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  • 1400 plus years of the ummah and their legacy
  • What does Islam say about legacy?
  • Will you be missed?
  • What will they say about you?
  • What would your regrets be?
  • What will you have to show for your time here?
  • What is the legacy of your life?


AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of facing the loss of oneself during the COVID-19 pandemic and rebuilding the legacy of the past. They emphasize the importance of finding small ways to make a positive impact and finding one's own success. The speakers stress the need for everyone to take small steps to make a positive impact and finding one's own success in life. They also emphasize the importance of finding one's own success and finding one's own success in a difficult situation. The conversation ends with a brief advertisement for a trial run.
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I'll be live in a second rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala Ashraf in water, saline Satana Muhammad Ali he also big Marian and beloved brothers and sisters salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen praise and worship Allah Subhana Allah, masha Allah Allahu Allah and we believe that nun has died of worship because Allah Subhana Allah and we send our love, including so beloved W Muhammad Salah Laura they will send them to his pious and pure family to his companions and all those who are following suit and until the end of time, may Allah grant us to be set forth upon the Sunnah of W Muhammad

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Sallallahu wasallam in this life, and in his companionship in genital Theodosian the Ashira Amina Al Hamdulillah. I begin today Subhan Allah, watching so many of our loved ones who have passed away during this difficult time in our ground, all those who have passed away, genital Theodosian Mothra. There are many more that are ill some very close to us. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to grant him Shiva. And as we are surrounded by by death, and we surrounded by this pandemic, he has to remind us about our own mortality, it must remind us, I want you to close your eyes and picture this the scene, you know these a masjid, and in this masjid, you see your loved ones, maybe it's your your

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spouse, your husband, your wife, your kids, are they crying, your friends, your neighbors, the people that you work with, they are the and it is your job as panela you don't see yourself in the crowd, but you realize it is your job as I realized it is my job as and this day will come. Finally it is not something fantastical, it's not a fantasy, it is a reality, it will come and when that moment comes hon Allah they cannot be a delay in it, it cannot be postponed. We can be no reprieve. Whatever we are, whatever we have achieved in this life, our account will be closed our books will be will be closed and will be completed for the good or for the bad. And so Subhanallah we ask on

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that day on our janazah Yes, there will be those who are dearest, closest to us that will cry. But would they really miss us after a week, two weeks, three weeks? Would our colleagues our community, what would they say about us? What is the life that we have left behind what is the legacy that we left behind? If after a few weeks, has no one missed us And subhanAllah even worse than that, as the world being a better place after we left there are some people's kind of Allah that when they die, people genuinely Muslim that you feel the absence you feel that these are the world is not as bright as it was. After that lift, there is a hole where they will once were these are all missing in that

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and they are some people's Pinilla after the lift, people are actually happy and they are relieved that they are gone. And so every one of us we are only on this planet 6074 Lucky 80 Maybe more years, maybe less, some of us are taken early, some are taken late, but we none of us very few of us if ever will even reach to 100 panela. And if we if you look at where you are in your life, where I where I am in my life, you know Subhanallah This is very, very close. And so we need to ask ourselves what legacy we will leave behind. When I go and I live with Allah, Allah takes me a while if anything of substance, Allah speaks about fear, and the people of their own and the people who in

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a time was seen as the most successful and the most powerful, the most well to do people when they will take him on Allah subhanaw taala to Crim Allah says Come Takumin Jen Jannetty noir Yun How much did they leave behind have gardens and springs beautiful beautiful plantations and gardens was an all in one a common Kareem and crops all kinds of assets and resources. You know our terms? Maybe it is, you know, companies and cars and you know, bank accounts of gold how much of that they leave? Why am I coming Kareem and beautiful houses lovely lovely palaces and houses are not my team can Luffy have hacky him and comforts luxuries of this life where they used to enjoy themselves. They

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had the full enjoyment of this life. Can Alec and then just like that all of a sudden, overnight with a blink of an eye. Oh, Rosner, Coleman a hurry. Another group of people inherited what they left behind all the life's work, all those assets, all those years that we've been slogging in that company, you know, all the time this really paying off that debt bond. You know, Soprano even said a halau bond. We're not even talking about the Haram bond, where we earn Riba and sin on top of it. We talked about that halaal bond, we've been slugging for 2030 years to pay off that house, or when it's done all of a sudden, someone else inherited, inherited your kids, maybe they sell it, and they

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take that money and they go on a holiday. Subhan Allah, Allah says all of that effort, it gets taken by someone else, you die and you leave it behind from our bucket, Allah USANA Well, I don't know how sad this is. Allah says that no one in the heavens of the earth cried over the Muslim, no one ever key that they were gone, they will basically the world moved on and they had passed away. Or Monica animalium. Allah subhanaw taala gave them no respite. They had achieved all this luxury, and it was taken away in a blink of an eye and then we'll move on and you were replaced, and everything continued as if though nothing happened the next day. Subhan Allah and this is the reality of life.

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Then there are other people's behind Allah. There are people will only live one life, but they live

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For many, many millions, billions of lives, we think of the Great's hub of the past. We think of the great scholars of the past the great scientists and some of the great kings and people that you know change the world for the better we look at look at someone like Yamaha Rahimullah, he only lived maybe 60 years panela but there is not a single person on this dunya a Muslim whenever you mix a Salah when you ever ye does anything of a bida or a Imam that gives a hoot but we personally gives a lecture except that Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah Imam Shafi Rambo Khalifa is getting a share of that reward. And subhanAllah you ask who was the Khalifa in a time of Imam Ali, who was the richest man

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in the world who the most famous person in the world in the time of Abu Hanifa. We don't know these people, they names are forgotten. Ask yourself who was even the most powerful, the richest person in the time of our parents or grandparents. We don't know who they were today. Yes, we know Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, tomorrow there will be forgotten, no one is going to know who they are, and then we'll move on. But people will leave an enduring legacy people who have changed the world for the better, they will be remembered for eternity and SubhanAllah. For us as Muslims, it is not about being remembered and to be mentioned, and it is good to be mentioned by later generations, even an

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Abraham Lincoln set up meters so that he would be have his name would be remembered by pious people in the future, meaning his legacy will live on for us we want our legacy to last in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. And every single person has that potential. It does not mean that the Sahaba and the great Tabby or even the only of Allah and the great scholars and the people who change the world that they had any supernatural powers above us. They only had more sincerity and more dedication than us. And so when we look back at the legacy of this ummah, highs and lows, success and failures, difficult times and good times, it was written by the inking of the lives of amazing

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and extraordinary people, people who lived an extraordinary life that changed the world that they lived only a few years like us, they only had the same time like us. But they changed the world that when they died, the world was a very different place from what the one they found it. And we don't even have to look that far, which look here in our local context. We are a community that I say many, many times, we should not have survived. If you study the history of so many Muslim minorities, you know, millions millions of Muslims were taken from Africa to North America as slaves and are millions of people there were Muslims practicing the deen, but they didn't got lost along

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the way. So many people when they leave their homelands, they go to non Muslim countries, the deen is disappeared completely. Year in South Africa, a small group of tiny tiny community was brought as slaves to the end of the world. And they brought with them the Islam and 350 years, Allah granted the legacy to continue. You meet every single Masjid every single organization, every radio station, every person is learning half it is in the scales of those pioneers who preserve the deen in very, very difficult times through slavery, through colonialism, through apartheid, through all the difficulties they preserve the dean, and we live the lifestyle of they had kids, they went to the

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main street, they eat, they sleep, they live their life as we live, but with that they had a dedication for something bigger than themselves. And Allah subhanaw taala granted that long after that passed away 300 years after they passed away, we are still benefiting that tree that they planted. It is truly reaping fruits that is benefiting you and me and he's benefiting them in the cover. So what a legacy they leave behind. We don't even have to go so far and talk about one guru and, you know, the great people of our legacy and Cape Town in South Africa, our grandparents, our parents, you know, they lived through one of the worst systems in the world apartheid system. And

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whatever little struggles they made, some had a few some made small sacrifices, something great sacrifices, they were able to change a government and they were able to keep this country from falling into civil war. And so they had the challenges and they had the hardships and they did their part and ALLAH subhanaw taala you know, they did what they had to do. And so Subhan Allah Allah Subhana Allah says in surah baqarah Tinto omoton Kohala to when you become nostalgic, and we think of the past, we think of the Sahaba the tabby and we think of our parents and the grandparents. Allah says that is a nation which has passed on the time came Allah gave them the challenges and

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they did what they did llama cassava qualico, maca sub two, they will have a reward or consequence for beautiful bad for what they had and they will be judged based on the exam meaning you know it's exam time now almost says for every people for every generation, they get the tests and they exams sometimes it's good sometimes it's difficult, but it's at least from Allah Subhana Allah and they will be judged according to what they did with a time for them is the test. Wala qu maca sub two and you will have what you earn me and you and as we are here today, you know in this year in this decade, that we will be we will be judged according to what we do right now in our time. And we will

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not be asked Allah says you will not be asked of the past of the people of the past.

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nor will they be asked about you. So when we take a pause and we look at where we are today, as a as an ummah, globally, we take pause and we look at where we are as a community here locally with all the problems and this panel, or we can point out so many problems, it doesn't take an island or move to someone with a PhD to point out all the problems that we have, as an ummah, or as a community or even, you know, as the human race, man, Allah. And in fact, we speak about this quite regularly, you know, inspiring and encouraging people to do something great to get involved and to be proactive, because this is what the objective of this talk is, the only way you will leave a legacy is if you

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will think beyond just your nine to five job thing just beyond just looking after my kids, and you know, saving some money and building a house. And if I'm lucky, I'm gonna go on a holiday and you know, think bigger than that have a bigger goal than that. And so you have to be aware that you are part of a much bigger Ummah, the word Ummah, comes from home from mother, and we are from one one womb, we are from one world, one body. And so we need to think about what is happening in our community and the rest of the world. And yes, we can point out all the problems. I mean, we say this, you know, statistically, we are, we are 24% or 25% of the world's population, you know, one

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quarter of the world is Muslim, yet only we only contribute 8% of the GDP of the world, only 8% of our of our Ummah is educated, you know, from a postgraduate degree we are, you know, we are on the lowest rung as almighty so, so sad, yet the answer these many positives, and especially for us living in this community, in South Africa, of the most fortunate Muslim community in the world of the most fortunate Muslim, and definitely perhaps the most fortunate Muslim minorities in the world, we have opportunities to do a lot, and to change a lot, and to really leave something of a legacy behind. And so Subhanallah when we look at all these problems, compounded on that when we last gave

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this talk, it was before COVID, 90 Now 2020, the world has turned upside down. What was difficult in the past is even more difficult. Now, whatever is happening, Swan like you think it was difficult in the past, in Palestine, in Kashmir, in Syria, in Afghanistan, can we imagine how difficult it is now, in those countries with this disease, even orphan each was struggling, how more difficulties and we even see locally masajid organizations that were strong before this history, Allah subhanaw taala had put this hardship upon the world, it has become even more difficult now. So many people have lost their jobs and lost their homes. And so we have the problems all around us. As I said, it

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doesn't take it doesn't take someone with a PhD to understand these problems. But what it does take what is hard is to actually come up with a solution is to do something about it. And it's not for one person to fix all the problems, but it is for every single one of us to get involved in some small way and make a change. And uh, you know, spinal, it is in these difficult moments, where the real, the real reward is given. It is in times like this, this is an opportunity. The people of the past when they saw something difficult when they saw that there was some kind of shortage when there was some kind of community issue. They took that as an opportunity to really raise their ranks last

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time. We spoke about St. Northman. Last week about you know, the expansion of the motion, there was a need to expand this, you know, double we and he took it upon the you know, upon himself I'm going to solve this problem. And in that he earned his Jana one good deeds panela one good deed, and the province is on set for this year of man, Allah has guaranteed you, Jana, you can do a deed that is so beautiful, and it makes such an impact. It might not look big on the outside, but it was so pure in the sight of Allah Subhana Allah that Allah has guaranteed you your Jana, you purchased your Jenga with that, and SubhanAllah. When we look at the problems in our community, whatever it might

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be, we can list them. Look at each one of them as an opportunity to earn your agenda for me to earn my gender. Allah has put this in front of you, what are you going to do about it? What are you going to contribute? And so what legacy are we going to what legacy are we going to leave behind?

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So the prophets of salaam reminds us we ever start a good tradition. And it's about starting it, it doesn't mean that you've achieved the full exam, you just got the ball rolling, who ever start something and it is followed and later on it is built on by others, then you will get the reward from it, and the likes of the reward of whoever follows him. And so whatever you start, even if this thing continues, 100 years after you pass away, you began your contribution to the machine, long after you die. The that good deed continues to outlive you will continuously benefit from that good deed without diminishing from those who are doing it. And whoever of course starts a bad tradition

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will ever begin something negative And subhanAllah there are people and Allah have mercy upon us and forgive us that sadly after they die, the good deeds have come to an end but they sin continues things they put online people that they've heard that continue to hold grudges against them after they died. This continues to be a source of punishment and misery in May cover long after the dies all the processes

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Those who saw a bad tradition which is followed, then for him is a share of that sin, and the likeness of all the people that were affected by that sin long after they died, he will get a share with that, and then without it being diminished between them. We know also Subhanallah there is the special category of satirical geria, that the Prophet says when a man dies, his deeds come to an end. This is even for the Wali of the holy of Allah, a man who was tortured, fasting and Hamdulillah. May Allah make us amongst them, even the best of the best in terms of the personal Ebola with Allah, it can only you can only make so much Obeida before you die, and then your life

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would have been over and your good deeds will come to an end. But there's a special category of deed that continues even after you die. And that is that Serato Jharia. And the promise on them, of course, explain. There are three types of SATA couple Jharia. There is an intangible, a benefit that is spiritual, like knowledge that you leave behind, leave behind some kind of You can't touch it, you can't feel it, like knowledge, but it benefits people long after you pass away, teach someone something, get involved in a school, get involved in a website that is doing something good, whatever it might be long after you die, that knowledge that benefit gets passed on from generation

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to generation. And in your cover. You are being elevated by Allah or something a masjid physical you lift a well behind, you lift the machine behind a school behind, it doesn't mean that you bought the whole school but you and your friends got to give us Pamela you know, well, maybe in a think of the season village out this hon Allah, you know, it will take maybe a few 1000 and and you and your friends and your family get together and you put together and you buy this Well, long after you die that well is still feeding people it is still saving lives. And subhanAllah you get that reward. We know the good deed of that lady, she went to jail she was a prostitute. And in her community, she

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was seen as all she was is the prostitute. Yet she gave me no she gave that dog a sip of water. And this was not in the time of Namita Salam this was in the time of bunnies or eel you know many 1000s of years before going to Allah. Allah was so impressed and so loving of that good deed that this lady had done, that Allah inspiring me some tell your people that there was this lady who was a prostitute, she did what she did for money, but she gave a sip of water to a starving dog. And so she earned forgiveness and she and Jana and tell you Uma about it, they should take her as role models. panela. Now if this is for a dog, what about a well, for a village of people that are dying

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of thirst, you know, 30,050 1000 that is between 1020 peoples cannula. It is something that is can maybe be manageable, and it will be continuously used in your in your agile. So we leave behind something physical of benefit, a tree that you plan to handle, it will last long of you, the animals have benefit from it, the animals that come under the shade someone that's liens against it, it will benefit you while that that tree is making oxygen that people breathe in, you will get the reward in that Subhanallah so many opportunities for us to to excel, and of course to leave behind pious children that make dua for you, not just the children's door, but maybe we leave behind friends, we

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leave behind the spouse we leave behind people that genuinely love us people that genuinely genuinely were impacted by our our presence, and they remember us fondly and they make dua for us, then this count Subhanallah, you know, scale of goodness. And so it is a choice. How do I live my life? How do I interact with people every time you know, sometimes you get an email from someone, you had an interaction with someone, it wasn't the best, but you have an opportunity to rise above so that that person's Pahala or remember you fondly on your day of your Janessa every time you need to do something, think about my janazah What do I want people to say while they're eating after

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you're very tight Allah Now we come home and we have the acne? What do they say about you? You don't want to be that guy that people say, you know, it said, you know, he waits, she went it wasn't very unexpected. But Subhanallah it's not say anything. We don't want to speak bad of the date. So how do you find that antigen as people say, there is nothing good they can say about this man. It's not the it's not the fault of the Mussolini's it's the fault of the man that has passed away. There's nothing good we can say about this brother. So we'd rather keep quiet, the best thing we can do is keep quiet and ask Allah to forgive him. Subhanallah let's not be of those people are all the we

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want to be that the world is bitterly sad, that as Allah said, that is not only the people, but this summer what and the out of the cry of this man, this woman has lived that the world is a lesser place because they are God. You can meet that person, I can be that person. How do we build the sleazy? Subhan Allah, what do we do? Is there a way Is there a formula that I can leave behind something of real substance that I don't just want to be the guy that worked 60 years in my job, then I retired and then I you know, went on a few holidays and I became sick and I died and that was it and I had some grandchildren and that was my life. I want more than that for myself. I want

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something greater to present to Allah my life Tiana, what can I do? And the first thing and this is something that really makes the difference. This is the

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That's sincere Nia in your heart that I want to do this for you, yeah, Allah, I want to change the world I want to do will not even change the world of every person, I want to change the world of one person for the better for your secure Allah and to earn my Jannah through that year, Allah, I just do have that key, to have that ambition to have that motivation and to be sincere for the sake of Allah, that is the beginning. And that is really, that is 90% of the battle. You know, even if we make that near, and nothing becomes of that near, you will still get the reward of the near SubhanAllah. And so it requires a moment for us to pause, maybe if you're listening to this lecture,

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to pause after this, this talk and think about where is my life going? And if I continue on this what will I have less of a legacy? And is it Am I satisfied with it? If I'm not going to pause and think about what can I do? And with it Neerja Allah dua Allah, I want to do more, and I want to leave behind because I believe I'm especially if put me here for a reason. Let me do something special for your sake. And of course, it is. It is some sometimes we feel to think big and feel to have big ambitions really, this is belittling yourself and it's belittling of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah put you here at this time and this at this point, as I said in the previous ayah, Allah says

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this, this was to a nation before for every generation, our sins difficulties, but he also seems the cure, and he seems the people who can do it, you and I are here during this pandemic flu the reason they are no better people that could be the new Omi and these Reasons Allah Subhana Allah has put us here so we can earn our Jana and we can solve these problems. You know, Hassan bursary, the great 30 Right, so this is the generation of the Sahaba and of course, the tabby ain, they were like the Sahaba but they were not of the same caliber of the sahaba. So hustle bustle, he addresses his fellow a terrain and he says to them, you know, what is the difference between us and Abu Bakr?

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Right Abu Bakr, the Alon is of course of a higher level because he's the greatest of Sahaba. So he says to the time you're in, but Abu Bakr did not excel over us in the number of rocker as he made, you know, or the number of fasting he made or the number of charity he gave, you know, the pious people you have earlier today that that makes it spin the night in tahajjud. And they fast Mondays and Thursdays, there are five days in the masjid, they fast in the middle of a month. This is equal to the Sahaba they basically maxing out in terms of your good deeds. There's not much more you can do in a day in terms of Ascar make, you know, Abu Bakr Rajan lived his life he made Salah you went

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to sleep, so hustle bustle is saying to tambien, that we are doing exactly as Abu Bakr did in terms of personal Ibadah we are doing the same, but what made Abubaker a level above us and the Sahaba a level above us is something in the heart, that sincerity with Allah, that beautiful desire to want to do something that Allah for your sake, to want to give something back to humanity, not for praise not for thanks not for, for for mansion or fame, just for the sake of pleasing Allah. This in the heart is what made the Sahaba in the great people above us. It's not that they had any special power. But it was this insanity in their heart that left behind. You look at the great scholars of

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the past. Now we for example, you only lived 40 years panela and I think I'm not far off in some of us are not far off from that mark of 40 years. Some of us have passed that Mark, why did I leave behind I'm now Mullah. He left more books behind the number of years he lived if you add up how did this man write so many books and he only lived so few years? It is because Allah allows through the sincerity of your your heart, that beautiful connection you have with Allah. Allah gives you that extra power, that extra ability that really takes you to the next level. It is that sincerity that will grant you a legacy that leaves behind another reminder, my Malika from Allah. Correct great

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Imam Malik. You wrote a book called the moonwalk before body before Muslim before the books of Hadith. Well, it's in the great books of Hadith. Imam Malik was of the first year of the first books of Hadith called the moonwalk bop. And after he wrote his book, The miwako many many other mortars came about many other scholars of Hadith wrote books, some of them even better than Imam Malik Mamata, and some of the students said to him, Oh, Mr. Malik, you know, we see so many more workers now that you wrote us many copycats have come and they've written and they've actually included on your book. So what do you say about that? So Imam Malik said, That which is sincerely done for Allah

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sake, will remain until Qiyamah. If you've done something, truly for the sake of Allah, Allah will care for that good deed until until Kiana and now 1400 years later. We don't know of any more other than the motto of Imam Malik Allah kept that and preserved it because of the sincerity of your of your Nia. So when you do a good deed, you put that five grand in the hands of a beggar. You make that sandwich with someone that knocks on the door. You put that today

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And in the in the towel of the masjid you make an EFT for that often do it sincerely yeah Allah I want to make this person's a burden a little bit easier. I want to remove someone's hardship I want to bring a smile to someone's face and happiness to someone's heart and I want to please your Allah I'm doing this not that anyone can see but just so that you can see this could be that did that interview me into Jana mela granted so so have a sincere Nia number one and think big and dream big Nia it's not just about you know, no way to it is about ya Allah I have a big dream, a big idea. I want to do this thing. As much as we dream about traveling the world and building, you know, living

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in the most beautiful of houses, ever dream about living, leaving a legacy behind when number two is to understand that you are here for a reason. You have a talent, you have a gift, Allah subhanaw taala has not made you here by accident, you're not by chance. And so what is it that you can contribute, that if you're a youngster, you're an old sir, you are educated, you are not educated, you have something Allah has given you, you are good at something. And so you cannot fix every problem. And like all the Sahaba were not the same. They were the scholars, they were the Warriors they were the the business people. It requires everyone to use their talents for the benefit of the

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community. If Allah has given you money, then that is your opportunity to earn your Jana, if Allah has given you strength, and that is your opportunity to engender you Allah has given you patience, you've always given your knowledge, ability to read or write, then that is your chance to be used to intergender I promise you, whoever you are, as little as you think of yourself, there is some organization, there is some person who is making dua for you, you are the tool to the problem, you are the answer to the DUA. This is what we believe Allah Subhana Allah has given all of us the ability to know your strengths, know your your abilities, look at the problems in see way best I can

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fit in. And if you don't know where you can fit in, And subhanAllah just begin, pick up the phone, ask you Imam, ask whatever organization, what can I do to assist, I want to be part of something bigger than me. And this is the beginning of the starting. That is difficult. And remember, the start is the hard part. The stock is the part that also gets you the most good deeds, the first few steps, the early Sahaba are the ones that are better than the latest Sahaba, the first person who wrote you know, the first compilers of Hadith are better than those who wrote later on. That is why the savvy corner alone, the early generations are the ones that that get the most good deeds. So you

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see a problem in your community. You know, subhanAllah many times we see why isn't the for example, an online madrasa? Why isn't the an organization that takes care of of this problem? I see it, pick up the phone, you have a WhatsApp group asked your friends in your Whatsapp group, why isn't this being sorted out in the community? Why is in this issue that we have in our, in our school, there's something broken, no one is fixing it. You ask your friends, even when say we feel the same way, call a meeting, let's get together, let's do something, let's look at solutions and look at how we can solve a problem. That beginning is the start you don't know that was planting the seeds of

00:28:08--> 00:28:44

canola, you don't know what that seed will grow to, you don't know Subhanallah you got to give a meeting in your living room. That meeting a few years later becomes an organization a few years later that organization because many many organizations it goes international Subhanallah you know all the big companies in the world Google Amazon, they tell you it began a few friends in some someone's basement or someone's parents house, they got together they said we should have a company like this, that became the biggest company in the world. And subhanAllah it is the same, it is the same a few of you get together look at a problem and say how can we solve it? Let's look let's let's

00:28:44--> 00:29:21

inspect let's do some research. And from there it will become it can become something great in the sight of Allah. So be consistent and work hard. Number three point number three, of course, it is about perseverance, that nothing of substance comes except with some patients and Allah subhanaw taala will not make it easy and just give it for free. It requires some kind of effort. People join Alhamdulillah you know, committees, they join certain organizations, you know, they get inspired and then after the first difficulty, the first hiccup the first you know, nasty email the first meeting that is a bit long the first you know, difficult problem that they have to resolve, then they want

00:29:21--> 00:29:54

to quit this and you know, I didn't sign up for this model that is exactly what you signed up for. You signed up for doing something difficult for the sake of the Ummah to spend your time your money to be inconvenienced. Yeah, Allah I could be doing a million things. I could be sleeping, I could be watching TV, I could be doing anything. But I'm doing this for your sake. Yeah, Allah and I know that you see it, and I do it so that you may may reward me and bring Baraka in me. There is a great book called the mythos of the Quran, me it's the dictionary of the words of the Quran. So there was a scholar with about 1000 years ago, he wrote the first diction he took every word in the Quran, and

00:29:54--> 00:29:59

he explained the meanings, Pamela, sidenote, these great scholars who wrote this book, Imam Bukhari Imam

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

Alec, who wrote these books that we are using today? They got zero in terms of royalty. What drove them to do this? What inspired a man to spin his life to write a book, you know, some of these books, like, you know, the books that we have some I'm looking at my shelf here, you have books that have 30 volumes. It took the man it took the scholar, a decade, more than a decade to compile and write no spell check, no goo No, no Google to research. It is blood, sweat and tears in that book for what what did he get out of it? No royalty, no publisher, he wrote, and he didn't even know if there's anyone that's going to look at this book. But I don't think for the sake of Allah insha

00:30:37--> 00:31:16

Allah I write it, I leave it to Allah. And hopefully one day now 1000 years later, in Cape Town, on Muhammad West shelf is this man's books Han Allah that we read, we benefit it is shared around the world, and he gets a reward and he could not have imagined it will be that. And so getting back to this book, the dictionary of the Quran, these are what a son a son is the highest level of Iman and a scholar. He writes the definition what does he mean? A son means that's the level of sincerity, whenever you interact with someone whenever you ask for something, you give more of yourself than is required. So you mean to give x you give x plus more, you give an extra amount. And when you are

00:31:16--> 00:31:56

expected to get something in return, you are satisfied with getting less because you do that extra bit is purely for the sake of Allah. So do not be deterred by hardship, to be patient and struggle through that thing. And then number four, do not be put off track by setbacks. With every path is going to be some bumps along the way. They're going to be those who are naysayers, do not let them detail you you persist, no matter how difficult things are, and you continue. And then of course, lastly, it is to constantly depend on Allah. Remember, we did this for the sake of Allah and in Allah's hands, this thing will either flourish or the award will come even if he does not flourish

00:31:56--> 00:32:36

and Allah that you planted the seed and you say, Yeah, Allah, I leave the seed in your case, I did this for your sake. And so you make dua for that. Yeah, Allah. The Prophet SAW Selim says, look at this the power of dua, and the power of a sincere and here the prophets is whoever honestly genuinely makes dua that he wants to be Ushahidi Allah, I want to have the reward of a shade. Remember the Shahada? When an OBE will see Dino shahada, they are the third highest category after the enemies and acidic styles category you can achieve after the Siddiq is the Shaheed so the reason he genuinely wants to be a shade and he likes to are to be a shahid, Allah will grant him the reward

00:32:36--> 00:33:14

of a shade even if he dies in his bed. So if you genuinely want to do something of substance in this dunya, then make dua for it at least make you at least want it in your heart and make dua and Allah will do the rest. Last Hadith the Prophet Solomon says and he speaks about Jana and how amazing Jana is when he says the best place of Jana is Jana to pharaohs. This is of course, the highest place of Jana Whelan abhi himself, Salah Salah will be and the Gambia and all the great people will be that is the highest that is the bishop bishops court of Jana, the Clifton of Jana is gentle for those under it above Jana, to funerals, the next the name of them for those is the parish of Allah, there

00:33:14--> 00:33:54

is no one closer to Allah than the people of genital to dos. Now that our resources to you and me as weak as we are, as you know, as inferior as we are the provinces. When you ask ALLAH ask Allah for genital Thibodaux, meaning every single one of you should believe that you have the ability to achieve general through those. Look how high even ambition wants us to aim. Don't aim for Jana in Fujian battlefield DOS, don't aim for something small aim for something big aim for the highest. So when you and I sit and we want to make this near the righteous Aimia Allah I only want to do a small thing am I want to change the world yet Allah I want to fix all the problems of his dunya helped me

00:33:54--> 00:34:30

Allah to do it. In big and Subhan Allah, if you aim big, even if you don't achieve genital for those, you might achieve the level and after genital Philadelphia you might get the next level. So if you ever if you aim small, you will never ever get to the mark you'll never get to general for those not Allah grant us to live life lives that are meaningful that when we die, but yes, our family sad, we don't want to see them sad. But people will say that this was they will look at us and actually envy us in a good way. And this man this woman lived a life to be to be proud of that this person did so much of good. They were part of so many organizations, they set up so many

00:34:30--> 00:34:59

machines they helped so many people how did they do this? You know you scratch your head you think how did this man do it? How do you live a life like that? We want to be people like this not for them to say but so that Allah subhanaw taala can love us and that we can achieve that general videos mean just one or two announcements. The first thing is of potassium early the marine of our budget for so long. And his wife and the other we're they're quite ill. They're both in ICU. So we also must have data to make to offer them that Allah can on some trial runs all those who are ill a machine

00:35:00--> 00:35:36

I want them to have a complete cure of this, of this disease and Allah remove this disease from us. I mean, and then also a reminder about the kind of situation that the organization is currently in. We are asking for assistance. Just a clarification, I said last week, we have three buildings where we is taxes to be paid on rates, they are in areas, it is the school and it is our our center. So the school obviously teaches the kids and the center we we do, the Islamic exhibition is the it is also the place where we do the social welfare people come daily for the soup kitchen. So these buildings are used for the service of the community. But of course, these rates that needs to be

00:35:36--> 00:35:54

paid. If anyone can assist, you know, to solving this problem. We appreciate your time more than your time. But if you're unable to give your time then of course, a few rands to assist will be much appreciated and from the law, the magic, the magic is secure. While Hamdi ledges aka the Hydra was Allah Allah Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam was funny when having an Arabic Allah me