war of ryda really begins to show him as a military genius, a military leader, and the next phase of signalbox Caliphate is was going to put him into worldspace

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is one of the greatest generals of all time, definitely the greatest General of Islamic history. And if no other person in the history of this oma really has the right to hold the title, the sword of Allah like hiding money or the lawn, so Battle of the battle, undefeated and by the grace of Allah, the whole of Arabia comes back under control. And we see lastly one of the consequences of the Battle of India many Sahaba died and therefore what happened what the cinnabar could decide to to compile the Quran into into a book form so very busy first year and all that in one year is quite a lot for for halifa. Now basically now after the Wars of rica things have gone back to the way it was

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when the process was in charge we on peace now, now really, we can we've we've dealt with all the crisis. What's the

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Next thing we're going to do, what do you think the next step? What is the end of what was his? So what could I do on here? You know, his methodology. His methodology is I just pick up we're going to be some of the stuff I follow the same strategy with a problem and liftoff. What did that result from leave of his one of his last things he did was not the Quran.

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The thing that he did before he died, in fact, abubaker he fulfilled that thing. Send the armies in army and he was his army going against Who?

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Right. Okay, so let's do some history. Let's do some backstory. As we mentioned, Arabia is like so think I should maybe for the next week, we do the predictor. Arabia is like the shoe that goes down on the side and this side to the north, east of the side, the east, and on the northwest, you have civilization and it has nothing inside the but on top of Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Jordan, these are areas of civilization developed countries. This Arabia is like the Kuru. You know, it's like just desert, no one really cares about it. Above Arabia, to the north of Arabia, you have civilization, you have powerful countries who have the superpowers of the world. And at that time,

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they were two very powerful superpowers, two civilizations which were the dominant civilizational world, in the whole world, these two countries with the most powerful khanewal like today were the most powerful countries in the world.

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Russia, America, China. So these are the superpowers of our time, in a time who was the America Russia of the time?

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The Romans, and it's incorrect, really call them Romans, right? It's just factually incorrect to call them Romans, Rome, with Rome in Italy. This isn't Italy. So the Roman Empire, very old Empire Christian, it was before Christianity, he became Christian, and had a very long Empire. Eventually, the Empire broke in half. And the eastern part, which was in Constantinople was capitalist Constantinople, Turkey, Istanbul, Istanbul, is Constantinople. So this was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire. And that became, it lasted longer than the West, the actual Romans in their own disappeared, they they actually lost. So the bison, they called the Byzantine Empire, the

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Christian Byzantine Empire. So you guys, if you know, I don't know, you guys, maybe some of the older ones here were in church school when you grew up. heraclius is the ruler he was the ruler, but not Oculus. That's before Christianity. You will know if, for example, when they when they crucified Jesus, allegedly, who were the ones that crucified Him, but the Jews, the Romans, Christians, Christians, they were Roman Byzantines, obviously. So Roman ruled in this area, the Romans, then often Ibiza came and Christianity spread in the land, they became Christian.

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So now we jumping very far. So it's just maybe just to give a timeline. So we are here in the year 2019. Right. I hope you know that. At least, you know, 2000 years ago, maybe Isa was was a life, and he lived in Jerusalem. At that time, the Romans ruled Jerusalem. And they were not they were pagans, Hercules Zeus, they worshipped all these things. For over 300 years Christianity of the Ibiza Christianity was not the rule. They were a small group. And they were speeding, giving the dollar yen the the Christians, but they were a minority. And in the emperor of the, the, the ruler of Rome, he became Christian. Constantine that was called Constantinople of this guy, Constantine. So

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Constantine, the Emperor. It's like the like the president of America, because usually overnight, literally like that. The president of the most powerful country in the world, he becomes Christian, he sees a cross in the sky. And he believes that this is the right religion, and he adopts a minority faith. So when he becomes Christian, he the whole empire basically becomes Christian with him. So then, now we fast forward another 300 years, then a visa is born, and Islam arrives. So for 600 years or so, Christianity is the 300 years Christianity is the dominant religion of the Romans, the Byzantines, the Europeans, if you want to call them back, and they all Palestine, Jerusalem

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Basilica, they do Egypt, the rule North Africa, down Mediterranean area, they ruled us. So the western side of the world, if you will remember that time, America didn't exist. We didn't know what there was a country called America. So the western part of the world was ruled by the Romans, or the Christians as we could, as we as we would say, the Crusades happens almost 1000 years later, 1000 years, but it happens five, 600 years later, after the Muslims now conquered Jerusalem from them. After the Sahaba think Jews away from the Christians. Europe is still Christian. Right? Europe is a Christian, they want to take it back. So they seem crusades to recapture it. This is many, many

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you're hungry.

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There is 100 series. So after dinner you'll be many 100 years later it is to recapture Jerusalem from the Muslims. But now who's controlling Jerusalem?

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The Christians, the Jews, the Christians, the Jews never ever ruled. They never even ruled Palestine. Except in the time of NaVi Suleiman, this is very, very long ago. And until recent times now, the Jews never not under the, for many hundreds of years, the Romans rule it. And then after the Romans, the Muslims and all that for more than 1000 years in between the Christians, the Crusaders conquered for a little bit. But the Jews themselves never ruled Palestine is only in this time, the last 6070 years when the Jews rule Palestine, and it is the time that it was really close to kiama. The Jews were little Palestine,

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close to kiama, we will fight the Jews in Palestine, and they never existed in Palestine. In fact, just to go a step further. So the Romans, Christians, the Christians ruled Palestine in a time of them. The Jews live there. Yes, it's true. The Jews lived in Palestine, but they were persecuted, they will be oppressed by the Romans. And the oppression became so bad that just before Islam came just before the Muslims came, there was a policy that the Jews were kicked out of Palestine. They were no Jews living in Jerusalem. They were kicked out by the Romans, not the US, but the Christians. And they destroyed Muslims. In fact, most of the locks are, if you if you know it's on a

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hill, so you have like a little Table Mountain but little hill, in kind of in the city of Jerusalem is a hill. And on that hill, is where most locks are, is that hill was completely erased. Remember, Christians are they they are not Jewish, they wipe out that Masjid, or the temple, the Temple of the Jews, and they made it a dumping ground. It was where you put your dirt when the Muslims come to Jerusalem. That's how it looks.

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There were no Jews, the they only came back because the Muslims allowed them to come back. Okay, we'll be jumping the gun. So this is the one side of the world Christian bison, tiny rulers, Europeans, basically the capitals in Turkey, Istanbul, and they roll all the way to Iraq, on the other side, and this river Euphrates River, basically in Iraq is a river that goes through it. On the other side of the river, you have another ancient civilization even older than the bison times. And this is the Persian Persian Empire, the Persian Empire. And what did they believe? What did they worship? Fire like whom which Sahabi was a Persian initially

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salmaan Samantha c salamander Persian, the one that told you about the

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the Battle of the French remember, he was from the he comes all the way to Medina. So you have these two civilizations, two empires, the Persians were even older than the Byzantines for many, many hundreds, almost more than 1000 years. They existed in Iran. And they conquered and they were the Empire was from, from from Iraq, on the one side, Iran, Azerbaijan into India, Pakistan, all the way Afghanistan, all these areas was under the control. And these two countries with the most advanced countries in the world, they had civilization that technologies they look, they have palaces and structures until today used to live the Arabs couldn't handle or build anything they lived in like

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my Sahaba they didn't know anything. These people had Arma and armies, you know professional armies, the Sahaba one day they busy working in the field and then the announcement comes to guys a Jihad I mean, it's like an amateur rugby team you know, now we give you the now uni versus professional, professional soldiers guys whose full time job is a soldier generals, the most advanced militaries in the world. This is your America and China of that time.

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And at the time of going to Vito Salaam, the police to civilize we're constantly fighting but at the time of the veto sanlam It appeared that the Persians were slightly stronger than the Romans. And Allah mentions us in the Quran. Our sin speaks about this in the Quran, we there's a Surah Surah Surah Romans, and how does this ayah begin? who leaves the room? The Romans have been beaten, defeated, that the Romans were just defeated, they got hiding by the Persians. Now the Muslims, would you think we kind of like beta between the poachers and the Romans? Why would you think about it? Who do you think we as Muslims, the Sahaba kind of had a better liking to the Persians of the

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Think of a religion

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which religion is closer to us?

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The Christians so there was an end Adam Kitab. Allah mentions them in the Quran, that Okita, so we add Islam as a natural affinity closeness to the origins Christianity, Allah says in the Quran, you'll find the closest people not like that, or the Christians. So even though we're not the same, and even though we have some issues of the People of the Book, the Jews and the Christians, there were some we have some link with them, whereas the Persians are further away in terms of being fire worshippers.

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So the Muslims actually find found a little bit of the they had to align politically. Look, if, for example, America and China fights tomorrow, we don't really care. It's got nothing to do with us. Right. But when similarly when the Persian the Romans For the Muslims kind of were more more excited when the Romans were winning, so Allah says, Whoever the room the Romans have just been beaten badly. But soon, within a few years, they're going to win again. And this, this prediction came through within a few years, the Romans re conquered the lands they lost. So about bottom line, these two countries are fighting with each other, back and forth, back and forth. Now they are the

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superpowers of the world

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why didn't any of these countries come into Arabia and conquer Arabia? Why do you think so?

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Because they fighting each other for land Syria, Persia, they fighting back and forth, back and forth, but they never seen the armies down into Arabia. Why?

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There's nothing there. No oil, nothing. Okay. Is this really care about Arabia, Arabia is useless. They didn't care that they was religion, they. And so we know that the NaVi salsa lamb wrote letters to these inputs, he wrote letters in his lifetime to them. So while they didn't really get involved in Arabia, they never sent an army to Arabia, they weren't interested in hearing. Look, they are informed that look, the Arabs, they're moving towards a profit. And this profit is becoming quite successful. And the Arab tribes are following him. So they got to know you got to get to know what's happening. So we know that, for example, and Elisa wrote a letter to the emperor of Rome is called

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Hercules, not Hercules, Hercules, Hercules, right, the promise of them wrote a letter to him, inviting him to Islam. And we know from our sources, we know that Abu sufian, for example, meet him that he actually, as a Christian, he said, we know of the coming of prophets, but we as Christians know, look what you're saying about a god about Nagisa about Moses, it's all of them. It's in the, it's in the Bible, it's in the the engine, we know this stuff. And we know that these coming another prophet, we just didn't think you will come from your people, you back with people, we never thought you will come from them. And he basically says, that, look, he tells Abu sufian, that Abu sufian was

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a Muslim, I advise you to follow this man.

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He asked him some very interesting questions. He says, who follows him the rich or the poor, especially the poor, that if people into his religion, do they leave? So he said, No. He said, No, no one becomes a Muslim and leaves very, very unlikely. And is this man known to lie and make up stories? No, he's always told the truth. So he said, this sounds like a prophet. You know, he ticks all the boxes, like a prophet. So the emperor of Rome, actually, he honored the list of navy seals on them. And he basically said, I recognize that you are a prophet. But for me to accept you as an Obi, what do I have to do? If I'm the emperor of the most powerful country in the world, if I accept

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you as a prophet, what does that mean? He will give up his kingdom. And he said, I'm not prepared to do that. I'm not prepared. So he basically, politely declined, politely declined.

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As for the emperor of Persia, khusro khusro. And he was called the Great because he was the guy that beat the Romans who live at the room. He actually conquered Roman territory, he was of the greatest Emperor in the history of Persia. And he was a man of the what was the wealthiest man in the world, had his pedestal to the standing in Iran. And he was extremely arrogant. When he got the letter, when he got the letter. And he saw that this man in the desert, says, I need to follow his religion. And I need to be a follower of him. He told me later up, and he says, and he seemed to have these bedtime prayers, you actually ruled Yemen, he told his governor in Yemen, you go and fetch that man

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in Medina and bring him to me. I'm going to teach him a lesson, how they how they even seem to me later, what does he think he is? And so these, these two people come to the Resource Center, and then a resource alum says to them,

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go back to your load, meaning your ruler in Yemen, remember, the Emperor in Persia, is telling the governor in Yemen, you seem to use in guys and bring me Mohammed. Right. So then Elisa, who says to these two guys that come to him, you go back to your load in Yemen, and tell him that my load my Rob killed his Rob.

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And so these guys didn't know what I was speaking about. So these Wayne went back to Yemen. And they told him, they told him Look, Muhammad says that he's Lord killed your Lord. And then the next day, they got the news that the emperor of Persia was assassinated by his own son, his own son killed him, shot him to death with arrows, tied him up and shot him like using like a dot, like you know, like a dartboard. And in the process,

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also said as he took up my letter, I was going to tear up His kingdom. And he also said, this is whose role the great there will be no hospital there will be no who saw of him. There'll be no great rulers in Persia is the loss of his kingdom. And so Angela thought today, historians are scratching the heads. How did a bunch of visit people who had no army no technology? No nothing.

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If you look at the numbers formerly goes into Persia with less than 20,000 in Persia has over a million soldiers with no technology. How is it possible that within 10 years, this empire could wipe out completely? Look, the Byzantine Empire would survive for me and reversal? And Christianity would obviously until today still alive, alive and well. But the religion of the sword is

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the religion of the rest. Have you ever met a fire worshiper, it became extinct completely.

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And no one really knows how this happened. Till today, it doesn't make you don't find this in history. We such a tiny civilization, non civilized, completely engulfed engulfs a major city within 10 years, within a few 10 years. So this is something that is what is one of the miracles we believe, of course, it's a miracle of a lot. And it's also a promise of the person that said fulfilled remember also the Battle of the three inch? I think you back remember when they were digging to survive? What did he say? I see we're gonna conquer Persia, we're gonna conquer Rome. And the monastic said, these guys are crazy. you're digging your hole to survive. And you talked about

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conquering the White House and the Kremlin and Beijing, you crazy. And yeah, we're going to see this happen, and begins now in Pakistan. So now that things are back to normal in Arabia, what do we do? What's the next thing to do? So we're going to continue with the process from liftoff. And the very last objective of an ambitious album was to send an army in which direction Persia or Persia or the Byzantines was Thomas army going to Persia or to the Romans?

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What do you think? What do you think is the next objective once we conquer we conquer we secure

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we secure Makkah Medina, what's the next thing we need to look to?

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Because you, what's the third harem? Muslim mcsa. Alright, so the next thing is we need to go to marriage law. And therefore it's a very powerful message that the last of the securing Arabia the next, the next step was to send an army towards Mosley law to Palestine which is ruled by the Christians. Now Yeah, I need to ask a very important point here, and this is something we need to pause. pretty controversial.

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Is this offensive jihad or defensive Jihad?

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On the Muslims defending was a attacking,

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defending the mosque. Okay.

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So does Islam allow us to engage in offensive warfare understand the question, can we invade other countries without being faced in that country or threatening us? In the counter be social now most of the battles we can say the Quran came to Medina, the Quran tried to attack us, they kept attacking us. So then we eventually responded, and we defeated them. Okay, because no one has a problem with this. But now, we look at these battles that say that abubaker Odin, is sending armies into Persia is sending armies into Rome. Was this an offensive Jihad? Or was this something a defensive so some people say, Look this? What is the motivation? Why was Harvard doing this? What

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did they want?

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How is this even these anyway? But who this area? How many will this area, the Adams liberal this area? What do you think, Oh, is this like ISIS? This was, as Allah says, We have permanent wall, we fight and we spray Islam. We asked you, if you say no, we tell you, if you say no, then we fight you. And if you say no, then we kill you. Is this what Islam really is? How about sending armies out?

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So none of us have unlimited debt. We spread armies to the four corners of the world. There's no Hadith like that. He did send an army forward. Now, the question is, are we allowed to have offensive Jihad? Are you allowed to spread Islam through Jihad? So we can fight people and force him to be Muslim?

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So why do we fight them? You understand this question? Now we need to understand why. So yes, it's nice to say we conquered this and we conquer that and within 100 years will conquer Spain and we go all the way to China. But why? because then when the non Muslim says, You split by the sword that Oh, now I don't know what to say.

00:24:52--> 00:25:00

It's two very different things between okay. In the context of that time, 1400 years ago, there was no such thing as countries

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They were empires, there was the law of the jungle, one group fighting with another group control for power, money prediction. And you would align yourself. It's like, as I said, like gang Wolfie, if you go to like, if you live in a mellow predict in a certain area, you have gangs, you either join the gang, and those gangs are constantly fighting with one another. If you're weak, that gang is going to conquer you. So this is how things were back then you didn't have a defined territory that this country is our country. It was basically natural borders, rivers, mountains, certain groups of people. And within the Romans and within the Persians, you had lots of tribes that aligned

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to them. Look, you guys are the big, big, you're a big dog. So I join you. If a new top dog comes in the new movie, well, then I joined him for prediction. So Islam differently, promotes political strength, that we should be strong politically, and we should fight different threats, and we should expand our political influence. And if this sounds strange, is this not exactly what America does?

00:26:09--> 00:26:48

That they for what are they bombing and invading countries for what to spread? What do they say? They don't need to boil? We don't do well, what are they doing? What are they really doing it for? According to them to spread? The spreading? What? No, they in Venezuela, for example, they are choosing one side of the other, they go to a certain country? What are they spreading democracy, the ideology, they way of thinking, they lifestyle with the same that we come to a country, and we offer you Islam. And if you don't want to accept Islam, we can't force it on you, then you come under our political control, you pay us a jizya tax, we leave you, you stay under our political authority. Or

00:26:48--> 00:27:33

if you don't want that, then you're an enemy, or we enter a treaty of alliance of peace. So we give you these options to the war the world at that time, you have these empires, and we constantly fighting with each other, and they fight in smaller territories. And this is how the world was in that time. So now we all ask, Is this applicable in our time? Should we raise an army and spread Islam, conquer countries create a Muslim Empire is something that we should be doing? No, no into the if we all live in a civilized world where this peace, there is no warfare, there's no fighting, then we live peacefully. And if we can split and if we can split out, we can if we if unless this

00:27:33--> 00:27:55

tyranny, and misery. There's another argument that some of these empires ruled with tyranny, that they will place the people under them, that if we had an Islamic caliphate here, it would have been our duty to invade South Africa and remove the apartheid government. They've been our duty, that if we see tyranny in the world, then it's our job to remove them. So this is one argument that said, Look, Islam,

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conquered these lands, not to force Islam, down the throat, not to pillage and rape the lands like the colonialists did. We didn't take all our money and send it back to Medina didn't do that. But we came to split our ideals we can scrape justice. So one of the clearest examples of this is when the Muslim started invading Persia,

00:28:20--> 00:29:01

and they asked the Muslim general so Hobbes emissary very Sahabi very, they asked him, What are you doing in our lands? Why have your armies come to Persia? So he said, We have come to remove the people from the worship of recreation to the worship of the Creator, and we've removed we want to come we've done we are fighting, to remove people out of the narrowness and the operation of this world, to the or the oppression of different systems, to the justice of Islam. So if we see oppression, our job is to fight oppression, and to bring justice to the world and to remove you and to bring you from the the narrowness of this dunya to the whiteness of the aka to preach to give you

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the truth. So sometimes the truth must go and if there's an obstacle to it, there's people that prevent the thing from being spirit for those we have to spread Jihad forcefully, but it is no obstacles. Like for example, yes of Africa, no obstacles for you to spread Islam and to show the truth, and it's up to an individual to make the list No, there is no cause for jihad. So Jihad we fight when we are being attacked. We are allowed to defend ourselves. We are allowed obviously to protect our property our lives our Deen and yes, the is a very narrow allowance for offensive jihad, offensive jihad. If the enemy is a tyrant, and they're facing the people, and if Islam cannot reach

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the people, then we need to remove that obstacle. Understand this. So the Muslims when they invaded these lands, they didn't force number one, they didn't force the people into Islam.

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Number two, they didn't steal the property.

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Those people who don't, they didn't do what the colonial powers did, and take all the money and send it back to England. Medina was very poor. So if you look, for example, the Muslims,

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the lands the rule, the majority of its people were non Muslims.

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For like, two 300 years 90% of the Muslim lands were non Muslim.

00:30:26--> 00:30:36

like India, you guys imagine, they ruled for hundreds of years, the Muslims ruled India, but what religion is Indian, Indian, Hindu today 90%

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when the Muslims ruled both Africa per Persia, they weren't Muslim. The rulers were Muslim. And we allowed you, you can either accept our Deen and you become one of us, or you continue practicing your religion, you can drink your hammer, you can eat your pork, you can live by your religion, and we won't interfere with you. But when it comes to politics, we are in charge and we set the law in terms of justice. So this was really the format of Islamic expansion. So as the scholars as historians will say, Islamic expansion, conquest of the Muslim Ummah, was very, very quickly. But in the spirit of Islam, to klong, the people slowly became Muslim with time. Yes, of course, there

00:31:18--> 00:31:58

wasn't a religious motivation. Yes, of course, as a hobby, I wanted to take the message of truth and offer it to everyone. But the choice was for you, you couldn't force someone by the soldier, except Islam would I could never do that. And one of the reasons why many of these people why Islam Street, the empire of Islam spread so quickly, as we sit under those empires, that many tribes, and those tribes were being oppressed by the rulers. So they didn't really care if it's Persian or Roman today, whoever is in charge, we don't care. So long as you don't take our money, you don't take our property. And the Muslims respected that. In fact, the Muslims, when you come to know as we get into

00:31:58--> 00:32:28

this, when they conquer the city, so they come to the city, they come to Cape Town, there's no Muslims in Cape Town, they say, look, we are going to kick out your old government, because they are corrupt, right? that government is gone, we are in charge now. You can embrace Islam and join us if one or you can stay on your current way of doing things, we will leave, you won't interfere, you pay a tax, and our job is to protect you. And that tax we charge you is less than the tax you will pay the government

00:32:29--> 00:33:05

but it and if you want to fight us, then we will fight. And furthermore, we won't even live in Cape Town, we will set up our own city for the Muslims outside of Cape Town, which means you keep your own government, your own coat your own Sharia. That's for you. So this concept of forcing non Muslims into Sharia do stupid. So how can it be that you are allowed to drink wine and eat pork and worship what you want and the religion and the Muslims so many times when the Muslims would do, they would set up a city next to the city, they conquered the cities for the Muslims, you don't interfere with the non Muslims. You don't you can't take the land the houses, so we need to build new cities

00:33:05--> 00:33:47

for the Muslims. And then with time, those small cities became bigger and bigger and bigger. And then the Muslim city became bigger than the non Muslim city. And in that Muslim city actually grew around and that became so silly like Cairo, for example, Cairo with Cairo, Egypt, there was a typical two slot which was loved by the Christians. So the Muslim cinema city outside of Cairo, we roufusport but we live outside. Eventually Cairo became bigger than to start and now to start is inside title. The same with all the big cities Kufa, but that all these cities are new cities that the Muslims established. So okay, why did them students long story summarizing? Why did the Muslims

00:33:48--> 00:34:35

expand? Why did they leave Arabia? Yes, number one, it was a motivation to give Islam to the world without force. So it's a very different thing between spreading Islam and forcing Islam. We do not force Islam by the sword, La Ilaha de haram to do that, to force someone embrace Islam. Also, as we said, we fought these enemies because that was the law of the jungle really. You if you have to be you have to constantly make sure the spirits are being pushed out. And also the ease adjust model reason your Sahaba there's a hobbit especially the reason was that for plunder, it was to remove the injustice. Yes, later on. After the Sahaba when Islam became an empire, the halifa couldn't care

00:34:35--> 00:34:59

less about Islam or about models. He's called easy reason was conquer. I want to rule more land. I want to be the king. So he's just because the Muslim doesn't mean he's a human and send us the caliphs later on. Like the Omega caliphs. The reason was not purely Islamic was not purely for the deen was for money for power like any other imperata

00:35:00--> 00:35:49

Sahaba were different, the Sahaba the objective was not to plunder, but was rather to bring the truth to Islam and to liberate, to liberate people that were under tyranny. So, the first campaign a senior worker, what do you What's your first off the securing the Middle East Arabia, he sent an army towards Palestine. He saved an army towards Palestine. At the same time, within a few weeks after that, Halima lead is not in this army. He's main general is not in the army, he's still highly this little mopping up certain markets in the east of Arabia. At the same time, the Persians, a Muslim tribe, attacks Persia, and they said, to say networker, we want to enter Persian territory.

00:35:49--> 00:36:19

So our worker told Holly, join them, and whoever wants to join, you may join you. But this is not compulsory. So really, it's amazing. And this is one of the amazing things and one of the surprising things at the same time, this small, tiny ant, that is the Muslim Empire, just yesterday, was about to be completely wiped off by all these attacks, Abu Bakr sins, at the same time, two armies, one into Persia, and one into Rome. He's challenging them at the same time.

00:36:21--> 00:36:57

He's got some guts, by now we have this one idea of in the soft, gentle abubaker. But now we see this man has some real guts, the way he does things. And he seen two armies the exact same time, one to go and fight. Each objective is clearly must Luxor, Palestine, and he's going to challenge the most powerful empire the Byzantines, and at the same time, he's sending an army into Persia, and hiding money from your lawn. So these are the two this is the beginning stage. Now. This is, as I said, 10 years of digital 10 years often Elisa Moran from Mecca to Medina.

00:36:59--> 00:37:44

One Two years after the different pieces from this, in 100 years time, this campaign will end up conquering all the way to France, in the West, and all the way into China, in the east, it will begin this is the first domino in the beginning of what will become the biggest Empire at that point in time on in the world evil. And what he did was unlike other conquerors, they conquer and they leave, they disappear. Obviously, the effects of Islam stayed without us forcing people into the religion. People naturally start to embrace Islam. Islam in these lands in these lands harbor especially Sahaba, they conquered. So today's the heartland says hello, go all the way to Morocco,

00:37:44--> 00:38:24

with all the way to in Pakistan. These lands until today are still very strongly Muslim with exception of Malaysia, Indonesia. These countries were the countries that fell during the Sahaba and stayed there until today. So this is really an important thing that the Sahaba say nobody could have began. And we'll talk in sha Allah. How did they succeed this? How did they win Battle of the battle? When you have 10,000 minutes 100,000 How did Holy Moly do this? How did they conquer Damascus? How did they conquer Palestine Jerusalem, something that we dream about our time they did that against the biggest armies in the world and are conquering the two superpowers that will to the

00:38:24--> 00:38:35

point where the Persians completely stopped existing. So we'll talk about those things inshallah in a few weeks you guys look so lost to so tired. So out of it. This was the height weight loss, right?

00:38:36--> 00:38:39

You must know your geography and history and everything

00:38:40--> 00:38:42

you study during the class we should be

00:38:43--> 00:39:24

any questions, any questions, so we sit in summary today abubaker Rajan after one year, he consolidates power. He, they fight, the more tax they beat, the more tax they bring Arabia back into control. They put the Quran in a messiah form. And now he begins with the expansion outside of Arabia, the first person to send armies of Muslims outside of Arabia and also structures just on the end of Arabia, he never crossed outside. But now you can see that's within a reason stopped, we need to go a step further outside and the first army's real army objective was to send he got the army together, go to Palestine Muslim saw, it just so happened at the same time, a Muslim tribe, they

00:39:24--> 00:39:59

without his permission, they fought with the Persians and they said, Look, we beat the Persians. But we've sort of woken up the giant, we need help. So hardly been worried what the army wasn't was in that region, you could hardly go and help the tribe. So now at the same time, he sent armies into two direction and I ended up with this point. When when say no bucket of the land, since the army out to the Romans, the official army remember the official armies to fight the Romans. The Persian frontier is sort of by accident, not really not too concerned about that. He's real concerns in America. His concern is the army that's going to fight in Palestine.

00:40:00--> 00:40:08

And he gives him advice and shows you again, the ways in which we do jihad. He says to the generals, there's a harbor in charge. He says,

00:40:09--> 00:40:22

Be Don't be too difficult on yourself and on the army and on the lieutenant's, meaning, look off to the army, look off the soldiers. And whatever you do when you make a decision to Shura, Shura,

00:40:23--> 00:41:04

Shura consultation, you're not a one man show. And when you come into a land, do not ever break your promise, if you make a treaty with these people, you don't break your promise. And don't turn your back in here. Don't Don't retreat. I mean, you can retreat facility, but don't flee. And never, ever replace. Because Allah will never allow the opposite to succeed. And if you come to a land, as against, a worker said this so many times, don't take the property that doesn't belong to you don't fight the old person, the woman, the child, only fight those who fight you. You will find people that are worshipping in the churches, monks, please leave him Don't interfere with sleeping, even

00:41:04--> 00:41:17

the animal. If only you can kill an animal, if you want to eat it, you can't kill an animal for any other reason. So this is very different to the kind of warfare we saw at that time. In the seventh century, plunder warfare.

00:41:19--> 00:41:59

You know, you watch these shows, we shouldn't be watching them, but like, you know, post apocalyptic zombies rule you know, people live in gangs, one tribe ruling the other one, this is how it was back then. Yeah, you have a people very backwards, very uncivilized in saying that you respect animals respect property, yes, we need to spread our message. Yes, we will have enemies that we need to fight. But, but we do so even in jihad. We don't forget about justice and kindness, the hearts of others. So don't take what does not belong to you. So this was his instructions to his generals when they left Medina, and they move all the way north, just outside of Syria. And inshallah next week

00:41:59--> 00:42:30

we'll speak about how this army interest parasite and how on the same side, harden will lead army into Spurgeon. And this begins the biggest expansion in the history of humanity of an unprecedent expansion that ended the prophecy of Navy SEALs and the promise that he said, I Allah shown me will conquer pleasure Allah shown me will conquer Rome. This is the beginning of that some awesome questions. Zach. Hello, hi 13 Unix week said I want to

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have one