Dont tell me to be patient

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A speaker discusses a panel on patients and their behavior, including issues with patience and the removal of a person named Bob. The panel's response is unclear and the speaker suggests asking the patient to tell them not to be patient.

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will talk about patients at the end, their most hated word in the world nowadays and this panel, I've been talking about it a lot, because many people are calling me and they said, Actually one of them two days ago, three days ago, he talked to me. He said, Brother, I heard you talking about patience. And you said that somebody would say that don't tell me to be patient and so on. And then he told me, I'm struggling with ABCD. And he listed a lot of issues. And then at the end, he said, Can I ask you something, please? I said, Yes, brother. Go ahead. I'm listening. He said, Please don't tell me to be patient. I say or I guess what, what did I tell him? Actually, I told him

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Brother, be patient because I have no any other practical advice to give anyone who's struggling with these desires, but to tell him be patient