Meeting Muhammad PBUH #06 – With Him In The Trenches

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The speaker discusses the history of the Prophet sallua alayhi wa sallam and its use of the God Salalah and God Azza Elation. They emphasize the importance of living in a society of the Prophet sallua and not giving up on the threat of evil. The speaker also touches on the use of metal suits and a sword to protect against annoying or dangerous events, and emphasizes the importance of not killing a person or anyone in the process of conflict. The speaker also mentions a woman who was killed by a Prophet sall Drive and who was selling her products.

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See the Halima home, the leader of a people is supposed to be their servant. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to Medina, they didn't know what to expect, because the concept of servant leadership was so foreign to them. In fact, even nowadays, you rarely see a leader that as a servant of the people, except for PR reasons or things of that sort. As for the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, they constantly had to tell him to not do so much it his thought was to them as their leader, and every time he did so, he taught them and us a lesson. And they saw this contrast of a prophet of Allah to the style of pompous leadership that they were so used to.

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The Prophet sly some sets the tone from the very beginning, he comes to the robot in Medina, and they are expecting to hoist the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on their shoulders and to treat him in the best of ways out of his love to Islam, as they should treat him sallallahu wasallam and for the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to receive their service and to sit and lead it his Salatu was Salam. But the Prophet slicin comes in, he's so humble, he's so quiet, that they can't even distinguish him from apobec it will be alongside and when it comes to Koba. On top of that, when they start to build the masjid the first message in Islam message about the Prophet slicin is

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building alongside them and then they go to Meza neverwet and as they build the most of the profit slice I'm in Medina. There you have the profit slice I'm carrying the bricks himself it his Salatu was set up, working as hard as them not carrying a Bricker to know working as hard as them it his slots was set up in constructing and building the messages and making draft for them. So Allah hottie who was selling them, he said, Allah in the agile, agile Africa, Oh Allah, the agile, the glad tidings, the reward is the reward of the hereafter follow him on sodwana Maha JIRA, so have mercy on the unsolved those in Medina. And the mohajir are those that migrated from Mecca. So the

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prophets lie some sets a tone really early on in his society. Now, if you're living in his society, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and you're living in his time, every year, there's some sort of battle, there's some sort of hardship, the prophets I some never got a chance to rest. And Medina with all of its beauty and tranquility had many moments where it was under attack and when it was threatened, and I want us to actually take a moment and just think about what what does it look like to live with the Prophet sallallahu it was summed up under the threat of massacre, to live with the Prophet sallallahu it was sent them through those battles that we only read about how was he Salalah how it

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was set? I mean, how would you be seeing him considering that you would have to be used to this on an annual basis at least if you live in a society of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and you see that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he never suffers less than his companions. So you start just with the Hon duck the trench literally in the trenches when they say a leader is in the trenches, literally in the trench. sallallahu wasallam the Prophet sighs I'm Doug the share of 10 men himself sallallahu wasallam. I will tell how it'll be a lot of time I'm home. he narrates he said we showed the profit slice on them the stones on our stomach, because of how hungry we were.

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And the profit slice. I'm lifted up his shirt and he showed us two stones on his stomachs on the law, it was Sunday. And what that was is that he ate less than everybody else on the law, how it was set on even though he was their leader. And as they're under this threat of you know, a massacre and Medina has to be wiped out and the prophets lie. Some is digging alongside them. Al Bara are the Allahu taala and who has probably one of my favorite narrations about the Prophet slicin and how he looked. He said that the prophets lie some rose up on that day and I remembered him completely covered in dirt. So lulla Hardy was selling the dirt covering every part of his blesseds skin

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sallalahu and he was selling them he was there with them it his Salatu was Salam digging like them, striving alongside them, suffering even more than them and he looks out at the youth and he says Allah Allah Azza elation. RPF offered a little unsaddle mohajir he makes it there after them once again he says Oh Allah, there is no life except for the life of the hereafter. So have mercy on the Ansari and the mahadji Dean so the prophets I send them is there he's singing with them it slots with Salaam chanting with them sobre la jolla Santa motivating them it his thoughts was salon and praying for them sallallahu it he was selling them. Now what was it like when you were about to go

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into battle with him so Allah La hot he was some of them. The night before a battle you would see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Korean the entire night. So he's there and he's praying all night long salallahu alayhi wa sallam for victory and help from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then he comes out and the Prophet slicin particularly had these two metal suits of armor that he used to wear he

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Had a black turban, salaallah hyson, but he'd also wear a silver helmet at times. And he had the sword Salalah Hardy was selling the handle of which was made of silver, and the Prophet salallahu it he was selling would come out to them and it's not like he's going to stand back and set them out. No, the profit slice on them speaks to them and they know that he's amongst them. And before he starts with us salaallah height he listened and what does he do? He reminds you of Allah. And he reminds you of your ethics, not to kill a child not to kill a woman not to kill the elderly, not to kill those who are sick, not to practice treachery, not to mutilate anyone not to cut down the trees

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not to harm the monks or the monasteries, or the worshipers in whatever place of worship they are in. So he reminds the Sahaba before the Battle of their ethics, sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And then the Prophet slicin themselves here is Djibouti. It has Salaam and the angels ready to proceed. And the battle starts and you see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, ahead of everybody. I want you to think about this and even be thought of it'll be Allah who I know. And we know who highly is highly rhodiola, who I know is a man of incredible courage, incredible strength. And he says that when the battle used to become hot and most severe, we would take shelter and refuge behind the

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he would charge fourth out of his Salatu was Salam. And he never wants fled the battlefield sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in her name. And you know, we talked about earlier than we talked about some of these other parts where the Prophet slicin was wounded and he stayed the course, in her name the Prophet sly Salaam, was only amongst six other people that did not leave the battlefield. And he did not turn back even though he was on a mule sallallahu wasallam he continued to charge forward on the day of her name saying enter Nabila Kadam, and I'm not I'm not valid, I am the Prophet without doubt, and I am the son of I have the most talent. And so he's

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charging forth sallallahu it was cinnamon, you knew that he was fighting harder than anyone else. But somehow to Allah, he would not kill with his hands, but he would disarm the enemy sallallahu wasallam he only killed one person. It is Salatu was Salam. And that was in the Battle of obey mohalla who was coming forth to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to cause harm in the Prophet systems through a spear in his direction and it nicked him and it killed him. Otherwise, the Prophet slicin never used to actually kill people when he was in battle. And of course the profit slice I'm also despite his great courage and strength. I'd eat all the alongside and who says he never in his life

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struck anything with his hand except when he was fighting FISA vitola he never wants struck a servant nor woman the profit slice of them was greatly merciful, even though he was Salallahu Isom, so courageous in the battlefield, and you knew that the profit slice on them would never flee. After the battle, the profit slice in them would go and he would check on everyone. He would account for everyone. He would prey on the deceased himself. sallallahu it was Selim he would console all of the families after battle, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and a beautiful narration to really just bring this home and think about his courage. sallallahu it was some of them. There was one night that they

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were in El Medina. And they heard a noise outside of Medina and the people of Medina thought that they were being attacked. So you're in your home, and you thought that you were being ambushed. And so people started to get ready to quickly assemble themselves so that they could form some sort of a potent army to be able to fight back. And by the time people got out and they got their swords together and they jumped on their horses or whatever they could be. The Prophet sallallaahu it who was selling was already riding back from the outskirts of Medina. And he was on his unsaddled horse, a Lola hottie who was selling them and he had his sword hanging on his neck sallallahu it was set up

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and he said not to have food, don't worry, don't worry, it's nothing. I checked, Subhana Allah, this is the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and if you're in Medina and you were afraid, this was the man that was so courageous it his salon was set up, that as your leader, he will go out and he will make sure that you are protected at all times. And even when you're in the most difficult of times, he will demonstrate with his own example sallallahu wasallam that he will endure the most difficulty for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and for the ease of the people, so

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