Mufti Menk – You are a traveller in this Dunya

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of learning from the Prophet salallahu Alaihe in preparing for the eternal life. They emphasize the need to be prepared for the whole life and that travel can be a priority for many people. The speaker also talks about regulations and rules in different countries and encourages people to take action to avoid getting caught up in unnecessary activities.
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This is what Islam is all about. When the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam speaks in the hadith of Earth man have been a fan of the Allahu Ahad Buhari. He speaks about who is the best from amongst you, you want to know the best from amongst us. I can give you one or two generations that let's say three generations. One says hi Eurocom This is the hadith of Earthman of Allah and Pharaoh come,

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manta Allah Al Quran, Allah Allah who the best from amongst all of you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it.

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And this is not confined only to one who teaches Elif and BA, and who teaches all the, you know, the Fatah and Khasra, that is a part of it. But more so it is the teachings of Revelation, whoever has dedicated some time or a lot of time or most of their time, to learning what their Creator has revealed. And learning it thoroughly and properly, the law, the instructions, the do's and the don'ts, understanding it, putting it into practice and conveying it to others. Nobody can be better than that person.

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Nobody can be better than that person. Why? Because the whole purpose of this short life. short life is just a few minutes to be honest with you, you can calculate how many minutes is 6070 years. The short life the whole purpose of it is to prepare for the eternal life. That's what the Muslims believe. And for your information, the Jews and Christians believe something quite similar to that. They will tell you you are preparing for the eternal life. May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us good preparation. So if we lose focus, even for a moment, we will be at a loss. And the one who constantly reminds us listen

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very carefully. If someone tells us listen, you are supposed to be preparing for the day you're going. Is this what you are doing? Is it going to benefit you? Is it going to help you in any way? Cut it out. It's not cut it out. You know when I travel?

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Every airline has different rules and regulations. So some of them tell you 23 kilos, some tell you 23 kilos by two some say not more than 30 kilos, some say a bag should not have more than 32 kilos. Try to break that rule. See what happens.

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Try to come up with 2627 kilos try you know what will happen. They will find you they will charge you all you will have to remove things and this is why a lot of us who travel a lot. We've only got necessities in our bags. That's it. Brother, you came all the way from Africa. You've just got a bag in your head. Yes. Why? I don't need anything else. I'm not going to carry my whole life with me. I'm traveling. The hadith says lead your life as though you are a traveler. lead your life as though you are a traveler. You want to gather everything and you forgetting the main focus today. People tell you my main aim in life is to be able to own the three big buildings in the center of Tobago. I

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hope Tobago has big buildings inshallah.

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