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AI: Summary © The history of the Persian army, including the campaigns in Iraq and Syria, the overwhelming victory of the Iranian army, and the ultimate goal of turning into a mixed army. The army's strategy involves cutting off enemy army and finding a way to fight the enemy. The history of the Middle East, including the struggles faced by the Iranian army, the use of animals as bait, and the use of elite soldiers, are also discussed. The upcoming battle in Iraq against the enemy is also discussed, with the enemy now on the Western Front and is now conquering the Middle East. The new leaders are led by the same reasons, but the previous leaders are not the ones who are supposed to fight the new leaders.
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We live in shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Shafi mursaleen syedna Mohammed Ali he was a beloved brothers and sisters in Islam. Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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are y'all doing hamdulillah shala so schottische Clos because my hope is early, I think from next week will probably continue off the mothership. So that's fine. So it's a bit of a short claws up into Mahara. So last week, we were talking about the campaign's of parliamo, leader on the line in Indonesia. So we still was happening at the same time, is a western frontier, which is really the major frontier into Syria, Palestine. That is we parking that for now. So this actually happening, they will talk about that in Sharla, in weeks to come. The eastern side is where we focused on and Hollywood's objective was to capture hero hero, which is the capital of Iraq. Iraq is an Arab

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country, but under the rule of the Persians in Iran, the Persians in Iran, the ruling Arab region. So how did we get into from the south, he meets hormoz, he was a very prominent man in the Persian court, he ruled the southern area of Iraq, the Iraq is the north of Saudi. So that area, and we see how he basically got almost a move from left and right and his army kept chasing Khalid, until his army was completely exhausted, and so far throughout the land, and the Muslims had a massive victory and defeated this man.

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When they moved on, and the Persian army was most of the army managed to escape. And then there was this battle at the river, the Battle of the river, we said where they had the backs face to the river, they said Khalid strategy is always come from the side and attack you. So if we blocked them from the river, then they can't defeat us. But then he was able to push them into the river, and many of them drowned, and many of them, but again, a lot of them escaped every time Khalid rhodiola, and Muslims of the army, the Muslims are able to defeat the Persians, the armies, the bulk of it manages to escape and regroup. And Holly, as we see these, his predicament was, we could manage to

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push them when many battles but we can't keep fighting like this, our resources are limited, our mean are limited, the Persians have a massive, you know, the quantity is huge. Also, interestingly, we said, we have the first was a battle of the chains, that's the first one is called the chains where they were tied up. The second one is the Battle of the river, and the leader of the back of the river, Batman, he actually survived the battle, and he went to DC from the capital of Persia. Now he's the overall general in command of the Persian army. He is the commander in chief, and his job is now to, to safeguard this. So he sent two armies at the same time, from purchase in one army.

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And then a few days later, he sent a second army, both these armies are huge in number, maybe 10 times the size of Harlots army. And the objective was, so obviously raising an army takes a while, he managed to raise one army, and he sent that through. I mean, he's busy raising a second army.

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So he did it alone. And this all happens within a matter of weeks, we're not talking months or going by the army of how to draw your line into Iraq around March in the fib within April is now moving forward. So it's me already, and the first army arrives. And soon he gets to know that the Second Army is on its way, either he waits at least two armies joint and some majorly big army, all he needs to move on quickly and fight against, so no time really to rest and recover, to wage a war. So the objective of this next battle, so we had the Battle of the chains, the Battle of the river, the next one is called the Battle of Elijah, the Battle of Fallujah. And yeah, he understood the

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objective of this battle, I need to not only win, but I need to annihilate this army, I need to make sure that the bulk of his army does not survive and joins this mixed army that's coming. And so I think we ended up last week, we said he completely hid his cavalry in the desert, and he allowed his center so he allowed his troops to get pushed and pushed and pushed. And the army the enemy army got to such a point where they actually thought they were going to overrun the Muslims, when he signaled for his cavalry to come out. And we said in the history, there are only two battles in all of history that they say two major battles, a very famous general called Hannibal. Hannibal Lecter the

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cannibal named after this man, there was a great general called Hannibal, and he almost invaded Rome side with digressing here many many centuries ago, North Africa, Libya, basically we Libya East there was a city called Carthage. And this army of Hannibal was so powerful that it marched all the way from North Africa into Spain across Spain and invaded Rome, right so this man Annabelle was a very dangerous man. For the Romans. He's like seen as as a barbarian and he managed to defeat one of his tactics completely surrounded you so highly managed to do this tactic completely surrounded the army of the Imperial Army of the Persians and you completely annihilated them. Just as this army was

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defeated, the second Army Now arrives, and the fourth battle is called the Battle of lace. So

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We have changed river, water and the Battle of police. We don't know, the books that we still don't explain much the Battle of police is just an all out fight to the death. Now, this is the last Persian army holiday rodeo and the Sahaba throw everything at it and Alhamdulillah Polish this, it makes it great to Allah. If we survive this battle, then you know this, the fourth again on the banks of the river, he says that this river will turn into into basically the blood of the enemies. And so behind Allah, you know, partly through the grace of Allah managed to defeat this army of four spectacular victories within two months, which leaves Persia basically unguarded. And now the route

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to Halo. Remember that the objective was here, the route is open. And he gets to the city on the way around as he gets to the city. The Defenders don't have the the governor of the city is not a very prominent man, he saw these armies falling one by one, he sends his son with a small detachment of troops to try and put up some resistance, they get swept aside very easily. And the governor abandons hero and they leave to the Persians leave here. And they go back to DC from the Capitol. As I said, Iraq is an Arab country, but they've been ruled by an elite plus maybe like you think like the colonial times, you would have external people that are ruling the majority. So now these rulers

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are running back to the capital, and they leaving the city basically unguarded. So how about the a lot in the Sahaba, and the armies into the city of hero, which is perhaps the biggest city they've ever up until this point, no city of the size has been captured. And even the professor Lam mentioned, the city is one of the big cities of the world. I mean, if you think of that, you know, the New York's and palaces was a massive city. It's a it's a big city for for them as Arabs. And they even saw wealth like this before. And it was so wealth of this magnitude in their life. And so when they get to the city of Iraq, the majority of the people they had said that they said, Look,

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we're not here, we don't want to fight, we will pay whatever GCR that you want. But there were certain fortresses in the city that remained hostile, and they tried to remain to fight it out. So there was a brief siege. And eventually, these kings, these Arab kings, decided that Luke is not going to work out. So they send an old man basically to negotiate with Khalid and this old man, his name is Abdullah Massey, the slave of the Messiah, obviously the Christian, obviously, this name is haram. From our perspective, you can't be the slave of anyone besides the slave of Allah, very, very old man. And he's a very famous man, he was known to be a scholar, known to be a well known person,

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and he begins to speak to Hollywood on the lawn. And this dialogue is recorded in in the books of history and in Hollywood speaks to him and he is wise and he's humorous and Holly can understand what the man is saying. So he speaks in patterns he speaks in riddles. So like harlot for example, axiom. Tell me about the time like why do you look so sad to you? What do you remember from all your age in history, so the man like was a man is very old. So he says, I remember a time when a woman walked from my city to Damascus with a loaf of bread. So understanding what he means what this old man is saying that I lived in a time when things were so peaceful, the Persian Empire was so strong

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that there was so much law and order India but those days are over. And basically this empire has now come to an end and this man has a pouch with him. And you know Khalid, as I said before we get to the pouch party now offers him the terms this is look we're not coming here to kill anybody. We're not here to harm anyone. I give you the standard three choices. If you want to fight we'll fight firstly if you embrace Islam then you are with us. Whatever we get you get with it we suffer we suffer we are in this together. If you don't want to accept Islam, your religion your places of worship your women everyone is safe, you pay us attacks easier and you come under the protection of

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the Muslim slate and if you resist then the standard line is I will send you a group of people who love this as much as you love life who chase after this as hard as you chase after life so you choose and this old man says my people have no interest in fighting you and we have no interest in your religion. So we will pay you the jizya and in order to ask him what's this pouch you have Yeah, so he says this is poison India that if it turns out that you were a man that we couldn't negotiate because everyone hears about this holiday and really this this warlord this rebel but if you were a monster like people have said when I would rather take this poison then see my city, you know being

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brought to destruction policies, we're not here for that basically. So now it says okay, fine. What is the jizya What do you want us to pay as taxes? So policies, they are three provisions that we want as jizya number one, the city must pay about 200,000 Durham's Durham's is not a dinar is like a gold coins basically 200,000 silver coins for the year. This is very little much, much less than the Persians were taking we were surprised not so much and we want one settle was one of the soldiers that I don't ever settle. My I lost my settlement in the battle. So we want one settle from the this army and then this man because he was very famous he had a very famous daughter which is very

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beautiful. And he said look your daughter is one of these

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on the list because one of the soldiers was promised this now this goes back. Now a lot of this in the books of history, I couldn't verify. And Heidi, one of the Sahaba, the unknown men, whale whale is his name. He was according to the books of history as a side note, let me take a side note here, you have books of Hadith. Hadith has been authentically checked, it's gone through it's been verified to be audited. And that's where the tick is there. We know 100% who said this, then to a degree Sahih Bukhari Sahih. Muslim to a degree just below it, but it's so you know, you can rely on this we have to me the Buddha would also authentic, then you have lots of books of history, where

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stories are Indian, Allahu Allah, if they are authentic or not authentic, you know, we don't know how true it is. You find, for example, stories when the person was born, this happened and that happened, who was there to see these things, but they are in the books of history. We don't know. Now you find the story in poverty. We it mentions that avviso salam was explaining to the Sahaba a time will come when we will get to Hera, we'll get to this great city like Paris, we'll get there. Now, the Sahaba knew and heard about this famous lady Kadima of Hera, very famous, beautiful, like you know, the supermodel of a time and this young the Sahabi said, sort of life I get the Can I be

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of those and he said, You will be of those who will be part of the army shooting, and he said, No, I get this lady Karima. So he said to him, you will get this lady Kadima. So now when they were growing up the terms for it only said 200,000 theorems, and then once a hobby said, Look, I need to settle. Okay, fine. We'll put this on the list also want to settle? And in this manchukuo said, the prophet was promised me I'll get this lady Karima Khalid silica it's quite strange, but I mean, you have witnesses and apparently they were witnesses which is false. If this was agreed, then you will get this lady came up. So he puts this on the list. And so the women were crying that this Karima

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lady must not go to the Sahabi and he's excited this beautiful woman will be his and we can talk about captives and slaves of war inshallah next week if we want to, and in this lady comes to him and he realizes this lady is in her 80s she is an old lady. He used to be the beauty queen and he realized a lot but I've made a huge mistake. So he sees like this. This lobbies like shocked and he tweeted something else. So if you said to him what used to have when old lady What do you want with me? So he says Okay, you know what, let's make an agreement. I'll set you free, but there must be a price. What price so it says okay 1000 Durham's, as we say the dyrham is a silver coin, like 1000

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Rand. So she said okay, fine, like she was quite surprised, and she paid it. And so when the Sahaba heard this man, he later go 4000 Durham's, they will love this, this lady is worth so much more. Why did you choose a number like that? So this is I never knew that this is a number bigger than $1,000 homes. I never thought there was a number that big, bigger than that, right? So this just shows you this, some of the Sahaba will be simple people and compared to the Persians, which were a cultured civilized people. And they expected that the Muslims would come and plunder and take whatever they want and ran away. And now it was important, more important than conquering land was how do you

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introduce Islam and how do you introduce governance. And so, this army was very, very disciplined. And he ensured the Sahaba as we said, that if you pay the jizya, which is even less than you were paying to the Persians, then you are safe that if any person harms you, even if those who have conquered you now harms your people, then they will be they will be punished. And of course as the rules that were able was taken as tribute, a portion of it goes back to the beaten man to Medina, and now Abubakar has become accustomed to receiving every week later, the army was victorious. And here are the spoils the spoils of war. And he mentions after this conquest he says if only the is

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the time was finalized, I don't think the time will come when women will give birth to the likes of this man right this harden worried about the alarm. We won't see people like this. China has done his job within three months mission accomplished Congress hero. So what do I do next? So he gets the permission from a bucket you can go further further northwards if you want to the north, a few more cities, the next city on the list and I mean, again, I should show you the map inshallah. Next week is following the river all the way north. So this is the river on the one side is Iran. Right. The one side is Iran. watc. One is the other side is still Iraqis. Khalid is sticking to the Iraqi side.

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And he continues north along the river. And there's a city called amber I think today this city of Amber, it gets to the city of amber and for the first time they see a city not just walls with walls. It has a moat you know to emote emote is that you know in the in the Facebook's very stealth is like this water thing. Right? You've gone into the castle. So now they've got this moat here, and the Sahaba, unable to cross over and he sees the city and these people are not really prepared for fighting, but there's no soldiers and they're not prepared. But how do we get across the moat into into the city and so hard

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With Ravi Alon, he has a very smart move. He looks at all the animals that are weak and dying of animal rights, but the purpose is also for jihad. So he says, Bring me all the animals that we can't use anymore. That's basically meant to be slaughtered for eating. So they slaughtered them. And they threw them in the moat. And they created a bridge of camel carcasses, basically. And they shot the arrows up at the defenders. And so they were scaling the walls of the fortress climbing up to the cost of the walls. And while they were doing this, again, the defenders realized that there is not much we can do. And so they they surrounded the fortress, and again, not much fighting, and the

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castle of amber was surrendered, moves on to the next city in a turmoil, right? So we moving on from one city to the next, moves to another city. And in this city, this was a unique city. So the city was a little stronger. And it had two rulers, it had a Persian ruler, and an Arab King, an Arab kind of King. And so the Persian was always smarter skip ahead of the Arab, he's such praising this, the Persian is praising these co pilots, you know, the Arab and saying, you know what, clearly, we've seen how hard it has defeated one army of the next, perhaps the only people that can fight with Arabs or Arabs. Yes, that's right. Only you guys know how to deal with your own people. We Persians

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are not equipped to fight your kind of people. So why don't you and your Arabs fight against Khalid and if you are victorious, then we can see clearly you are the man. But if if you are struggling, then we will come and we will support you. And so this Arab King buttered up, he feels good. And he goes out to the army and easily and he wishes to meet holiday early on in battle. His name is a car or a car, right so he comes out and Harley Ludhiana. Now by now Harley's armies are veterans, they fought so many battles now experienced, these guys are not really a match. And he wants to end the battle very quickly. So he tells his army, let them attack us, the Army's always stationed like

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this, you have a center and two wings, and let them attack us and the wings will just keep them occupied. And so they actually coming in the attacking, and holiday armies not really engaging fully. It's not engaging fully. And then he takes a few of these elite soldiers himself Akaka some of the strong guys, and he charges in any captures the general instead of fighting a battle, if we just capture the king, then this will be enough to to scale exactly what he did. He captured the general and so the entire army flees and runs back. And when they get back to the city, they find that the Persians that really lift the Persians have lived, they've gone back to discipline. And

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they basically close the doors and all of them were captured. So now, heartbroken, had captured most of Iraq. And he was starting to really spend time to put together policies and put together systems in place, not just conquering, but now it's time to rule. And this is a big difference. I said, this is really the first time in our history, that Islamic armies into a foreign land. So all the history up to the Muslims in Medina, being invaded by the kurush, defending, defending, defending, fighting against for survival. Now we on the offensive end, it's important to see how you are as winners. This is really the taste of the kind of religion that you have. How do you act when you are willing

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to be humble in victory. So like the Navy SEAL, salam, when he conquered Makkah, he entered Makkah, and His head was lowered so much that his beard was touching his camel just to come into the city without any pride. Not long after this, a few years after this would see Satan armor entering Jerusalem, the same way walk you saw the writing into the city as a conqueror. And this is important for us as Muslims, when we conquered these cities, and we ensure that those people remain on the religion. And if people were safe, the women were safe. So he's now organizing Iraq, and he even returns back to Iraq. And the people of Iraq, we just got conquered recently, they actually singing

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for him that, you know, the he's our champion is our hero, that he liberated us from the Persians, the people of Iraq are beginning to see it new management. And it's scary when new management walks in. But this new management is better than the old management. And Holly writes a letter to the Persians, and he invites them to Islam. And he says, Allah sent us to sort of disrupt your plans and your empire. And then he says, but this is a blessing for you, because of Allah lift you without us coming to call you there'll be no worse for you to meet our like that this really we've come not to, to harm you, but we're coming to bring you to something which is better. So take heed with this. And

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also the victories that you've seen, is not from us, rather, it is a sign that we've got the assistance of a lot while he's the while he's sitting up his campaign. He gets a letter from aboubaker on the lawn with a Muslim army that we're seeing is struggling. So another army of the Muslims had been sent to Facebook

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Enemy in Arabia, in Arabia. Again, these names are difficult. It's called DOMA to gender. So this is equal to gender right is a city. And this Muslim army was seen months ago to basically into this area, but it was stuck, couldn't move forward, so hard to draw the line is fine, I can go there. And I can I can assist the Muslims in this area. And so he comes forward from Iraq, he leaves Iraq, and he enters now, the north of Arabia. And so what happened was the Muslims are besieging a city, right, so the people of the city, they are unable to beat the Muslims and the Muslims don't have the strength to enter the city. So it's a stalemate. You know, it's four months, it's just like this. No

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one is moving, no one is going forward or back. And so hard to draw the line is coming now to to break the siege. And just before he reaches the city, now the news arrives, and look, the sky harden has come. And again, his name is now widespread. Everyone has heard this jewel, who has now defeated army off the army. And so these Arab kings, the Christian, they get together and they think, should we just surrender? Or should we fight this man, one of them says, Look, I've met him before in battle. And he's the luckiest of all the Arabs for them. Of course, they believe all this is luck. These victories are luck. There's no such concept that he's got the assistance of Allah. And if you

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and some of those that if you want to fight them, we're not going to fight this guy, because we can't beat him. He's unbeatable. Yeah, some luck around him. Whatever he does, he's victorious. So I will surrender and some of them lift, but there is state. And so how did you learn? It comes in. And he basically what he's veterans now it's very easy for them. They know the deal. They know how to do it. And they conquer basically liberate they defeat the defenders of the city, and they conquer the middle gender, as this is happening as we see this a war happening on the Western Front. And things are not going so well for the Sahaba against the Romans. So they fighting the Romans and the

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Persians, the same, the harlot is victorious, and he's winning Battle of the battle. But the armies in the West are struggling. And this is we said the most senior Sahaba are fighting in this area, the big names of the Sahaba fighting in that area, and they are struggling and soon is going to get a message to leave the Eastern Front to leave Persia and move into Iraq moved from Iraq to to Syria. So how do you draw the line not there's so many little battles that occur at this time. He is stationed in his conquered now all of Iraq, right Taliban is conquered all of Iraq, and he receives news that the armies of the West are struggling and the emperor of Persia, the emperor of Rome

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heraclius has put together a huge army and Abu Zubaydah writes an emergency letters.

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And again, this is a name that you must know. Abu Zubaydah enoggera is one of the 10 promised Jenna one of the first people to embrace Islam, Abu Zubaydah, every single battle with Neville Salaam. He was the every single big evening that he'd ever seen. Yeah, the hegira to Medina, but every single and I said he's if you want just one story to remind you of him in the Battle of opioid women evisa salams armor when his face was injured, this was at a one on one side, and on the other side, he was hit with a sword. So both sides Yes, things in his cheek, Abu Zubaydah was the man that pulled it out of his teeth and broke his teeth. He broke his front teeth like this Abu Zubaydah, okay. And he

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abou beta also is the man who went there to choose a halifa with abubaker was Omar and Abu Bakr and Abu Zubaydah. And abubaker says, choose one of these men choose Omar Abu Zubaydah as your alpha, so you get to know about beta is a very senior man. So he's the overall chief of them, the commander in chief of the Muslims in the West, and he likes to advocate, I can't handle this, I am not prepared for this battle, this kind of fighting. I don't have the expertise. So let Holly Leave, leave Iraq and come here to sit here and help us a year how sucks 11 years now he's winning, we struggling here. And the emperor of Rome himself, is fighting against us just too often before mother. So Holly

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gets the letter, and the time is urgent, I need to get to Syria. There's two routes to Syria, one, taking this one road, to go through the road into Syria, and to get to Syria by the road. But this is a very difficult there are a lot of fortresses along the way, many armies along the way, it's going to get long, it's gonna be a lot of fighting. The other road, not really a road is to go through the desert. And this one, this desert is a week long trip with no water, there's no wells or anything along the way. And so again, he speaks to his Sahaba ami that has now been so successful. And he said, Look, let's once again put our Eman in Allah, we have one victory of the victory. Let's

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take this route through the desert a week without water. No army has done this before. No army has crossed the city and desert. In fact, I was I was reading up on some of the genocides of past what employers would do in that area. They would make you walk through the city and desert and you die. That desert was no

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For the that it will ever goes into the desert. You don't survive that because there's no water. So Holly tells his commanders look, let's take this. And by now this is the self belief that we can conquer. We can do everything anything. We need to get to help the Muslims on the western frontier. So the army agrees we're going to go through the desert. And so this 18,000 men that had now basically put the Persians to the knees, crosses the city and desert. And as the water within two, three days, obviously, the water runs up. What are we going to do? They actually slow to the camels. And we know what's inside the camel, the hump, this had water inside, it's fat, but this they got is

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full of the food they eat. So there's not water. It's like, hey, that is damp. And they obviously started the camels. And they took this hay and they would suck on that, Hey, that was inside the camels, abdomens. This was the water. And so the army survives. And they come out of the desert behind the Roman frontier, the frontlines, like in the back. And so now he enters the sea. And what he did in Persia, he's going to do now on the Roman frontier, which will lay the steps to the conquest of Jerusalem, and the conquest of Damascus. Now, we told today, the cities here are DC fine, we don't know of them. But Damascus, we know is a very big city in the world. Today is one of

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them. In fact, it's for history sake, it's the oldest city on earth is the city of Damascus. And since then, Muslims have ruled that How did you become a Muslim city, this hardening will either have your lawn conquered, and we'll talk about that next week in sha Allah sokola here. Any questions? We're done for this evening, and we'll continue next week. sola Xena Mohammed wirelesshart, Mr. Mousavi hamler Bellamy saramonic

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