Muhammad Salah – Gardens Of The Pious #421

Muhammad Salah
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Ah heavy

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allah God is the greatest

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glory to Him. He bought me humans to be the best and give his best religion to allah God has been greatest

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glory to Him. He only used to be the best and give his religion to

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a Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Smilla Rahmanir Rahim will praise thee to Allah alone

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excuse me

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will present and will seek His help on so Allah guides is a truly guided one. And also overall it is a say non Caterham guidance. I bear witness that there is no God worthy of worship but Allah Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad peace be upon him is his last messenger. Idea viewers. Welcome to another Live edition of our program Guardians of the pious. Today's episode is number 421. And it will be the seventh episode in the study in chapter number 183. The chapter which deals with the diversion of certain chapters and verses of the Glorious Quran.

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Today it will be the seventh and hopefully the last in sha Allah in a study in the chapter and it really was worth it.

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It was very important to learn about the virtues of some of those chapters of the Quran. Hopefully in sha Allah, we will act upon that the first Hadith in today's episode is Hadith number 1021 Seven Hadith collected by Imam Muslim and Narrated by Abu Dhabi, early Allah Juan and the Radi Allahu Anhu another Seul Allah is Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam a con man half Eva Ashra yet in min el wali Surah till Kaffee all Seema minute deja

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vu rewetting mean so here is Surah till KEF power human must.

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So we have two different iterations, both by Abdullah may Allah be pleased with him. Both are authenticated by Imam Muslim, the collector of a hadith. And in them the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him says, Whoever commits to memory wherever memorizes the first thing Yeah 10 verses of Surah Alkaff he will be protected from the trial of at the JAL Surah Al Cathe is chapter number 18 of the Glorious Quran, whatever memorizes the first and I have to sort out in calf, will be guarded and protected against the trial of the Antichrist, false messiah lmsc head, the Jan the one I write, in the other narration, he says,

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Whoever memorizes the last 10 years of Surah Alkaff will be protected again as a trial of the Antichrist or the false messiah.

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Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Selim has guided us through all the means of protection, again, is various through some trials, particularly the worst trial in this life, which is

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the trial of lmsc at the jail,

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and he was known as mercy because one of his eyes is not just blinded, or is not just one it is one eye, but you don't see the other eye you see a projection like a piece of skin, a projection, instead of the eye. So it's like it is wiped out. So that is why he is known as Naseeha digital and he's the Anti Christ, he is the false Messiah and he is also the pastor, he is the greatest liar.

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In many a hadith, the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him warned us, again is the title of the false messiah. And he said particularly there is not a single prophet before me, but warned his people again is the title of the false messiah. And I am warning you, again is a trial of the false messiah, indeed, his one eye and your Lord is not one night.

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And when he says one I and your load is not one i Why do you have to say that you load because the Messiah, the false messiah, the impact

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So the entire Christ will claim that he is the Lord. And he will have some means to try people, obviously, who will try those who will be ready to follow him from the beginning, the deviant, from non Muslims, and the deviant from among Muslims as well. So he will claim that his God, He is the Lord is

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even though he will have written between his two eyes and on the forehead, the word calf for Allah Kapha or Kaffir a disbeliever or he disbelieved cafetera. In the Hadith, the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him says, There carova Every person, whoever is a believer, whether he is literate, or even alert,

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will be able to see, we'll be able to read it, and we'll be able to recognize it. But those who will incline with the trial of the Messiah, they will neglect that they will not get to see any of that. Among the means, which Allah Almighty will provide him with, because this is a test and a trial. Like Satan is having some means through which he whispers to people, He misleads them. Okay, he's given an access to that, but only by the love of Allah.

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That he will order the sky to drop its rain. You see the clouds say drop your rain, so it will drop the rain. He will order the earth the field to go it's fruits, plants and visitations, and he will do so.

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But all of that is temporarily

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and he would test one of the believers by making him or trying to make him submit to His world and admit that he is the Lord, but he will refuse. So he will slain him. Then after he will cut him in to have you will saw him into Have you put the sword in the middle of his head. Then once he is split into half, he will walk between his two separate parts of his body to show everybody to show his followers that the guy is definitely that this is not sorcery, then he will ask him to come back to life. Then he will come back to life. So people would believe his followers who believe that there must be God, because only God can give life back after death. Then he will address this person

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who was a believer. Hmm. Now, do you believe that I'm the Lord. So this young Muslim, their steadfast, powerful song Muslim would say now, I'm more certain than even before you are the imposter, you're the false messiah, your own mercy hood, the jack you the Anti Christ, whom our beloved Prophet peace be upon him, warned us against? Why do we say it is the biggest trial ever since Allah created the heavens and earth until the end of life. Because when people see somebody who has the power, to give life after death, not just give us and to all the rain to come down and it does. And the field to grow its fruits and visitations. And it does they will say definitely,

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that must be God. But he's working his corrupt his spirits mischief on earth. And he shall travel throughout the earth, not a single city in Houston, Texas, in Canada, in the UK, in Iran, in Iraq, anywhere in the world. In Egypt. He will enter and try its people except Makkah and Medina, particularly Medina it will be guarded by the angels against him so he cannot enter it. So there are a lot of people who are living in Medina, but they are not true believers. They are not steadfast. So Allah Almighty will cause the medina to shake like with an earthquake. So they would run any flee so that they will join the anti cross or the false messiah.

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You can imagine how terrible it is such trial. It is to the extent that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam has commanded to see the fish with Allah in every single prayer after the shahada, and before making the steam Aisha Radi Allahu Anhu underrated that. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam Cornedo for Salah used to invoke Allah the following invocation in the prayer, Allah Houma in the hours we come in other will come Oh Allah, I see if if God again is the torment of the grave. Where do we come in fitna dilemma

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See head the gel, and then see if her fish will do again is a trial of the false messiah. Where Who is it becoming fitness in mahiya wa fitness in Mammoth, and see if it will do again is a trial of life and the trial of deaths. And those are the four things which the Prophet SAW Selim used to awfully seek refuge with Allah against, after the Tisha hood and before making testy and of trial of life and death, the trial of life, particularly the last few moments before death, when the person is struggling to preserve his life, but eventually he will vanish. So if he is a believer, Allah Almighty will keep him firm and will inspire him to say the Kalama you sub bit on Love will Levine

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Manu Bill Kohli savvy savety fill hayati dunya, in the last stage of life and before this, Allah will inspire them to say the candidate will fill alpha. And similarly, in the Hereafter, the Almighty Allah will give them this beat in the grave the first stage of the year after, so that when the angels monka and Nicaea will ask him, who's your Lord? Who's your prophet? What is your religion? The answer will flow easily on the tongues. This is a desperate and this is a trial of life, and the trial of death. So those are the four things which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to seek refuge with, against

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in the prayer. Mr. Muslim narrated

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a Hadith from Abu Hora era of the Allah one he said, the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him commanded

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the recitation of the first ayat of surah LTF on the false messiah. In some other narrations, the last yet the last 10 verses of the surah LKF feminine or the raka who mancom familia Corolla is a word he has so little KEF the hadith is narrated also by a nurse it is a man and collected by a Muslim. If any of you happen to witness the false messiah, may the Almighty Allah preserve us again is that let him recite the first thing is also not Alkaff or the last thing yet Surah Turkey if

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it is not fair to say so, and just take it as is, it is very important to understand why. What is the significance of Surah toolpath to begin with, and

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particularly the first or the last in a lot of sort of LKF

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number one, the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said in the Hadith mancora Surah tell Cassie Kamenetz N Atla who more on yo multi Emirati Minakami Illa MK

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woman Karasawa yet in a hurry has a Maharaja the gel la Musa La La hadith is collected by a non taba Ronnie. He said peace be upon him Whoever insights

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Surah Alka chapter number 18 of the Glorious Quran as it was revealed, it will be simply no more he will have a light from his place all the way to Makkah, the slight stretch out all the way from his place to Makkah, and whoever recites the last thing is to sort of tell calf, and then the false messiah has emerged. Let me Salaat ally, he will be protected again is the false messiah, and he shall have no control over him. Furthermore, the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said mancora Surah tel Caffee later Jumuah wherever he cites this particular Surah on Friday night, when is Friday night, Friday night in our calendar is not Friday evening. Okay? It is not when they have

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their happy hour. No. Friday night begins at sunset on Thursday. Because the mind precedes the day. And that's why once we cite the Christian of Ramadan, we pray Taraweeh on the last day of Shaban even though we haven't fasted yet, but it is because tomorrow is going to be Ramadan, and the night recedes the day and why we're praying Asia on the last day of Ramadan. If the moon is sited tomorrow is the beginning of the month of Shawwal which means tomorrow

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was going to be read. We call it off. We don't pray throw away on that night. It's over. You want to pay 200 at home, you can do that. So then I proceed the day so the best time

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to recite Surah tell KEF on Friday to get the promised word is you have all the way from sunset on Thursday until sunset or Friday. At is 24 hour. Men color so little carefully let Illuminati although Allahu Minh and nori meva in whoever innervated it whoever recites the Surah on the night of Juma will have a light that will switch between him and elevate allottee what is elevate allottee so mana Hill Lu, il Baitul, RT and vital hotteok means the ancient house, the ancient house, which is Aqaba, because in the other ayah the Almighty Allah says in a world of at war, the earliness Isla de vivre Katha mobile rockin well who the little Halloween the very first house of worship put on

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earth for people is the one which is established and built in Mecca. Acaba to Moshe Rafa is also called Al Baitul. Attic as Allah Almighty said sama Maha elevated it. So now this is as far as the place similar to the previous Hadith, you will have nor you will have light illuminating a lighting the space between you location and Maccha.

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And in the following Hadith, it talks about the time, so we have the place and then we'll go on to have the time the blessings of the time. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said man Cara Surah tell Kaffee FiiO Meldrum wa so now in the previous Hadith we spoke about the mind and this hadith speaking about the daytime about Allah human nori mervi najem Watain Allah alight will be left for him between the Zuma and the following Joomla if he got to recite it on the following Joomla as well. So a person who keeps reciting Surah LKF every Friday will have his entire life lit with nor as far as time and as far as place, the distance between his place and Mecca will be lit with nor

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will have no shading from him all the way to albite allottee will have light lit for him from this Joomla and until the following Joomla spirit will have brothers and sisters

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contained very interesting stories, beginning with the story of us herbal calf and that's why it was called Surah till calf. I found a program for deck to deck at night PCV is called treasures from the cave, where I tried my best to cover you know as much as you can in about 30 episodes, you know, the beautiful lessons and the gems from Surah Alkaff. So you can find it in sha Allah online, you can watch it for free as well. Treasures from the cave pertaining to Surah Alkaff. He insisted that I should film that program in his studies.

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May Allah bless him and protect him.

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So Serato KEF contains many treasures, the story of the people at the cave, the story of Moses and the harbor, the story of the just king little corny and building the high dam that separates and protects humanity against Gog and Magog. And also it has the confirmation of resurrection life after death.

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Gathering blowing in the trumpet and then explaining who are the winners versus who are the greatest losers cool headed on a bill calm bill of serene Armelle it was the last eight is of Surah LKF cool Hello Nabil calm will have Serena Amala Alladhina Walesa you won't feel higher to dunya or whom you serve on a new home. Your sunnah, sunnah. So those are your brothers and sisters, alert us to the concept of the Oneness of Allah. It sheds some light on some very powerful and influencing stories from the past, whether the people the youth, who took shelter in the cave, to preserve their Eman, Delta hidden monotheism, because he lived here in the form of a tyrant king who claimed that he is

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the Lord. So they fled and it will shelter in the cave and Allah subhanaw taala put

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into sleep for 309 years, and it was such a miracle. And then he brought him back to life. And when the people realize that those people, you know, they slept over so many years, hundreds of years, they have been lucky and I approved to the Oneness of Allah very interesting story. And the sequence of how Musa alayhis salam bank are harder to join him to learn from him. And the lessons that he learned from joining with Al hodder.

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And also the story of the man with the two gardens, who was not a believer and his companion was a believer, but he was broke. And he thought that because he was rich, that means God loved them, while his poor companion, asked him and enjoined him to be grateful to Allah to worship Allah and to recognize his oneness. But he denied all of that. So he was ruined and he lost everything. And he regretted that also the command of the prophets of Allah to His Prophet sallallahu Sallam not to say to a thing that I shall do it in the morrow without saying that wheeling while at the colon Nelly che in in the Faroe Islands, Danica order in a sha Allah and the command of remembering Allah in

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case that you may forget, was called Rebecca either aniseed beautiful, beautiful surah. So, it is highly recommended. Brothers and sisters, I can have enough share in the story with my kids, with my students over and over and over, there is countless and none ending lessons

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from Surah. If so, the person who memorizes the first and eighth and the last and if and he resides in in case that the false messiah emerges, he will be protected as a perfect deal.

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Because people will join him in groups and groups and groups. Vast majority of people will follow him. But when they see alma de Mohammed Abdullah and Maddie, then isa ignore Maryam Jesus, the son of Mary descending a lead in the Muslim army, the Messiah will disappear.

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And he will dissolve like salted water. But Jesus, the son of Mary is not going to leave him alone. He will chase him all the way to the gate to flood in Jerusalem in our courts, so that he will slain him and will kill him. So brothers and sisters, we are being tried and tested on regular basis with much lesser tests and trials. Those who fail those tests and trials, I wonder, how will they do in case that the false messiah the imposter, the anti price emerges? And he shows that he can give life and he can cause people to die and he can grow the plants. It will be a big trial. May Allah protect us against it? Last Hadith in the chapter inshallah will begin next segment with a new Hadith Hadith

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number 1022 And our dilemna vessel Radi Allahu Anhu Munna Bhai Nana Gibreel Ali, salaam Cardona, India Nabil Salallahu Alaihe Salam semi on appeal domine filthy he fought off Arosa. HuFa call Heather verbal Minister Maggie footie Holly Elma Well, Amelia Cocteau Illa Liam

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phenethylamine who Malecon for Carla Heather Melaku NASA il on Willemijn ZIL Koto, Illa Leo, for Salah Mohan ABSHER been rainy Ooh Tito, Houma, la new the human body Yun cuplock 30 Hubble Kitab wa our team Surah Al Baqarah and Takara behalf in minha, Illa theta who, our Muslim we started this hadith whenever we were learning the virtues of Surah Al Fatiha or the greatest chapter in the entire Quran. So what we'll do is we'll read its meaning in English then insha Allah rabbit Abdullah, if not best, may Allah be pleased with him the rated that while Gabrielle peace be upon him was sitting with the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him. He heard a sound above him. So he

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lifted his head and he said, This is a gate which has been opened in heaven today. It was never open before. Then an angel descended through it. He said this is an angel who has come down to earth. He never came down before he sent greetings and he said, Rejoice with two lights given to you. Such lights were not given to any profit before you. These two lights are

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Surah Al Fatiha

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The opening of the book, the mother of the book and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen and the last two years of Surah Al Baqarah. From an Anna rasuluh VENA Zillah la Hema Robbie he will not be known all the way to the end. Then he said he will never recite a word from them without being given blessings, the blessings that it contains, because they are in the form of N vocations. So those invocations that you recited in our 30 Have I seen a dinner you will be rightly guided by saying no to his nah in the center of Tanana then Allah will not pardon you in case you forget. Or your letter Malala Anna Islam Kana Hamilton who Allah Allah Dinniman Commelina, lead to Homina malapa catalana

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V, or one L Felina. Or Hannah, all of that these are all invocations in the last and versus the last two verses of Surah Al Baqarah. You will be granted an answer and Cabul to your invocation. Inshallah, we'll be back in a couple of minutes to resume with a new chapter please stay tuned.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back.

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Our phone numbers beginning with Area code 002, then 023 treble 5131. The other number is same area code in 01 double 05469323 and the WhatsApp number is area code 00134780 625. And we have some questions on the page but I believe there is a caller first let me take the call Salam aleikum. Ali from the Maldives

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while a concinna Morato Allahu Allah careto Welcome to the program, Ali.

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Thank you for

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doing wonderful thank you for asking hamdulillah

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tonight I have a question regarding

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in the Islamic perspective or laziness how to deal with it. So for example, the daily activities for having a server to have a brush

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in the mornings to fight the laziness, then Islamic perspective to combat it also results in to have mega

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lasers in evolution as a whole thing.

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This is me how to overcome it from an Islamic perspective. Please, brother sure in sha Allah Baraka love you. Let me take first sister RANIA is cushion, Rania Massoud is asking, I want to know whether it's allowed for a wife to be buried with her husband in the same

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grave? Well,

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originally, every person should be buried in a separate and independent left all grave, whether men or women,

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except in some cases, such as on the day of the battle for her when 70 of the Sahaba were martyred. They came to the Messenger of Allah and they said, We're worn out and you know, it's a burdensome for us to dig graves for all those shahada so said, Follow me who dig and make the hole deeper and you can bury too, and even up to three in the same grave. And the President's will be for the one who has more Quran or learn more Quran to be honored. So a husband and wife, a brother and sister, a mother and daughter and son, in case that we don't have a place to bury people, you know, in the West, a graveyard, the cost may be more than a flat in some other countries. So it's not really

00:29:17 --> 00:29:59

affordable to have a grid for every person. If we don't have the property. If we don't have the place. We have limited spots. And it's a husband and wife. Yes, we can bury them and we put a barrier with the dirt. Okay, we'll have bricks between the two bodies, if we have three dead in the same accident, parents and a child so we'll put the child in between the male and the female, but in the regular and under regular circumstances. Every person should be buried in a separate grave. Okay. Brother Ali from the Maldives. How does Islam counter laziness and

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You know how to overcome that.

00:30:03 --> 00:30:07

Number one, we know that Islam is the religion of

00:30:09 --> 00:30:12

enthusiasm, activities

00:30:13 --> 00:30:52

activeness, you find that from the fact that Muslims are the only people who get up even before sunrise, they get up early morning, before sunrise. They do not just get up early morning to go to work, they get up and they freshen up, they pray, they decide their car, then they start their day. This is generally speaking in Islam, I know that some Muslims do not do that. And they will wake up to go to work. I'm talking about the Islamic teachings here. Then the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him use not to sleep after praying fetch now that him or his companions, and used to say, Al baraka to fill buco

00:30:53 --> 00:31:46

al Baraka, the increase in one's wealth, the baraka in the risk and the trade in the business in the early hours of the day, not to get up after several hours of sunrise or at noon or afternoon, and you think that you're going to start your day know, the best provision and the best business to do early morning as a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Then whenever he would wake up in the morning, and after praying fetch, and before sunrise, he would recite the particular dua asking Allah to protect them, and to help them to overcome laziness. Well, how do we come in a large easy while castle and I see curfews really against disability and laziness. And it's not only do I so do

00:31:46 --> 00:32:04

are in the morning and do our invocation in the evening, before sunset on daily basis. This is a beautiful supplication. Allah mania will be Kameena Lam me will hazard while RGZ will Kassar will do beniwal book, very comprehensive invocation morning, and evening.

00:32:05 --> 00:32:52

Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, when he saw one of his companions coming back from work and his hands were worn out, you know, the guy used to fetch water, and the roll was made of fiber, so the hand were like worn out. The Prophet Salah salem said, these are two hands which Allah and His Messenger love, Allah and His Messenger love. And he said in the Hadith that there is no better food to eat than the food which you have earned, or bought or purchased out of your own earning. And the prophets of Allah used to work to earn the living. And nebula Hida Whoa, Dallas Salam he was a king, but he used to eat only from the profit generated by his own work and handiwork

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and so on. So in Islam, there is no laziness you find last but not the least for the sake of time. How the prophets Allah Allah Allah cinema said in the Hadith and Woman Oh kawaii hieromartyr. Habbo Illa Allah He mineral movement of life, a song and a powerful believer is bearer is dearer is nearer and closer to Allah, then a week believer and their strengths and weakness is concerned concerning now only faith faith activities, earning provision,

00:33:28 --> 00:33:51

muscles, exercise knowledge, and then he said while you're doing earlier Hi Ramona, Lady Sophia, the upper hand is better than the lower hand, the upper hand is the hand which gives is better than the hand which takes and bags. Yes, the Old Believers but the one who gives is better nearer and nearer to Allah than the one who just takes a Salah Moloko

00:33:53 --> 00:33:57

other man from United Kingdom is Salam aleikum

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wa sallam, welcome to the program.

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I just like to comment on this program because I can remember about five years ago, we're still in college when it started and Alhamdulillah Saturday not have graduated mashallah wonderful, wonderful work handling

00:34:23 --> 00:34:26

fee combat. I mean, same thing.

00:34:28 --> 00:34:42

The second thing is the, I don't know if it's possible for the team who the team to make the videos like maybe parts for their Hadith so that the larger audience can benefit from the video so you should from the explanation inshallah.

00:34:43 --> 00:35:00

Okay, you know, you just called in the right time, it couldn't be better than that. We couldn't have arranged it or planned it better than that. In a lot of people, the viewers behind the screen may think that who the TV is a huge Institute where we have 10s of

00:35:00 --> 00:35:44

Workers. No, it is not like that. It's a very small family. Very small family. Only one person is in the prep department. He is the manager and he is the supervisor and he is the preparation employee. So he's doing all the programs is attending with me and with only one person. And this is how much we can afford. And for the it only have one person, masha Allah. So we're struggling all of that we're trying to cut down the expenses. The salaries of all the workers in the channel is not even the salary of one person who would be working or living abroad.

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That includes the general manager, the directors, the cameraman, everybody, everybody. It's a big surprise. You're not gonna believe that. But by the grace of Allah, everybody is happy Alhamdulillah so what I'm trying to say that let's say any person dreams of anything yesterday, I got a visitor. He did a magnificent program, a series a drama about a number Hardy industry and for the cartoons alive too. Buy it and do the voice over in English and in French and in Spanish. While I'm short handed, I cannot do it. I like to put it on the screen so that the youth would enjoy a new program about Imam Bukhari and learn what is the Sunnah? What are the Hadith and the will at least learn

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something to benefit them and it will be capable to refute many misconceptions about the Sunnah. Beautiful, beautiful program. I cannot buy it. You know, I'm only taking gifts or sponsorship. So yes, brother, Abdul Rahman from the UK, you saw right? I wish that we have somebody who can cut the clips each Hadith separate and pose them separate. I don't have this luxury. I don't have somebody or I cannot afford to hire somebody to do with May Allah make it easy for all of us. Brothers and sisters.

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The beginning of the new chapter, chapter number 184. It's only one Hadith and like to take it before we wrap it up. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful chapter when a fantastic Hadith. I just love this hadith. This hadith is talking about us right now um, the ramen from the UK. Ali from the Maldives, whoever is from Canada from the States. All of those are watching listen carefully. The hadith is talking about us. The chapter is about the recommendation and desirability of getting together for their citation of the noble Qur'an alerting the Dean hotties number 1023 And the Hora irata. The Allahu Anhu can follow Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, when Mr. Coleman fee bathe him

00:37:58 --> 00:38:22

in beauty lay yet Luna Kitab Allah He were to Daraa sunnah who by now home in learners Allah Tala hemos Sakina what was she a tumor Rama? What have fat hormone mela Iike were that are all human long femur Nanda. The hadith is a sound Hadith and collected by Imam Muslim. This hadith the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said

00:38:23 --> 00:39:14

any group of people in a group of Muslims who get together in one of the houses of Allah to study the Quran and to recite it they will get the following privileges number one Sakeena tranquility and serenity will descend upon them. The second privilege was Shia toma Rama Allah's Mercy will engulf them will enveloppe them. The third privilege will have fepto momella. ICA and the angels will surround them with a thorough human law who fee men and and the Almighty Allah will make mention of them before those are in his proximity Yanni the gathering of Allah Illallah and Malaika or the angels.

00:39:15 --> 00:39:17

In fact, the hadith

00:39:19 --> 00:39:59

is narrated also with a different narration to broaden the spectrum of not just sitting in the machette not just reading Quran, but listen to this, also Narrated by Abu Hurayrah and collected by Imam Muslim Majelis are co Moon measures listen, you have Quran Allah Illa have fat be human mela last year toma Rama whether Cara Humala who FIM and whenever any group of people get together anywhere, in my house in your house, around the screen, you're watching a beneficial knowledge. You're making the zipper of Allah in the form of correcting your citation of

00:40:00 --> 00:40:47

Learning the meaning of this I have increased in your image of encouraging you to repent of refuting misconceptions about the deen of inviting others to the deen of Allah. Anything that has anything to do with the beautiful religious duties and the knowledge of the deen or the remembrance of Allah this gathering has been blessed. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, The angels will surround them, Mercy will envelop them, and Allah Almighty will make mention of them before a gathering better than their gathering in a manner il Allah. The question is, you know, what does it mean he will make mention of him. And you know what kind of date we recited You said he has Quran Allah,

00:40:47 --> 00:41:32

they celebrate the praise of Allah. Is it like saying Subhanallah what hamdulillah Allahu Akbar making vikhroli reciting Quran or the applies also to what we're doing right now? Learning sunnah, learning a hadith, learning the meaning of the ayah perhaps this hadith will help us to comprehend the meaning. So beautiful Hadith, Allah of this hadith as well. In the sound Hadith, which was collected by Imam Bukhari and Muslim Rasulullah sallallahu sallam said, Allah Almighty has created angels who are siara so Yara, Yanni the walk through the earth, they travel through the earth to fulfill total el tiempo, sunnah Allah zyk

00:41:33 --> 00:42:21

their exclusive task is to search and look for people who are commemorating and celebrating the praise of Allah. And once the locate them, then I don't know if any of the angels found a gathering in Cairo, Egypt, or in Houston, Texas, or in London in in Canada, there is London in Canada as well. Or here or there indicated in China, they will call each other come on over come on over why because there is measureless there are some people here whether in the masjid or in one's house, or here or they're getting together in the Hyde Park why there are certain Quran they're making the learning that they get together get together Hello. In a heretical calm this is what you're looking for. So

00:42:21 --> 00:43:04

the angels will gather your phone and be in your heart to Him we know that the angels have wings Alhamdulillah he felt really Santa word he will out didja alien man. You can also learn only at uni ha must know as well as our buyers either will help you measure. So in the beginning SWAT Fatah, Allah says that Allah created the angels with wings 234 And he increases as much as he wants. He'll tell me sooner. So the beat with the wings and this around this gathering. And guess what? I gathering where the angels arrive. Satan and his horse have no room. They take off the runaway.

00:43:06 --> 00:43:10

Pay us Elohim Allah, Mother word to me, daddy.

00:43:11 --> 00:43:55

So they gather in the holy heaven. They look at them, they surround them. Then Allah Almighty will ask those angels when they ascend. How did you find my servants? They say was it now you said before? Where you have me Luna, where you Madona where you can be on it? They were in a state of glorifying and praise and exalting you Fairphone whomever you will be doing, the Almighty Allah says at what for? Why are they glorifying me and praising me and exalting me why? What do they want? What do we want? By the end of the gathering? raise our hands and we ask Allah for Kaboul for forgiveness for pardon? Do I correct to interject not to be saved from hellfire. So the angels say you already

00:43:55 --> 00:44:32

doing genetic? They have been making to ha they want to enter paradise. So the Almighty Allah says, Why am I here? And have this in my heaven? The angels will answer in the negative? No, of course not. They haven't. So the Almighty is the Almighty Allah will say, hey, fall over Ah ha. What about if they have seen it? I mean, they are doing this much effort. Then they are asking me for heaven even though you haven't seen it. What if they see Allahu Akbar? The angels will say then they will do even more and more and more like can we meet and with that we run out of G than way better than

00:44:33 --> 00:44:59

the Almighty Allah will ask them and what do they seek refuge against? They say they seek refuge with you against hellfire. Then he asked them, have you seen it? The answer is in the negative The angel answered, No they haven't. Then Almighty Allah will say and what if they have seen it? Then they will say like can wash the whole fun or how there are many more certainly they will be much more careful and even seeking more refuge in You again as the

00:45:00 --> 00:45:00


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the Almighty Allah who will say, Oh shidduchim and Nicola will say to the reporters of the angels bear witness that I have forgiven them their sense. But the interest will say, Oh Allah and nephew him Fulham and lay some in home. We're in Namibia and he had that in Fela Fidelis. In fact, they all deserve that. But such and such person, this person, he came for a different purpose. He didn't come willingly to attend the halka or therefore to learn, he came because he wanted to meet with this person or to meet with that person or for any worthy purpose. So the Almighty Allah says, homall Cow, Lashkar be him jelly. So, there are such people, whoever happened to be sitting with them shall

00:45:47 --> 00:46:08

be included in the mercy in the tranquility, in the pardon and forgiveness, why, for just mere hanging around and sitting with them, some people brothers and sisters, as I was told by them, there was a non Muslim tourists.

00:46:09 --> 00:46:19

She got sick and she was hospitalized. And in the hospital, she was flipping the channels, looking for any English Channel. And she found her that TV,

00:46:20 --> 00:46:29

non Muslim, in the hospital, you can consider her captive audience. So she started watching, she liked it. And then she accepted Islam.

00:46:31 --> 00:47:06

In a separate incident. I have a girl from Belgium. She accepted Islam through watching the TV and she learned everything about her Deen through watching these programs. You see Homer cow law? Yes, copy him dearly assume may the Almighty Allah gather all of us but his mercy in the highest place in paradise in alpha, docile Allah with our most beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi. Salam, a whole have only had one step for Allah Allah Allah. Allah Allah Allah Allah say deny Muhammad, while early he also here Salam wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa

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00:47:15 --> 00:47:17

love our God is the greatest

00:47:19 --> 00:47:52

glory to Him. He bought me to be the best and gave his best religion to allah God is the greatest, the one and only Glory to him on any illness to be the best, and give his best religion to them. So why did they know that forgetting all about an empire that was shipping cars, fire and stones, sending letters to the cheapest

00:47:54 --> 00:48:05

day ignore that forgetting all about how bad guys were shipping cars fire and stones selling their best and cheapest

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