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The importance of worship and the need for everyone to be an ally of Allah's is discussed in a series of segments. The speakers emphasize the need for patience and perseverance in times of loss, while also emphasizing the importance of trusting oneself and avoiding feeling sad. The speakers also mention a hedge mob rule and a woman named Jana who lost everything and achieved something better. The importance of rewarding oneself and avoiding feeling sad is also emphasized.

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Oh limestone rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala l mursaleen Sayyidina Muhammad in while earlier he also had big marine and beloved brothers and sisters as said Mr. aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu.

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Al hamdu, Lillahi Rabbil Alameen. Always and forever in all situations, we thank Allah and we testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah. Surely Allah Allah, Allah Allah and we send our love and our greetings and salutations to beloved in me Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to spice and pure family to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us to be amongst them. Meanwhile, hamdulillah hamdulillah some weeks we have you know what to talk about. Other weeks there's so many things to talk about you have to choose mashallah Hajj season is upon us and our Rajaraja on the way and we ask Allah to go

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on all the Mahajan Maqbool has been abroad make everyone go and return safely Amin then of course there is a whole issue around

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you need to be an ally of one group. But alhamdulillah just always make sure that you are an ally of Allah subhanaw taala and we'll talk about that in sha Allah we have a course coming up in this month around this issue, but something more personal.

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My family in particular, the calamity one of our relatives of pasta in July or in a Rajon Allah, Grantham, Jana, and in times of difficulty, and everyone goes through difficulty. We talk about, like Che again, why did this happen? What do we do in times of difficulty? How do we make sense of calamity and how do we move forward in a very impossible situation.

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It's a beautiful idea in Surah Toba and this is not so much about the calamity, but it was three Sahaba who made a major mistake and they were under extreme,

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you know, regret and guilt and Allah describes the emotional point. And so whether you are in a depression, whether you are uncertain about something, whether you are

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in anxiety or sadness, whatever you can understand what these three Sahaba felt, Allah subhanaw taala said, either docket Allah he will do the earth Bemaraha Rocco but that the Earth as wide as it is, it felt very narrow. They felt like they were in a hole. How many of you have felt like that? You look at your situation and you feel I am in a hole. I don't know how to get out of this thing. Well, Dr. layman unfolds and even in themselves they felt like they were being constricted they couldn't breathe.

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Well, I don't know Angela mulcher Amin, Allah Illa Illa ye and this is the beautiful, Allah says in that situation. When you feel the entire world is crashing upon you that you don't know where to go. You are in darkness, you're in misery. Allah says they realize la Melcher, there is no escape. There is no refuge from Allah except to rush towards him. There is no sanctuary that you can run to from Allah except to run towards him.

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So metabo Allah Himalaya to that Allah says when they realize that he is the refuge, he turned to them, Allah first turned to them, and they came back to him. And so no matter how difficult your situation is, how hard life is, and it's easy to say these things. Remember, the refuge, the sanctuary, the safety, the light at the end of the tunnel is Allah subhanho wa taala. And the only way is to go towards Allah subhanaw taala

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This is a promise, you can't escape you and I cannot escape it. Allah told us in the Quran, when Allah nebula Wanda comerciais in Allah says, I will give you I will most certainly give everyone a taste, especially if it's something of fear. You're going to have some mental anguish, sadness, fear, anxiety, while you some of you are going to be hungry, we're not similar. And while some of you are going to lose your positions, your wealth your job, while amphis And you're going to lose loved ones. What Thammarat Yeah, means fruitful, so many university means or Thammarat you're going to lose the things you love the most your children. Allah says, It is a D It's a done decree from

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him. No one here me you nobody. No matter how pious you are, you're going to escape this rule from Allah. Our chip will come to you. Now all of us go through hardship within this hardship and in this hardship. These times we are going through a bit of difficulty and after the two three months if you forgot about it, you can even reflect back and laugh. You know, wasn't so bad, but

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then there are things which change your life.

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And for those who are going through extreme difficulty loss, and you can see Allah puts these things in order of severity. Feeling sad is not the same, like actually losing your job. Losing your job is not the same, like losing a loved one. And so Allah says, if you go through the higher end of difficulty,

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there may be one comfort is you can No, this is it. Now, this is that moment. For those who haven't gone through it, you don't know when that moment is going to strike. But when you are in it, you know, this is that moment. Allah promised me this is my chapter. This is the dark chapter of my life, and now it's my opportunity to shine. And so Allah says what Bashir is sobbing in that moment, give good news to a person who is patient Alladhina either a Saba Tomasi, but when a calamity strikes them,

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when that calamity hits you, it puts you down. Paul do they say in Kerala, you are in the Illa urogen.

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Now, this dua when we also in July or in June usually it's like if you see a message coming through on your whatsapp in daily life you shocked it's a it's a it's a dua that almost gives you anxiety, when the point of the DUA is to actually give you comfort. Why, what makes it Why do we say this when something is lost when something bad happens? We remind ourselves, everything I have my health, my family, my money, everything is from Allah. It didn't belong to me. In any case, it's like someone lent you. You know, he lent you something, yes, use my pin. And then after five minutes is can I get it back? You didn't lose anything. So Allah is saying everything is from him. And he lends

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it for the time, and then it returns to Him. It's not lost, it's not wasted, he didn't die. It's going back to Allah subhanaw taala. And Allah gives and he takes with love.

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He has no intention to cause pain or misery. But he wants he wants goodness for us. And so we say in La, la, la, la, la, June, everything is from Allah. Everything good or bad is from Allah. Everything comes and goes with a decree of Allah, your happiness and your sadness is in the hands of Allah. We're in a Raju and we will go back to Allah. Now. If you have the patience, and the perseverance and you have the ability, when you're struck with that, to say this and to be patient, what then Allah says, Allah, Allah him. Salawat me Robbie Moraga, Allah, Allah says, when those people that receive Salawat here is like a mix Allah, Allah, they received salutations, Allah praises them.

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Allah says, Wow, look at this, look at this person. I've given him such a difficult trial and he comes back to me, he receives she receives by praise wore off, and I will put mercy upon them. What will I go on and these people are righteous on the straight path. In a hadith, Allah Himself says, Hadith could see, Allah says, Oh, son of Adam.

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If you are patient, and you restrain yourself and you,

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you hold back as best you can, at the first moment of the calamity in that when that calamity is at its hardest, when you're at the slowest point, at that moment, when you're stuck with it, and you're still able to be thankful to Allah, you're still able to turn to Him. Allah says, I will not be pleased to give you anything less than Jana meaning that moment, whether it is a five minutes, 10 minutes, maybe it's a day or two, that moment of pure grief and sorrow is a moment you can attain janitorial dose. Allah says if you in that moment can capture that moment with patience. Your Jana is guaranteed. Now we talked about the IG is going to hedge and a hedge mob rule that if you accept

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that hedge, Allah says only the only thing I can compensate you for this effort is Jana, you get a guaranteed ticket to Jana. That is what happens when you are at your lowest calamity.

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And it's any calamities Subhanallah but more so the big ones. When you feel like everything has fallen apart. What do I do now?

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And you hold back, not what not to say you hold back you sadness. You can be sad, you can cry. But you continue to say Allah, I praise you. I still thank you. I still put my head on the floor, even though you can take this away. But you could put me through this. At that moment. Allah says I cannot give you anything exceptional.

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You will get guaranteed Jana in that moment.

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There'll be so says that being a believer is an amazing thing. It's final I don't know how people survive in this world without having imagined something bigger. How do you go through life?

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you can't see something is upon you. You can't solve it. No matter how hard you work. You can't fix it. No matter how many doctors you see you continue it at that moment. We have Allah subhanaw taala we know this is our he's our refuge. He's our answer. So the responses the believer is such an essential afford

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should state that whatever comes to you be is goodness in it you can take, you can extract anything that Allah has given you in goodness, if he gives you something good, he gives you a raise, he gives you a bonus, he gives you a child and you are grateful, then you then Allah gives you more goodness that Allah is happy with you. And if he gave you something you don't like,

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sickness, poverty, death, and you're a patient, that Allah is very, very happy with you even higher, even more happy. And then you are elevated. So you got something out of that misery, out of that sadness, you attain something better, you attain something better. And so the reason says, Every believer, no matter what your situation, every single person sitting here, you're either going through happiness or sadness, if you're happy, be grateful, and be thankful for the days that you're not being tested. And if you are going through hardship and misery and struggling, be patient and thankful. And that's your ticket to Jannah. So everybody wins. Allah makes an offer that everybody

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can win. You know, as the Omar mentioned, that we are not the same. Some are born kings, some are born slaves, some are born wealthy, some will never achieve wealth, some beauty beautiful, someone ever gonna achieve beauty, we are different. And the reality is most of us will not achieve like 99.9% of us will not achieve the highest levels of this dunya will never get the we can dream about only have a good day. But Allah has made it that every single person,

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whoever you are, you can achieve the highest levels of general fitness, Allah has given you a life with certain circumstances, ease or difficulty in that to achieve genital favoritos

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in hardship in particular, and none of us want to be tested at heart, you want to get to Jannah without hardship, but if Allah has given you that hardship, then that is your ticket to Jannah. There'll be some speaks about the believer in his. And you know, we are I'm guilty of this. How do we feel in times of hardship, how should we respond, they say, a, you know, you can feel sad, and you make dua, and you're, obviously speak to the people that you love.

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But then at least one says the believer when he goes through hardship, he's like a plant or a tree that is blown by the wind. When the wind blows, the tree shakes and the leaves fall. It's not going to stand firm. It bends. But the minute the tree, the wind stops, it comes back to where it was, it returns to its balance, it remains steadfast. Whereas the prophecy says those who don't have Allah, when the wind blows up too hard, it snaps, it breaks.

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So the believer, no matter what happens in the lie, or in the layout, I'm going back to Allah subhanaw taala.

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My happiness, my sadness, all of us is temporary, and Allah is permanent.

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There'll be so solemn. And if we want to look at an example of hardship, you look at his life. There was never a taste that you're going through that then AMISOM did not go through.

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He lost his love His Beloved Khadija he lost his parents grew up an orphan, he lost most of his, all of his children, except one of one or he buried all of the children except one.

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Last, his only last everything's panela. So even if we're talking, you know, talk, the talk is one thing, but to actually go through it. And he has a beautiful example of the Nubbins grand son dying. So there'll be some his daughter,

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and boom, she goes and effect Solomon says, you know, my son is dying, come and do something you that assume you might do and things happen. And so there'll be some said he didn't respond to a message came to her. And it was difficult for him. Because he knows, he knows this the key of Allah, I can't intervene. So he sends a message back to her. And he says to her, everything is from Allah. And Allah takes what he wants, and he gives what he wants. And everything in this world has an appointed limited period, nothing is eternal, except Allah. Your health is not going to last forever. Your family will not last forever. And that's a reality. It's sad reality. You need to we

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need to come to terms we will see.

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If you if you're blessed with a long life, the other side of that coin is you will see everyone die. you'll bury your family, your friends, everything will go and if you have a short life over too soon, you know the other side of the coin is Pinilla. There is no winning in this dunya there's only loss. And so the reason says everything has an appointed term except Allah. So what do we do here Allah, so hope for Allah is that he would hope for the Ophira and then remain patient. And so she's still insisted, no, I told my dad he must come. So there'll be some came, and he took the grandson and he just hugged him as the child was dying, and he started to cry. And so I was in Why are you

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crying? And is it this stuff? It's not wrong to cry and to feel sad. This is okay. This is Rama. The eyes feel sad and the Hartfield says, but the tongue only says which pleases Allah.

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Remember, in your hardship, especially and this is obviously the most extreme example of losing a loved one losing a child

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out. But even in Elisa, since you've lost something, if something's going wrong in your life, something's not working. So marriage isn't working, your job isn't working. When you go through that Allah subhanaw taala has a conversation with the angels.

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And look at this conversation. When molecule mouthfuls, the root of a child or a loved one, Allah will ask money human, what did you do? And Allah knows what if anything, the money does is what let's come on. Allah will ask that angel

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to the to the Angel of Death. Did you take that person's loved one that person's child? Not just that person, my slave, that person that makes Salah to me? Did you really take the soul of someone that they loved? And the angel CCC Allah did.

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And Allah OS again? Did you take away this person, the apple of his eye, the one that he loves so much, you put him under so much grief. Did you do that? You'll say yes. So then Allah will say,

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and how did my slave respond?

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What was the response of my slave? Again, look at all this is the person it's not that that was my slave.

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And the angel will say, he or she, they praise you Allah. And they said in alila he was in a later module

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that Allah will say so now I declare that this person is placed in Jana is guaranteed

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they place in Jana is now guaranteed build a palace now already because this is for them Jana.

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So when you're going through that difficulty

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Yes, you feel sad and you're grieving and you're struggling and you're in misery you don't want you want to run away from it. You can't one point to remember that this is my ticket to gender. This is my ticket. Allah has given me like a blank check your chance to enter now. This is the test is that moment.

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And we know that handler whether big or small, Allah subhanaw taala. He will not put you through difficulty out of some cruelty, or some malice. Everything he does is with love. We can't understand it always. We can't we just human we can't understand it. But he will not let you go through hardship. Anxiety, feeling is ohana, no fatigue, just feeling tired. Sitting in the masjid, you feel tired, the mom talks or at least while you're tired, Allah is rewarding you or feeling sick, or to stress or sad or anxiety or anything. If you feel any discomfort, even you prick your finger, you bumped your toe, Allah will remove sin and give you good deeds Subhanallah every single moment of

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difficulty in this dunya Allah will compensate you because that's who he is. You won't allow your sadness to go unanswered. And so again, a small measure and token of of comfort is when you're going through hardship, know that Allah subhanaw taala is elevating you in that moment. One of the things about hardship and we turn to Allah and we praise him is to also be optimistic and it's hard to be optimistic when things are bad. It's hard to be optimistic way something was taken that can't be replaced you know if you've lost the job okay, you optimistic I might get another one hamdulillah you've lost some money okay, inshallah something better. But how can you be optimistic when

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something which cannot be replaced was taken.

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And the optimism is in Allah subhanaw taala. And so the worker wills talk about being depending on Allah dependency, dependency, other things out of my control, yeah, Allah, I can only do so much, then I need to let go and leave my face in your hands. And then at that moment you trust and you believe there is no better hands, I can place my life in the new hands. And I don't know how you're going to do it. I don't know the journey. I might not even like the journey. But the destination I believe, will be good for me. That is our call to believe that even when I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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And so to trust in Allah in this difficult moment, Allah says a man ug will Tara, who can respond to the mozzarella, Matata is a person who is completely at rock bottom, who can answer the methodic Eva da when he or she calls out to me and who I actually for Sue and who removes the difficulty away janela comes out and he gives you whatever you need on the earth. Illa Hoon malah Is there anyone other than Allah, Allah says in your moment of hardship, I am your Remover of calamity. I am your Remover of sadness and to believe when Allah puts you through something, he says law you can live long enough and it allows some people's behind Allah they definitely get oddities in others. Some

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people's lives are on the outward we can never judge someone's life until we've walked in those shoes where we say oh spatula, you've had a basically easy life, whereas other people's Pamela they have had death and poverty and hardship like really difficult.

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So Allah has for those who are going through extreme hardship. Remember, Allah says, Now you can live for long enough sunny La Rosa, I only test people to the limits of what they can be. And if you're going through some very, very difficult times, it means that you are stronger than most. It means that Allah knows you can be this and that this is your means by which you can attain his love and his Jana. But it also means it will not break you.

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It will hurt you, it will put you down, it will feel like I don't know where to go to survive. But he says that it will not break you have the capacity within you to overcome this.

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And he also says for in the middle straw in the middle. So this is very difficult to believe and difficult to accept difficult to understand in your darkest moments when Allah says that with every hardship, with every misery, with every sadness, there is going to be ease. And he repeats the second time surely, with your hardship. The Mercy has already been ordained. The ease has already been ordained, the Qi has already been ordained. You will get out of this.

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And he repeated twice SubhanAllah.

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Also, especially for those who've lost and if you haven't loved ones where they are right now, and something for you and me to look forward to. As you go through life. It's normal you become it's just we realize the reality of life. It is just a difficult place of space of worry and concern a place of one fitna after the next a place of I don't want to know you know, how do I you know, I you actually just want to take a holiday from your life or sleep and avoid you want to avoid this life. But the one thing to look forward to is Jana. And one of the beautiful things of Jana. Look at this idea that people are genuine

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and make this happen quickly for all of us will call hamdulillah when you enter those doors of Jannah and you say Alhamdulillah Allah the Adana Lucien hasn't. Allah has removed from us any sadness, we will never feel sad again. You will never feel sorrow again. The feeling of anxiety is gone forever.

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In Robina lava for Shaku and our Lord is Forgiving and Appreciative, Olivia Halina, that Allah, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has removed all our sorrow and sadness, and he has given us in this Jana for eternity, lie em Asuna fi ha NASA, what I am Asuna via loop and never again, will we ever feel weary, or sad or fatigue or even tired, you will not feel any negativity. Now Subhan Allah for those who we love and have passed away or upon Islam, in sha Allah, this is what they're feeling.

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They are feeling Alhamdulillah I never have to feel sick again. I never have to go through hardship again, they would never ever, ever return to this dunya even to be the king of this dunya what they have in the akhira in the buzzer, of comfort and peace, I will never want to come back to this place of sorrow and sadness, and inshallah every single person who dies on Islam, you will feel this, when the angel pulls your soul Alhamdulillah my grief, my sorrow my dunya suffering is over. It is only happiness on the other side. And so in these difficult moments of everyone, anyone is going through hardship. It is a unique opportunity to get closer to Allah, an opportunity to elevate your status

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with him and an opportunity to achieve a gender that you would not have achieved through your deeds. You can only make so much salah. But then Allah gives you these moments where if you take it you can achieve a higher level of genuine closest to him than me some says. So what do ask can we make, and of course the best to estimate the dua of your heart and to speak to Allah. But there are specific things that Allah subhanaw taala says, the Prophet says, I'm sorry, I'm a mother, I'm Salama, the wife of Islam. She was deeply in love with her husband, Abu salah. They were very, very in love. And they had four small children. And she came to the masjid one day and then a visa Salam mentioned a

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DUA. So you mentioned it in the gathering. He said that there is no person no Muslim, when they are afflicted with a calamity when you go through hardship. And immediately in that moment you say in Allah who are in LA Raji, when you make that you say as Allah commanded you to say that really I'm from Allah, everything's from Allah and to Allah is Mighty term, and then you ask, now you make a DUA. Now remember, remember we spoke about that, in that moment of calamity, you turn back to Allah Now you already get into Jana. Now I was asked what you want, what do you want? Then you make this to a Allahumma Adjumani fee, we'll see but to Allah, reward me in this difficulty, compensate me for

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my difficulty and give me something better than what I've lost. Replace what I lost was something better.

00:24:53--> 00:24:55

So if you lose anything,

00:24:56--> 00:25:00

a job, money, call, whatever you make, do

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Ah, oh Allah. Ya Allah I'm patient. Yeah Allah had you would be and replace what you took with something better. And then Allah subhanaw taala will give you something better. Now some things can't be replaced.

00:25:12--> 00:25:23

If your mother is gone, you can't get another substitute Mother, your husband, your child, but there are things better. They all things even better than your children. The love of Allah subhanaw taala

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the closeness with Allah subhanaw taala in Osama's case,

00:25:29--> 00:25:31

her husband Abu Salah died.

00:25:32--> 00:26:09

And at that moment, she remembered this. So she learned the DUA many months ago. Then her husband dies where she was so and she has four small children. And so she's sitting there crying over him, and she remembers the DUA and she said in Allah he or she made the DUA, Allah in Allah and Allah John, but when she had and then she said, and Allah, compensate me for my sorrow. But when she had to say, and give me something better, she thought, what how can this be replaced? But she said it nonetheless. And then we know that she eventually married then a visa Salam. And so from her, she's telling us from our perspective, when she made this dua, sometimes it will happen before your eyes

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as you could not imagine. That sorrow that misery, you make dua and you achieve something you'd never have achieved. You'd have gotten something mind boggling, And subhanAllah as we said, not everything can be replaced one for the other, you will get something far greater in the Salawat of Allah, the praise from Allah, the love of Allah, the elevation from Allah, and of course Jana to further those with Allah, we make dua that Allah subhanaw taala grants us all of us alleviation from our difficulties and hardships in this life and in the Afra May Allah make it easy for all those who are suffering Allah crunchy fall to those who are sick. And Allah gon Mo Farah, for those who have

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passed away and Allah put baraka and blessings in all our all our what our name all our blessings, when we prosper in everything that we have, may Allah grant us goodness and safety and security and Allah subhanaw taala ground all of us all of us genital fingers. I mean, I mean, just like LA Hi, just a quick announcement. It is Corbin season for those who'd like to slaughter and put Baraka in the life in sha Allah then Bronwyn is slaughtering and so you can speak to the Telugu at the back in sha Allah for for for your sheep just like Lajitas Allah say no Muhammad when I was happy so I'm gonna study and I'm glad I'm glad I mean, I said I wanted to get