Ramadan Motivations 20 – Noah & his Son

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Sima said I want to lie here.

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Mila would help me now. So that was cinema I noticed while early he or maybe he was alone.

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Allah them I think there may info now on fire now vema are lumped in our designated manado bellami. We ask Allah as of durable Allah mean to open our hearts and minds, to strengthen our Eman to teach us what benefits us to allow us to follow what benefits us and to stay away from what harms us to give us the wisdom to know the difference between the two the grant grant is the light of a man to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong.

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And to bless us with following what pleases him subpanel what the ILO asked him subhana wa to Allah said to censor land so now upon the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa early he was selling them. We asked him to bless us in this Ramadan and to make us of those who are accepted, not of those who are rejected of those who have the strength and determination to worship him Subhana Allah of those who have not wasted these days, may Allah azzawajal guide us, strengthen us accept us, protect us and resurrect us in ways that are pleasing to us when we see him subhanho wa Taala and eventually engender mean.

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But hamdulillah our story in sha Allah for today is a portion of the story of the flood of Noah, Noah and he set up

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and then that story and you know the story you know the story from the beginning and the struggle of no Halle his Salaam and the flood and all of this and then the grounding of the disbelievers but within that story, in Surah, two there is an exchange between no and his son.

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And in that exchange, there are a lot of benefits I think insha Allah that we can take from it as it is when whenever we're reading a surah in the Quran or especially stories in the Quran, Allah azzawajal is telling and retelling that story because there is a benefit that if you pause and think about it and especially really dissect their story you will find that there is a something in it for everybody. So in the story where Allah zildjian says to no Hello he said um you know carry on the ship okay carry on the ship the believers and he says also a new family will carry your family and those who believe on the ship and this is significant because no holidays Sam is gonna remember this

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when something happens to his son

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and a lot of sort of describes the ship why he allegedly beat him Fimo Jean cultiva The ship is sailing

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in water it's waves are like mountains and Eliza describing the waves imagine this ship this lonely ship and

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it's raining and it's flooding the earth is flooding and it's raining at the same time right so water is coming from both ends top and bottom and they slowly ship right is sailing and that water is like the waves are like mountains. And I don't know I don't know if you have seen pictures of ships in the sea when the water really is so high that it really the waves look like they are mountains. You don't believe that the ship is going to make it

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so no headaches Anam is sailing in such

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circumstances. And he says to his son whenever they're not hot enough. So his son no calls on his son. What can you imagine that the sun was a part was somewhere else and this is as the onboarding the ship.

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Yeah Buddha Jakub Marina he says Oh son,

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ride with us be with us and do not be with the disbelievers.

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The son replies and he says clearly I said oh, we either Gemini or Simoni Minh and he says I will take refuge on a mountain that will protect me from the water. He sees the water coming. But he believes that this is like any other water He doesn't listen to his father's if it's like any other water. I will just be on the mountain and it will protect me climb to the top and protect me from the water.

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No, it says what are the alsumaria million women Amelia Hilda Moroccan. He says today nothing will protect from the decree of Allah from the commands of Allah from what is happening except the one whom Allah says

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It has mercy with

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and know how a cinema understands that unless you aboard the ship you're not going to survive. So this your your your plan your project to climb this mountain is not going to save you. So that's why he says ride with us aboard the ship with us but he fails to listen to his father. He says nothing is going to say from Allah's decree at this moment except when Allah has mercy with and Allah says what had to be normal No dude, the melda waves separated them.

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One is on the mountain, the other is on the ship, the wave separated then, and he drowned. His son drowned then allies and says, you know the water receded and it stopped raining. And then that ship settled on the mountain and God

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This happens

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know how he said I'm speaks to Allah xojo and he says whenever North America North calls upon Allah as a surgeon, and he says for another be in the minima, he says yeah, Allah My son is for my family. We're in no other can help on your promises true. What can we how can mean and you are the best of judges, and your judgment is the best of judgment.

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What is no haskin Allah xeljanz there

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he is saying that my son is for my family and your promises the truest of promises. What is he asking? He says because Allah Zoda said in the previous

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mfem in cooling so Janie, what a HELOC. He says, carry, I mean, you know put the animals on the ship, but also your family.

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Take them also inside the ship, love them board, they will be saved. But Allah also says a lemon cempaka Hilco except from your family. The ones who Allah's decree had already decided otherwise for them, meaning those will not be saved. But Allah did say to know what, that your family will be saved. But Allah made an exception. Know how he said I'm thought believed hoped

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that Allah soldier could save his son.

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So either know how to his Salaam was asking Allah zildjian to save his son from death so that he would not drown.

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or know how to his son, I knew that his son is drowned because he wasn't with him. And anyone who's not on the ship has drowned. But he's asking Allah to forgive his son in the hereafter to save his son in the hereafter. Is this possible this or that meaning? Yeah, Allah either saved my son from drowning, so he doesn't die. Because he is from my family and you promise that my family would be saved? Or Yeah, Allah forgive my son, though he is dead, but forgive my son, because he is from my family. And he promised that he will save my family.

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Allah xuejun what is Allah as a Dipsy to know how they I know how in the holy seminary? He says, Oh, no, he's not from your family.

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He says, Oh, no, this son of yours, that you're praying that I will save them, either in the studio or in the hill. He's not from your family in the hall. I know normally you will sign it. He is Emily. He is an unrighteous deed.

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He is an unrighteous D meaning here according to this. There's another film I'll explain according to this clip, I've meaning Allah as it says that he is unrighteous. To the extent that Allah had made him as if he is an unrighteous thing. He is so unrighteous. Allah made them as if he is an unrighteous thing. In the here's an unrighteous deed.

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In another slide says in who I need Avi rasanya, meaning he did unrighteous Lee, he behaved and righteously, meaning he is not from your family. And there's benefit in this insha Allah we'll come back to it.

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Some scholars have said in tafsir, he said, no, maybe this is in reference to no Halle center, meaning your request is unrighteous. And this is not an accepted deed. Hello, Anna, but I think a lot stronger is that it's in reference to the sun not to know its reference to the sun. So he says, Allah continue speaking to no further only Melissa that can be here and do not ask me what you have no knowledge of.

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Meaning this dryer of yours is something that you're asking that you have no knowledge of, you don't have no knowledge if this is beneficial or not. No knowledge of this is something allowed or not. This is not something meaning Can I Can an unbeliever be saved in the Hereafter, no knowledge whether you can ask me this or not, meaning Don't ask me something like this, which I have not allowed you to ask? In the evoca and takuna manager here and I'm reminding you unlike via I'm advising you, so that you do not be among the ignorant

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things such an ad such a request is not something pleasing to Me. So don't ask it because

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I'm telling you how not to be among the ignorant that's not something that is allowed them that you can ask the know how he said. He said hello be India Oh the week races Allah protect me from ever asking you what I have no knowledge to ask what I have no right to ask. And if you do not have you do not forgive me and you have no mercy on me, I'll be among the losers. So know how he said I'm immediately returns to Allah zildjian asking Him to forgive him for even asking such a question.

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Now, let me go back and show a lot to some of that points in the story because I want us to extract the benefits that are in them, and maybe also compare ourselves to know how he center. So first here in the request, new Allah, he said, I've asked his son and his son, apparently, and we understand he's a non Muslim, he's an unbeliever. He didn't believe in his father. And that is the first test of know how he sinner

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as Han Allah, many Muslims, right can identify with that test, where you have Islam where you have righteousness where you want to follow Allah as though it did, but the son or the daughter do not. And that in itself is very trying.

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So I want you if you ever are going through something like this, where you have a loved one who does not listen to Allah and His Prophet, and that is rooting you to take solace and comfort, some comfort in the fact that someone before you would like know how he sat down went through something, not only as difficult as yours, but a lot more difficult, because of what's going to happen.

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Because no holiday Sam is gonna see his son die and he's gonna see his son die, because of his own death against the disbelievers. He may die against the disbelievers. And that's the day that Allah was pleased with, that's why he accepted it.

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So you may die against the disbelievers and that Dre eventually came to include his son.

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So no, how do you serve Him is standing there and he's helpless, he cannot do anything. He says, board this ship with us, come with us. Do not be with a disbelievers. And here Do not be with the disbelievers could you know, accept two interpretations Don't be with them meaning as a disbeliever, or don't physically be with them.

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And that tells you that sometimes being physically close to someone means that you are emotionally and intellectually and religiously, arcades are close to them. And if you don't want to be close to them, you physically need to maintain some distance. So if you're around people who drink, you'll be like them. If you're around people who gossip you will be like them physically, if you're around them. You can see internally I'm not. But if you continue to be physically with them, you will be internally like them.

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So he says if they are taking drugs and you're physically around them, you will be like them. If the mark Islam McCullough and you're physically with them, you will behave like them. So it says Don't be with them.

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This son ignorantly says what doesn't listen to his father, he says I will just simply climb on the top of a mountain that will save me. And that is exactly materialistic thinking that young. You think that calculations one plus one equals two. That's the only thing that I need to know. There's no depth beyond that. I'll be on top of a mountain the water will not reach me that is materialistic thinking no halia said I was telling him in normal circumstances this could work. But now this is a decree of Allah that I know about that is going to kill anybody who does not work this ship.

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So don't always think materialistically

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if I take medicine, I'll never get sick. If I have money, I'll never get poor or need anybody else. If I have something physical, I will not need Allah xodus and I'm always strong and independent. This is not the way to think. Secure your financial needs, your physical needs, but rest assured that without Allah azzawajal LAU simulium nothing will protect you can have money and will not protect you. You take medicine and will not protect you. You can close the door, lock your door of your house, it will not protect you unless Allah decides that he will protect you. So let's not think materialistically like the son of no law asked him at the moment I'm going to let him kill

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them a Rahim if Allah wants to be merciful with you, he protects you. If not nothing that you can do more productive.

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Then when no Halla is set up, asks Allah xuejun

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Yeah, Allah, my son is from my family. Why is he asking? Maybe he forgot that Allah has said that there is an exception to your family. Maybe he forgot. And maybe in the anguish of a father and a prophet Emily, Allah said it could save him

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and this is coming from a prophet

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and Allah

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He's gonna accept this job or rejected

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a lot as it is not gonna accept it.

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Allah is not going to accept it. And so understand that if Allah is going to deny someone, like know how to use selama request,

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because it's not good for him, it's not suitable. It's not destined, it's not decreed that Allah azza wa jal could also very well deny as some of our requests. And that some of our requests will be, we're asking a load we have no knowledge of

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now we don't have their Allah xojo coming directly talking to us and telling us this, sometimes we need to review what we are asking, sometimes we need to ask somebody else and sometimes Allah simply does not get that thing. It does not mean that Allah hates you, because he does not hate No.

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It does not mean that Allah is not listening to you, because Allah is listening definitely to know it. But it means that this request is not appropriate, either not appropriate period, or at this time at this place. It's not good for you, you can ask it.

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So have this conviction that you are asking Allah but you're asking acha will help me in the best whose judgment is the best of judgment, not what might not minor on your judgment, if if it was up to me, I'll get everything that I want at this moment instantly. But our Last Judgment knows best that this is not good for me. And this is not good for you. Too much of this will destroy you and me his service judgment is the best of gentlemen. So it's not going to give it

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not that Allah does not have it. Not at all. I cannot give it not that Allah, God forbid. He's mean, and he wants us to torment people, not any of these things. But his judgment is the best of judgment. So believe that his judgment is better than yours in mind. Sometimes His judgment means that you and I will be sick, not healthy, asked for health. But if Allah delays this, believe that his judgment is better than my judgment and keep asking for what you want. Don't give up. But at the same time, don't blame a lot. If he does not give the things that you want. His judgment is superior to yours and me. Then Allah says he's not your family.

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And here there are biological bonds, and there are religious bonds.

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And Allah is telling him eventually, right when these 10 in conflict, religious bonds supersede he is his son, but he's not your family. That said, they were separated.

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And no, Ibrahim and he cinema has gone or will go through something like that, and has gone through something like that. Because faith he man separated between him and his father in this dunya and in the earth Hello, he'll try to intervene, analyze the data will not accept his intervention

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will throw his father in hellfire. So there are biological bonds and they are strong. And your sons and your daughters and your parents and they are dear to all of us. But eventually if we decide if we find out that Allah zodion does not approve of them, and only we'll find this on the Day of Judgment, or when we look at them now and they are displeasing to Allah, at this moment, Allah is that it is not happy with them later on, he could come back to Faith and Allah could be happy with them again. But eventually if we discover that Allah is undisplaced with them, that religious bond supersedes Allah azza wa jal comes first, as agonizing, as difficult as it is, Allah says he's not

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from your family, he's not righteous. And if you were to embrace him, if you were to take him he'll separate you from me. So think and decide which one do you want someone who will take you away from me or do you want me

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and if you want Allah hazarded, sometimes it will mean to let go of what is dear to you.

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In nowadays, I mean Allah, he did something unrighteous, he is unrighteous in, in himself. So don't ask me what you have no knowledge of. And here what is sapan Allah and this is what I want to conclude with. What is astonishing. What is inspiring is how quick know how a solemn comes back to Allah.

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He doesn't condemn Allah, he doesn't protest. He doesn't say How could you How could you take my son after everything that I've done? I've given to you 950 years and our Couldn't you guide my son, this son of mine? Couldn't you guys couldn't you save? Don't I deserve this? Right? This is something like we would say, couldn't you at least give me this? It might not close enough with you that you could answer this job of mine? Why would you deny me this is what we would say.

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No, Halle Salaam was a different caliber, different human being. He immediately say Allah forgive me for asking this.

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Forgive me that I said something and I requested something I'm not supposed to. If you do not forgive me and have mercy on me, I'll be among the losers. This is a heart sapan Allah that submitted so much to Allah.

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zildjian once Allah says this, he said this

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Hello is just it's just that the sun he forgot about know that he had lost the love that he had for his son that never goes away. But when Allah says no stop he stops the sun is gone he's gone

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don't imagine that knew how you know had stopped feeling love for his son. agony over his loss. No, that never stops. But know how does that mean cinema understood the matter is settled. And a lot decided what he loves him what he hates, and he's gonna go with what Allah loves. And he will put this before his own feelings and in time those personal feelings will decrease. And the love of Allah is that it will continue to grow. So when you give up things for the sake of Allah Zoda, even when things and especially with these things are dear to you and me, this is the time when the love of Allah will grow.

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So again, Subhan Allah, if we ever think that

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we have gone through a test that we can and cannot bear and the test of Allah was so great, remember the tests of the prophets of Allah, remember this test, that he had seen his son die in front of his eyes, and he knows that his son will be in hellfire. And he had given up all of his life, all of his comfort for Allah zildjian and for Dawa

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and his son died as a result of a deal that he made against the non believers. And with all of this, he submitted to Allah as it and then says, I am I am I am for you, your Allah.

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So let this inshallah just inspire us and comfort us that if I'm going through some difficult times, these are not as difficult as these, if I lost something, it's not as difficult as this loss. And this is one of the reasons why Allah zoldan tells us the stories so that see the sacrifice of those who came before you and see what happened to the prophets of Allah. Your loss and my loss pales in comparison. We Allah has this urgent give us the wisdom so that we understand our lost in contact our loss in context in comparison, and ask Allah asserted whenever we lose something to strengthen us with a man and conviction says that we are always

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connected to Allah has the origin and we never reject him or rebelled because of something worldly that we have lost. Because we understand that a lot is dearer than anything in dystonia.

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So shallow answer that questions that we have. So the first question is, should we start our worship after Asia for the night prayer and etc, you can do that in sha Allah so the night starts from Muslim.

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So you can start from Muslim I mean, mothering between Muslim and Asia, I mean, you're going to be eating and then finishing up food and wrapping up these these things. And I think so you may not have a lot of time for, for a guy that if you have some time for a brother, you can pray if you wish, it's not night prayer, but you can pray if you wish you can do thicker if you wish in sha Allah, because it is still part of the night.

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The bulk of your worship, most of it is going to start after Asia. So once you pray your Asia and then you pre or sooner that's when you're a better we'll start from then till all the way to ledger. So you start your signer then and you start your plan and you start to windecker and you start your new app and we explained in sha Allah how to do this yesterday. So yes, most of it starts from Asia but if you have time between Mother benicia us then you have time for Koran, you have time for daycare, you have time for that then you can do that inshallah between Malaysia and then after Isha you continue most of it insha Allah and your Salah could be immediately after Asia, you can wait a

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little bit and then start the Salah. You can spread it out throughout the night you can make it all

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before one hour, two hours three hours before failure as it fits your schedule in sha Allah and your ability to perform a better

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there's memorizing Quranic words count as a data insha Allah don't make them this the main a bed of the night but intersperse like in between so you pray you make dua and this for instance you just want to rest a little bit you got tired physically mentally you got tired a little bit you just want to rest and that's kind of obvious and normal you just want to rest you just be energized again to worship so what gives you energy maybe is to memorize a few sub few what Anacortes memorize them inshallah. So get an insert that memorization of Quranic words as your

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relaxation time as you relaxing re energizing memorize these words in Shell, right?

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Can you recite or on alone The Shea who is reciting from radio or just to practice your reading and to perfect

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Reading of the Koran you can do that. So you have specific qualities are really good in number and reciting the whole answer just such like and feel sorry. I mean, shall we Abdul Basit, there could be others with a fee, right?

00:25:16--> 00:25:37

Especially the one of 13 had been recorded not in the Salah been recorded in a studio, you find them these recitations recorded in the studio, especially for that week. So you're sitting and listening and you are repeating alongside or right after, just to perfect your pronunciation and your theory. So you can do that in sha Allah, this is one of the ways for you to

00:25:38--> 00:26:20

improve your color and prove your tweet. If a gold you bought is 10,100 grams and you paid 10,000 long time ago to wear but now it's worth 3000 How will I pay as a Catholic you estimate visicalc today for it is okay, you know the worth today, not the past, but the word of the day for it. And this is a guy that you pay for it in shop. So if it reaches then he stops if it's 3000 it reached any stop, then minimum amount CEO pay 2.5%. Right? For that goal, right. And that goal insha Allah it's, it's gold that you store, if it's just regular jewelry that you wear, you don't have to pay cash for it according to one opinion, the stronger opinion will lower Now you don't have to piece

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it, go for it. But if it's a gold that you bought, and you'd simply store as investment, that up is a capital, right? The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be together in paradise like this. And the Prophet tells us two fingers together like that, based on this hadith can the orphan be our own kinship IE nephew? niece? Yeah, is there any limit in terms of age that we can put them under our care, an orphan inshallah, as long as they have not became adults, religious adults were hit puberty. So we're talking about an orphan who has lost, let's say, both parents or lost at least a father. But typically, right, if they're going to be under your care, I imagine the loss of both

00:26:57--> 00:27:34

parents. So if there is someone who is below the age of puberty, and you take them fully under your care, so you take care of them fully kathuria team is the one who takes care of them fully. Now, there are some people who just donate money to take care of an orphan and that's highly recommended me Allah bless you for that. But it's not fully Catherine Alia Team kefalonia team, for you to achieve the status that the prophets on Islam is talking about here where you will be close very close to the messenger. So a lot of you and you send them is for you to adopt him to take him fully responsible for everything responsible for his expenses, raising him to take care of him protecting

00:27:34--> 00:28:16

him everything, this is kefalonia team. But it's also sponsoring a team is also wonderful at hamdu, lillahi, rabbil, alameen, Allah will reward you a lot for it. So an age limit, right. And we'll say up to puberty, this is your team. After that, it's not really a team. But in society today, unlike societies in the past, they still need you. So if a girl is at 12, and she's hit puberty, or a boy is at 14 1314, he had hit puberty, they don't see is needing your help before, right, they can be more independent today, they still need your help. So we say inshallah, that extends, right, that extends all the way till 18 below, and I'm in society today, in an age where they can be

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independent, now they can go to college university, they can take care of themselves,

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extensible that he will love, and in today's society previously, they did not need it till 1890 until 1718

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But today, they do. So cafeteria team, the one who is an orphan, and you adopt them and you put them in your house and you take care of them and you feed them and you sponsor them everything, it's like you are a father for them, you are a mother to them, and you sponsor them insha Allah until they are independent. So we're talking about 18 months ago and that's typically the age when they can get a go on their own and Sharla either study or find a job that will lower

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but you've been handy little bit and I mean, I don't see any more questions here and they're handed down a bit. alameen so inshallah, just a reminder that

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if you're in the city or similar as in sha Allah

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you know you're going to shower be receiving the night and then incoming night is going to be the night of the 21st It's a potential night where it's could be later to other May Allah zildjian enable us give us the energy to do our best in it. A lot of money in the gaffer want to hit will ask for that for you remember this there are a lot you are I thought you are forgiving, and you love to forgive so forgive me. So remember this too. I keep repeating it in sha Allah, and there are stations of pm little cutter. So we'll begin with the minimum station right? I don't know if you're able to pray in msgid in JAMA or not, but that is a possibility. If not, that's fine in sha Allah,

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it's not necessary. But what we say is the following you pre Orisha, you pray your sooner and the minimum. I'm just going to state the minimum here and you pre torlock as a PA

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and let's read

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1010 as an each rocker, and you do your router that qualifies STM, then do the grove Allah xojo make your dra you did tm. So that's the minimum. Okay, we can do more in sha Allah and hope that we can do more than this. It's that you pray telavi three tm and telawi. And you pre what you pre that you love and rock as you can make them short if you wish, or they could be very long. So you can make your pm an hour or half an hour or you can do a PRP on two or three hours depending on how physically fit you are and how mentally prepared to orientia Allah to do all of this and you can spread it out. If you say well I can't if I do you know half an hour of prayer I get tired he said

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you can do half an hour and rest then do half an hour and rest half an hour and eat and drink half an hour in sha Allah and rest a little bit more. And in the middle you can show insha Allah in between you can do some thicker you can do some Koran you can do some your app, you can pray standing, you can pray sitting down, you can pray in the beginning of the night sleep then wake up the end of the night and continue praying. So there are various levels in sha Allah and various you know ways where you can pray. Just remember that you can do just make it for Allah Azhar didn't make it with a man that I'm doing this because Allah loves it. I'm doing this because I want my previous

00:31:24--> 00:31:52

sins to be forgiven. I'm doing this I want to run away from hellfire. This is why I'm standing. This is why I'm praying this is why I'm making the dua May Allah accept from us all May Allah guide us to what he loves, you know live this is data to help us see Allah do with the best in it and accept it from us make our praying in it in an email and YT server accept our Salah accept our to accept our ticket accept our port on accept and make our intention sincere for your sake your hammer rahimian

00:31:53--> 00:32:02

make it upon the son of your messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam make our heart present make our mind present make us a robot I mean

00:32:03--> 00:32:41

I'm any in the company of the angels of Allah as legit as the descended the descendant this night, makers of the blessed on the night of another those who are denied well as your Balala need to accept our fasting to accept our Eva, to forgive our parents and forgive our spouses forgive our children. Forgive our family close and distant forgive our neighbors forgive the oma of Muhammad Sallallahu early we're sending them makers of the people of Jelena makers of the people of the Koran the people of the sooner do not make us of the people of deviation of bitter or the people of Hellfire, protect us from hypocrisy and shift protect us from the diseases of the heart and the

00:32:41--> 00:33:02

diseases of the body. Protect this era Palamon with your protection in this life and in the Hereafter. does Allah healer when sha Allah will see you the same time in sha Allah tomorrow Baraka lo fi come subhanak llama will be handed a shadow under Illa Illa and a stuffy ricotta whoa la hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa one Academy.