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  • State of the ummah today
  • Locally
  • A house divided against itself cannot stand
  • Reason for disunity – neglecting our covenant
  • Reason for disunity – dispute
  • Reason for disunity – belittling others
  • Reason for disunity – having suspicion
  • The call to unity
  • Make Islaah
  • State of the ummah today
  • A man from Jannah
  • Simple advices to create love and unity – Don’t forget what unites us, spread salaam, smiling, attending masjid, standing together in salah, accepting invitations, feeding others, gift giving, making dua for another, wishing well for each other
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Are they reliable? shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shopping was sensational Muhammad Ali he was 100 remain a beloved brother and sister Salam aleykum rahmatullah wa barakato

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Alhamdulillah an overnight I mean always forever we thank Allah we praise Him, for all the mercies and the blessings bestowed upon us and they should have Allah, Allah will testify that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love our greetings sanitation so beloved me Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to his pious and both your family whose companions and all those are following suit and until the end of time, now was panna what Allah bring honor and is it to the ummah of Naveen Mohamed Salah Salem, and grant all of us in the coffee widows? I mean, when hamdulillah last week we spoke about Palestine and the links between Palestine and the Battle

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of God and the lessons that we've learned and when we look at the Ummah today, I think one thing that every Muslim agrees we don't agree on much. We don't agree on there's very few things we agree upon. But if you ask any Muslim, they will talk about how in a weak state the Almighty's how bad things are, how, you know, low down we are as a as an ummah, in our history. And subhanAllah. Whether you look from the east to the west, you're going to find Muslim lands, weak Muslim lands so vulnerable, that enemies walk in, and they can take resources, they can kill people, they can subjugate us, and it happens before our eyes and we can't do anything about it. We don't have any

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honor anymore. We don't have any leadership that we can turn to, there is no,

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you will not find two Muslim nations cooperating with one another. There are also few Muslim countries, but you won't find two of them standing side by side. In fact, it is more common that you would find one Muslim country at war with another Muslim country, you would find one Muslim nation fighting and killing another Muslim nation. The biggest importers of weapons in the world are in the Middle East, the Middle East and governments. Not a single bullet shot at Israel, the enemy in the middle of the land to the middle of the middle, who is fighting who Subhan Allah has done. And this is one of the things that Mr. Lamb spoke to at the hospital. When he proclaimed the victory of Islam

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and the ending of Jaya Helia. You then said to the Muslims, that do not go back to the ways of Cooper, after me after I leave, don't go back by killing one another, striking the necks of of each other. Don't go back to that way. And as unfortunately we have gone that way. We have gone that way. And in the Battle of Ohio, we learned very clearly Allah subhanaw taala explained what caused the defeat, what caused the weakness. It was the fragmentation the disunity in the ummah. It doesn't matter how powerful the enemy is, how many nuclear bombs they have, how strong the economy is, those things will never impact us. Allah says don't look at the enemies, if things are not going well. It

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is something wrong within the ummah. We have a hadith not in the slides with enemy Salah made dua he says that Allah may may or may not be destroyed by a single calamity of flood or some earthquake that will wipe out the Ummah and Allah accepted, that will never happen, the ummah will never be wiped out by calamity. Then enemies made via Allah make no enemy wipe us out. And Allah accepted that we will never ever be wiped out by a single enemy. And this proves 1400 years there were times when we invaded, were bombed, we were subjugated, were colonized, they are gone, we're still here, the enemies will never overpower the Ummah completely. And then you may do Ral will be some a dua to

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Allah that may or may not be divided, fighting with each other. And Allah did not accept that.

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Meaning that the issue of division and disunity will remain with us and it will be something we constantly have to work to fix. It is a test that Allah is going to place upon this ummah, some generations of Asuma overcame the differences and they became strong, and other generations as we are, we can't see past our differences. And so we became weak. If we look at the Muslim world today, how sad is it that it is too long to make dua for all the countries that need help in Joomla you can't do it anymore. So we save equally mechanochemistry Why not equally mica and everywhere? Because if before it was just Palestine, as Palestine, Burma, Kashmir, the Uyghurs, Libya, Syria,

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Sudan, Somalia, I'm not going to go on. You need to just assume why just to make that block. That's where we are Subhanallah that's where we are. We find how sad it is ways out while we get our is way it's our honor. When our sisters our mothers, our daughters need to run from Muslim lands to be treated like dogs in Europe, but they'd rather do that than to live in our lands. That's where we become a resource for them says the time will come to great pride is the time will come when a woman would walk freely through the desert from Yemen to makan Hajj, she won't fear anything today. people fleeing their own homes, their own homes are not safe and they're all they live in the lands or

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lands who are racist and hate them. But trying to get in because of how bad things are at home. And we don't have to look for so let's leave internationally. here locally, in our own land in our own country in our own tiny community. We are a minority of a minority, a fraction of a fraction, not even 1% 2% Yet we find

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amongst us is no sometimes no cohesion, no spirit of unity no spirit of muhabba so every group every six that you look for in the Ummah you would find it represented here. In our Land you find every single type and group and sector Mata. You find all Mr. Subhanallah bashing each other publicly making each other kuffar, you know, having the worst a HELOC and adapt, you know, speaking to people to be civil, where they are uncivilized when it comes to one another. Organizations constantly fighting internal battles, this one trying to overthrow the chairman, this one trying to remove the President, this one bringing a court case against that 100 Allah while the Ummah is burning and

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bleeding, and our mothers are dying, obviously with these petty nonsense behind Allah. If one organization is successful, then there has to be a counter organizers to compete with him. It's the case one radio station we have to have a counter radio station, one masjid, we have to form another medicine. They are communities that I know. They have yet to even establish the first Masjid. But they already have plans for a breakaway Masjid is not enough to buy the carpet of the first Masjid. But they're already raising funds for a rival machines for Han Allah. What is wrong with us? Subhan Allah What is wrong with our mentality is not enough. You know, one thing that should unite us is

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that these are common threats, a common

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war against you a common enemy at the gate, if this can't bring you together, that we are going down together. When Subhan Allah, Allah was done, well known saying A house divided against itself can never stand. And that is our problem. And then we don't have to have PhDs on why that is, which is, the problem is us. The problem is we lack the unity. Now today's good, but it's not about Saudi Arabia, or Iran, or Yemen or whatever it is, leave the politicians and the global politics for the global politics. It is about you and me when an amusement spoke about unity. He didn't speak about something for the for the Obama and the politicians to fix. It is for each and every one of us to

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fix. Unity is fixed at a grassroots level, not in a top level. And if we see the problem globally, it means you and me, we are part of that disease, unity within our family. How many of us Subhanallah have beef have problems with family members, with colleagues, with co workers with our organizations that we How many of us we find ourselves on the side against that side. Whenever it comes to an issue on WhatsApp. We are part of the debate the dispute. If you're part of those kinds of conversations, then you're part of the problem part of the disease. So the reasons for disunity, why are we disunited? Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, when we end up in a call to Inanna

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surah Allah says As for the Christians, a hug Namita whom we we took the covenant they made a promise with Allah. They promised to stand together, they promise to stand with Allah and to follow his rules.

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But does that mean Matthew Kilby, but then they forgot the promise and they forgot the prioritization of Allah and His Rasul? And so what Allah do for us Reina Boehner who will adapt what what the Buddha Allah, so Allah says, as a consequence of the disobedience, and they just honestly, and the turning away from Allah, Allah says, We placed upon them Adamawa well above the hatred and animosity towards each other forever, until what until they come back to the teachings of Islam. So one of the reasons why we are in this mess, is because we are not true to our commitment with Allah. We don't perform our Salah, we don't give our Zakah we don't dress properly, we don't earn our money

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correctly. And so because of that, Allah places hatred between us.

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Because we are not faithful to Allah and also faithful to each other. We don't do business in a halal way. We don't treat each other as we should. So because you and I are not getting along. A lady in Syria is suffering. That's what we learned from the battle of word. Because of our weakness, our pettiness, someone else is paying the price of course in the dunya but in akhira, will pay the price. Another reason Allah subhanho wa Taala obey Allah wa Sula, who en and he's Rasool wallet and has that Oh, but that's shallow waters. Habari Helcom what's between Allah ma Savini Allah says, Obey Allah when Allah gives you a command and the Rasul gives you a command in the Quran and Sunnah

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of a don't dispute don't argue, don't steal double chicken double, you know, obey what Allah and His mission has said, and do not dispute with one another. List your courage goes and your strength leaves you to many differences of opinions, too many debates and disputes and photoshopping too many arguments on this and that, looking for an in really what is it? It's not done sincerely, when someone gets an opinion, and they don't like it, they look for a fact which will suit them. And we live as I said, we live in a time where it doesn't matter what the old Mr tells you. What the doctor tells you or what the scientists tells you, you will do and find that opinion which suits you. And

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you will argue your point because you believe we taught in the Western world. Your opinion counts, it doesn't matter who

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You are you. You haven't studied a single thing. You're still in primary school. I feel that this is the right opinion class. You have the right to debate with the Mufti, you have the right to debate with the scientists. Allah says this kind of mindset. Continuous debates and dispute and argumentation will result in your courage and your strength leaving you you're going to you're going to bleed out, you might just need to look at Facebook. The kind of argumentation is like a cesspool of useless discussion, no benefit, no fire that comes from it. It's just for people to make their own voices heard. It's not for hardcore truth or the sake of Allah. Allah also says one of the

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reasons that which leads to the big disunity is when you belittle you look down on you abuse and insult one another. How many of us are guilty? Now some of us might say, what's going on in Palestine? Is this it's the reason is the Middle Eastern governments. They are the reason why it is.

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Perhaps that's true. But also, it's how we treat each other here in Cape Town. Allah says, yeah, it will. Alina Ave, Elias heart Coleman Coleman as a minimum. Allah says, oh, people of Eman are believers.

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Do not insult belittle, call names, use abusive language to people, to fellow believers and fellow human beings perhaps that person is better than you in the sight of Allah.

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And we love to do that. We love to break someone down.

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We kind of get a kick out of someone making a mistake, that we can point the finger laugh, insult, put them this they mistake the crimes on Facebook. We like that we enjoy it.

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If you find that you get a kick out of reading harmful news about someone an organization and it gives you joy. There's something wrong with you if a disease

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you have a disease in your heart, so Allah Subhana Allah says, Do not insult any other person. Perhaps that person you insulting is more beloved to Allah than you. What I tell him is

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that without an average you will be a cop. And Allah Subhana Allah says, And do not insult one another and do not encode the call each other with this with bad evil labels.

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That's one of the ways in which a person is dehumanized. You ask yourself, How is it possible that people can massacre like a million people? You can like, incinerate 6 million Jews. You can destroy an entire village. How can you do that? Well, these are people these are and that's where the labels come in. These are this and that and all the ugly words and once you once you don't see this as a person, then it's easy for you to to do all the kinds of harm on that human being. It begins with insults and nicknames that old merci RAM sticks and stones will break my bones but names can never hurt me. That's really wrong. names and words are usually the first muscles to what then becomes the

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real muscles. And so we teach our kids in primary school to call people by knit bad nicknames or we become adults we don't seem to learn that educated orlimar insulting each other calling them dogs and pigs Panelo is that and of course we as well as lay people do the same.

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And Allah subhana wa Tada

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reminds us one of the reasons why we are disunited why we can't get along I we don't get along with one another. We have this common you know we have this inquiry evil assumptions of each other. We think the worst of one another. As a Muslim. There is this presumption called horsnell Done. You always assume the best of a fellow believer

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you always assume that it is impossible for this man to steal. It's impossible for this man to to have done this when

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someone tells me so when so? No, we caught them doing some Haram is it possible? I can't believe it. Unless my eyes see it. I can't believe it. That is the default today. We look for every excuse to put some assumption as you know or they were they doing that must be something evil. We look to put assumption and aspersions on people also Yeah, you're letting me know. Oh, you believe each tiny boo cathedral and avant. Stay away from a lot of speculation. A lot of

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presumption stay away from it in your mind and from SPL even worse talking.

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Stay away from these things. You read something in the newspaper, you have no clue what's going on. Look away from it. Or Allah says look away from it turn away from it. News that does not involve you turn away from it. Avoid much assumption in the bathtub and listen, because most of the time, what you're thinking is incorrect. What you're assuming is wrong. And in that you commit the sin you are the sinner. Whatever that gesture shows for Allah, Allah says and do not go and spy do not go and look for the faults of someone. We have this sickness that we try to find people's mistakes. We try to look for the faults to expose them.

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We try to look for the faults to expose them. Now remember that we

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tomorrow, it's your turn

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tomorrow and assumption a suspicion and allegation is pasted on you and people will look at you and try to analyze everything you said and did and it will be as if the whole world is looking at you. Remember that's how Allah sunnah Allah plays his sunnah a person who loves that kind of way of doing things, the Waltons, Allah protect us from such things.

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Your Honor, is the most fragile and flimsy of things. It can be taken away very simply. Today, you are not judged in a courtroom. As it as you shouldn't be done. You're not judged by lawyers and illegal money that would have been enough auditors, you are judged by unknown people by England and people on social media. Judge Judy, executioner. That's the world we live in today. As a Muslim, we should not buy into that mindset. Do not Allah says, Do not think badly of one another and do not go and look for faults of one another while you're stopped by the Kumbaya and don't speak badly about each other behind each other's back. Now, we ask Allah, why is the Ummah burning and bleeding? Who

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of us can say we don't have a mindset of suspicion amongst each other. We think badly of one another who of us do not indulge in scandalous discussion and scandalous talk and look at things which we're not supposed to talk about people behind the back. If we have done these things, we are to be blamed what's part of the blame on what's happening in Palestine? And if we really really wanted to liberate the Ummah, we really call for unity. It starts with us giving up these habits. Let us give up the habits here in Cape Town, we will see the unity in our land inshallah. And then we'll see the Unity globally, the diesel Salam, remember, in his lifetime, Palestine was not under his control. In

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fact, the Kaaba wasn't under his control for most of his life.

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His sermons were about we can go and conquer the Kaaba and his sermons will whether you're going to fix brothers in your house, we can't control what the coalition in fact, when you look at the story of we sit back look on the kuffar. He believes he's playing his part, he's the bad guy, he's supposed to be the bad guy.

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The one hour fix are playing the part. But the believers the good guys are not playing their part, we are not playing our part. We're not doing what we supposed to do. We are the sort of the villains now in the story. And it begins with each and everyone's changing at our individual level. This is recorded the 60s of destruction.

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It begins with differences and you will never get away from differences. They will always be different. Some of us are young, some are old, some are main, some are women, Allah created us diverse. This is a good thing.

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If Allah had wanted us to be uniform, he would have made us all in one mold. And that's it. No, Allah says in the Quran in many, many is that of the diversity of humanity. Because we have people that think differently. You have people that are introverted, extroverted people are creative people, analytic people are loud, people are quiet. These are good. These are good things. It makes the world beautiful, like flowers, different colors. But what we've done is we've taken our differences, and we disagree on things to people do not seem to be able to agree on simple stuff, where we're going to have dessert,

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one hour can become another world war, where we going for supper, where we're going on holiday, nice thing, simple things, things that shouldn't cause arguments, it results in argumentation.

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We disagree, and we have a mindset of being disagreeable. I find some houses my personal

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observation I might be wrong, whether it is in my field at work, or my field, in the team environment. People by nature are not accommodating of each other. You won't find a person that very few times will look whatever the drummer wants, I go with the flow, I have my opinion. But look at the German wants that Hollis

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everyone needs to state his opinion and his preference. And he almost has to show that if you guys are going this way, I think there needs to be a different opinion. You have you know, this this mindset I need to be I need to stand out. I need to go against the current. And so we disagree on so many things. Every discussion is a debate. Every small little issue becomes a dispute. So our disagreement again, it's okay to disagree. The Sharia allows you to disagree or have different medallions. What it doesn't allow you to dispute dispute is where you disagree. What sort of anger with an emotion with a dislike with a resentment to the one that doesn't agree with you. So because

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I say I like chocolate but you like strawberry. Okay. We disagree. We can't agree on what milkshake to have okay for us. We agree to disagree. There is no ill feeling. The minute we have an ill feeling. Now it's a dispute and this is where it becomes sinful. Once you dispute and you think negative thoughts of your opponent, the next step would be division. So we we are divided we are we have a different opinion. And this happened

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In leave governments marriages, you have a disagreement with your wife about how to pay them the kids. That disagreement, she says, you know, we should use the belt. Now we should use the naughty corner. Both of them are opinions. This disagreement now becomes a dispute. You're a bad mother, you're a bad father, we all get we swing into one another, that dispute results in Division winning hearts, we can't even be together anymore. We throw all the good that we have out the window, because this issue is a deal breaker for us. And for us, again, I have found marriages, families, organizations, over the most trivial of issues, they will throw away all the good that they have,

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because this issue I'm not willing to give him and so then that leads to division. We now go our separate ways. And of course with division as individuals and you will never be one person that divides. You find two people in the multi compartment. hamdulillah have no this magic committee and Allah bless it. We don't find that kind of issues from Allah keep it that way. But in other committees, you might find two brothers fighting and arguing, disputing the one breaks away. It's never just one that goes away. Now another half the Jamar goes away. Where there's a division between two individuals that results in a bigger disunity the family goes a different way. What are

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we going to have for lunch for eat? One anti seize that now the anti seize this, you're going to find in the WhatsApp group of the Jameses must go this way. Now, at the end of the day, instead of whether you had trifle or you had chocolate, whatever it was, you're going to have two separate needs and we don't talk to one another. Was this really the outcome that was desired? When it's so difficult to eat that rifle? What is so difficult to accept that opinion of the other? The other brother?

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Something like the vaccines are very controversial. And yes, people have strong opinions and strong evidences. We have now past the point of that discussion, but told today, people will not greet one another they won't make Salam. In fact, they still call each other coffee. Are you just gonna continue How long until the pandemic is over installed? We argue about something we just long time did. I'm gonna hopefully it's long term. But there are debates that people are talking about 30 years ago, and they still hold the resentment the issue is dead. But the feelings the animosity, the hatred, the division is still there. And of course, once you're disunited, that brings to

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destruction. And it's strange. We look at other parts of the world. Well, we are breaking up into different groups and six and Kabul and parties and factions. What are they doing? The United States, the European Union, NATO, not a single country in NATO fought each other since its founding, until now. But at this point, no two of those NATO countries shot one bullet at each other. They sign an agreement, we are federal allies. And we stick to that we have the Quran we have the sooner we say we are brothers, we are brothers the one it we don't stand for with one another. We stand against one another today. So even the enemies having to fight us, we fight do the work for them. So what is

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the road to Unity? What is the way forward?

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Then a visa salaam always focused on the grassroots, we sometimes focus too much on the big picture. The big picture is in the end of Allah, we can only control myself, my family that's basically beyond that. There's not much you can do. Control yourself. And so Allah Subhana Allah says, We're entire if and even I'm not mean extollo For us the whole buying dogma that if ever you see two groups of believers fighting this war, killing each other, but beyond that, arguing, quarreling, don't see eye to eye, this one is insulting abusing someone else, they must always be late, they always be a group of people that make it their job to mediate and make it

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be that guy.

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Be that person in your home, in your family, in your business at work, be the peacemaker, the mediator, be the one that reconciles and bring things together.

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This is better as we know in the Hadith, when tahajjud then Monday and Thursday, fasting then millions in charity, bringing people together, be that person Allah says whenever you see this lady be a person that makes reconciliation for in. But if one goes to extremes that all of you should unite against the transgressing party

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until it comes back to the command of Allah, for In fact, for us the whole but you know, who Mr. Bill Adela were accustomed to, and also and if the two parties returned, then makes it to make bring about justice and reconciliation and act justly Indeed, Allah loves those very few times. Allah says in the Quran that he loves, He loves people that acts in this manner, brings about Allah's love. In the moment when Allah says you are brothers, for ously Holbein, alikoum. So let they always be amongst you people that bring reconciliation between your brothers, who of us wants to see one brother not talking to the other one, one brother at the other.

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Make it your job to bring reconciliation, what Aquila and Allah come to Hamilton and have conscious of Allah so that you may be that you may have the Mercy of Allah that also says he swears by Allah, you will never enter Jannah Allah says the Prophet says to all of us, we will not enter Jannah until you believe until you really have Iman fully

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Don't you manage sincere and you will not have sincere Eman until you genuinely love your fellow Muslim until you see really love your Muslims you do not have sincere Eman and then he says may tell you something that will bring about the love for one another how do I develop this love ya rasool Allah simple thing he says up to salaam see spread Salam amongst yourselves and give salam to people that you Muslims don't even know and the narrator says this prove that Saddam can even lift hatred from each other's hearts.

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So you ask how do I fix Palestine Yet Allah, mix it up.

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Make it a habit from today. Whenever I see someone that's a Muslim, I'm going to be the first to say that Salaam Alaikum. The first thing Allah taught in every item, say A salaam to the angels. Some things will take a small, change the ummah. There'll be some says

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he sees a man and he says the Sahaba that man is a man from Jana. The next day.

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It's talking to the sahaba. And he sees that same method that man is a man from China. So one of the youngest Sahaba things of the Lebanon's vital. One of the young Sahaba said, I want to know who this man is Subhanallah we don't even know his name, which means is of the Sahaba he's not Abu Bakr Sama, he's just a Sahabi in the masjid. But then he says that man is a man as in Jana. So we know the story of this young Sahabi went to go and ask this Uncle, can I stay in your house? You know, I saw no problem. You want to come and spend some time with me? And to observe what is this man doing? That makes him a Jannetty? What is this man secret? And after three days, you know this youngster?

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Have you said to your uncle, listen,

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to be honest, I've done this because none of us will see that you are a person of Jannah. And I want you to see what it is that you do. What kind of vehicle are you making, or gadget you're making, but in reality, I make more tragic than you. I'm forcing more than you. I'm doing more about it than you. What is it that you're doing? And the man said that? I don't know. Except, look what he said. I can genuinely say I have no place in my heart for any ill feelings or hazard to any Muslim. If I see you want the job, or lie, I want you to have the job. It makes me happy that you get the job. If I see you you bought a new car, I feel good as if I bought that car. Mashallah, so he says I have no

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hazard in my heart to any Muslim and what Allah has given them. And Abdullah Abdullah was made I think, he said, this quality of this man definitely made him this agenda. Not he started yet than me. So this man is a man in Ghana. aspire for that. Look at people and make dua that they go forward in life even if it means that they go beyond you. Do what you seek is not diminished by someone else's success.

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Your success is not dependent on someone else's wealth, make dua and feel good for one another. And if you do that, you will feel sad when they are armed. When you see someone's name is tarnish some organization is belittle it should hurt you. I don't want to be the will make dua for them. And so, do not forget the things and I will give simple advice a split Sadam Smile, smile Subhanallah, but in the mercy to enter one of the reasons why unity is brought about is the congregational salah standing together, if you are invited, do your best to honor that invitation. feeding people brings about love and Maha Maha do the Hubble will give gifts it will make to bring about love.

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Part of your sadaqa if you can monthly is to give gifts to people, your neighbors, your friends, your colleagues at work a gift or buy you a lot of family you know with the wife, you buy the gift in a lot of brownie points doesn't only work with the wife, it works with the co workers with the boss with whatever it is give gifts, it will bring about muhabba to bring about love and make dua for one another really well like if you really want to test your sincerity and your love for somebody

00:28:44--> 00:29:20

asked if you make tagit and make dua for them, even your enemies. Now that shows you the difference we are supposed to Salam he made that you crying, not cursing Bucha Allah Allah guided Bucha how to guide them to Islam Allah the same people that became an abuser for us if we even make dodgy Salah and we do remember our enemies or Allah burn them in the lowest depths of Jahannam for eternal highly benefit yeah Allah know if you really love your brother even though you totally agree disagree with vaccinations and he took that vaccine UCR Allah protect him he doesn't know what he's doing in my mind what he's doing is evil but protect him and principle severe him Yeah, Allah this

00:29:20--> 00:29:29

man is crazy. He's not taking vaccinations I was against the virus. Yeah Allah only you can protect him he doesn't need a vaccine. Make dua for your enemy. Make up your enemies your brother, your brother.

00:29:30--> 00:29:43

And wish well whichever Allah bless all of us. I mean, may Allah bless the Ummah Allah bring love and unity in our midst and Allah guide us all Amin are Salah Syedna Mohammed will be sending from Nairobi, the enemy said I want to know