Ahsan Hanif – Quranic Progression – Part 1

Ahsan Hanif
AI: Summary © The importance of regularity in their work is emphasized, along with the need for individuals to learn the Arabic language and create safe spaces for individuals. The speakers also emphasize the importance of learning to save one's life and create "immediate" in shaping one's identity and behavior. The importance of science and literature in understanding the Prophet sallavi and the need for a return to comfort is emphasized. The upcoming class is a step-by-step plan to provide the customer with actual knowledge and foundation, with the goal of building their own foundation and seal upon. The importance of learning from the Prophet sallavi and the great student of the Prophet sallavi is emphasized.
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So and hamdulillah welcome to all of you. And thank you for your great attendance and thank you to the meshes that hikma for this blessing gathering. And this is the launch of Quranic progression and there's a lot to say. But as usual, like we do in logical progression, when we start something as blessed as this then we start with that which is most blessings. And those are the words of Allah subhanaw taala and it's most appropriate for us and who is going to be the teacher of this class. We'll start with the

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So I'm the head to share price. And for that I'm swiftly set up

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hamdulillah. So I just wanted to share a few quick words.

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Just about the blessing of what we're about to do. This is an auspicious moment for the fact that

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I mean any program in our time that that is bringing people to commitment and regularity with respect to their Deen in a time, which is increasingly godless is something which is Mubarak. But then when it's the Koran, and it's then a project with a team that also dedicated to what's about to happen, because I remember now back to six and six and a half years ago now when we start to logical progression, and the aim of logical progression six and a half years later. And we're still continuing with the same people in the same way every single week, on a Wednesday, in the evening, while just our little gathering there in Manchester with a large gathering online, and everyone

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knows that we're not going to change the world with we're not going to rock the boat and in some kind of major way but we are going to keep it going and keep teaching the people that deed and keeping it consistent and if it takes us 20 years or 30 years or 40 years but every week is going to be blessed whilst we're there. And that's what's about to happen in here in Birmingham and online. But the Quran is the focus of that.

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So people need to realize that, in the last 510 years, as the Dow has increased as internet and social media kind of reach has increased as well, there's been a big revival of the Quranic study, a number of people have contributed to that. And certainly mclubbe Institute as well, we both represent, have done a great job in teaching the people in the Quran in a weekend or who can assure us and, of course, is eminently qualified to teach this class, not just teaching to see it, but to the Buddha as well. And I want to talk a little bit about that, you see, because the Tafseer of the Quran, or the exegesis or the actual meaning the interpretation of the actual meaning of the Quran,

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as taught by the purpose of license and as understood by the companions, and then, where they had not been given any instruction, as interpreted by the companions themselves. And then the later generations upon the methodology which the prophets lie Selim had established, that's a science and an art, which actually very, very few people understand. And ironically, what we've seen is people trying to do that, at the beginning of their studies, or at the beginning of their journey, maybe just after learning Arabic, for example. And actual fact, traditionally speaking, the only people who spoke about the Tafseer of the Quran and those most who are most qualified, those who are most

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advanced in his studies, those who have clogged Arabic as a beginning, as an introduction, and then gone through this era, and gone through Hadith and gone through masala Hadith and gone through the soul of the deen and the principles that are required to understand Islam because to see it is like a cannabis. Unfortunately, the Quran can be manipulated very, very easily. And we're in a time of manipulators only inside itself is always desperate for inspiration and excitement and motivation. And there are plenty of people out there that will use the Quran, which has an incredible loyal following amongst people who actually recite it, believe in it and have no idea what it means.

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Because I have no understanding of the Arabic language, but they have such a love for it because of the word of Allah. But they also even when they don't understand it, they know that they need to try and show love for even if they don't understand it. So you've got people who are giving you that blind allegiance. And so that's a great responsibility in your heart and your hands. And when you have people that are not putting in the time and research and the effort that's required to give them the correct sooner, and orthodoxy in interpretation of the Quran. And you're getting undying love and support and the way that you are doing it, then you start to find deviation, very, very

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common. And that's in the English speaking world and Arabic speaking world and in Urdu speaking world, and actually, every society now has these major figures that are teaching the Quran according to their own understandings, their own methodology, their own rationale. And that's a major problem. And it's time that we took that back, it's time that the squatters stood up and took it back. And of course, they have time pressures, they have other responsibilities. And I just want you to know, and value what's about to happen here, this isn't going to be the most exciting of classes, and it's not going to blow your mind every moment and whatever, for what this is, is a place that Allah subhanaw

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taala is happy with when you are here. What this is, is a place where the angels will be every single week. And what this is, is an opportunity for you folks, just to protect yourselves a little bit in a horrible, horrible time, can you your dad living in a non Muslim country that does not display the symbols and designs of Islam. And when people start to do that, and people start to put that step forward, then people push back society pushes back and makes you feel even more of an outsider. And that has an effect on the soul. I want you to know that every day when we see the more development the new generation starts to come up. Now third generation for lanell fourth generation

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coming in, they are weaker and their Muslim identity they are struggling. So if they lose their cultural influence, and they don't speak their mother tongue, whether it's Somali or whatever. And then we can that and they speak it in in a way where people laugh at them, because they're so British or English, you need to know that that's actually the best of their representation of culture, their religious expression is the same. That's also being molded around their day to day experience with other non Muslims and the wider society and wider culture and wider fashion and wider media. Everything is playing its part, everything is having its tone. So when I meet Muslims,

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I'm teaching I've been teaching for donkey's years, 10 1520 years, and I can see very clearly the difference of an audience that I've taught 15 years ago, 10 years ago, five years ago, and then this weekend, I just I flew in from Denmark to be here, right? And the people that I saw that I'm teaching, and I look and I think I taught this class of sonar 10 years ago, the audience is so different. The way that they received the knowledge is so different than the way that they received the spiritual boost is so different. I want you to be aware of the danger of living in a society that is giving people so much freedom and celebrating that I talk a lot about secular humanism, and

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is being a secular humanist country. And the fact that if you thought that you were saved from that in your deen, then you're just living in cloud cuckoo land. You need to be able to take every means the machine takes a far bigger importance in your life that actually what it is, young people back in a day would have just gone to the machine to perform the obligations. Now you need to come to the machine to save your deeds and save your soul. You need to law to federal now more than ever before, not because the promise lies Adam said that it is the private

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Whenever I find most difficult to make sure that you attend, not because the prophets lie Selim said that the one who prays has a budget in Jamaica and he says he prayed all night in congregation in night prayer, not because not because but because it will save your soul, it will put you in the right path and give you the right tools and the right protection as you go out on are exposed to copper, copper and copper. And if you're thinking that you're not being affected, even by people who are happy, and then your friends and your work colleagues and smiling, and they're passive, and they're nice, it's not that they're your enemies is that the culture and society is breaking your

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identity down. And so by clinging on to Islamic concepts and rituals and Chai, our the anti science signs becomes all that more important that cloth becomes all the more important. This heart becomes all that more important. This is an open religious movement, Islamic. It's not the only something that is required. Right, the niqab For example, I believe it's not a obligation, I believe that it's as soon as at his highest point. But the people who wear that it's become more important to continue to wear that to be able to show and to create an identity for those that want to wear that or feel that they need to be able to wear that you need to create safe spaces these three of these are not

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enough. These are not the only clothes that needs to be worn but their importance has become doubled and tripled to allow people external piece of cloth how lame is that? But their importance has become more important because of our time because of our situation. So what then do you think about Dean What do you think of learning a few words what are the what are then what have a regular circle so it's essential for you, essential for you wherever you are, this is online, you've got no excuse every Tuesday evening. You just need to log in this matter where you are in the world if it's a nighttime late or if it's a morning, you've got podcasts and recordings the same with Quranic

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progression is going to follow the logical progression route is all free. There's no excuse that I don't have enough money. There's no excuse that I don't have time to watch the live one watch the recorded one. There's no excuse that I work long hours and drives you listen to the podcast, there's no excuse that you know what it is is too intense for me. It's not even going to get more easier because she hasn't taken it so easy You got me this is the way we like to sit against the wall and chill and relaxing. We've created the class for it to be easy. It's really not too much content for the people who don't have enough time throughout the year to study because at the end of the Lw

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review session it's there's no excuse left if you want to attend in person then we've chosen central locations the Hickman center is central to the Muslim community you can attend nice and easy if you thought is too hard just to come to a class in the middle of day reported in between prayers gonna you get you get a mug maybe it might have been Chuck in Asia for free. You know, I'm saying we've made it as easy as possible whether it's logical progression in Manchester, whether it's this class here we've got as many people behind the scenes we've got people who donate money good sums of money every single month no one's asking you for any money might ask you on vacation but

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seriously, I mean that the blessing is ridiculous. I had someone this morning this morning come to me and such in Manchester. I've been praying slot and Cheeto and he comes Listen, I want to donate to put on a progression or donate to Quranic progression. I want I want to make sure it's coming. Granite progressions oversubscribed for donations, we closed it. logical progression still the only people who pay a couple of quid every month to make sure to pay for the service pay for the cameras pay for the people pay for these dodgy cable all these cables and nuclides as we're about to do a bank robbery annual the Bank of England or something? Yeah. But it's covered because people are

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motivated people are inspired by the fact that even this little tiny insight, this little bit of a glimpse into knowledge into the Quran is something blesses and it is, so they stick with it. We know that there'll be times Yanni where you fluctuate and things will happen but don't ever feel like you're in the game. You know, most of the time when it comes to logical progression is convincing people that listen it doesn't matter that you haven't attended. Don't worry about it, this come back in we're back in the same thing, whatever. It's the same usual crowd and just you know, and the parent, absolutely no excuse because it's not like you're building it and you are no I've attended a

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lesson now after three months and now you're just in a different place. You can catch up with the rest of the ayah that you've missed or whatever but so never feel like you're out out. Just keep attending. Keep listening. And these projects of Quran are so blessing. You know it just two months ago I was with Dr. Carter Hashmi, Dr. Barbara Hashmi. She's a blessing woman's the effort that she's done by going through the Quran consistently very simple, what verse by verse with so many women and an increasing number of men who don't want to admit it, right, who sit there and listen and benefit so much. And now Tamia headwater now picking up that mantle and carrying on now in English online as

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well I'm through alhaja locally and with a market as well. The Quran is so blessed and what the blessings that come from it so much and unless I don't want to take outside just you know I you know people thinking that I came to this class to a big get up I came to this class for the blessing anyone who just pray for us and Margaret, I think know exactly why you're here. All right, you've been taught by a man mash up mathematical law is so so so talented in this area. And Allah, Allah gives this gift of very, very few people. Okay, very, very

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Few people believe me, okay, as someone who's been studying hold on for a long time and cry antiche read whatever we would die to able to recite that chakra centers, and to be able to, you know, understand it and teach it martial arts about a lot of people who've done his lessons know that. And I'm going to share just something myself

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a difference immediately between tafsir and two W, and those who have taken the class and add it to suit Allah and Ron, we know that there's one thing in explaining the parameter, and the other thing that everyone else can do, which is to reflect upon the Quran to see what they can take from it. And it's something themselves, they're not then putting on a statement saying this is what Allah wants to, but the reaction that is of benefit that is of good. And this entire project that you're asking is going to introduce and he's going to obviously start young at the at the back where it Where, where, where the plan is from a nurse Wooldridge and bacara. When I look at a nurse, which is in

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front of me right now, and I look at a follow up, which is still coming, these last two sorters. And I see something which is so pertinent to this the last 10 minutes of the content I've been saying about how much of a threat that we're under, about how much the inside us human beings were so manipulated, and then we become our worst enemies, we are our own worst enemies, we are just suffering from a huge lack of discipline, and consistency, we are our own enemies. And if you look at Allah, Allah Subhana, Allah says, Allah will follow. And this does will be about st alga about seeking refuge of Allah and the concept of seeking a loss, protection and running to him. But in

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follow Carlos powder Allah says to our school, so he's speaking to us through the process of license.

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Seek refuge with the Lord of alpha law of the daybreak. And then from a number of things, mentioned Mr. Pollack, from the evil of what he has created from the evil of the darkening when it goes into that, when it comes to this darkness, and from the evil of those who practice witchcraft, when they blow in the knots and from the evil of the envier is a hazard when he envies 123 fours, one seeking refuge, with Allah from four separate different things, one focus on the load, with four separate things. And then anass I'm looking at it and is what I was aware of bidness mannequin as Isla hyenas Minh Chevelle was was a calmness. Okay, and then a complete and dramatic change in a nurse where now

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we're seeking refuge with Allah. Three times different descriptions. So first is the Lord of mankind, seek refuge with the Lord, Your Lord of mankind. Now seek refuge again, again and again. But we'll change the title, the Lord First, the owner, the king, Malik, and then the God, the one that is worship of mankind from what from when the devil comes from when the whispering comes, and then that whispering is put inside, and then he loves it, and then he leaves it to fester inside. And then what happens is that we then become our own enemy. So Allah then says, three times that you're going to seek refuge with him, and his three supreme titles and states from the enemy within,

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which is the greatest of enemies. Look at the comparison between the two suitors, any love being sought refuge with from different dangers. But when it comes to the key danger, than a real triple focus on the seeking refuge from just one threat, and that is us. I want you to be aware of just how dangerous our time we live in when we are manipulated. I want you to reflect upon that. Anyway, that's enough for me, I don't know how this whole thing and zelicah can teach us and for committing to this, but it's no joke, because this class will continue through thick and thin when there's a couple of 100 people like this and when when it's only two people joining as well. And that's the

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way that it does and the people who continue are the most blessing could see you guys as well as the magical parasol Mahatma sick once. All right, Zach will not head

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saramonic de la hora de

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la mano Hain Hum Dil De La Rue banana mean alone solo selling mulberry founded Amina Mohammed, were early Marina MOBA. So chabris I just start my introduction to management.

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I actually want to begin before we actually go into what I want to say I think it's appropriate to thank a few people because, as Jeff mentioned, there's been a lot of time and effort that's been put into organizing this class avoiding this class. We actually started planning for this class back in, I think, was January, roughly, so like nine months ago, and for one reason or another for things that were out of our control and just life things that come up.

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On so on and so forth. We've had to constantly delay this class and move it back and move it back. And there's been logistical issues and all sorts of things that have come in the way but we persevered. And we stayed true to what it is that we want you to do. And now with the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala, we're able to hold this first class, okay, we're a few months late for him to deliver here now, and inshallah we're going to get up and running. So after thanking Allah Subhana, Allah, all of this is from the blessing of online, everything that you see here, me shower is the team everything, were literally just tools at a large soldier's disposal. And Allah subhanaw taala

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uses you for something which is good, that's something which is a blessing and that we should be grateful for. And if you're a conduit for that, God, you're spreading the word of this class, you're telling people you're spreading the word. And that's also something that you should ask the legislature to give you the gift, for example, lost Japan or Canada for the, you know, there's like a duality that people used to make back in the day. And that is their own lawmakers keys of goodness, and locks upon evil, don't make us keys of evil or knocks upon goodness. And that's our door at the beginning of this class. If this is something that is shallow tyla we're going to

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hopefully, in a very steady and structured way we connect with the UN and the loss of habitat. I also want to thank the administration of this Mr. Mr. hikma, this mystery which has only been open I think now for a couple of years or maybe less, it's a very new machine in our city of Birmingham residency, Mashallah. It's an amazing building. It's a very nice location. She has served as the manager here and his team have been very welcoming and very open to us. As you can see, we've literally just conquered taken over the masjid and just done what we wanted and Masha Allah, Allah, they've given us any grief or any headache, and they've been very helpful. So I want to thank them

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as well. So God blesses them and the efforts that also kind of databases dismissed it and makes it a minaret of good, and the light and a beacon that shines for the people of Birmingham and pointing them to what is good and beneficial. I also want to have the privilege from prospective partnership Obrist and his team shows up to sitting there ignoring me pretending these are all of his team, Mashallah they have worked behind the scenes so diligently. And they have been the driving force behind this class, I literally just came and sat here. Now, they've been working behind the scenes. And these are the people that you don't see and our own team and the brothers here in Birmingham,

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that I take along this responsibility of bringing you this class, not only live because it's got to be set up here and the mystery, but also online for those of you that want access and are accessing this class online. And by the way, I just want to mention for our progression.org, you don't need to record this Mr. I've seen some of you take a mobile phones and you don't need they've done everything for you. The audio, the video, written notes, all of this is available. So you don't actually have to do anything. You can access this class from wherever you are, you can message people from you know, Pakistan, India, wherever they may be in the world, and you think they will

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benefit. Obviously, they need to speak English. That's one thing, we don't provide translation services, but everything else more or less, we've done and so inshallah, if you can bring people to something which is good for them, then inshallah that's something which, surely, you will get a portion of that reward as well. So I just want to thank those people at the beginning of this class, because it's not something which I'm going to have a regular opportunity to do. Tipsy and white, the

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natural question is Why not? Right? We,

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in our religion, there are many sources and many sciences that we can study. But the most important Science Without doubt is the book of Allah subhanaw taala, and the science of studying the Quran, there is nothing more important, nothing which is which takes a more central role in our lives, than connecting with the Quran. And I will teach you to see you now in different capacities, and in different locations across the world now for probably around 10 years, from Australia, to Canada, to Malaysia, in the UK, and so on. And there's two things that I've noticed, number one, is that we're becoming as the oma as a nation, as families, as individuals, as parents, wherever our only be in

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this life, we're becoming more and more distanced from the parent, our connection with the poor and is becoming more fragile, it's framed at the ends, it's loosening, and we're slowly but surely becoming more distance from the corner. And that doesn't mean that doesn't mean that we don't love the poor and we don't have the respect for the poor. And because we do, even the Muslim that doesn't care anything about his religion won't play well to anything else. They have a love that a large soldier has placed in their hearts for the Quran. But generally we're becoming more and more distance. But at the same time, the second thing that I've noticed is the yearning and the longing,

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and the passion and drive and enthusiasm out there for people to want to reconnect with the bar. Because we've noticed that we've become distanced and we've realized not knowledge that this is a hole that has been left in our hearts in our lives. And as parents

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As you know, people who have no children, we also understand that it's something which is central to their lives as well. And so we want to reconnect with the Quran. But there's two ways of reconnecting with the Quran. There's a type of connection with the Quran, which is, you know, very surface. It's very Eman, boosting gives you a rush. And you think, Wow, that's amazing. And you connect with the Koran, but it's very limited. And it's very finite. And it's something which is the connection that won't last very long. Maybe it will last for a few hours, a few minutes, a couple of days. But then you go back into the moment, right. And then there's a connection with God. And that

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lasts, because it's structured and it's solid, because it's based upon knowledge. Right? It's based upon actual solid foundation. And that is real to seal. And when we say we will have seal or seal in its orthodox way, what we're talking about is bringing the Quran back into the seal, right? So one of the greatest ways of making the fear of the unknown is by using the program, not isolating versus taking one verse to one verse over there and isolating it from the rest of the arm and then pretending that that is the seal of what Allah subhanaw taala See, within the Quran back into the Quran, bringing the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam into the handles 1000s of

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Hadith that the Prophet seldom spoke and he told us the meaning of the Quran, that for the last few few years when people have started to the seals become the trend where we actually stripped away the Sunnah and Hadith from the Quran. So now it's like Michelle Teresa said, it's our feelings and our motivations and our personal contemplations. But okay, we're about the head is right, where's Buhari anymore and was a Muslim. And we're all of those collections of Hadith, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam gave to us, bringing back the statements of the companions might even not even

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see him. Personally, you don't hear those names. There's a problem. Where are those people, those giants of our religion, those titans of knowledge, who dedicated their lives to giving us the seal of the problem, and then you have all of those weights, policy, mammoth poverty, fear.

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And all of those Blitz planners, bringing back orthodoxy into the field. And that's inshallah something that we're going to be doing. So this isn't going to be a quick class, right, just in case you were under any illusions, this isn't going to be done in a month or six months, or even six years, because we're going to take this very, very slowly, right, today, I'm just planning to speak about str

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misshapen, YG. Right. And that's not even a part of the product. It's not even a versatile product. But we're going to start and we're going to take our time, and we're going to go into a certain level of depth, and I hope that it will be inspiring, and that you'll get those moments of either an email rush enemy man boost, because that is also part of just connecting with and studying the book of Allah subhana wa Tada. But the goal of this class is to give you actual knowledge, is to give you proper tafsir is to give you a solid foundation, to build your to seal upon. And that's why we're starting from the back of the plan. We're not starting from fat and dakara, in which you will

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probably think is the logical way of doing the field. But starting from the porch portion of all of us are familiar with the surah of the Quran that we memorize that we read in our Salah, you know that our kids now are memorizing when they're 5678 years old. And when they come to us and they say like, you know, so what does it mean?

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What does it mean when Allah says that he's the Lord of the daybreak and where they're like scratching their heads, because we don't know. And we've never taken the time to learn, and we don't really understand. This is an opportunity now to connect with the book of Allah subhanaw taala. And I just want to mention this because it's important. You know, when I was looking through the seal of this class, when I was going through my Latinos preparing for this class, one of the things that I came across was the efforts that the scholars of the past, put in for to seal by the the Jehovah, the efforts, the striving, the sacrifices they made, for us to be able to understand the Quran. And

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that is something amazing that we are a part of this heritage, a part of a tradition that is so amazing, so blessed, that we are a part of it. As I said, this inheritance is monitoring. So the prophets of Allah don't leave gold and only silver, they only pounds of dollars behind the leave and inheritance, that all of the all of the nation can take from equally. Everyone has access to knowledge, everyone can learn about their religion. That's the inheritance of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and when the scholars of the past used to see students coming to them, they would say to them, welcome to the heirs of the Prophet sallallahu.

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Welcome to those people who are the inheritors of the knowledge that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam left behind as his inheritance as his estate. And that's what we take it from. So from the title of the companions, you see that they were people who were so engrossed in the brand, in fact, the profits on

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how many IDs Do you have where people would come non Muslims, pagans of Polish people from the Arab tribes and they would see

00:30:00 --> 00:30:11

To the processor, we want to learn about your religion. Tell us about your God blue Lord, tell us about what it is that you're representing your mission. And all the prophets on a lower level Selim would do was really

00:30:13 --> 00:30:41

amazing. wouldn't give a lecture wouldn't stand and say, Okay, sit down at home, like you know, once upon a time won't go into a story. He will literally just say Bismillah R Rahman R, Rahim, Allah and there are countless Hadith that you will find that follow the same pattern, because it's something that they understood was so integral so important, right, so the companions, they sacrificed their lives to connecting with the Quran, they gave us years to connect with the Quran, and the Bible,

00:30:42 --> 00:30:51

adequate companion, one of the great scholars of Tafseer, also, the son of Amma rhodiola, when it is said that he spent 10 years learning and memorizing

00:30:52 --> 00:30:53

the quality

00:30:54 --> 00:31:25

of doctrine, but still 10 years on the Siebel sort of the product, but they weren't preoccupied about finishing You see, that's the problem we have now. We're so preoccupied about finishing, you know, we got to finish we're gonna finish with our finish. And so we spend so much time worrying about finishing, that actually, when we look back, we didn't really benefit didn't really take any knowledge didn't really take anything from what it is that we were trying to benefit from. And so that's the difference that companions were preoccupied about finishing 10 years for sort of Bukhara was roaming

00:31:27 --> 00:31:55

around the city needs to take 10 verses at a time. And we wouldn't go past beyond the Budapest beyond them, until we learn them. And we memorize them. And we understood, and we apply them into our daily lives. And then we would proceed. And they were preoccupied about finishing was like, Oh, you must be like a year, all I've done is like 200 verses right? Or 200 verses, I have so much of the left, they might crop up. That wasn't the goal. The goal was to benefit one of the students who have to live in the

00:31:56 --> 00:32:13

kitchen one day and he said that I met read the whole book last night the whole plan from cover to cover I read last night and said to him, Well, your loved one. Did you read it like the people read poetry? It's more beloved to me, that I would spend the whole night reading from zero to

00:32:14 --> 00:32:51

eight, nine verses spend the whole night reading that surah but understanding and contemplating it, than finishing the whole code and the way that you read it. It's just a mind blowing perspective. Just a different way of looking at something. And I mentioning this because Chapin comes to us and he often makes us, you know deflates us, right and three easy comes after a few weeks and it's like oh, you know, this is Dylan Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim I spent a month they're never gonna finish. But that's not the point. The point is that every time you come and you learn a new benefit, you're coming closer to Allah subhanaw taala. The point is, is the finishing the point is learning and

00:32:51 --> 00:33:16

benefiting. And that's what the scholars used to do. Mujahid Rahim Allah tala, the great student of even our best one of the great scholars of Tafseer Suffern authority or him all I used to say that if you have the two syllable jacket, it's enough. If you come across the two zero MinJae you don't need to look at anyone else or look for different qualities enough when Mujahid reached that level of knowledge of difficile. He said that I went through the

00:33:17 --> 00:33:21

bass rhodiola argument three times and the devil reverse, I would say

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