Do the Christians Believe in Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Quran

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You see, we believe that amento Bella have a kotova versus a this is in Islam. Is it the same in Christianity? Do they believe in our Prophet? And do they believe in our book that is Quran? Without the question what he quoted is the verse of the Quran was recorded in metal from Surah Baqarah chapter number two was 177. That is to believe in Allah believe in the last day believe in the angels believe in the books and believe in the messenger. He's asking that do the Christian also believe in the messenger and the books? Yes, what the Christian believe the Jews, Christians and Muslims, the Jews believe in all the prophets that came before Jesus Christ peace be upon him. The

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Christian they take a step forward and they say that we also believe in Jesus Christ peace be upon him and the engine. So all the prophets will do is believe the Christian belief but they believe in additional profit by the name of Jesus peace be upon him, what the Muslims do, we take a step forward. And we say believe in the last and final message in the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and the last and final Revelation the Quran. So all the messengers with the Christian belief, and all the messengers and the books the Christian belief we Muslim believe, but the Christians do not believe in the last and final message the front and the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad

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peace be upon him. So we tell them take a step forward. There is prophecy of the last and final messenger masala sermon your scriptures, take a step forward and accept him and come to the straight part of Dino Huck. Hope that answers the question.