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The Jumuah khutbah on Repentance was continued at the evening khaterah at the Clear Lake Islamic Center on Mar 03, 2017.

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camera for broadcasting setup for for this position and I don't mind that today I talked to you about the concept of tober dependence and the importance of it. And one thing that I was planning to share tonight, today are early today, but I couldn't because of the lack of the time, but I said I will share it with you tonight. One of the most effective

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or at let's put it this way, one of the most

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effective a story that I heard personally about Toba was this story that I want to share with you tonight. It's really one of these stories that really touched my heart. And I heard it from the person who experienced this story himself. And he been quite saying it to the public. It just reminded me of what I used to read in the books about the early Muslim scholar. When you read about it, Felipe niyama Rahim Allah one of the greatest scholars among black successors, how he used to be a thief and breaking into homes. And one day he got basically he was trying to jump inside a house and he saw this man, the reading the in the night prayer in the middle of his house, and a mutiny

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Lydian ammo and dosha, Paloma decree law humanism. I mean, it isn't a time for those who believe for their heart to basically get soft, and to accept the truth that he said yes, it is the time Yes, it is the time. And that's the end of his bad life. As I said today, October, it's a new beginning, a new chapter in your life. And it's has to be also not only a new beginning, it has to be an end of another life. So you begin with the begin something and you end something, you can just play the

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game with the last panel with the odd have to be serious and making that change in your life. So this person

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here he is one of the most famous preachers in Arabia. And he said I was about 30 years old, when I got married, and I got my first

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child. But this child has a very special story with me. I wasn't religious. I was a person who prays I was very bad person. But there's one thing I used to be and I still have it, and I'm quoting what he's saying. or writing a story. I always had a good sense of humor. I like to joke a lot a lot to you know, make people happy. But there is a big difference between the old Jay Hillier days, the ignorant days, and after I became religious. In the old days, I didn't care about other people's feelings. I didn't care about people. I make fun of the religious and religious hurt someone feeling or not, I really didn't care. I used to spend hours and hours in the night with my friends,

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neglecting my family, my parents, and for sure my wife, who's poor lady, she was pregnant in her late You know, terms and about to deliver her child in any day, but I still will go every night with my friends spending the night joking and making fun. I remember that night. I was in the suit and I was making fun with my friends of everybody passing by. And this blind person passed by me and I tripped him unintentionally and I just made a joke a common people start laughing and I was laughing at him. And I said why don't you go back to your country stuff like you know the racist.

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Basically remarks that you might hear.

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It said I know that I have very bad tongue very bad manners. I was very bad person in the in before. I came late after a long night, spending the night with my friends doing all thing that I consider how long without going details. He said I found my wife and have severe pain, her contractions started.

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And she said it is the time for me to deliver the baby rushed her to the hospital. We spend almost 20 hours, nothing. 18 hours something like that. The she's trying to do basically the baby's not coming out. I got tired. I said you know what called me when she delivered the baby. I went home to sleep. They called me they said you got a child. I put myself together, went to the hospital. And I said how she's doing she's doing good. What is the baby is to talk to the doctor first.

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I said Where's the baby? Why the baby was not hurt with the doctor and I insisted and said talk to the doctor and they felt there is something serious about my son.

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And the doctor told me that your son has no

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problem do not have problem that

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He basically can't see

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who's going to be legally blind the rest of his life.

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The only thing I remember that day, where she delivered the baby, that blind person that I made fun of, and I tripped on this.

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Today, I was very upset, very angry. I don't reflect upon it like something that as a reminder for me, it's actually made it hate my life more, that I have to deal with the disabled kids for the rest of my life. We've called him sad. And he said, I wasn't very good father, I actually start getting out of the house more, avoiding my wife more who is very religious person, very patient with me. But I completely ignored my son. Not only that, when he became one year old, I still remember, when he starts taking his first steps, he's to fall. Then I found that he's not only blind, he's also limping. He can't walk straight out.

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He can't walk properly. That's made me hate my life more. But later on, I got other kid, two kids later on after him home model and another son. He said when my son was about a teenager, 1213 years old. I was that Friday says to remember that Friday, very clearly. That Friday, I was leaving the house. And I was dressed up to go to

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basically an invitation for dinner. It's early for me to leave at 1130 or 12 noon, but I had to go to that place. And I saw my son sign him at the door crying. I never saw him crying in my life. And I don't conversate with him much. So I said to him, are you okay? What's wrong with you? He said, my brother. He didn't show up.

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And I'm worried. You know, don't worry about him. He said not I'm not worried about him. I'm worried about sort of Juma the Juma prayer, then I'm gonna miss it.

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I pause for a second and I said to myself,

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you haven't done anything to your son all these years. And I decided to take him to Juma prayer. I told him, You know what, I'll take you to the Juma prayer. He will.

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He said, Yes.

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And I took him and that's the first time I walk into the mustard to pray for a very, very, very long time was the first Salah. I pray to the Minister for a very long time. And he said, Do you think we can manage a place in the first line and the close of the email and I managed to secure a place for him? We said we tend to hold the bar and after the hot were finished, he said Baba can you get them? I

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said to myself Muslim, he's blind. He was what he wants with the Muslim then but I didn't say it but I was surprised by his request, I brought the must have and he said can you open salata calf? He said, I still remember it took me quite a long time to figure out what is total calf is an almost go to the index couldn't understand it because I never read Quran

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for the last 20 years of my life or so maybe when I was a kid, that's it. I didn't know what is it? And he kept telling me which sort of this and I what's the word is the name of the sword on the top. I said, Okay, so Tina had now gone further go back until we found something. Then I said, What do you want? He said, Just listen to me, because in Jamaica too similar to read soccer. As a kid was raised by a righteous mother.

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I said you memorize it. He said yes. And will lie. He said one of the most beautiful citation that I ever heard.

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Maybe not the voice, maybe not the tweet. But it is just that feeling inside my heart that my son is so close to Allah subhanaw taala. I'm very far away from Allah.

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He said that was the last day in my life, that I missed salah and the mustard.

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That was the last day of my life that I ever missed reading. So little calf every Friday. And now when he's saying this, his thought he was saying that's now you can count more than 25 years.

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That Friday was the last day I hang out with those bad company. I changed my life. I started hanging out with good people. I start going to dow and at that time, he was more, you know, close to public. And he said I became like more involved in dour, more learning the knowledge more attending to classes, things like that. And he said and I decide to go for a trip to help some relief organizations and some dollar work and

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Africa or somewhere. And it was a long trip for about four months. Took permission from a family. They agreed and I left. When I came back, I calling them in the phone and they told me, You need to come back. I can't cut it short, about two weeks shorter. Come like three months and a half. Came back to the house, looking for my son, my kids. I saw everyone except Shannon.

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And I said, we're his son. He became the most beloved son to me, believe it or not. Then my little kid Ahmad,

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he said,

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Salim with Allah.

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Phantom is in general.

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I just put him down. I couldn't understand.

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I thought he just was sick. But the mother just don't want to give him the bad news while he's traveling. And he said, she told him how he gets so sick. And when she called him two weeks ago or 10 days ago, he didn't survive. He died.

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He said that kid Yes, he might.

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He was blind, is it? No, I was the blind person.

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I didn't see the way to our last panel.

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He was limping. He doesn't know how to walk. You know what that person's foot was very firm on the path of the last panel.

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That kids he walked to our last panel to Allah and he run to Allah. While I was just crawling, or setting in my place. He said that child change my life. This incident have changed me and made me somebody else completely.

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This person Stapes his lectures one of the most famous lectures and in the Muslim world by the name of Shahada Rashid, if you ever heard one of his talk.

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So my point was today, that the issue of Toba the issue of repentant or last panel data, it is something that we should live with. When Allah Subhana Allah said, for India who can add in our being of a four and sorted is raw, that even receives it what that means that our being he said, the one who commit the sin, then go back to Allah then later on, he might commit another sin or a son then go back to Allah and keep going back to Allah every time he or she said

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Coronavirus Maria Kala Bashir in Medina, Vienna Vienna whom in Tableau COVID

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will have there is a deity in Annie in LA to LA madly adapt to him. Give the glide tidy to those who commit sins if they repent, they will meet my forgiveness. But tell those who are righteous. If I ever deal with them with my justice, they will end up being punished.

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That's why nebby sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah said, Oh son of Adam. Anytime you pray to me, you have hope and me You asked for my forgiveness. I will forgive your sins and I don't care what nobody I don't care how big how much how many Your sins are you have been add them or some of them if you send reach to the heavens bolivariana summer any the record of your sins goes all the way to the heavens. He said then you ask for my forgiveness I'll forgive you. Oh son of Adam, if your sin can cover the whole entire Earth, no I take any before I will die or as the heavy as heavy as the weight of the earth. I will meet you with equal to that weight with equal to that

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much for that size. Forgiveness

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reported by tirmidhi

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have an editor in Allah. Carmen Anima ne the code rotten Allah filati them for Tula Alana can a minha Abadi, madam you should be shade. If my servant knows that I forgive the sense no matter what. I will forgive the son of my servant, as long as he doesn't commit you.

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That's why I would like to encourage each and every one of us as I said today and Friday. Let's make this Friday similar to cottage Friday, a Friday where things has to be changed in our life.

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A new beginning in one chapter or one area in your life. Pick one thing that today it will be changed in your life. One thing that you will repent to Allah Subhana Allah from it, and you will commit yourself to the worship of Allah azza wa jal

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as I read and saw and sought after for kindness allotted a shot in lemon taba, Amano Amira

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an unsightly handful that you can use de la who sejati him has an ad. Those who believe in Allah, they repent to Allah and they do good deeds, Allah would replace their bad deeds with good deeds.

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bad deeds will be replaced with good deeds, they start doing good deeds. They start basically a new chapter in their life.

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My brother and sisters, those who want to truly repent to Allah, those who want to stay in the path of tober

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I can tell you there is nothing can keep you in that path. Like the masters.

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They say

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I missed it. Who are Mahaprabhu typing? It's the temblor of everyone who wants to repent a loss

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that's why one of the Mr. Woods reminder and advices very powerful. He said that it can be hard to swallow a typhoon either be in for in hoonah soon and Buddha Furman Taka Habana

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commit yourself to be at these places where the Salah is cold

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it is among the way of houda of guidance. If you leave it you will be misguided

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It is these places where Allah Subhana Allah said about it and about the people of these places. feeble youth in Edina long run total for our youth he has small you sub beholden

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to him to

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return to Him to john or to

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victory karela a bomb you swana what it is

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yeah Hakuna

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Matata movie Hill,

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in homes, what Allah subhanaw taala give the permission to be arisen

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or his name is glorified and mentioned in the day in the night. And it men who will not be distracted by to Java by wealth, nor by selling because business whenever if you are in a business, you know, ask Haytham for example, if he went and he go purchase a merchant cars. He purchased it he put his money and taking the risk. But when there is a sell, when there is when there is someone said you know what I'm going to close on that car. He knows as a businessman, that that's the deal.

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That's more valuable than just purchasing your merchandise on the hub that you will be selling later on because you might stuck with it. That's right. That's why I love mentioned to Jada What are beta, because there is something guaranteed the money guaranteeing your return guaranteeing your profit. So last month, I said what prevent them from the Quran, las panatela and performance Allah and givings occur with all of this, Allah still said about them. You have to mentor

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with all this commitment to salon with all this commitment to them aside and all this commitment to this God with all this giving and charity, with all this generosity for the sake of Allah, these still fear of the Day of Judgment. So what about those who not committed?

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What about those who are not? When I read in Surah 10 four as well and sort of Asia and Southeast Asia. I said what Allah said about those believers who spend their night doing what

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they doing their night praying.

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They praying in the night, and they say what, Robin? Oh, sorry. Johanna nada, Kanaka Rama so those who spend the night praying they said Allah protect us from hellfire. What about those who like me and many others spend the night sleeping?

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Maybe those who spend their night watching the heart, listen into the huddle, or at least wasting their time.

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My brother's this massage that we're in nebby sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to ever go to the masjid in the morning or comes back from it. Go to the federal go to Asia. Allah subhanaw taala build for you a house and gentlemen, Ben Allahu Allah who beat and filled in Islam vagenda Kula Malhotra every time we go in the morning and every time we go in the night, every time

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that you have a place built for you and prepared for you in general. Paula has a little the lower hand in the massage

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There is a man beside those who go to the mustard often they have eight

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qualities. Eight things apply to them.

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It can

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it's a very clear sign of faith. Welcome Mustafa. Then you will find a brother or a person the T should be a good brother or a good sister to you. Where illman Mustafa, you will learn something what I met a montavilla you will find Allah's mercy waiting for you. What can you imagine to do Allah who da da da, da da. reminder that might inspire you to do good or prevent you from something bad? Will Turku be hyah Ohashi Asha 10 and inside the masjid you don't commit sins

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either because you're shy or because you fear Allah subhana wa tada

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one day I walk in the mustard and I see this young man opening his phone and watching things which is you're not allowed to watch it outside the mustard

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unlike looking at it and we had eye contact I wasn't looking intentionally but just next to the door on his Mashallah as these pluses phones big screen and he looked at me Phil so embarrassed and immediately closed

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on a notice the guy and he took the form completely in his put in his pocket never pulled out again during the summer

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and the massage is where people feel a loss panna cotta our

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lives now Apollo 11 massage didn't emphasize

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fear all the time or if you had eaten

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SHABOOM the lady okay that is what happened to the real man haha la sala de Haan

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Selim the person who said these poetry's when he said in his lines, he said those who betrayed our Salah, they will betrayed come to the stand for the Muslim to fight for the rights of the Muslims to defend the oppressor, the oppressed one

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that's why I couldn't understand that activism. Outside the minister being so active and so good I understand it's exists, but the truth of the the comes from those who are las panatela bluster work plus their effort.

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That's why I ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to put his mercy upon us and to make us among those who repent Allah azza wa jal and to take that concept of Stover serious and to be truthful on it. Lama hum Abaddon todo en Holic while Tamara hamdallah Mubarak Ramadan at home hamidah karami Carmina Latika you

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know Davina so Alec aloha mahalo Mehta, Kannada Shahada in other country who Fatima is still another sorry hat. La mattina. Another slightly had to offer unohana in the Canton Oh Nana, MN mo De La Salle robina in the Navara for Santa ilimitado headline our top handle an akuna nominal Casa de la bella in Nevada fusino lm top Atlanta top Hannah an akuna Minal Casa de su panic alarm in condemning nobody mean masala Allahumma salli ala nabina Muhammad Ali. What is alchemilla