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The transcript describes the concept of "hamster's" and how it relates to the physical and non physical parts of the body. The speaker discusses the imbalanced behavior of people, including their body, soul, and appearance, and how "by the evil" feeling can be used to protect oneself. The segment also touches on the history of the Prophet's teachings about balancing one's body and soul, and the use of war rooms and protection from punishment.

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salatu salam ala rasulillah

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Marine praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala and made a peace and blessing of Allah be upon his servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as follows my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam seven aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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So shall Matata we'll continue our study of sharps after last week explaining the almost most of the if at the beginning of the surah, which were all a, an Earth a lot of soil had taken by It began with was shamcey or bohat altamonte. That Aloha.

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We're lilydale sharehouse.

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And we stopped at one I've seen one master one. And so in this I almost have had more dialysis when I've seen he is taking an oath swearing by the knifes and so we said here that a lot of surgeon doesn't say one Neff See, he said, one I've seen there is no l on it. So for example, we saw from the very beginning until here, they all had that was shamcey wabo, one combat Ethernet one, v one, layli, and so on. But when we came to knifes, a lot of social just said one, one net one of sin. And so this is known as a 10, keyed in Arabic grammar, which means it's an indefinite article, it came as an indefinite article. And what that implies is that at 10 kidlit Avi, what it implies is that if

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there's an indefinite article, the absence of the URL, it is there to magnify what is coming. So when I've seen would mean a lot of Zoysia taking an oath by the nerfs. But because of the absence of the URL, it means that it's giving it importance and how great this knifes is, and a lot of zoid wants us to reflect on how huge of a deal that knifes the soul the conscience the person is. So he says, whenever you know we're going to see how huge of a deal this is. And this is probably going to be our listen only these two as inshallah because we need to explain in depth what the nuts is, and what an accurate translation for it is shallow diet. So this is what's happening in the iOS version

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just says what I've seen to magnify the deficit and it will give what kind of importance it has just one very subtle thing that we find in this tool or something that's beautiful and comes with the consistency of the poem in salt facilite Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, subtly him attina Phil flt wafi unforeseen health database and Allahu

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Allah subhanaw taala. He says, that to the disbelievers, we are going to show them our signs, our miraculous signs fill in the horizon, in the universe, with the unforeseen and inside of themselves, we going to show them signs have to be an unknown unknown, until it becomes very, very clear to them that this is the truth. Now, what's consistent in the plan is this surah here as well, the beginning of the surah Allah azza wa jal, he spoke about signs, miraculous signs that are in the universe that are up there. So a sham see some way that i'll come on is up there and lay out all this is happening up there somewhere is up there. And then when he spoke about what's in the horizon, what's up in the

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universe, then he said, one I've seen one that's aware. Now he spoke about the knifes after all this social calendar, you find it consistent in the poll that I first mentioned and filled out. And then Wolfie unfussy him. And now this sort of almost just explained what that is, by giving us all the beginning of the solar is all related to the universe and what's happening up there. And now he spoke about one of six, and he took an oath by the sniffs and what did he say? He said, one is aware. Now the word so when it comes from the word so wet, and it is to what it means is to take things that are uneven, and you organize them in such a way that you balance everything out. That's

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what Sawa is. So if you have a scale, you had a scale, and you had some weight on this side and some weight on this side, this would mean that you balanced them in a way that it becomes equal and they perfect and equal weight on both sides. That's this way in Arabic. So this also means to build and to construct something and you balance it perfectly. You do all the finishing touches down to the finest detail.

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little touches, it's perfect and it's symmetrical that is also this year. So not only is calling us to reflect over ourselves enough, he also wants us to reflect on how remarkable and how well and how amazing it has been balanced. And how amazing is the one who balanced one I've seen one so well. And as we said, for last week, one man, so this woman can have two meanings. It's either Mad masuleh, or man Muslim. If it was men more sooner than would be I would mean is, I swear by the knifes and how amazing, it's balanced. And in Malmo, storia, it would mean I swear by the knifes, and how amazing is the one who balanced. So on one side, we're reflecting on how amazing it's balanced. And the

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other meaning we're reflecting on the amazing journey, the actual Allah subhana wa Tada, were reflecting upon the amazing ability of Allah subhanho wa Taala, into how he balanced this knifes. And you know, Subhanallah, when we do think of this, and we do reflect over the body and how it's balanced, we find everything inside the body is balanced. So like the left side and the right side, everything is balanced five fingers here, five fingers there, even inside of the body, everything is balanced. So that means if the fluids for example, there's fluids in the E, if and they're balanced, if one was to, to go sort of more than the other, then you've experienced the hidden, right, and

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this is how the headache happens. So even that the fluid inside of the brain and inside of the ear is balanced. If it was to be imbalanced, you wouldn't be able to have that, that health and that comfort that you have right now. And so even

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if the body for example, your legs, they both of them are at a certain weight, both of them have a certain height. Now, if one leg is shorter than the other, you will walk differently, and then you will experience back problems, you experience hip problems and so many other problems. So the fact that a lot of soldier has bounced that this is what he wants us to reflect upon, that if I had taken a little bit of this imbalance away from you, they would have never had this comfort and this health in your life you wouldn't have experienced you have always been in pain. So this is one of the part of the meaning of one master where How amazing is this balance that He has given? Now, this knifes

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is a mysterious thing that Allah subhanho wa Taala gave us and put inside of us. And of course, it's not something that's physical. The human being is made up of something physical, and is also made up of something that is non physical, tangible and non tangible. The body is what's physical, and the knifes which you let's say now the rule, right the rule is what is

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defined as the soul. And that's the non physical part of the of the body. Now, the human being

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sorry, this, as we said, The rule is something that cannot be touched, it cannot be felt. And it's from the armor of Allah subhanho wa Taala. It's from the command of a law surgeon as he says boiler room in Amarillo. So now the body is something physical. And this is the beautiful analogy in the solar he is as

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he mentioned, he says that a lot of Xhosa, he parallel the the knifes with the body just as he parallel the sun with its light.

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And so you know now when you see the sun, the sun is actually something physical, it's tangible it can be touched, but the light is something that is non physical, right, the light is not something that can be felt or touched. So similarly, when we speak about the person he's made up of a body, this is the body something that can be touched, it's physical, and at the same time there's a wall that is something that cannot be felt. It's almost like the light and the sun, the sun is like the body the light is the is like the law. And this is paralleled with the knifes and with the body. So a lot of he says when FCM is aware this how beautiful It's coming because already the beginning of

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the solar told us about what shows what will happen. I swear by the sun and I swear by the soothing light of the sun. And so now we we were given this understanding of reflect upon yourself and the and parallel universe and your body like the sun and it's like and then he says one I've seen one so well and I swear by the knifes and how amazing He is the one who balanced it. Now this balance also is this inclination towards good inside of us. And this inclination towards evil inside of us. A lot of social credit, the knifes he created the good he created the evil and he didn't just notice like this he placed in

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of this knifes, a recognition and inclination to that, which is good and that which is bad. So the knifes recognizes the good and bad before it even reads about it that it's for how long or it's not. And this is going to come in further detail when we explain fall hammer.

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But anyway, let's share what

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he says. And it's very important to understand, he said that when a lot created us, he created the clay. And he blew into it.

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So we were created from soil we were created from clay, basically, now what is known as organic organic matter, you can see we were created from clay,

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and all of our desires, all of our needs, all of our wants, comes from this earth. So the human being he desires companionship, right, and whoever you get married to came from the earth just like you. And the human being desires, wealth, this all comes from this earth, the human being desires, food, it comes from the earth, He desires shelter, it all comes from the earth. So we were created from this material, the soil, and all of our bodily needs come from this material as well. And there was something put inside of us. And this thing that was put inside of us is not from this material, it's not from the soul or from the clay. This is something from the armor of a large village from

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the command of a lot. And there is the rule. It's not from soil, it's from a lot of zoja. So now we have this, the person is of two things, he's a body, and he's a soul. Now, when the body feels hungry, in each day, and when he needs to eat, it looks for food. And when there's this food come from, obviously it's coming from the earth, that's where it's gonna come from Allah subhanho wa Taala, put inside the body of the law, which is not from the earth. And he came directly from a law, and it also feels hungry, the door also stops and it also feels hungry. But where does the room get its food from, and what is the only food that will satisfy the soul. And this law is the revolution.

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So the water is from the command of a law. And the revelation is from a law. So we were made from here, and the body needs from it needs its needs from what's here. And the role comes from above. And so it will need what comes from above. And that is the revelation. Of course the revelation comes from above and it descends and it comes upon the prophets. So so this is actually something profound, it's a profound reality that we learn of the human being, we made up of these two things, the body and the roof, which is the soul. And these two things. These two things are in conflict, like the day and the night are in conflict, and like the sun and the moon are in conflict, right and

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why I'm saying this because I'm bringing it with you in the same theme and, and the same any flow of the sore at the beginning of law told us about the moon about the sun, he told us about the month about the day. Now he's telling us about the knifes, what was the use of mentioning all those things in the knifes because we need to think of that the only way you understand the knifes is understanding how what works up the top and how the universe works in itself. And so we said that the body and the lawyer, they're two different things. One is from here, one is from up there, and then inside of one person, and they are in conflict with one another. Right? Just like the moon in

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the sun, they're in conflict, but there's harmony in between everything. So one goes in the other comes, one goes and the other one sits in the other rises, and so on. And there's this harmony that's up there in the universe, and that harmony puts us to harmony resolve. So if up there, if the sun and the moon wanted to do whatever they want, and we're went out of control, this will affect our life here. So now what's happening is we're being taught that the solar

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are two things that are in conflict with each other inside of the body. How does this work?

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The body wants wants its own thing. And the war wants its own things. And both upon the human being in two opposite directions. You know, the body itself is lazy. The body is lazy. The body doesn't want to fast and no body it doesn't. It doesn't have this willingness to fast, but he is lazy. It doesn't want to pray at night. The body doesn't want to stand up for sorry, the body doesn't want to just wants to look at how long he wants to do how long it just wants to sit and do whatever it wants, while the inside of your body fights while inside it fights the body. The roar because it's a command from Allah and instilled inside of it is the filter. It always wants a muscle.

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It is hungry for that for that group.

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Have a lot of Xhosa, it wants to attach itself with Allah subhanho wa Taala because it came from Allah. So now, insane this, here we have the people that live on Earth are basically divided in three types. Two types are imbalanced. And the last type is what we should be. And that's the balance. So the first of imbalanced people are people that are completely, completely immersed into pleasing themselves, their whole concern is the body. So these are people like they're concerned of how do you beautify yourself more? You know, how do I get more luxury? How do I please this body more? How do I give it more luxury? How do I make it look beautiful, and they just completely

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immersed. And this is when an imbalance occurs, there's too much attention and concern given to the body, what is missing, what's the other thing you have inside of you the road, and the road now is neglected, what happens to it, it suffers, and it stops. It's like you're choking it being killed, because of so much concern to the body. And this is one imbalance. Now, the other imbalance that is present among people, and this was especially from the Catholic tradition, and also in terms of becoming monks and so on, they considered that the body is evil. And then you consider that it has evil desires, and so on. And so they said we're not going to get married, right. And they said,

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we're going to wear uncomfortable clothing. And we're going to keep ourselves in pain. They wanted to destroy this body and want to attach more to the worksite. And this also happened among Muslims, like the likes of the Sophie's, and they name was they named that Sophia, it actually came from the word souf, which literally means wool. And so what was their problem is that they, they would wear uncomfortable clothing, they would wear wool on the body, and the it which would cause an irritation to the skin. And they would have all this uncomfortable uncomfort in their life, so that they can keep the body to where it is they make it understandable that the body doesn't deserve any pleasure,

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and that we have to focus more and more and more on the law, which is also an imbalance. And why is it imbalance you need to handle more one, one directed completely towards the body, and the other one directed completely towards the soul. But Allah subhanho wa Taala made us two things, which means he wants us to give justice to two things. Otherwise, he would have created this wave one thing. So why would they be people to push on more on the body side and neglect the rule. And then people that push more on the right side and neglect the body? That is incorrect. That's when the imbalance happens. And why you see one so where and how amazing I balanced you. And with this

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balance, you should understand that your body is two things and you need to work with these two things you need to balance them. So in sort of the cosmos, Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, What Danny feeback Allahu

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dunia he says, Seek with that which Allah has given you the hereafter. So that was focused on the left side, I think stick with what I've given you the hereafter In other words, work towards do actions and righteous good deeds that please allow so here and then he said when I done center seebeck Amina dunya. And don't forget your portion of lawful enjoyment in this world. Don't forget the portion that's the body side. So a lot has bounced for us in this area. And you know, we've had a lot he shed light on to a hobby that actually teaches this balance is a beautiful idea. There is a hadith Yani narrated by

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Abu hanifa.

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Who He said that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made a bond of brotherhood between Sinbad Baba luevano and Abu Dhabi

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he made the brother brotherhood a bond between Sandman and Abu Dhabi. So

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one day he went to pay a visit to

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to Abu Dhabi.

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And said, Man, he saw the wife of Abu Dhabi that he saw her dressed in unpleasant clothing, right? She wasn't concerned into the clothing, she just wore anything. And he asked her, why are you in this state? Why have you worn such clothing? She said to your brother, that he is not interested in the luxuries of this world. So no matter how much I dress myself beautifully is not attracted. He's not gonna basically is not interested in this world.

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So then are there

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Obama, he prepared a meal for some men. And he said to him, said men come and come and have have food to have lunch. And then he said, Oh said men are only allowed to

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come next booth, have a seat. And then he said, I'm fasting, I can't eat. Instead, mentally alone, we said, I will not eat until you

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ate with him. Then when it was denied,

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and a part of the night passed, of a dog that he woke up to offer the microchip, and then set the Allahu anhu. He told him sleep.

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So that I would love that slip. And after some while, I would know that I woke up again. And he wanted to pray a service it to go and sleep. And he went and slept. Then in the last hours of the night, Sal bam,

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who walks in team and he says, wake up, let's pray. So they both prayed. And they both offered this night prayer. And then settled man, probably a long time, after finishing, he looked at that, and he said it, indeed, yourself has arrived upon you. And your load has arrived upon you, and your family has arrived upon you. And so give each the rights they are do give each the right that they do. So then that will be allowed to Allah and we went to the messenger, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he told him the story of what happened that day. And in the province of the law, either you send them he said, send men or sadhaka segments and men has spoken the truth. In other words, what that was

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doing wasn't the right. And that was focused more on the needs. And he had neglected his body and he was fasting every day. And he's praying, he's not sleeping, and he's not even interested in his wife. And son, man is saying this is wrong. And then we saw Selim citizen manual, correct in what you told him, each has a right so in other words, in this Hadith, you learn the balance that there has to be there is a balance this arises due to a mother's a right this due to the family is that right? That's due to her own self. And you know, so panelo it's even more interesting is that not only Islam calls us to Jani perform, and engage ourselves in justice in this manner, also physically

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to be to have justice over ourselves physically. So there is a hadith.

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He says, Liam, she can feed Nalin, wahida, this is a hadith Muslim, the assassin and he said, Do not walk with one shoe, or with one sock, don't walk unless you were another. Either you were to, or you remove to why because there's an injustice that's happening to the body, there's an imbalance that's happened for the body. So this is something that the province of Milan he was, he said, don't do, right. And so we understand from all this and plus this idea that there is the only any type of people that we must be is a type that is balanced, that we know how to balance the body needs, and we know how to balance the needs as well. Now, at the center of this discussion, is the idea of the

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concept of a man. And the center of all this is the heart, this is a third thing that's inside this the heart, there's the body, this the soul. Let me bring you all this and what really happens inside. So now, the heart,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala describes in the poor, as that's where desires are found. That's where diseases affect people who beat him up. That's where the disease is caught. fee is also found in the heart, love, hate, anger, jealousy, all these emotions are found in the heart as the client mentions. Then you have the the man which is belief in Allah that's also founded Maha was the Yana who failed to become a lot of socialists he decorated the man in your hearts. There's also a cover cover is also in the heart.

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To buco there is as as a result of their heart became hard. So Google and email is also inside of the heart. Now, the heart has two influences. The heart has two influences. Its first one influence is from the needs of the body, and the other influences from the needs of the soul.

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So if the heart was to listen to the body the whole time, the heart becomes hard. And if the heart was to listen to the soul, the ROI for whole time, then it's doing injustice to the body. The heart is like a turkey, think of the hot like territory, and that these two the body and the soul are in fight with each other who can win the heart

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and how does each how this eat

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Have the body and the soul How do they advertise themselves? or How did they reach out to the heart? surgeon says in the semicolon bizarre or wonderful ad, the coup de

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una. In other words, the hearing the eyes and the ears are hearing and our seeing, how does the body this is how these are the two ways in how the body or the soul will have an influence on the heart. So how does the body the designers reach us? How do the bodily desires reach us, through our eyes, and through our ears, we either see what we desire, which will affect the heart, or we either hear what we desire, which will also affect the heart, and also the needs of the room. They reach us through our eyes, and our ears, so we see the truth, and we also we heat the truth. So these two mediums, the eye and the E, these two mediums by through which truth and falsehood is coming to us.

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And revelation is called light in the kaleidoscope light a lot of surgeon says

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that new light has come to you from Allah. And it also it's called what is called what what can go hyena illega rohhad mean a marina, and he man is also called light. Now there is light inside of us. And that is known as the light of Filppula, which everyone was born with.

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And there is this thing of light of Revelation, which is when you hear the revelation, this light is entering inside of you, when you hear the revelation this light enters inside of you any hits what already like you have inside of the block. And so when they come together a lot of social describes this your soul to neuron Allah knows that light upon light. And so this light upon light is the light of revelation upon the light of filter, which is the Goodness Goodness that inside of summit. Now the plan describes this conflict inside of us. As the knifes see this conflict inside. When the body is lazy, it doesn't want to do anything. And then the root wants to do everything towards Allah

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subhanho wa Taala this conflict is what is known as a knifes. That's the translation of this conflict. Why because the word enough's it comes from the word from the root words more fat and seen. And so for example, in Arabic When someone breeds you say that office, that office, when someone can beat someone else you say that f was and now we're seeing that the knifes inside of us the soul is also called knifes, what's the relationship between all of this breathing, that force is something that in and out, right, there's something of going in, back and forth, back and forth. And therefore switches competition is also something of going back and forth. So if it's in a race, the

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first is coming first, then he drops into second position. Then a few minutes later, he's back into first position, there's this fall going and coming. And then mefs was called the knifes because of the conflict, what is the conflict doing? On one hand, you have this sniff sort of it grabs you to something that's known as enough similarweb you do something bad, you feel guilt inside of you, right? Then you repent to a lot of soldiers, that's enough. So,

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after a few minutes, you become a tranquil soul a sofa has returned and repented to Allah. A few days later, you might do another sin it goes back to guilt you feel this guilt again. And so, the knifes is not one thing, it goes from one stage to another enough Cinderella Enough said enough amount of is true. And which one is advertised to the heart the most

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is this is of course we speaking about which one advertises itself to the heart the most the body or the soul, which one advertisers which one gets to the heart more the war or the body, the body, the body why because the body is from this dunya and basically adonia has bombarded each and every single one of us wherever we turn this dunya wherever we turn, we want something and we want this and we want to upgrade this and so so what happens is that who got to the heart more the body, the body got to the heart more so now when a lot of social speaks of the evilness. He refers to it as unofficial America to the soul that commands the body to do evil. It's like it commands it because

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it had a teeny Tad right so he referred to it as amount of his soup. And this is why we so is called evil because of course it commands you to do the evil. And the way a lot of associate captures this in the solar is

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Incredible It's amazing. He says, fall hammer half.

00:30:06--> 00:30:54

Fall hammer means he placed inside the knifes. Valhalla comes from the word ilab. And he will have his to put a feeling inside the heart that is more certain than fact. It's like, in happenings, it's like that they refer to it in English like a gut feeling. You know, when when you do something and you just say I know it's right. That's it. Or I feel it right? Well, I have to do this because from inside, I'm saying this is right. That's it. That's the 11th. So Mark is saying that he puts something inside of us this certain feeling. And this is a favor and a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala. And why is this even have you put inside of us, he said for sure why he gave it a clear

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understanding of its Fuu he gave the nerfs the ability to recognize for sure, for sure comes from the word genre, which means for something to explore, something to take and rip apart. So a fair is someone who explodes in sin. And someone who is really, really rebellious against the loss of Hannah who attalla in the worst possible ways. And it

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means that he gave us a certain feeling and understanding of what is clearly rebellious to a lot inside of us. So that when you do something wrong, you know, it's wrong. You know, any person from any religion, if they want to steal, without reading in any scripture, or any book that stealing his home or stealing is forbidden, or reading in any law, that stealing is a crime without even reading this. And Allah will go inside of yourself telling you that this is wrong. That

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simply means that when you do the wrong, Allah has instilled inside of you that you know something is wrong.

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And when you do, the tougher when you do the good, you'll also know that it's good, you don't need someone to come and tell you what you're doing is wrong. Or what you're doing is right, because that's already pre programmed inside of the nuts, then that's what that

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So now, when they do when someone does something wrong, you feel guilty about it, there will be the feel of guilt inside of you. And that feeling of guilt is a blessing and is a gift from Allah subhanho wa Taala he that feeling of guilt? That's a gift from Allah Xhosa. You know what, because when you want to do something wrong, should the alarm system inside of you goes off? And that alarm is the guilt. Right? And so why does one feel guilty? Why does someone feel guilty, because you know, that you will pay for what you did either now or later on in the hereafter. This is why you have the feeling of guilt. So what gave you that feeling? That alarm goes off inside of you before

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you commit the hour, so that maybe it will stop you from doing that. And the feeling of guilt in itself is a proof that the day of judgment will come? Because when you're feeling guilty, why did you feel guilty? Because you know, you'll pay for it later on when on the Day of Judgment. So the feeling of guilt in itself

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puts these two together in the

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Milky Way now.

00:33:33--> 00:33:52

You might ask what's the relationship between the day of judgment and a guilty soul as the relationship that the guilty soul is an alarm going inside of you? Why is it going inside because it knows it's going to pay for it how long later on when Yeoman piano on the Day of Judgment. So this is fun hammer half.

00:33:53--> 00:34:12

This thing that goes off inside of you this is for Alabama for Georgia. And you know also whatever it is whether you lie, you cheat, you steal, anything that you do that is wrong. A lot of Xhosa didn't just create that evil. He also created inside of you to recognize what the evil is. So you can stay away from it. So you don't come to them.

00:34:14--> 00:34:15

Well, I didn't know I was wrong.

00:34:16--> 00:34:58

I've given you something inside of you that will tell you it's wrong. It'll go up. And so this is why, for example, a lying machine or a lie detector, things like that work. You know why? Because then we'll attach it on the human being. And then the human being, though, he already has some certain things that are functioning inside of his body, the blood pressure and so on whatever it is. And so the polls and they test everything. And when you lie, you're doing something wrong. And when you do something wrong, something it goes on inside of you telling you it's wrong. And they can pick up by changes of Jani the chemicals that are happening inside of your body. And so this is why this

00:34:58--> 00:35:00

thing there is no problem with it. Maybe it does

00:35:00--> 00:35:29

All right, we're not saying it's something that we rely on. But maybe it does make sense, you know, because a lot told us that when he created the inset, he put inside of him a filter, this filter doesn't apply. This filter doesn't cheat, this filter doesn't steal this filter doesn't do the how. And when you do something that's wrong, did a little shake. It doesn't feel right. Right. And so this is why Jani had a lot of things like this can be detected. So I'll have a half was what

00:35:30--> 00:35:42

you know. So Pamela, when a Muslim does something wrong, speak about a Muslim that does something wrong in the first place, we find out we are doing something wrong is ourselves.

00:35:43--> 00:36:23

And when you do it, we feel uncomfortable about it. And when we feel uncomfortable, we go to the event. And we ask him, you know, is this really how? And then the man would say, Oh, you know, and the way you'd say it, you'll say, you know, if someone if someone did this, you already know that it's wrong, you won't even you're not even able to say it, I did this and so on is it? How about if someone did this and this and that? Is that considered how and then the man pretty much. That is how long you can do. So then you become even more uncomfortable, which then you go to another event. And he asked you what I did in that is

00:36:24--> 00:37:06

and then he'll probably tell you a little bit, there's other opinions, and then you feel a bit better. And you'll start photoshopping Google and whatever it is, until you find the fifth one till you find someone that tells you what you did is how then you feel a little better. But you know what? The first photo that was given to you wasn't from someone. It was by your own knifes and this is why when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked about Bill and Ethan, when he was asked about goodness and evil, what did he say? He said to the companion, his stuff the callback, seek a photo from your heart, because your heart will tell you what is right and what is wrong. So

00:37:06--> 00:37:06

he says

00:37:08--> 00:37:43

goodness is good character. And if mama had calf enough, see what all of a sudden, and he said to him isn't evil is that which fluctuates. That which wave is that which creates doubt in units and resistance when authentic and natural often, even if people were to throw at you? This is right. This is right. This is right. Don't listen to that. Give or take a photo from your heart. It'll tell you what's right. It'll tell you what's wrong. That is the core meaning of Valhalla for sure what

00:37:46--> 00:37:48

he says Allah mahapatra

00:37:50--> 00:37:50

He says,

00:37:51--> 00:37:52

apply means

00:37:54--> 00:38:31

that he taught it the obedience and he taught it evilness and the sin. He told it to recognize this. Then he says what up when the massages gave the human being. He claimed in him the ability to find the tablet basically to protect himself. This is what that what is DARPA is not fee. DARPA is not fee. DARPA is protection as a result of fee. But it's protection. Why did this prediction come along because of fee ahead. So for example, I'll give you a short example on top law. If you're at home.

00:38:32--> 00:39:11

And it's two 3pm at night and you heard something outside. And you remember that the doors are locked. And so you feed for your safety. You get up and you lock the door. The fact that you lock the door the moment you lock it, you are engaged in an act of tequila. Why because you had Feeny there might be something outside and then you got up and you protected yourself by locking the door that stuff by itself. So DARPA is not just be DARPA means that you feel what do you feel your fear of what you feel is punishment. But then you get up and do something to protect yourself from it. So if you really feel the Hellfire, you do something to protect yourself, what are you going to do?

00:39:11--> 00:39:51

That is by adhering together and the commandments of a law by Jani accepting one Lord and worshiping one Lord by praying to Him by doing everything sincerely to that is what the top waves so far, so shall he say that he also gave the knifes the ability to protect itself. In other words, the body and then after the visa program to get up and do worship from the program to protect itself from the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala so that you know, when you do something good, you know it's good. If you go and give us another cup, you know that you did something good. And you know, if you're not a little percentage that you did something that you never regretted, and you rush towards

00:39:51--> 00:39:59

doing it. If you helped someone, you save somebody's life you go by this, this is what this is because you know, this will protect you

00:40:00--> 00:40:17

If it was sincerely given for loss sake, if you did some helps and care for a lawsuit, if you prayed sincerely for Allah sake, you feel good because you know that it will add to your protection on the day of judgment and you will be removed from the punishment that a lot of social gives those who did not protect themselves.

00:40:20--> 00:40:36

He says that he Allah, he made the knifes realize the evil path or the path of evil and the path of protection. So now he said that it's a part of evil. And you know, it's also that in the previous solo,

00:40:37--> 00:40:41

a lot told us about lots of gifts he gave us. He said,

00:40:43--> 00:40:44

what he said and why

00:40:45--> 00:41:34

didn't we give the human being to eyes when he said and we didn't give him a tongue and Chef attained Didn't we also give him two lips. And now in the solar wind learning that if the knifes is in the right place, you will use those two eyes in the tongue in the two lips for the right things. And if the neffs is deviated, and there is an imbalance in the left, then these gifts will be misused and they will be any basically they will be misused, they will get you to the right way. And during the previous surah, Allah told us of two paths will have a narrow niche day, we guided him to the two elevated paths. And this solar is an explanation. It's a seed of that one of the two paths

00:41:34--> 00:41:36

fuwa waterboy.

00:41:38--> 00:41:44

then goes on to explain what happens at Kara Walker the hub Amanda Sarah,

00:41:45--> 00:42:11

who succeeds and who's the one that's unsuccessful. And then even in the in the solar that's after the solar delayed. For example, you separate after Hammonds again, the one that succeeds is the one who purifies the knifes, right? And you still got to think of this purification must be something something amazing. How do we get to this purification in sort of the labor law tells us five monopoly

00:42:13--> 00:42:51

snafus in your soul. you'll teach us exactly how to purify yourself and the other eye, Amanda sir, and you'll tell us exactly how you corrupt your laughs in the tree in the solar that comes after a sort of delay. I'm going to stop here and share my data, I have a guest that I want to go and meet for a few minutes before sonet in Asia, Manisha wattana. Next week, we'll explain these two if cut flowers, that gal can have a problem and the sad and then inshallah data will conclude the solar. But what is about to come is really, really important to understand every single thing that has come in the solar Why? Because the last version now will bring the story of the moon,

00:42:52--> 00:42:52

the moon

00:42:54--> 00:43:40

so that you live to think, why the moon out of every single nation that existed, why are they now coming into the store? And how is the example of support? How is the example of the moon? easy for us to understand the concept of the knifes right? And we're going to find some really really interesting things that the mood and they find that a lot gave them which is the capital. This was the most clearest of SCA of signs from all the other nations. The most clearest of signs to any nation was that because they asked for Allah gave it to them, right? And so there's something about clean cleaners, that's related to the beginning of the solo, and inshallah tada will conclude this

00:43:40--> 00:44:00

next week before the lab and we'll explain that the real importance of this story and why it's in. We have asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us people of the people who benefit from the reminders of the lab in the history of ethical father, body or soul. The mom was in the mobile a gallon of water and he was on the edge