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out of alignment shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad not early he was IBH Marian Brothers and Sisters in Islam salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Alhamdulillah. Allah Amin, the shadow Allah, Allah, Allah who prays for you and thanks to Allah subhanaw taala we bear witness and testify that none has the right of worship besides Allah subhana wa Tada and we send our love greetings and salutations to beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious with your family to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us state foxes for the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad salah, so let me this life, may Allah grant us to be in his companionship in the era is to be with him in general theodosis mean when hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Another years come another year has

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gone last Juma for 2019. Another year. And how many years do we have lifts upon Allah? How many years do we have lift? As has nobody said, all we are made up of our minutes and seconds, every time a second goes a part of you disappears, and it will never ever come back time is that one blessing. The one blessing that Allah subhanaw taala never returns to you, you know, I can give you money and take it and give it back. Power, whatever it might be comes and goes. But time is the one thing unfortunately, we have a set amount of time. And there's only a few few things few things from the Sharia that actually extends your life like keeping family ties. Beyond that your time is set and

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that what goes That's it. And as another year comes to an end, usually we do a summary of what happened in the urine. What's happening in terms of the Oman, what's happening in terms of our community. But I thought it's even more important that when you look at each one of us sitting here, some people during the F told me Masha Allah, they just got married, fantastic, was a good year for them. They had a new birth in the family, there are other Subhan Allah who were in tears, they lost parents, they lost loved ones. So 2019 is different to to each of us. For some of us, it was a fantastic year. For others. It was a difficult year when Elijah Hamden we thank Allah for

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everything. And therefore when we sit down, and I know we're going to have family meetings, family discussions, we're getting together and we talking about life and talking about big things. It is good to keep things into perspective. It is very good to keep your life in perspective, as your life goes on. And life is moved so quickly, that we don't really have perspective of things. And this day for insha. Allah today we give life advice, the big advice, keep these things in mind, and these things that we take forward, and inshallah next week, we'll do a summary of the year that was. So the first advice always remember,

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as the time comes and goes the years at all by we are only here for a small short period, for that reason we have a job to do. And that job is to have a relationship with Allah. And the one who has the strongest relationship in the dunya will be the closest to him in the Ophira. And those who did not have a relationship with Allah in the dunya will have difficulty in the akhira. So no matter where you are financially today, where you are in terms of your, your job, or your car, whatever it might be of dunya ultimately, we are you and I need to assess what is my status with Allah? And did this year bring me closer to Allah will take me away, as Allah said to you, and I will not have to

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ginawa allele are we doing that I have not created men or gin, except that they should worship Me and hamdulillah if you've come through a year, where you prayed five times a day, where you had another Ramadan, then that is greater than all the dunya and contains panela, another year of ibadah. Another year of Eman when hamdulillah another year that we've come another Joomla 52 Joomla as for this year, when you lie, that's a great blessing. And to know Yeah, one to always remember that it is Allah's desire. And he's one that we pass this test of life that He wants us to get through life so that we can be in Jannah as Allah says to the prophet, and certainly the Quran,

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never be a birdie say to my servants, my slaves, and nee Anello of all Rahim that surely really I am the oft Forgiving, the Most Merciful that Allah subhanaw taala one successful us, He wants us to succeed, and that he wants to forgive and he will look for every opportunity for us to enter into Jana, as we know when we talk about the difficulties of Kiama, Allah subhanaw taala will get to a point where he will see look inside Jahannam for someone who has just done one good deed, one good deed, and has not come with a chick that will be enough to enter him into Jannah. Now Al Hamdulillah, as bad as we are and as sinful as we are, we have a life we have passed the year of

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Ibadah Allah except Allah except as one of the Salaf has said, if I know Allah except to just one act of worship from me, and he's going to reward me that I will feel comfortable. Why because if Allah is going to reward you is going to put you in Jannah and once you in Jannah that's it hamdulillah you're saved. So just one year Allah just except the one act of worship that we have done this year, and in fact except all of them we are Allah. So remember your relationship with Allah. Remember that Allah has blessed you with email

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Wherever this year has found you with a good or with a difficulty, Allah has blessed us with Eman. Allah has granted us to be that very special. You know, if you're in the top 1% 2% Economically, you have the elite, while we have the one 2% That is a witness to Iman in this country, very, very special people that Allah has blessed that you come on a Friday that you worship Him while the dunya continues in whatever it continues. Remember the ultimate thing is Allah has blessed us with this Eman and has granted us one more year and Allah grants many, many more years of steadfastness May Allah grant our relationship with Him to only increase and when Allah takes us from this dunya you

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know, as one person said, you savor these themes, you know, 2019 when it comes to an end, we will not love to see the next 1112 the teens again, there will just be 20s 30s the decades that will come now, none of us would love to see the turn of the century. You know, unlike with Allah's permission, we don't know that. But in all likelihood, there's a hadith Nabisco who says in one, this hadith, he said to the Sahaba, do you know that in 100 years time, not a single one of us will be alive. And that is perhaps true for all of us. And therefore we ask that when that time comes, we can't avoid it. And Allah takes us in a situation where we are close to him. And he's the and he loves us. I

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mean, so it's the first advice, you and my relationship with Allah. Then the second part of our religion, if you were to summarize Islam holistically, it's like a coin with two sides. One side is your relationship with Allah. And there are certain acts of worship that you and I have to do. As a bare minimum, we should not go lower than that. And of course, the there is no limit in terms of getting closer to Allah, the bare minimum are those five pillars of Islam that we should do daily, our Salah POS aka fasting Ramadan, and if you can you perform your Hajj if you do those basic pillars of Islam, and you do the basic for our energy, but then we'll Hamdulillah you have seen to

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your work your relationship with Allah. But Allah also made the other side of your success. My success in the dunya is our relationship with each other with the Creator with the creation. There is the creator and the creation and the prophets of Salaam. He summarized this up very, very concisely, in his very last advice. So remember when we spoke about the demise, the death of the resource alum about 12 hours before he died the last last last last sermon he gave all he said was Asana Asana look after your Salah look after your Salah wa Malika a man who come and look after your family. Basically look after those who you are clothed you are entrusted with to the uses. These are

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two things. Your Salah is your relationship with Allah, when Mama look at a man who come your relationship with your family. These are success in this life. Subhanallah if our relationships with our family is not as it should be. And that is the greatest blessing of the Iman, of the our closest with Allah our relationship with Allah. The next place is our relationship with our family, for the prophets of salaam says and then a life advice to take. Fear Allah wherever you are, be conscious of Allah at all times. The Prophet says to Buddha, oh Buddha, be conscious of Allah, wherever you are, whether you are in the masjid, whether you are at work, whether you are in the road, whether it's

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December, it's holiday time, festivity, time, fear Allah be conscious of Allah wherever you are, and then follow up a bad deed with a good deed because then the Prophet is saying, There will come times when we are neglectful of Allah and we forget about him. And then we come back to our senses we come to the masjid yeah Allah What did I do last night? Where was I what I missed this I didn't do that. Then the Prophet said now compensated with a five and in the towel, make an extra two rockers making a stick far to wipe away that sin and then he says the promises alum and behave with peep good character towards people and be good to people do these things and inshallah as a successful you

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treat people the way you want to be treated in the traffic in the shop, smile, be a good person, worship Allah alone and be a decent human being and in sha Allah really, this is this is almost good enough basically 50% get you into Jannah the prophets of salaam says to Sahabi acaba Jacoba reconcile will ever cut you off. So look at your relationships, we are those of our families and friends who are not gonna be speaking to us. We're not on good terms, the Profit System, you will be good to that one, the one who cuts you off, you reconcile with them, and give to the one who withholds from you. So maybe you will need some you need help from someone he didn't assist you. Now

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he's he's turned for need. The problem is you help him and pardon whoever wrongs you and have forgive the ones who have wronged you. And I know we all have a long list of people that owed us grudges, people that have said this Subhanallah our sisters are very good at this right they have a list of all the transgressions done against them. And husbands are smiling and they have decades of of things to say muffle and I so whatever. We genuinely forgive and forget to forgive and let those things go.

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The Prophet SAW Salem says whoever would love to be delivered from

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In the fire of Jahannam, look at this hadith he says, If you want to be saved from Jahannam simple advice for life, if you want to be saved from Jahannam, and you want to go to Jana, we let him meet his end, let him die with iman in Allah and the Last Day so they can die with him and be a Muslim die as a muslim. And they let him treat love his life teaching people as he would love to be treated. The Prophet didn't say you need to make tagit every single night, or that you need to fast every Monday and Thursday, or you need to build massages, those are fantastic things. But those are additional extras. For the very special few who get the Prophet is saying to get to Jana, just be a

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Muslim that does not come a check with Allah worship him as he deserves to be worshipped and be a good human being and you will intergender he promises you and me we will enter Jannah just be a good person to those around you to see to your relationships, see to your relationships with each other. So the end of the year, when we take stock, we take stock, what is my relationship with Allah, as the decisions I made brought me closer to Allah or taken me away, and then look at our relationship with our families, we can always increase and improve. As I said, at the beginning of this lecture, there are only two things that I know. And Nanashi because you can ask him maybe he knows more than

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that. There are only two things that I know that I've read, that increases your life. Yes, we believe that when you are born, Allah stipulates how long you will live. But Allah could increase that Bismillah only two things I know number one, keeping family ties and number two Hajj and Umrah, hajj and umrah increases your risk and your your life expectancy. So this is something which Allah has placed so much Baraka in, and it's so difficult Subhanallah sometimes it's difficult, keeping family ties, being a good human being is not so easy. But this is what Allah Subhana Allah wants, do the basics to the creator, the basics of ubeda, and then be a decent human being will be using the

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law, the Prophet says you will enter Jannah

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as we in the year, as we in the time, and some may say but this is not our year. This is not my spine, Allah, every single day is a moment where a chapter has closed and a new chapter begins. And the more we take stock, the better and the safer for us. So we find when we inside out, for example, when we end when we're in an act of worship part of innings of eminence, something good when we end, we end with a stick far as well. We in the best way to end something is to end with repentance for the mistakes that happened in the past. And this is the beautiful thing that Allah has given us. That even if the past when we look back, and we think whoa, I was I was not on my best in 2019. And

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maybe it is when I haven't been my best for the last decade, last 50 years. The one blessing Allah has offered us that we don't know if any other tradition has this, that you can rewrite the past through is too far. You can secure your future through a good near a good intention, and you get the reward. And it's the far wipes away a bad past, which means the now the present can change the past and the future. The now you can change your path simply by making basically still far. And this is of the of the deceptions of shaytaan that when we commit a sin, he makes it very easy, do it no problem, then when we do this, and then he says you now you've committed such a big sin, there's no

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way going back you're too far from Allah to get back to him. Now he uses guilt as a means to paralyze you and Allah wants the opposite. So as you reflect on the year that was and for all of us, even if we were it was a very good year in terms of EBA that hamdullah you might have so many good things, there's always thinks that we know we've made mistakes, and for some of us we had a very bad year in terms of our Ibadah we might have neglected Allah subhanaw taala and this is not a this is a discussion you have with Allah and now is the time for his TFR now in this last Joomla you know the Prophet SAW says between one Juma and the last Allah forgives all the sins within one salah and the

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next Allah forgives all the sins, we pray that Allah subhanaw taala will forgive all the sins of this year and the past years as the prophets of salaam says to Abu Huraira Allah says oh serve us Allah says, a servant of Allah committed a sin. And then that servant said, Oh ALLAH forgive me, meaning it may be easier to think in July and easier Allah, I made the sin and that sin forgive me. And so Allah said, My servant has committed the sin. And He acknowledges that he has a Lord who forgives, and that he punishes and then he says, If and then Allah forgave him. Then he sinned again. Tomorrow had men commit to the Samsung, he went back to the same haram. And then again he

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comes and he says off the media. Suddenly he sobers up, whatever it might be an easy, yeah, Allah forgive me, I made that sin again. And then Allah subhanaw taala says, My servant has committed a sin. And he has known that he is a Lord who forgives and punishes and then Allah forgive him. When it comes to third time he sinned again, and again he makes Toba and again, Allah says My servant committed the sin, but he recognizes that he has the Lord. He has Iman in me and he trusts in my forgiveness.

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So Allah forgives him. And then Allah says this beauty These are the words of Allah subhanaw taala. And this is not not an encouragement, but it just shows you what our job is. Allah says to this man, do whatever you wish for I have forgiven you. If you continue to sin, and you come back to me, I will forgive you. There is no limits to my forgiveness. I don't get bored and tired, I don't get frustrated, how many times you're gonna do this, and over and over again, you're taking me now for a joke, no, Subhan Allah, this is Europe. This is Europe. And it's only upon us to ask you no strings attached. All Allah says Ask with sincerity, and it will be given as forgiveness. Even as I said,

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the Prophet has said, there is no believing servant, but that he has sinned, and he habitual that he has a son. Look at this hadith, very interesting Hadith. The Prophet says, Every single person has a special kind of some special weakness, all of us, and all of us. And he habitually commits that so many he falls into time and time again and he tries 20 times to get out. Or he says, oh, a sin abiding over him that he does not abandon until he dies. Or some, some people, they visit the sun, then they leave it and they come back, you know, back and forth. Some people Subhan Allah, they on that sin all the time. And the Prophet then says, And he said, Look, no believing servant, meaning

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this is not a Kaffir. This is a believer that resources, they are believers. In fact, all the believers, they have a special sin, one that they struggle with daily, back and forth, back and forth, and some that they lose the battle, and they just in that sin, then the prophecy is very the believer was created to be tested. So this is your test. This is your test. This is your weakness, we all have that weakness. So the provinces, then he being re painful and forgetful. So he goes, he repeats it becomes a way it makes it stay far. And then sometimes you forget and he slips and if easy minded, you will remember and so therefore we remind each other so that we can remember, we can

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think of that. So I want each of us to think of that special. So there's one shifts in that sin that we love the most. Think of that son, we asked Allah to free us of that sin, and to forgive us for those sins, grant us the strength to leave them, grant us the strength to be stronger than those sins. May Allah for Allah be stronger than that. So now is an opportunity the last year of 2019. We don't know if we will get another one. Then we ask Allah to forgive all those sins. His mercy is bigger than your sins. His forgiveness is vaster than my son and your son.

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Abdullah has always reported a man kissed a woman. That's why my kiss even Sahaba Sahaba are human beings and they made these mistakes. A man kissed a woman who was not supposed to was alone with her and things happen. And so he kissed the lady and then he comes to the grateful emotionally of rasool Allah did I do and so he came and he said, I did such and such a son What can I do now? And so then a piece of salaam said or rather the verses, these two verses were revealed, that is that make Salah between the two ends of the day when Mother repent Fajr make Salah at the mother time and Fajr time and in the first hours of the night and in the evening because really the good deeds will remove the

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evil beats Allah saying make the so the five Farah its salah, make those Salah and this will forgive you of that sin. The man committed basically came close to Zina any complaints that ivisa Salama do I do now? And Allah revealed make your five daily Salas because these will remove your sin. And so the man CDR rasool Allah is this only for me, that Allah give me this, this this this Get Out of Jail Free card. And so the Prophet said no, it is for every single one of my ummah, who acts according to it, as we sin, even without us asking, Allah is washing away those sins. Again, it's not a Get Out of Jail Free that we can go and sin as we want. Because I said it's coming and Allah

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is gonna forgive, no Subhan Allah just to feel that what has happened in the past, Allah can forgive them and the prophets of Salaam

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and repentance Subhan Allah, an important point to make here.

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As you have things that you feel guilty towards Allah, and there might be people that you owe people that you've wronged. I know there are people that have wronged you, all of us there are people that have wronged us. And so Allah Subhana Allah says, from an alpha for algebra who are Allah, that whoever pardons and he reconciles He forgives for people done against the miracle in sales, then Allah doesn't tell you that you would What are you going to get done? Allah says, then it becomes my obligation for a Jew who Allah Allah then I owe you a reward. If I'm going to hammer Rahim, Allah Now if you know his biography, he was tortured for many, many years and beaten for many, many years.

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And then he was exonerated. And Allah was on his side. And then all the people that harmed him came to us for math, and he would always give them whatever they did to him. I mean, they really harmed him for decades. And then he would always give, he would forgive me when he son came to me when he says, Dad, you've poured in all these people that have come to ask you, what about those who died and never asked you for math? And so even Mohammed says, I have already

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offered them, forgive, I've already pardoned them. I don't want anyone to go to jahannam on my account. And then he recited this idea he says and Allah says in the Quran, which he heard a tough scene from hustle bustle, and hustle bustle, he gives a tough CDCs on the Deaf piano. When all of humanity's being beneath in the hands of Allah and everyone's on their knees, Allah Subhana Allah will ask, Who is the that I owe something? Is there anyone that I owe, I must give you and it will be the people that have poured and others will they will stand up and they will get because Allah says I owe you a special reward. When you forgive someone is difficult to forgive someone that has

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wronged you. So what do I get out of it? I just didn't get it for free. No, now Allah owes you something in return. So as you leave 2019 You leave our sins behind three still far, those who have wronged us, forgive them. If their debts that people owe you, and you can write it off, forgive it, move on, begin 2020 on a new slate of goodness, Let no one be harmed on my account your account. So may Allah have mercy on those our enemies. May Allah have mercy on those who have wronged us May Allah forgive them. I mean and then lastly supine elope

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when we in Surah Fatiha when Hamdu lillahi rabbil, aalameen, in the DUA hamdu, lillahi, Rabbil Alameen, when we eat our food Alhamdulillah, no matter what this year has brought, of goodness, or of calamity, of heart, you whatever the fact that we can even say Alhamdulillah is in itself a blessing. You might have moved forward financially or backwards financially. And this is just part of the ups and downs of life. But the fact that we can say well, hamdulillah is a greatest blessing of all. So when we look at what we have, and especially this time of year, we look at what we don't have the holidays, we couldn't afford the hotels, we couldn't go to the things that we couldn't buy

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the cars we don't drive. Those are the things we look at the property reminds you and me anyone amongst you who has woken up today, security's probably had a place to sleep last night, and he's healthy in his body and Hamdulillah you can breathe and eat and he's healthy, and he has food for the day. You're not starving, then it is as if the Allah has given you the whole dunya that's all you really need. And Allah has prepared you that will hamdulillah anyone who has these three things, a safe place to live, health and food when hamdulillah when you're eating, you and I are kings, well hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah and those who don't have these three things, may Allah make it easy for

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them. Those who are not secure Allah granting security. Those who are not healthy Mala Grantham is a Shiva and for those who are hungry, may Allah feed them and heal them Amin when hamdulillah for all the blessings out Allah we are so focused on what we don't have, may Allah accept and thank Allah thanks that we for all Allah has given us and as Allah says that vividly the first thing he will ask us to live Kiama are the blessings that we have. So may we give shoukat for what we have, and may we use it for good and may Allah subhanaw taala increase that in the years to come. Well hamdulillah Mala granted this year in on a good note and Allah begin the new year on a better one. And may the

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best of our days lie ahead between t 20. And the years that lay ahead be good for our iman and for our default dunya and our after Robina attina for dunya hacer una Villa to hasenhuttl who Akina Allah Banagher Allah Quran says all the best. Meanwhile, hamdulillah just a few announcements to city minder Alhamdulillah the bootcamp Expo, our expo is fully open. There are some foreigners or some people out of town just around the corner you'd find the the bootcamp lifestyle Expo the cradle to the grave it is a a an exhibition on a the life of a Muslim from birth until death and especially specifically the history of the Cape Malay Muslims, the Muslims that have come in or the Malays, the

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Indians as well, the history of Islam in this area in South Africa, the first Masjid all these things in sha Allah is the so please if you are make a turn also next to it part of our culture, in fact, a very, very big pillar of our culture. The fifth sixth pillar of Cape Malay is of course eating right and so therefore next to it is always kitchen. It's a restaurant, it's open now. So for Joomla maybe you know if you can, you don't have to rush back to work, go around the corner, buy something and as we said 100 other good thing about this, whatever proceeds comes close to the machine, goes to the nursery school goes to the soup kitchen, it's not gonna go to make anyone

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wealthy it only to uplift the community. So please support in sha Allah, we hope to see all of you there. And then Subhan Allah Buddha Talib mentioned this a few three Jeunesses in the area I don't have the names, which means

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all Shafi so after after Juma inshallah administer Shafi the three Genesis, Allah grant that those who have passed away genital kudos. I mean, what sort of law said no Muhammad was Islam was an infant. I mean, it's slavery.