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Powerful Story Of Bilal & Abu Dharr

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Every single one of us has struggles in his life. Every single one of us has made mistakes. Every single one of us is a sinner. And every single one of us is hopeful and wished that when do I stand before Allah on the Day of Resurrection, Allah is gonna turn a blind eye and forgive all my sins. You can't even forgive the person you grew up with for years of your life for one issue. You can't even forgive the people tell me brother, but it's my heart. It's my right. Let me tell you bluntly, brother, there is nothing in this world. The only heart you will ever have is when you stand before Allah in front of the real judge in the real court, then and only then will you ever really get your

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heart This one will never ever ever do you justice.

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Were our really my brothers were mighty Where are we men? Forgive me a bit too much for my My heart hurts me hurts me. What do I say to people who before the drama, they're the most religious and God fearing and Allahu Akbar and brother were like this and he and and all I forgive you, and I love you for the sake of Allah. But as soon as you step on my toes, what was once a noise V is a piece of velcro throws the ball can be a little descender alemi Well, man, what happened? Cause what happened? He disrespected me. Let it go, man.

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Let go, just let it go.

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There's those that show mercy and compassion towards one another.

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The one in the heavens who showed mercy and compassion towards them. He say my brothers, you know what I love about the Sahaba. The Sahaba were real people. Many of us we like to praise the Sahaba so much. So to the point where we start painting this picture like they never did anything wrong. What are you very wrong. Sahaba did a lot of things wrong. But that's what was beautiful about them. Because they made mistakes, then the way they dealt with their mistakes is what makes them so special and so unique. One particular incident, after one of the battles there was beauty of war, gold, silver, swords, shields, stuff like this. So the Sahaba gathered, there's a lot of its money.

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So they started sharing their opinions as to how they should distribute this wealth. And please don't listen to the story for the sheer entertainment of it. Live the story brother tried to imagine I'm not sharing with you all Disney fairy tales. These are real stories of your father's why not to entertain you but to learn. Because you know what my brother's The truth is? When really push comes to shove. We don't follow the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam deep down. Were gangsters. That's what we are men. And being against that doesn't necessarily mean you got tattoos and he used to sell drugs on the streets. Well, I know that there are more gangsters than any

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youngster on the street that I can ever be gangster with your character and your attitude. We don't follow Rasulo law. We follow people like Tony Montana in Scarface. Yeah. And Tupac in barbaric shoe. And they will that's the brother that's that's, that's the way it is cuz that's how it is on the streets. Brother. What Dean is discipline? So the Sahaba Ah, man gave his opinion, then gave his opinion on the matter. For those of you who don't know,

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is Arab, Arab, Arab, and he makes an Arab few like he's a non Arab. You can't be any more Arab than what a Buddha was. sabitha also gave his opinion, try mosques. I was in Canada, the brothers mosques are waiting in courts to deal with their issues. Why? Because I gave my opinion. And this guy disrespected me when we were in the meeting. So now it's me versus him in mosques are going to war with each other. Why? Who's needed? But I gave my opinion what and he went against me. Does he know who I am? I've been here for 10 years brother disgust only been on the board for five years. These are the people that are leading

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sabitha gave his opinion. Then the next person was Bella.

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Bella is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Bilal not only used to be a slave, but an Abyssinian slave, meaning he was black. So as far as society is concerned, talk about being rock bottom, but you see slam came to break this. So when Bilal gave his opinion, he says that I disagree with you. Allahu Allah. I think this is what we should do with the world.

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Imagine being put on the spot in front of everyone he says even you Yeah, Bill, even you son of a black woman even you're gonna disagree with me today is a big words. So Bill, rightfully so got very upset. He picked himself up and went to the Prophet of Allah. Now I want to pause for a minute because I want to prove my point that we don't follow the Salaam rasulillah salam we follow the Sunnah of who shot Tony Montana. Mashallah and molana Tupac

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When we hear the story of the Sahaba, we exclude our life and our societies, because it's different times my brothers, I want to ask you sincerely and I want you to answer sincerely, this act. That bill ended by picking himself up and going to the Prophet have a lot to complain. What is this code? In this day and age that we live in today? is a snitch.

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Brother, we have a drama, you pick yourself up to don't complain? What do you woman bro? That street language you say but bln wasn't corrupted by your Tupac and your Tony Montana. bln was affected by your prophet who you claim that you follow? You see blelack something in his heart. He went to someone that can help him with this situation. You and I nananananana that makes me less of a man. Now Hubby, I am gonna hold that in my heart for the next 20 years. I'm gonna fresh him back by him, wipe the floor with him, slender him with any opportunity that I can get for the next 20 years. But I won't go to someone that just might be able to help my situation. sobolev goes he tells the

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Prophet of Allah, the prophet of Allah became furious. So the Prophet of Allah he comes, he goes to what obovata was, and he grabs. He grabs a Buddha talking about bridging up this right now was bridging up and he grabs a Buddha and shakes him and says, You are a man that still has Jay Hillier in his heart.

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Is that what he said? He

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let me tell you the difference between a man and a so called man a real man is a man when he when he acknowledges that he really was in the wrong he admits that he's in the wrong subwoofer lowers his head. He understands that he hurt his brother, he understands he upset his profit. So how did he deal with this situation? Then he stopped praying at that machine so that I don't see below, because that's how we deal with our issues is not really above the law. talanoa after acknowledging that he's in the wrong he picks himself up. He goes into the streets of Medina looking for belaire of the lot. And then when he sees and he finds Berlin, he goes to bilello publicly leave this with me

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publicly in front of everyone. He goes to be land in front of everyone gets them on the floor and says to be led

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by a law, I will not lift my head off the floor and to use the phone to tweak your food and let it be known right here. Right now in Medina. Which one of us today is the honor and which one of us today your billing is the dishonored one Come on, man. How come I haven't heard this story before bro. So what I'll do is vulnerable is on the floor. He acknowledged natalja tall Johnson the right What did he do? What my an opportunity that most of us would love to have with those that hurt us. You see real forgiveness is to forgive from your heart sincerely whether you can do something about it or you can't. You see there are many of us who have issues and dramas with other people. And we

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paint on the outside and our brother in law him and I forgive him for the sake of a lot. You little Kazemi little spinner. The only reason that you claim that you forgive him is not because you really forgive him. The truth is, is you can't do anything to this guy anyway. So really by default, by the fact that I physically can't do anything. I disguise my weakness with thought now I'm a Hebrew I forgive him for the sake of Allah but deep down in your heart deep down in your heart if you got the news that our bus hitting your by your heart will start to do the DAP keeper. Somebody told me in Hebrew one long line I forgive him while I forgive him but and forget cuz wow Mashallah really you

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forgive but you don't forget? Well, I got news for you. If you forgive but don't forget, you didn't forgive to begin with. You see these topics not as juicy as what you first thought I Why? Because it's hard on the knifes because this is real Dean. This is real Dean.

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Bilal gets down on his hands and knees. He kisses her on the forehead. This is Apple that are you serious, I forgive you for the sake of Allah, done, finished dusted, never to be spoken about, again, not drag around for 1015 years not forget the fact that I was before this that we're both under that we're both on the same battlefield fighting for the same Lord. See, we don't have this in our societies anymore, man. Why? Because try weakness is seen as forgiveness is seen as a weakness.

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That's a real man. If you don't forgive, then woe to you that they you stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala. You see many of us we tend to think that forgiveness is an option that I have that if I want or forgive, but if I don't want, but I'm going to hold on to this for the Day of Resurrection. I'm going to hold on to this to the Day of Resurrection. La habibollah does work like that because apart

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of being a believer, a part of being a Muslim, a part of being the follower of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is to have a heart that forgives, not only does it forgive, but it loves to forgive, regardless of the crime. So because I'm sure your mind is already going through a process, or he's probably thinking he's probably speaking about forgiveness on small issues, like issues. No, I'm here to tell you today that there is absolutely no scenario, no issue, no situation that you could put forward before me. That gives you any right to not forgive your Muslim brother. Nothing and this is being this is real being this is the Dean of the heart. This is the Dean of breaking the

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knifes the dean that no one likes to play with the dean that no one likes to play with our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And let me make things clear, by no means am I saying you need to forgive because the person that you're forgiving is worthy of your forgiveness. That's irrelevant. today. I'm here to tell you that you have to forgive because you forgiving one another has nothing to do with the individual though there is benefit, but it has everything to do with you and Allah subhanho wa Taala the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam forgive one another have rahama amongst one another. Why?

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Why? Because the Muslims, why? Because they're deserving of it. He says they have mercy, show compassion towards one another while prophet of Allah. He says so the one in the heavens may show mercy and compassion towards us, towards you, forgive.

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Let him go my brother. Let it go, my sister no matter what is happening in your life, no matter how geometric shape on has painted your scenario, or your situation, it's only from shaitan. And the key to everything is to just let it go, man