Wael Ibrahim – Roaming Ramadan 2024 #06 Adding Values To Others

Wael Ibrahim
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As Salam aleikum or for Liberia to my brothers, my sisters Islam Welcome back to roaming Ramadan another episode we are still in Venice, Italy but in another island called Murano Island. Now the tour person told us that Murano Island is known for glass manufacturing. And we've been actually seeing glass everywhere we go glassware and it's made really beautifully. And what struck me actually to record this video is that the lady told us the reason why they actually threw literally through the glass factory into a very small island like Morocco is to actually control glass manufacturing, and not to share this secret with others, which intrigued me to make this video

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because in Islam, Hieronymus and fowl, homeliness, the best of people are those who are most beneficial to others. Meaning if you have what's so called Secret of doing anything beneficial or producing something beneficial to mankind, it is worth sharing than just keeping to yourself, because the main intention here is to control the production so that you can earn more and others who may have talents to produce such products will be just marginalized in on the side and perhaps never earned, the way how those people discovered that so called Secret. So in Islam, remember, adding value to others is something of great, great reward. That even though you may not earn or

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maybe you may share the earning with others, the prophet with others, still you will be rewarded by Allah subhanaw taala, for sharing that goodness. And remember, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam always taught us to be kind to others to share our blessings with others to be charitable Allah.

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I don't, I don't know if you've seen the plane.

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So noisy. That's why I paused for a bit. But the Prophet SAW Selim, as I mentioned, he encouraged us to share these blessings because the Saba cow will never decrease your wealth or your income or your provision, what's with Allah subhanaw taala is going to be guaranteed no matter what so And subhanAllah if you are the person who discovered that so called Secret remember, that sharing it will never reduce of your quality or of your talent or, or of your potential to produce even more and become always the top of on your on top of your own game. Don't ever be like McDonald's brothers who they had the talent, the they had the idea, the initial idea of McDonald's as power but the the

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man who really made it something is the one who was always visionary, always creative. And because they did not allow him to, to show that potential and become, you know, creative in making madonn something really great and successful as it is today. The last the last big, big time they were just kicked out basically, of their own initiative and, and astray strange guy who saw the potential of McDonald's had taken that project and turned it into a multi billion dollar industry. Now we're not encouraging anyone to steal the ideas of others. I'm just saying that always remember, if you are the inventor of anything, don't ever feel to share that with others. It's not a secret or anything.

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Allah subhanaw taala the one who enabled you to think and and produce in the first place is is able and capable of doing that time and time again. So may Allah subhanaw taala grant us to be among those people who will share the blessings the talents with others so that they can excel likewise. Because the prophets Allah Allah Selim said, Les Hadoken remember this none of you is truly a believer unless the love for the brothers would be equally love for themselves. Now Allah protect us all some icon of Allah Hebrew

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