Musleh Khan – Why Umar Refused To Make Dua For A Man

Musleh Khan
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Someone asked her mother the Allahu Allah to pray for her. Now I really want to talk about this. And he said, Why do you think I'm a prophet? You pray for yourself? Why did our model the Allah Han do that? By the way, he's not the only companion to do this. As a matter of fact, there are men till this day,

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that don't really grasp the idea of asking others to make dua.

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They don't really like, understand it. This is a phenomenon that manifested itself in this part of the world, amongst countries where Muslims are the minority. This is where this whole culture began of, let's go to the Pious One to the chef to this person to let's get them to make dua instead. But if you go to scholars, where the majority of that community or country are Muslims,

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this rarely, if not ever happens, the process I never make dua for anyone.

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Absolutely. So how do we reconcile with a remodel the Lavon is saying

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and what the court says Selim did. What Rama is doing is is teaching people that

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don't depend on someone else to do this.

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Before you go to someone else, do it first. You do it. Do you understand the point of armor what he's trying to say?

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Because there's a principle in DeWanna. So make sure you understand this and if you need to write it, right. It's a very basic principle in all the books of arcade and that is that

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the highest chance or probability that your Dwyer is accepted is when you make it yourself.

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That is the highest chance of your Darius being accepted. When you do it on your own.

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