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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Today we're going to be talking about do you want Allah's mercy? So let's wait a few minutes few moments for people to tune in if you're watching this later, just fast forward until we get started. So we're gonna get started inshallah Tada and about five people say Sam where they're from, and or we get to a certain number in the live

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I'm using an earphone today because yes, I know it is windy. And I'm in a garage.

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So there's an echo and it's windy and who cares? Who cares? Can you hear me? Did you hear what I said? Who cares?

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Thank you. It is what it is.

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slums where you're from. If you have a child at home that's watching. This might get a little intense for the first few moments. So maybe they shouldn't be listening if you don't want to get traumatized. But if you have them sitting around and you want me to give a shout out for them, they see the guy on the video saying salaam to them that I don't mind.

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That guy on the video

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slams where you're from.

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Monica says it's noisy. I say care.

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Straw is tuning in from Spain.

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I don't know Sal and

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keep saying you and your kids.

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Monica said who is drying their hair? That is the ventilation in the garage.

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In the garage and yeah, you're from Birmingham. So you understand when I say garage, not garage, as we say in Canada garage.

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Marina McCullough

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from Bangladesh. Sudan.

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Noren also has two different nodes. Madea a cabal

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from Iran, Sahara and Pittsburgh. Monica says I can still hear you. Thank you. That's what I'm talking about. She has yet to come to Sudan. I Isha.

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Allah Raha

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tiene in New Jersey.

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We're just talking about New Jersey because one of my favorite hockey players is from Paterson, New Jersey.

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Got Arizona, Atacama Sadam Aisha in Canada. I think Mr. Nam, we will get started. Once the number passes. I was gonna say once the number passes 100 We'll get started and it just passed 100 So let's begin.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu. Good Morning, Vietnam. Welcome to today's session. And

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today we're talking about do you want the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala. Of course, we all do. To begin, I wanted to share with you the mercy that a parent has for their children, as a lot of you if you have children, you're at home with children. And this is the mercy.

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There was once a brother, who we were in Mecca, myself and my family, and he came to, he came to Mecca, he used to live in Canada, he came to Mecca, sorry, move back to Jeddah. And he came to Mecca and his son, I don't know if his son had autism or ADHD. But his son was very hard to control. And after, you know, it was very busy at the Kappa and they visited us. And they left they left our hotel room and they left and they were gone for about

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maybe Oh, sorry, I didn't hear from them for about two hours. And then all of a sudden, I got a call from the brother that had just visited us. And subhanAllah when I heard his voice.

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It was the voice of a parent who's lost their child.

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And you know, I'll never forget his the length of the language but just his tone of voice. I knew something very scary, had taken place. And he said to me, he said Muhammad, we can't find my son. And it had been two hours.

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And of course, he came down and we went searching for his son and our after our path, but Hamdulillah we eventually found the

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Boy, but the thing for me in my mind was that pain, that the, the, the sound of his voice and what it means for a parent to lose their child. When

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my daughter was born my first daughter, my first daughter was born and you know, as a parent, we're always wondering, does my child love me? We're always asking the the child do you love mama? Do you love Baba, we're always looking for that confirmation that they love us, right? Even as a baby, whenever a baby giggles at us. We're like, oh, they love me. Or we're constantly saying, let's see who the baby wants to go to. We're always searching for love. We're always searching for that mercy. But I was holding my daughter once. And she was still young. And I was looking into her face looking to enter eyes to see if she loved me.

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New father looking at the child does my daughter Love Me And subhanAllah even at that young age, I could see in her eyes that she was looking back at me. She was looking back at me and I could see in her eyes. She was thinking to herself, does my Baba love me?

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And then I'm like, wait a second here. This is like some inception, some mind Inception here. I'm looking at her thinking that she loves me. And she's looking at me saying Does he love me And subhanAllah in this is really

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it's a really strange experience. When you're looking at a child, your child or inshallah Tada, if you don't have children's, although when you have children. When you're looking at your children, and you pay attention, you can see your reflection in their eyes. Meaning that the eyes are like kind of like this mirror, if you zoom in, you can see their eyes, and you're looking at your reflection. So I'm looking at her. She's saying, Does Baba love me with her eyes? And I'm asking myself the question do I do I love her. And I think to myself, What would ever make a child understand how much their parent loves them, you know, the parent would give their life to protect

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their children. And when I had my first daughter, I said to myself, now I understand how much my parents love me. Because if you don't have children, you don't fully understand you don't fully comprehend how much your parents love you.

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Until you have children of your own, and you know, you would give your life to protect your children. Okay, so I'm going somewhere with this, there was a story that really hit hard for me that that kind of demonstrates the love of a mother for her for her child for her baby. This is a woman in South America, her husband, her husband wasn't Muslim. He got drunk, he left the house. And she only had a little boy, I don't know the age of the boy maybe like five years old or something like that, or younger or in that range. And she was pregnant.

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And she went into labor when her husband was drunk and out of the house. And it was only her and her son. And she needed a C section. The child the baby wasn't coming out, she needed a C section and there's nobody there.

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And so what she did, she told her son to go running in the street to go search for help. And she gave herself a C section.

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She gave herself a C section and pulled the baby out herself to save the baby.

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And then she collapsed herself. hamdulillah mother survived and the baby survived. But that just you know it always emphasize for me like a stamp of understanding how much a parent how much a mother loves their child's how much the mother loves her child that they would cut themselves open to protect the baby.

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So the Prophet said a lot is and I'm at the time of the profits of a learning system. There was a woman

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who lost her child, hers her nursing child, so it's different to or if you lose a child that's a little older, versus a baby that needs to be fed. And this this woman lost her baby for a long time, long time long back and she was searching everywhere for the baby. Until finally you can imagine the fear that she was feeling and the dread and this is the mother Where's my baby? Where's my bunny baby and she's running back and forth, back and forth. And so she finally found the baby. And instead she didn't hug the baby

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She immediately opened her breast, put the baby to her chest and started feeding the baby. And the companions of the Allah on home. They were so amazed by this.

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They were amazed at the Rama and the mercy and the love of this mother for her baby. And so the prophets of Allah and he said, I'm saw this as a teaching moment for the companions for all of us, the prophets of Allah. And as Adam said to the Companions, do you think at this moment, this mother will now take her baby and find some a pit of fire and take the baby and burn the Baby Alive?

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And the companions that will be Allah Harnam said, No, we would never, she would never do that. As long as you had any ability, any will left in her life, she would never allow that for her baby, for her child.

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And then the prophets of Allah and as Adam said, love Allah who are humblebee a bat, that Allah is more merciful to His servants than this woman to her child.

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Subhana wa, Allah is more merciful than this woman to her child. When we say all right, man, the Merciful The Mercy giving the All Merciful and talking about the universe and the world and every Rama that any creation is ever shared is from a rock man is from R Rahman r Rahim. You see the names of Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran, all throughout the Quran, but which of the names of Allah does he start the Quran with? Bismillah R Rahman Al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Rahmatullah rockin

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that's what we're reciting every day because a lord that is this powerful it can bring the whole world to its knees.

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is R Rahman R

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is R Rahman r Rahim. And so today in sha Allah Tada I want to give you tools and and show you how to drink from this mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and seeking.

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So first off

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first off, we seek the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala by acting with mercy to others, we seek the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala by we seek the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala by acting with mercy to others, it's really interesting Allah subhanaw taala describes describes us in sha Allah describes believers Allah says in the Quran, why are you bad are rough man and the slaves and the servants of the Most Merciful? Allah Dini, I'm sure knowledge of their own and it continues, but Allah describes the believers as a burden, right man, and just like you say, what Allah and methodologic just give you kind of like this example, if you have a boss. That is, if you have a boss

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that is known for his generosity, and you are the servant of the boss, everybody will know that your boss is so well known for generosity. If you're the servant, you're going to be generous, because you're the servant of that boss, but he learned method Allah, Allah, Allah, Ramadan, Amin is a rock man. And if you are a bad or rock man, if you are the servants of the Merciful, then you act with that characteristic, you act with that characteristic with a mercy to other people. And so the Hadith the prophets of Allah alayhi salam said

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it are humble men fill out your Hammacher Memphis, Allah, have mercy on those on earth, and the one in the heavens will have mercy on you. And so we seek so let's take this one step further. You know, they're saying, Oh, don't buy too much at the supermarket, leave for other people. If you do that, if you don't buy so much toilet paper, but you do it with the intention that I'm going to be merciful to my neighbors to you know, my brothers and sisters humanity, I'm going to be merciful to everybody else by not buying too much. Then you're seeking the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala their humble man, fill out your hammock, uma emphysema, other ways like that you seeking out? If you see

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somebody's doing delivery, I was just reading a post from somebody who asked to do grocery delivery. He gets paid very little, and he works 12 hours a day. And he is and he's exhausted and he's burned to the ground and he's putting his life in danger, not to mention all the doctors and nurses and all the people in the medical field but if you

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Have somebody serving you during this time then be super merciful to them and give them extra tips and take care of them be merciful to them and be kind.

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Secondly, that is if you want to seek that marvelous paradise second, the second thing that you want to look for is

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I forgot what the second one

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my brain crashed.

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Anyways, the third point is Allah subhanaw taala says polyamory.

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Lena, Osama for Ana, forcing him learn takanobu

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In this first Allah subhanaw taala says polyamory Badie Allah Alladhina sarafa unforseen Oh say, oh servants of Allah. Oh, my servants who have transgressed against themselves, do not despair from the mercy of Allah. And so this is the commandment of Allah subhana wa Tada that we do not despair from the mercy of Allah, meaning that we don't have a negative attitude. We don't go around saying we're all destroyed. We're all punished, blah, blah, blah. I hate that. I hate when people are talking like that. And so you have to always turn back to the hope in Allah subhanaw taala la tonnato middle Rahmatullah never lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. And if you look at this verse,

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if you look at this verse, this verse is speaking about

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it's not speaking about oh, these are, you know, righteous people who are doing all these great things. Allah subhanaw taala is talking to those who have transgressed all bounds and livina Astra for Allah unforeseen, they've gone beyond the borders, they've transgressed so far, and Allah for those people, may Allah protect us. Allah subhanaw taala says, Love taka no tumor Rahmatullah Do not ever lose hope, in the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala from the Mercy of Allah never lose hope in that mercy. So if that's the case, then you could say it is haram to lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. It is haram because Allah has commanded us to never lose hope in His mercies. paradata. So let me

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finish this up.

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I want to give you some practical action to take, I want you to think of somebody who is near to you right now, that you that you may not be treating with mercy. That could be your spouse, husband or wife, that might be some children of yours that you're snapping at, and maybe not treating them with mercy. Maybe it's your neighbors, maybe you just like, hey, I don't even know you guys. You don't know me. Maybe it's you know, delivery people people are working. Who is it? Think of somebody specific right now that you are not you feel that you're not treating with enough mercy? Okay.

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Do you got that person? I want you to think now, on a scale of zero to 100%. On a scale of scale of zero to 100%? How much mercy? Are you showing this person on a scale of zero to 100%? This person that we're thinking of maybe your spouse, maybe one of your children, maybe extended family, maybe your parents, maybe some elders on a scale of zero to 100? How much mercy are you showing them currently?

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So you might say, You know what I'm being really mean, we're getting into fights a lot, you know, really disciplining? I'm snapping at my child too much. I haven't called my parents enough. Who is it that you are thinking of and what is the percentage zero to 100 of mercy that you're giving to this person? So let's say hypothetically, that you're giving your you're giving this person like 20% Mercy out of 100. Samira says, 70%, great. Samira, why don't you think of somebody else? If you already got somebody that you're giving lots of mercy to think of somebody that you're not giving so much mercy? Or maybe you're thinking really highly of yourself that you think you're giving them

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lots of mercy? And maybe you are a merciful person?

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Okay, so let's suppose you say, on a scale of zero to 100, I'm giving this person like 20% and mercy. I want to ask you this question, how much merci Do you want to give to this person if you were to increase it? Now, if you were going to increase it? I'm not saying that you go from 20% to 100%. Just because you heard a Facebook live stream, and your whole life changed. That would be great, but I don't think that's the case. So let's say that if your mercy number was 20%, and you say, You know what, I'm going to aim for 40%

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I'm going to aim for 40% mercy with this. So as he is just saying her children, it's so difficult to keep calm with them. Let's suppose asiyah You're saying, hey, my patience and my calm, and and my mercy to them is 20% Right now, in order I want to bring it to

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I want to bring it to 40%. So if you brought it to 40%, you make the NEA, you make it the NEA, hey, I want to bring my mercy to 40% What do you have to do? What is something that you can implement? Right now in the next 24 hours? Before we come back our next daily check in in Sharla data? What do you would you need to implement to take your mercy from 20% to 40% with this person or with this child, or with your parents or with your neighbors, what would it take for you to go from 20% to 40%. So let's suppose it was a child.

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And with the child, you might say, You know what, in order for me to go to 40% with my child, I might need to stop playing with my phone so much late at night and go to sleep on time. So add energy for my for my son or daughter, I might need to drink more water when I wake up in the morning, if I'm going to be at 40% with my child, I need to drink more water. If

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maybe in order to go to 40% mercy with my child I need to remind myself that my child is going through whatever I'm going through too and they not might not have the tools to deal with it like I do they're just a kid and I'm an adult and so and they're just trying to play for example and all of these things that Joseph said mother in law I don't know about mother in law will have a special session for mother in laws

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and that's it so tomorrow inshallah Tada and the daily check in the Muhammad Oh stream daily check in

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there's my cough is not

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and ideally checking I'd love to hear how it went. So aim to increase your mercy by about 20% with this person that you normally don't show too much mercy to and let's see what happens by tomorrow inshallah Tada and if it works out and you know you increase your your Rama with them up to 40% then you might want to ask the day after how can I get this to 50% How can I get it to 60 7080 inshallah Tada and work your way up to higher numbers, have mercy with this person inshallah Tada and with that, we come to our conclusion

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I would like to end with this job the Prophet said a lot is that um, in which he said, Allah Houma and Hibben aboutus are up the nurse wash fee and the Shafi loves she loves Shiva, Shiva and nobody was the prophet said a lot. He said and taught us this da. He said, I'd have it set up in us, oh the Lord of all mankind, take away our difficulty wash feet and give us a healing wash fee and the Shafi you are the healer Oh ALLAH wash fee and this Shafi last year, last year, there is no healing except healing from you. Oh Allah wash Vienna Shafi last year, last year, she thought and nobody was a she felt a healing after which there is no ailment that remains after the healing from Allah subhanaw

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taala I mean, Zack Allah item for tuning in.

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If anybody's got some kids at home, I'm done. You can tune out now but if anybody's got some kids at home that need a shout out, like a slam that guy in the TV can say my name. I'm happy to do that inshallah. Tada.

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but I am done. If you need to tune out. Go ahead and tune out. If you've got a kid at home that says hey, can you do a shout out for Xena or Fatima? Ganga Allah. I'm happy to do the show. Who's got a kid?

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and it's raw is we've got a special shout out to her son ASA who listens to all my check ins. Thank you. Are you sir? Cha cha one day you'll be doing your Facebook Lives very soon. broadcasting live Good morning Granada.

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Okay, so I'm gonna really try and pronounce it properly. I la

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Assalamu alaykum Isla one day I'll get it right I'll get it right

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Okay, guys, until we meet again.

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and we are done okay. Tune in tomorrow inshallah Donna sound