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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The history and legal systems in Nigeria have been discussed, including the confusion surrounding the actions of the Saudi King and the lack of evidence to support their claims. The loss of Islam has also been discussed, including the downfall of the mess of the thirteenth century, the downfall of the mess of the tenth century, and the downfall of the mess of the twelfth century. There is a need for people to believe in Islam and practice certain pillars of Islam, but there is also a debate about missing a meal and the potential danger of someone being in trouble if they do not believe in Islam.
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It's more than something less controversial, foreign money killing molecule.

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So remember, we said that a number of areas became with that. And some of them went back to worshipping idols.

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Some of them started to follow false prophets, the clear was that they were those people who didn't reject Islam. They still see the Muslim, they still make Salah. They just want to play soccer. So there's the harbor debated amongst themselves what to do. In fact, the everyone besides it, not all of them said, we can't fight these people. We can't make jihad against him. This is a wicked problem, but we shouldn't fight it. This was the Voc Rehab abubaker

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these people who break away from things aka Roman jihad against them, awesome. Okay.

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And I'm looking at the financials.

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So one of these men that didn't pay is his name was Malik. Even the way

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he was one of the people that didn't pay does not that he was a Muslim. He became a Muslim at the time, the prophets of Allah and the Prophet, he was a chief and the prophets Allah made him the leader of this community of his tribe, and he was the slacker collector. So what would happen is the leader of the tribe would collect this data and send this to Medina and from lievable to mount the government, the source would give it to whoever was invited to it. So Maliki now when he heard the person had died, he stopped. He stopped taking his account from his people, and he gave it back to them. So now, Harding was seen also against him. After he defeated, too later, he moved to Sasha.

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Medical spa will Elyse so Malik has a few question marks. Number one, he's not playing soccer. Number two, he entered an alliance with Sasha. She was a false prophets.

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But he still says I'm a Muslim. So now is a question mark around this guy. Why is he

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so high now goes to Malik area. Malik doesn't raise an army to fight fighting. Malik just tells the people don't oppose and Holly takes him prisoner. Now there's a lot of history to and from some groups. We don't know exactly what happened. But Harley basically had him executed. He had Malik executed Harley decision executing one of the Sahaba that was with Khalid Abu tada the famous Suharto. He leaves RBC. This was wrong what you did you kill the man that's Muslim. And he went back to Abu Bakar to complain about how he killed Malik executed him.

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So abubaker called hollaback. cold hearted literally back to Nigeria to understand what did you do? So say no, oh, my god Alon was of the view that he also couldn't have killed this man. And the car it was included.

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And abubaker now Now we look at the discussion. One of the things that Harlan we spoke to this guy Malik when he said to him, you're Muslim, he said yes. Then you also know why you align yourself with the Prophet.

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You How do you align with a false prophet? How do you stand side by side so called your Muslim? And then he also said that you have to play soccer and Nicola and me the men as the books of history right? He says the party Well, that's the view of your master.

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Now Christian model, you mean your master mean, Mohammed?

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Because Hollis is going to mean is not your master? Like he means the process of Solomon is preferred, obviously. But it means that the view

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is opening these open doors, but nonetheless very

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much talk right? He basically answered he sold me signals. I rarely I've heard enough from the Smith executive seminar he says he didn't make the call Dad, I didn't get some donations mentioned Harley said, Take care of him to the God and the garden for take care of him is executed when you have the sheer narrations because what's hard is what makes matters worse for home. Well, after he executed Malik, he married man's wife

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right after he

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married her

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later, which is really beautiful woman to choose wife. So now, the Shia sees the slavers that Holly saw this lady and he killed Malik because he wanted to life.

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So when he was brought to Medina, he called him back from Explain yourself. You looked at the situation, and you said Holly was incorrect for killing Malik. But he didn't do so to murder and he looked at it he was a judge. You look at the evidence, but he made the incorrect decision. And therefore we seek to hide we will pay the family the blood money. This was like a like a like you bump someone by accident. Now is the precedent for this. Yes, of course we know the hydrator Kusama remember, sama sama is the beloved son of the Prophet Sonam. Remember he was in the background.

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And when he fought with a guy, that guy dropped the sword. And what did the guy say? Like? What do you do to him? Still killed him? What did the Prophet says to sama? How could you kill him?

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Now why didn't the Prophet have executed for that murder?

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Because this is not new. This was this wasn't murder he, he made an incorrect judgment here. Right Oussama in the heat of battle made incorrect judgment call.

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So we thought it was time I made a mistake. But it's not a mistake. That means we need to execute to someone saying

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the same was harder. As we've managed to two

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ladies lost her husband. She became Hello, what's the big deal? I did everything by the book. The point is, I go back and look at the situation. And you see Holly, and he reprimanded him and he said, you made a mistake, you made a big mistake, man should not have been killed, we should have spoken to him, we should have discussed this matter with him, we should have brought him to me.

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And we would have either resolved the matter. Or it could have been clear that he was but it wasn't for you to make that judgment.

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If it was clear that he was clearly about that, then we would have executed him. But you see his evidence that goes against

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it was

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he saying that your leader is evidence to say Look,

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that's what he said. So it's not an easy thing to take someone out of Islam, nonetheless is a controversial issue around

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general and after this, he goes into detail

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and he defeats all the other false prophets. And he becomes an as we know, there are many Hadith about him say that he is the sort of Allah and we know after this is going to begin the campaigns that will really speed Islam to pleasure. So he's the main general. He's the main general that pushes Islam forward, and the title of sayfullo, who gave him the title? proper Salah? How did you get the title? So just as we look at Holly's mistake, because he made a mistake, even

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worse, because he made a mistake and judgmental mistake. You have to look at his whole life to understand before you put your post judgment on the Sahaba. So you look at his whole life. We know that Swan Allah, how we thought it became a Muslim. He was a new new convert. And you will see as a soldier in the army, Army, and there were three generals.

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And one by one, those three generals died one by one, they died. When I delivered the rock and the three of the generals died. The Muslims were on the verge of being defeated completely killing them one by one. So now there was no one to be the leader. So how basically, you take the leadership, you take it up, Chaka Khan said, I just became a Muslim like this today, how can I be in charge? They said, No, no, you are a man of action you like a military guy. So he took control of the battle, and he saved the Muslims. And the armies didn't win, but he saved him from annihilation, by the grace of Allah and Anyway, back to Medina. And so when they came back to Medina, the province was hiding

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resources. First raid was killed when Draco was killed. When applying the law was killed. When a safe means to finger a sword, the sword of Allah was unleashed upon them, and we will victorious. So the title of this fateful law is given by Allah. Now Allah subhana wa Taala. He also has swords, weapons, in his weapon, or people. So hard is the weapon of a law is a sword of allies, many swords, he's one of them.

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And if you look at the good League, I mean, defeating Salama defeating subjectivity, all these false prophets. What a great, what a great victory, we are dying for Islam on the verge of Islam was about to collapse. So, but we also this class is a bit of a higher grade class, we do talk to horrible human beings, and they made mistakes. And we can say, at best quality was like the judge. Now we know if a judge is fine when a case comes to the judge, and you find someone guilty. And that person goes to jail, and then finds that he was innocent afterwards. What do we do with the judge?

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And the judge was was honestly he was free. He looked at the evidence, he made a mistake. What happened to the judge? Nothing. In fact, he gets rewarded. So as we know that it says that if a judge makes makes makes a judgment, that is correct, he gets to the woods. He makes a judgement and he is incorrect. But he does, he's admitted properly. You know, like mess up the working. You get a mark for the working and if you get the answer wrong, you only lose one mark. So the judge, he made a judgment call, like Osama made a judgment call was incorrect. But at the end of the day, this was not done out of cold like murder. Was marriage for a while he did everything quickly. Questions. So

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this is controversial content.

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Diversity around harmony and mileage.

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But we stopped last week, we said after the battle with machinima about 70 I think it's 770 70 of those who had memorized the Quran, the Quran, those who knew the Quran had died in the Battle of hidden in these wars, fighting all these false prophets, many of the father had passed away. Before I talk about that, sorry, I need to jump back to something else. We learned from these battles. Something very important is very important. We learn also for the first time a debate as to who's a Muslim.

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Today we can people make the key for anything. He votes as a Catholic. Oh, he goes with him. He does coffee. Oh, he supplies the cake. Coco dysgraphic. Whoo.

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This is the first time we have this debate now. Is that in the time of abubaker? And what is the V? The V that anyone who anyone who says I'm not Muslim anymore? He's a Catholic. So the person Mr. john smith has

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no problem putting a Catholic I don't say Colin, yeah, okay, please do this. Oh, Catherine. How are you? Don't say that. But the point is, if a person acknowledges I'm an unbeliever

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okay. Secondly, if a person acknowledges it believes in a god other than Allah all he takes a prophet other than the Prophet source on them, like the false prophets. They establish that somehow How about see Normally these take let's call them and we discussing the debate whether you believe in a profit often or you're not gonna discuss

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why is this relevant what group is outdated? profit

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which which group believes in an ad?

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he really even Foster's on TV, but they call themselves Muslim. They

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basically fake the code. I know if you believe in anything other than Mohammed solsona there's no further discussion in that which is that you can call yourself what you want as far as we're concerned, you're not able

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to close further and he said the one who does not practice one of the pillars of Islam is legitimate to wage now if someone misses Sala

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he was one back in the day the world is because he doesn't make the one but he makes his other ones. This is making graphics

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if you miss his mother, mother education is a big deal.

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if he misses most, but makes now and then sometimes he only comes with your mom

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The Patriot american way doesn't even we can say some of those who follow the false prophets The intention was sincere. So we have besides intention

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protest making what is the man is the man just your belief in your heart or is this some action that must go with it?

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intention what action? Right so is a good example does he believes know that he's alone?

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Does he know that he's gonna split it? Does he know the

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right is believed by these actions or not? So the Sahaba are getting a deep discussion now. But you understand the Sahaba took this debate now the men who believe

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he must have some action or what is the some action must be made Salah hides lockup because you passed on Monday how much extra must you do before we say the believer? Understand this was the question The first thing you must believe this belief must be correct. You must believe this one Allah Muhammad is the last prophet this this is the final quote on nothing in the IV I believe everything in it if you believe all those things fantastic, but they must be some action on what is the action they receive sada definitely if it doesn't make salah and also Sokka and by extension, we can say the Pillars of Islam because what is a pillar? a pillar is something that if you demolish

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it, that whole thing collapses. So you need to practice the five pillars of Islam. So what is not performing salamin how much Salah must you not perform

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because a lot of people who are Muslims would have missed

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a movie we know they don't like that either militarily at night democratical Maverick all in one What

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are they make whenever they feel sometimes sometimes.

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So when these exotic masala incense, very important question, if I might ask you the alarm clock projector, smock now put it open asleep through the walk and I died.

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That moment that

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is redefining discretion and insha Allah What do we say? Definitely the one who rejects Allah completely. He says you know what this up and down touch the ground is backward thinking I pray in the way I just slipped in immediately.

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This is my train wreck if

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you reject this cover, right? Even if he makes for it, I still like my fights a lot. I like coming to the machine and making the protest but I say if you don't make Salah It's okay. That is good and you just believe in the Quran. As for the one who does not have negligence and laziness

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and this is a very dangerous area. Some have said if you deliberately miss one walk like one day of Ramadan, you deliberately not force then you are in a question your positions question question mark on you, dinette, Ilana, we don't we will still hold on you new buddy. But that's putting yourself in danger. And that color is only selected

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as for the one that but I mean, he performs some maths or at least comes for Juma. You know if he misses three Germans and he makes no Salah then Subhanallah perhaps finally the cool things is. So the Sahaba did this debate very early on.

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Understand very early on, which also teaches us if they never looked at someone who didn't play soccer. So being a Muslim, how do you will make another person coffee? Because he signed a document because he attended a meeting with some people got you know, there's some dancing happening. So he's copied on that. You know, if you don't take someone out of Islam easily, it must be a fundamental problem before you think much of Islam today.

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Anything people do you find a scaffold scaffold scaffold? If you know what I mean? Talking about you understand, you don't understand I'm talking about you say from the signal. So this debate happened very early on in the time

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