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The transcript discusses the history of Islam, including the first free man to embrace Islam and the first free man to join the Islam family. The "hasn't" movement is mentioned, and the "hasn't" concept is discussed. Other topics include the confirmation of the halava and the recent election. The COO's position is criticized by the media and the interviewer is addressed as a former leader of an army. The segment also touches on the controversial behavior of a woman named Fatima Sonali and the consequences of the decision of the caliphate.

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We live in a shakedown regimes we live in a country La Plata. Me Serato. Sara Mara

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Manuela early he was a big My beloved brothers, his sister in

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law when it gets to help you well,

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mafia changing time. So yes, we do start at six o'clock on a Monday. But I got held up at work unfortunately, directors at the meetings today so that took a bit longer than expected. You know these meetings go. So Alhamdulillah we're gonna continue from last week and we're speaking about Baccarat Ilan being the first Khalifa and we were speaking a little bit about his background in terms of his achievements what he did in Islam why he has a resume that makes him one of the leadership of Islam. We mentioned so many things about him that he was perhaps the first free person to embrace Islam, the first person out of the household of the visa Salim embrace Islam, and we see

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that a lot of changes in the Quran. The Quran are one of the very first Muslims, they have a degree above those who embrace later on. And in fact, if you look at those who embrace Islam early on, the names of that group is really the core leadership of the Muslims embraced Islam First Men ready to embrace Islam of the Islamic Ummah, outside the household of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they immediately called others to Islam. Now, if you look at the names, the people that embraced Islam, because of Baka

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Dawa, you have with 90 billion fun, sad costs as one of the man in the house. Now, these names they should mean something to you. What are these people? What do they have in common?

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of one?

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Well, besides the Sahaba of Cousteau Sahaba, but they're not just any Sahaba as wave side of their money, money,

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they will have the tendency from agenda so basically half of the team promised agenda, half of them came into some suitable buckets down the line in the early days. And those were the ones that would go on and those teams are at the leadership of oma, they were the senior lead most people of the oma and a worker of their own project, through a loss guidance broken to Islam. We see how he spent his money in buying slaves, like be like over 10 slaves of the early Muslims came, you know, was it free, because of abubaker. We said the heater Not only did he make the heater, but he had the honor of going with the prophets of Allah. And this is even an alarm. He says in the Quran, that if you

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don't help, Allah says in the Quran, if you don't help him, then he was meaning the believers view if you don't help the prophets of Allah, then we've helped him before when he was with his he's when when he was the second of the two. So Allah mentions in the Quran Yeah. And in fact, some will talk about it our theology in Islam as soon as we say that there is no explicit

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that a lot any sort of social selling, had not explicitly selected a halifa. These a small minority group in the Muslim in the Sunni Muslim community that says Allah didn't explicitly nominate abubaker as as the successor because Allah sees the secret of the two meaning when number one isn't the he's number two verses in the Quran. The second of the two, when he said to his companion, Allah mentions that the Prophet called on the bucket, his companion, the only man that is called Sahabi is a worker of them. We said that he had the title of Sydney, which is the highest category that one can aspire to be after the MBR he was in a bc lobethal. He wasn't barefoot in one. In fact, some

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some narrations that we might not even know about Albuquerque Alon. He said he's the first person to give a public sermon about the first football was given by Baccarat and how is the song? It's mentioned that when the Muslims were about 58 people about 4040 people, and they were still in secret this was the early days of Islam it was still video, a secret Adama. So people heard that these rumors This is not makena maka, maybe you can think of Marquez the buka right so people heard everyone knows everyone's business everyone's been able to answer the fees right? That's how easier and but there was rumors that the some secret movement happening and they're getting together these

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guys and they are

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practicing some funny stuff. He was in private, and no one bothered with him with that. So then I walk around

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and do we know where they meet?

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If so, used to be called it if this old so there was a hobby called Alarcon. Even even even the icon so the Son of the Father, welcome. Let's see his name. His house was really hung out. That was really the first get together was at Arkham house. This is our first headquarters. The secret is to get the Sahaba the Prosser lemons harbor we get to get away. So that is in this house.

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Late at night or in the dark, and they decided, let's go and make this public. So I was gonna say, I will take it on myself, I will do this first. And so buckle up your mind was the first person to start speaking about Islam publicly in Makkah. And then he got beat up the courage to those was playing in the middle of of the by the cabin in front of everyone. He started speaking against the idols, and so the ganged up on him and it's mentioned how this one criminal okhla salted eating avocado with with with the shoe and functioning pipes through so much that he fell unconscious. And they said his face swap was so swollen, we couldn't see his nose from the rest of his face was so

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puffed up, and his family. Now he's dead, was dead, knew he was a Muslim and his dad and he made a bit of a tension that was very upset that he became Muslim. But when he saw his son getting beat up like this, and he was unconscious, he said, if my son dies in his war tomorrow in Makkah, and so forth at the end of the day, and so he's a bucket of dry cleaning, took him away in the house unconscious, his mother and his father is trying to revive him. And when he comes out of his of his coma, we will the first thing he says, How is Rasulullah Salah. And he's there changes immediately from being concerned. Again, this and he's dead storms out. And the mother still says, okay, you

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worry about yourself. You almost died. How can you do this? You know, when we start? And a worker is saying, I want to know how is Muhammad so seldom? So she says, I don't know. But yes, this means that whatever you need to take, and he said, I refuse to take any of this medication until you tell me how the problem is doing. So she says my son how much I know about your friend. I mean, mommy knows. I don't know about your friend. So the process is so Abacuses, then go and ask who Jimmy. Jimmy is the sister of say normal. Now we know the story of St. Norman. He was about to kill the professor Salaam and he came by and he heard his sister reciting they told him your sister isn't a

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Muslim lady. She was one of the first to embrace Islam basically, if you know when you should Muslim. So welcome to Is mom got awesome. Jamil. How is Palmetto Salaam? And then I'll take the medication. So his mom goes next door close by? And she asked he says look, she obviously knew she's abubaker mother. He said My son

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is asking how is Muhammad? And he refuses take medication. Now when Jamil wants to keep a secret no one knows she's a Muslim. So she says, How do I know I don't know your son? And I don't know this Muhammad? I don't know any of them. Why are you asking me? Why would I leave me? So then, but then Hamas insists that Look, my son is not going to take his medication he's looking specifically he wants to know. So they say okay, maybe if I go and see him, personally, I can resolve this matter. So then he goes to a worker, and a worker says how's the process of them? And when Jamil basically like he's like, yo, mommy's still here, this we shouldn't be talking like this openly Your mother is

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silly. And it's amazing to think how secretive he was in the beginning. So a box is to no way we can trust

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them unless you're a Muslim, but you can trust them. So that

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is fine. And I don't feel good enough. Let's go I want to see the color. And so he lives with his mom in German, they take him to the salon. And once he's fine. Once he once he sees a bottle was fine. Now he's at ease. And then he says,

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Here is my mother, please give her $1 and she embraced Islam the buck his mom becomes a Muslim. So bottom line is this man's.

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Very, very early on. He was instrumental within Islam. As opposed to Allah mentioned, we say now Millennium had an argument. And he says, Don't ever come between me and my Sahaba because all of you when you embraced Islam, you had your doubts your reservations with this man. He embraced without any second thoughts. And no one benefited financially and more than this man. Don't even speak to me about

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his surprise that none of you can get to even abubaker audiences to

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to have sought. This is don't compete with Ayesha Hopson, I shoveled bicycles. And this is almost words. So it says, don't compete with Russia, you will never be Russia is as your father will never be welcome buttons. And many years later, we'll say normally the halifa and the problem worker and say normally is now giving salaries. And he gave his son a lower salary than a worker of workers, kids. So he says, Look, I'm even I'm more active in Son, why do I get a lower salary? And he says the same thing. Because he is not you're not on his caliber as your father is on the caliber, like his father. So they understood who he was. He was as we see that every single battle and he was

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Always at the side of the province, when the province Salam was going even when the others would would dispute even at times, like the biathlete one when they gave the Pledge of Allegiance and the contract was signed, which is really unfavorable to the Muslims, even I'm going to say how is this fee or whatever the truth, and he was sort of arguing all give until a bucket seat.

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Remember that this is gonna be so fun, that he has this almost blind man as we're gonna get to see which really put him on the front with it.

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So we have no questions about who this man is from the Quran from the sweetener from history, his caliber and his position should be known at CVS, his CV stops, let's we'll just put it that way. But when he was selected as the halifa there were a number of question marks. And then inshallah we'll talk about the controversies around the election of say, no Baccarat.

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Now that we don't, and when you mentioned these things, you know, in the past, it was enough to gloss over. And so you know, what, Rawson passed away the Sahaba look together, they chose aboubaker. They all were happy Kumbaya and everything we can do. It wasn't like they were they were some grievances. And until today, I mean, those were the roots of what is today, of course, people would have taken that as an excuse to not only bring up things that were non existent, they actually go and make that fito bucket. And we know woman basically speaking, frankly, that this is a big divide between Sunni and Shia, the sheer view of the world as usurping stealing the caliphate from

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And the Shia, basically. So we'll discuss a number of issues. Number one.

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The argument was that this issue of sabetha so we see this is when the Ansari that meeting and a walk in Omaha, basically getting gatecrash it was it was done without consultation. It was a few Buddhists that got together, and they elected their own Chairman and committee without consultation. How is the See, number two, they said, why would the prophets of Salaam leave the issue of leadership without any guidance? Surely, the man that teaches you how to go to the toilet, would have made sure that before he died, it was very clear who's who should be the next halifa. And they give evidence for that. So they'll be they will bring a hadith that we find, which appears to be an

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election of signaling. And they also mentioned that, is it not true that when abubaker became the halifa, saying I did not give his pledge of allegiance is not true? He said, yes, there was a delay in saying it. So he wasn't in favor, except this reality effect. And was it not true that Fatima de la jolla and how the dose of the pasilla she had some issue with Abu Bakar, the one of the officers until she died, there was this, there was this coldness between the two of them. And we say this as well, these are two facts. So how do we reconcile these issues? Any questions before we do that?

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We should know.

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So let's discuss the first one. The first one, or the most important one is the shear I mentioned. That signal, Lee was elected by the Navy. And the Sahaba knew this. So he appointed that looks to be this halifa Sahaba knew it, and the minute the person passed away, these Buddha's got together, and they chose their own. Now this is obviously this is not only how long this is potentially covered, if what they say is true, it's covered in the sand. And when asked how can you really criticize the Sahaba? When they paint it in that narrative? That it seems like what they say there's some truth to it in reality. So we also see our ocea, which is in the Quran, which has shows that Satan, Allah is

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the halifa. So they sit up, it is the incident of who they haven't mentioned this stuff to you before we have.

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We don't have to go into the way the promised land gave a meeting. He gave a speech that whoever takes it as whoever is his motor, whoever takes musical,

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and will ever take whoever hates it hates me, right. Why did I say this? Because he not only was the leader of an army, and the troops of the army coming from Yemen, criticized him and they weren't happy with his leadership style. So the promises Allah made basically to say, don't get the size. Sonali. This was not election. And we said that it was very clear that no one understood this to be an election of a new Hunter. Nobody, no one seems to Holly not even

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understood this to be election of a leader. How do we know that? Because there's another hand with the porcelain was on the feet. So now he comes to visit him. And when he comes out, they have seen it. How does the processor look?

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Fine. He actually looks in good. I have positive that he's going to come out of this. Allah bus with the prophets. Uncle Abbas was the one who was about a year or so older than the problem.

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He seems to say that

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you have not I have seen enough of our Banu Hashim, our Klansmen pass away, I've seen many of my relatives died. And this look that the problem has is the same look is the look of our family. They look like this. And within three days, tops, our associates gonna pass away. That's what my view my view is. So then he says, No, this is important. This is important. He says to save it. So why don't you go to the Kroc Center, and ask him about this issue of leadership?

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Meaning, this is one of the ways that we don't know who the leader is this this issue is still up in the air, no one knows what the need is. But naturally, since we are the family of the process of them, we might have, we might have a claim to the issue of leadership. So why don't you ask him? And if it's for us, and hamdulillah? If it's not, then we know where we stand and we will support those who which means for so yeah, two things to feel that you are entitled to certain position, nothing wrong. Nothing wrong to say, look, we've got a resume that this job, I can do a good job, not for the sake of me. But to do a job for the oma, this. We shouldn't be shy. Also, sometimes you say join

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the committee. No, no, no, I don't want if I if I put my name up there, they need sort of like I'm praising myself. No, this is to be first in the service of Allah. So you know, when we serve that we might the same as giving sadaqa it's like, fasting or making soda is like being in the front of you don't say no, no, I feel shy. I'll stand in the back and you said no, this is to serve a lot better. So the van Ohashi actually felt this. And nothing wrong to feel it. But also, they understand that look, if it's not for us, no problem, signally response to a boss and he says, I don't want to ask him this question. Because if he says no to me, then our family will never ever get it again. So you

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know, you know sometimes it's and this is fine line the Sharia certain things across the landscape. As a Hadith, Allah left them ambiguous, not because he forgot not because Oh, I didn't know. So that multiple, you can go and you can do as you want. You can interpret it as you want. So it makes flexibility you understand because it's open ended. It's flexible with a manager ask. Now there's only one answer. The minute I say no, not for you, but Ohashi has never given me no one of you. So until the end of time, the benatia will never get it you understand personality disorders leave the string. Honest. That was that was the analysis he didn't say fine body.

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So of course, something funny happened. I will walk around selected. And after the elections, I gave the sermon to explain to the Sahaba what just happened and scenario was not present. He was not.

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He was not in the gathering to give. Now what happens is you give your oath of allegiance, you vote, you go and you'd say you take the hand of the halifa. And you'd say, basically, we are in support of you. And everyone had given the pledge, I believe there was no dissenting voices. But the they were a few of the bundle, Hashem said it was prominent amongst him was absent, he had not given his pledge of allegiance. So our backlog Ilan, wanted to go and speak to say nalli about this. And the bonacci has now sort of stayed to one side, and they sort of became distant from the community. This has been a few days, few weeks we talking about now, they were sort of the tension could be felt the

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community knew there's something happening here. And

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abubaker on the line says, Look, I'm going to speak to say, Daddy, not

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the family.

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And so, you know, Ahmed says, Are you you? I don't think you should go alone with me come with you with someone go with you. So Bucky like smiles? What do you think they're gonna do to me? I sort of fight. This is a discussion between, you know, we know who they are, they know who we are, we are on the same page we are. At the end of the day, we all want the same thing. It's not about leadership. It's about the oma. So let me go and speak to them as a Muslim with a Walker, who goes to St. Louis, and he says to him that look,

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are all the same that they begin say now what begins and speaks and mentions the praise and funding of, of the debates. And he says something very important. Now, the other side, those who say no, but those who say he stole the entire during the elections. We ask why. A man who had now for the last 23 years from day one, I had been in service of the oma he had already bankrupted himself. He had already almost died a number of times he had fought his own family he had left his home. What does he want the caliphate for? What is his motive in this and see now it

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addresses a singer, singer alley. I have not left my wealth in my home my everything for except for the sake of Allah and His raw soul and the family of the soul, soul

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Send them I've not done all of these things, you know, except that I want good. Bye now, when you see a man that has, you know, done so many good things, he deserves the reason without, you know the benefit of the doubt, you know, we should have no doubts as to why this man is standing, if you made a decision and you disagree with it, you should always know is near and sincere. And that goes in general, when you see the Buddha, he did something I don't agree why he did something wrong. There must be a mistake here, because intuitively, you must know that he understood this, he's a man wouldn't allow him to do this. So and then he speaks and he mentions the honor and the position of

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the unweight. And he says to them, I know that I that it's more important for me to ensure that the rights are seen to the family, most of them before my own family, your honorable to meet and our family, and then say not only now speaks insane alysus that, yes, mentions the praise of a worker, and he says of Buchan. We are not competing with you in any favor. Allah has given us Allah has given you the strength of your

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backs. Our concern, our grievance, our issue is that we were not consulted in this matter. And we as the debate felt that we had some script that, if any, that the fact that the kurush you are, you know, the Qureshi is using the fact that look, we are the tribe or the process, we are his tribe, and therefore we have a advantage here in this thing. But surely, the family of the problem is even more difficult to understand the argument that the unwashed was making. And we felt that this thing was not, it didn't go down as it should have, and abubaker and infects a normal as well concurs with us. So many years later on hedge, say the last hedge, he is a few guys talking. One of the things

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is, you know, when Omar passes away, I'm just gonna give my pledge to this guy lightly before Baba can speak namanga guy, I just give my pledge because there was a private meeting between the two of you, I give up and he becomes the holy fantasy. Why should we have a free consultation? So we say nobody else he gives a good percentage. And he says that this issue, that weapon with abubaker was not how it should have been, we acknowledge that this was not ideal, and that we didn't call the meeting rather the answer, call the meeting, and we have to intervene. When in reality, when we select the halifa, it should be consulted between all the senior people this is how it should have

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should be doing. So it's two people on their own way small group on their own, have their own elections, we reject that. And in fact, they could be they could be executed for that as for the issue of a worker. And then he says and who is like, so if the rules were if things happen haphazardly, this was a lost way of ensuring that the right man got the job got the position, understand.

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Then there is this tension between Fatima and Cena worker. And we know this, I mentioned this before, that when the Brazilian passed away, he lists some inheritance. Rather, he had some property which belongs to them had a few properties, which belong to Him, it's a place for further

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further, very often they need to buy that product over and over and over. Right. So for that, it was a property which belonged to them and it would give a dividend or a proceeds quite a lot. And Neva salami use this money on to enrich himself Subhana Allah. So this was a massive estate that he owned. But he would only take the bare minimum for himself and his family, his wives, and the rich he would give in charity. So when he passed away, this is safe. Now what happens to it? And actually, so the Shia, the argument is, look,

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the only living person of the family is Fatima. Only children are passed away. And further also, Sharia half of you if you have one daughter, if you pass on your one daughter, she will receive half of you.

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And that is divided by your wives and your other relatives. So how can we stipulate

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that she did not receive her she and this is perfectly good answers this half goes to the daughter how to do this.

00:24:23--> 00:24:48

The reality is before Fatima asked about her she have inheritance. It was the wives of the cinema got together, and they petitioned abubaker and who's amongst the wives of the professor Ayesha daughter about perhaps a floater woman. They got together and they said look, we entitled to any further rules of the rules of inheritance, the wife should receive one of these days. So they petitioned abubaker and he said no.

00:24:49--> 00:24:59

Why? Because the officers on said that when enemy dies, he does not leave anything of money. inheritance. It goes to charity and the only thing he leaves is knowledge

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And Fatima also asked for her cheat. And the same thing. No, I will not give you these.

00:25:08--> 00:25:45

Rather, we will take care of you out of the Treasury. But this money this estate will go to the Treasury. Now this lift some kind of bitterness with Fatima, and she was also going through a very difficult time. In fact, she went through a kind of depression and we know she didn't live very long, she lives maybe three, four months, six months at most. After that we know the the day that was on the pathway, just before he passed away. Fatima comes to visit the process. And he calls her close and he was for something in a year and she begins to cry profusely, very kindly, hot. I mean, he was for something, you know, yeah, again, and she laughs I shot I shouldn't have eaten. He says,

00:25:45--> 00:25:47

What did he say to you? And I can tell you.

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Only after the moment passed away. Fatima. Now sister Ayesha, what the prophet said to me, was that the sickness, he told us, the sickness of mine is in your father's gonna die. I'm gonna die from this and she begins to cry. And then he says, but don't feel bad, you'll be the first of my family to join me. And we know within a few weeks or six months, basically, after the process of I passed away, thought he was the first person of his immediate household to die. While

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she was going through a rough time, she was not happy. Also, like I say, Natalie's not happy husband and wife are unhappy with abubaker is not the favorite person at the moment. And she sort of became reclusive. She sort of stayed indoors. She and I, she says that the two of them abubaker. And Fatima had not spoken after this period until she passed away until she fought. So I just did this. So there was this tension. And this is a human tension. And of occurrences says he comes to gambling with an alley it's a nominal serious hobby. And he says obviously, he's getting heat for this. And if I asked you about this, I'm telling you that a profit does not leave any money behind. Um, am I

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the only one that heard it? And they agree, no, this is. So even though, you know, Fatima was disappointed, I was disappointed. I was disappointed. It's only human nature. But I

00:27:13--> 00:27:51

did what was right in terms of in terms of the law, the Sharia. He did, he did what the prophet had commanded him to do. And he made sure that like the wiser Muslim was taking care of Fatima and the family of Salah was taken care of from the Treasury. But this estate had to go to charity. So now when we look at these points now as I said, the shell presented that the prophets made a point to say now he said Allah was upset Fatima was unhappy and the Hadith who ever says you know, the Hadith the famous Heidi, whoever upsets Fatima upset me. We've heard her three and ever hurts me upset a lot and if I was upset with you and you're destroying you know this honey

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Alright, so we're starting off six with with abubaker.

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Yes, she was upset. So there's not this say that. There is disillusion from the Saudi. What's the response?

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was the response.

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response is simple. But firstly, who gave the Hadith Ayesha narrates this hadith? Ayesha says the Sudan. And why did the Prophet didn't give up Iran one day and says Look, guys, if you ever heard hakima you heard me who How did this How did this come about Cena and he wanted to take a secret Why?

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You wanted to take a secret life. And the promises alum didn't sack is how long for you. You just remember, you think a second wife is an upset fathima can upset me. So this was actually a warning to say not only

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look at the context, always be sure to look at the context of certain things. This sort of happens. People take things out of context, one ayah Allah says kill them wherever you find them. Yeah, well, how is this possible? The lead who is them, and why was it revealed in any regard? It makes sense. Nonetheless, this is some of the controversial areas. And we'll say, after the passing away, Fatima segnale now comes out again publicly, so he was also a bit reclusive in those few months. And he now gives a sermon saying it gives a sermon. So both the Sudanese embassy has agreed that off the days of Fatima Sonali came out, and he gave a sermon publicly, and he says, you know, what happened

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between me and our worker, and we know that there was some kind of either a notice that this elephant in the room, but we are not here to, again he pizza to question, or D compete with any honor that abubaker has. We all know who he is, and we all know his father, and he comes to give his pledge publicly. So we're saying it now publicly and she has agreed with us in the books they agree, let's say now he publicly gave you support for Cena backer, and that he now becomes part once again of that senior leadership sort of joins the team again, and throughout the caliphate of senior worker and say nobody else is not meant to be a senior person of the leadership.

00:30:00--> 00:30:01

Team In fact, you

00:30:02--> 00:30:09

know, one of the easiest things to do this, you know, nullify these accusations we ask

00:30:11--> 00:30:13

when say nobody Alon

00:30:14--> 00:30:24

was on hegira when he was unhatched beautiful Hadith cinnabar is going on Hajj with the problem, right that hedge the fee will hedge just as they get to the court something happens you know the

00:30:26--> 00:31:00

enemy caught saying about his wife gives birth at the court to Mohammed the son of a bucket. So he says the baby's name is Muhammad, even you have a bucket. Now this lady was Java's ex wife, Jaffer passed away, his brother died. So obachan married her and now they had a son. A worker dies two years later. So he left behind a child of two years old when he passed away this Mohammed then say now he marries this lady. So you wouldn't be following me? This Lady Mary Jaffa say Natalie's brother, then abubaker.

00:31:01--> 00:31:13

Lady is one of us friends, right? some prominent husband, right? The point is, this way, Mohammed was raised by segnale. Mohammed, the son of a worker was raised by saving it from your lawn.

00:31:14--> 00:31:33

It's just to show you that and he he honored him and he would say like your father, the son of your father, like, you know, your father was a great man. And he took care that this is a bucket son. great honor. And we know that's really funny incident when so Jaffa so she had this lady. She had kids with Jennifer, and she had kids.

00:31:36--> 00:32:12

And obviously children with a nanny. So then the kids wanted to put her in a spot and they said, mom, who was the base of your husband's abubaker, Java, right? They wanted to put in a spotter to you know, the kids. So she says, Well, you know, when I met Jocelyn, we were both youngsters of all the young men. Jaffa was the bass. And they were back. He was much older than her. And of the senior older men that he was the basis to say now this is what about me? If he's the base of the young men, and he's the base of the old men in your current husband, what's what's in it for me? All right, so Swan Allah is a wonderful example of that. There was human tensions between them. But this was not

00:32:13--> 00:32:45

anyone pushing each other the man there was no, I mean, the tech field that we see today just doesn't make any common sense that what these people had done for Islam, that they would conspire a few hours of the desert persona to take leadership. So this is with regards to the controversies now the real issue begins now we can Okay, so we know is the halifa. Now being the halifa you in the hot seat, and now the issue soft, the very first issue that he had to decide on a bucket of urine was the army of husana. You with me, Tommy Osama?

00:32:46--> 00:32:59

Because I remember, right, Professor lamb sent an army out husana. And just before the army was about, in fact, the army had left Medina, they just come on the outskirts of Medina when the person passed away.

00:33:00--> 00:33:28

And Osama was in charge of that army. We know by now some I've seen it so many times. And we know that the Sahaba were initially not happy with Osama being in charge because the young men, and the alum gave a sermon saying how much I love Osama, and you criticize someone like you criticize his father z. And I love these men so much. So don't speak to me about who sama is, again, this has certain characters. We're just Indian, Prasanna husana was one of them. So now sama comes back after,

00:33:29--> 00:33:35

after the decision. And the decision is should Osama's army continue to go out?

00:33:36--> 00:34:00

And number two, surely, so be in charge. So now the majority effect it looks like every single Sahabi says, look, the professor has just died. Today, we don't know how the sad news is going to impact the surrounding areas. It is not a good idea. When we go through this turmoil to seek an army out not just any way to go and fight the Romans. This is not a good idea.

00:34:01--> 00:34:31

And now they're consulting and discussing. And obachan says Look, I'm gonna think about this. And he comes back and he says, No, I've made it my decision. Osama's army will leave. And in fact, they came to Medina to see the body of the army came back and he says none of you will sleep here tonight. You will leave and you will start marching on. None of you will sleep here tonight. And so how about thinking yeah, ibaka How can you? You know, be reasonable? You know, think logically?

00:34:33--> 00:34:59

Not a man. I'm not saying he's not a man of logic. But he man was such that when he came to issues of the man, I don't I don't question this question. And his reasoning was a very simple reasoning. So if Ron gave a long list of reasons, you know, we're in a weak position. What if Medina gets invaded tomorrow we're sending our armies for out. This is not the idea our enemies are now going to come upon us. They are monastics here in Medina. cinnabar doesn't think this mental gymnastics is simply

00:35:00--> 00:35:33

This was a command lift for the purposes of them. And my first act as califa is to ensure that his commands are fulfilled. He says this army so I'll make sure this army isn't house, don't speak to me further and then he gives a very emotional speech and he says, ally if like none of you go out, I will go out alone. Aquila fight this Jihad alone. And even if I know even if you told me surely this army is gonna go we're not gonna be we're gonna be invaded, and that animals come in and attack me and eat me alive. I will still say long I don't care. Why because

00:35:34--> 00:35:46

that's less acidic. That's what acidic means. Like they like the mayor Raj if he said so. I don't I don't ask any further questions. Now that level of Eman was something else then

00:35:47--> 00:36:14

the Sahaba realized look ibaka is not gonna budge on this issue. So they said to Morocco to Abu Bakar at least tell him change the summer please put someone else senior if this look a lot of items army GIVE US Army also loses the battle with an omen the first battle will open up without a lot a lot is riding on this army. We need to put the beast in Hollywood etc. almost daily. It is a great

00:36:15--> 00:36:17

time is 18 years old.

00:36:19--> 00:36:55

I'm so upset. Why didn't the professor tell us that Osama has been charged? How can he grabs his beard? He says uh you have a lot of people are telling me to change a dynamic commodity. casilla don't speak to me about this. Someone comes up to put me in trouble. I don't know ask me to do this again. So now the army of Osama goes out and we know that say no bucket. He actually walked Osama. So someone on the camel and a bucket is walking with Him. And samosas. Yeah, I mean, we have halifa Rasulullah. Right now the title of halifa comes, oh, the substitute of the rasulillah salam.

00:36:57--> 00:37:02

Either I get off the camel and walk together or you get on the camera. I can't stand this.

00:37:04--> 00:37:10

Allow me to also get my feet dirty. Sabina abubaker was a part of that army.

00:37:11--> 00:37:45

And he obviously stayed behind this is the halifa. So this is Alicia to work with you or to the army because they camped outside. And that's when he gave that very important speech. So today, we quote this when we talk about islamic jihad. We closed quote with our workers into the army. Look, don't be untruthful. Don't break your promise. Don't lie. Don't kill women don't kill children don't cut down trees don't kill animals. Don't kill priests and monks don't damage places of worship. All these rules. He didn't say so abubaker gave the

00:37:46--> 00:38:25

rules of engagement. It was abubaker that gave us first and this is really important. Because this is the beginning of the campaigns of expansion. This is the slot of Muslim acts are being conquered of Egypt being conquered of Syria, Palestine being conquered. This is the beginning of it. This is the first step. And he gave that way important instruction to sama. And then he said to sama, can you ask a request of you? Again, it shows you in some ways a boy like 60 and he says, Look, you're in charge of the army. This is your prerogative. I asked you permission. Can you link me Omar? Omar is in the army also. Can you give it to me? I need Omar to help me. And of course he says the army

00:38:25--> 00:38:54

Can we take a normal service army goes out and they go to the north of Arabian window for this. He goes to the north with the Roman not the Romans themselves, the territory and they are successful. And it mentions that the enemy's the emperor of Persia, the emperor of Rome, all those who are opposing Islam. They got the news of the decider for Salah with Osama's campaign together same thing. So what this did was

00:38:55--> 00:39:33

when they got the one hand the professor has passed away they week but immediately they got the message that these guys sent an army out to Roman territory and they succeeded. So surely these people are not weak it's business as usual. that things are just continuing as it left off, they're not in any weaker position than they were before the difficult salami understand now this wisdom of course it is from Allah what God didn't think of it like that. But this was one of the great advantages that alone because that message came everyone who wants to invade Medina now had a second thought these guys are quite strong. But of course the issue that many will become with that we'll

00:39:33--> 00:39:35

talk about those words of

00:39:37--> 00:39:38

hate any questions.

00:39:42--> 00:39:47

You guys are like like, like smiling like it was a difficult lecture.

00:39:49--> 00:39:49

So a lot.

00:39:51--> 00:39:56

Zack will continue inshallah. Next week, six o'clock or so last night, Mohammed

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Abdullah. Me

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