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The Hadith's relationship with Islam is discussed, emphasizing the importance of being a friend and a companion in a relationship. The speakers stress the importance of finding one's heart during prayer, not being afraid of fear, and not recalling "has he done anything?" They also emphasize the importance of giving charity in public settings, including building in a Mosque and helping people live a life of comfort. The segment also touches on the negative impact of being too busy during prayer and the importance of giving charity in a private setting.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Smilla Rahmanir Rahim we praise Allah alone and we send the best Peace and blessings upon His most Beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. The viewers welcome to a new episode in the series of tendering the hearts.

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In this episode, we will continue what we started in the previous one, we were discussing in the chapter of crying out of the field of Allah, a very important and a very fascinating Hadith Narrated by Abu Hurayrah. May Allah be pleased with him, in which he said, I heard the Messenger of Allah is upon him saying that Allah Almighty will shelter in his shade seven people or seven types of people on the day when there will not be initialed for no shade, but his.

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Then we started discussing those types of people, their virtues and their virtues acts and why they were eligible why they deserve this great honor while everybody else will be scared and frightened, was hated because of their unique activities. Number one, we spoke about the just rulers, judges, leaders, everyone who's in charge for the affairs of the Muslim ummah.

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number two, the youth who grew up in the worship of Allah and destined themselves willingly and out of fear of Allah and the fear of the day. they distance themselves from sins, from whatever their peers are involved in shabu Nasha. Fear a bad Atilla.

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Close to the end of the last episode, we started talking about the third category which is Raju learning,

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the habit Fila rishta, waterfall aka ally, to people

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who loved one another. For the sake of Allah, the sole reason

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as why the stablished this relationship of the Brotherhood or the sisterhood, and they became close companions, close friends, to the point that they were treated like brothers, real brothers

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is the love of Allah subhanaw taala

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they love each other for the sake of Allah, because of their qualities of loving Allah Almighty, htm Allah He, they met for his sake, they gathered for his sake of Takahashi, and they parted also for his sake. The components and ingredients of this brotherhood or the sisterhood

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isn't simply to whenever we meet each other, we admire one another, we complement each other, we invite each other for food and parties, and so on. And that said, No. This is one part.

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What is most important as Allah subhanaw taala said, Well, we know in our Minato baboon every year about

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the believing men and believing women are supporters to another the greatest meal and sign of the support and loyalty is the enjoying each other to what is good and they forbid each other from what is bad.

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Is 10 It was tarkarli.

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Initially, I took the decision to be your companion.

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And he decided to take you as my friend, because I saw you a God fearing person. When you go to college, especially in the West, you rarely find one who is really religious.

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A boy or girl, somebody who would dismiss from the meeting from the gathering from the break to go to pray, but then the prayer somebody would not hang around with the bad guys with the bad girls, somebody who has his own world.

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Somebody who is God fearing this person should be your friend should be your companion because he is gonna take your hand too close to the safe side.

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You and him will be saved because of that this relationship was established for this

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Make of Allah.

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You know, in another Hadith, it says that Allah Almighty on the day of judgment would call upon the following categories. Say And would there have been a fee? Amen majority seen a fee? Amen mutesa within a fee?

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What are those who loved one another? Because of me, for my sake? What are those who used to sit and hang around with each other? For my sake talking about Allah learning about his Deen? What are those who visited one another? For my sake? So we're here is it le OMA or will longfield Willie Omala loverly today I shall shelter you under my shade, when there would not be any other shade but his.

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And we said what is the meaning of the shade of Allah in this case, which means it's a shade especially shade which Allah will create specially to cover and shelter to protect the believers from the excessive heat of the sun which will draw very near to the heads on the Day of Resurrection.

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You will be eligible for this joy for the safety and security because of loving one another for the sake of Allah if you manage to find when true brother, you're lucky.

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And if the girls are college, find a single sister who could be your true sister,

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your guide like a mirror, you make a deal with each other. Look, I picked you up, and I decided to befriend you so that you can advise me to correct me if I ever to be like a mirror to me, you reflect my image. So what do you do when you look in the mirror, you fix yourself, you comb your hair effects, you color your clothes, why? Because it reflects your reality reflects your image. The true friend is like that. So he wants you to be perfect. So we try to help one another to achieve perfection. Why? For the sake of Allah,

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only because of ALLAH, so they to be sheltered under the shade of Allah Almighty on that horrible day. The next category is

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what Rajon Zakka Allah Hollein FIFA Teina

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and initially the Hadith which is mentioned in the chapter, by an amount will hurry his narration was limited to this category. A man who remember Allah in private, then accordingly, his eyes overflowing with tears. A person who fears Allah so much that in private, he could not control his tears, he cries, what does it mean? We agreed a man or a woman.

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The word Orajel does not specify here a masculine it covers both men and women.

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We explain with the differences from the Quran in the previous episode. So a person or believer whom in private behind closed doors. They remember Allah What is the meaning of the remember Allah is it to celebrate his praise because they could Allah as Allah subhanaw taala says in surah Allah and levena and water toma in Kulu Wuhan Vickery,

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Ella VD Karela he tell toma in Kulu more surely in the remembrance of Allah hearts do find rest. So how could a person feel happy, feel comfort, while celebrating the praise of Allah mentioning his name and meanwhile you say that he cries out of his fear, no contradiction.

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So the meaning of that car Allah Hollien could be by celebrating his praise.

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by reflecting on the meaning of the victory which he or she recites when he says Subhan Allah.

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Allah is free from any imperfection. Allah is the Greatest Allahu Akbar, and hamdulillah La Ilaha illa Allah

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when you contemplate meaning of this car, and as a result, imagine the greatness of Allah subhanaw taala and you cry, you cry out of fear, you cry that Alhamdulillah Allah has truly guided you by recognizing all of that. Or also, while you are in private, you remember your sins. You remember something terrible that you've done. So you cry and you hope that alone forgive you that sin, that is also Veca Allah Holly and for further Teina

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to remember him by any

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to remember him by the tongue by the heart by remembering your sins and you're afraid of his punishment. So those are all means, which will make this person eligible to enter paradise. And before that, in the transient stage, on the Day of Resurrection, the length of the day is equivalent to 50,000 use of our time, you will be sheltered

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you will be protected by him under his shade.

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Cry in in private,

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as something hard to obtain.

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We see people cry in public,

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and it's easy to do it. Even if it appears as it is crying out of the fear of Allah. That's why whenever we're paying Torah we hand the Imam cries or resize an eye which encourages us to cry you fine everybody crying.

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But it will came at me Miss road and many scholars have talked about what really counts as this is out of the fear of Allah for innocence.

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It is said that you should look for your heart

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in the following positions

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in the prayer while reciting the Quran, and in private,

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what is the meaning of look for your heart? See whether your heart is attentive or absent? In the prayer, you start the prayer from beginning to end thinking about what

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anything other than the prayer, then you don't have a heart

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while reciting the Quran you read a Starbuck to reduce or to what did you read? Why don't even remember, because he did not reflect on what you're reading. The heart was absent only the fungos working and in private, in private brothers and sisters is the toughest because in private, why behind closed doors, there are many temptations to do whatever you're afraid to do before people

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will say when Allah Almighty name those seven people or seven categories because they have achieved as if the Tamia may Allah have mercy on him said they have achieved the perfection of a bad

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people tend to be good in public, but in private, they do whatever they want, because they're not being seen. But this person would chose

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to be righteous, to be God fearing to cry for his sins, to cry out of the remembrance of Allah to cry upon celebrating the praise of Allah subhanaw taala in private, deserve to be saved and sheltered under the shade of Allah on the horrible day. There is another Hadith in which the Prophet sallallahu sallam said I in any letter, Mr. Holman now, there are two eyes. The two eyes means two sets of eyes. Two people two types of people

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would never be touched by fire. The first I known Beckett and Hershey, Atilla

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the person whose eyes shed tears out of the fear of Allah

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and the second wine on bear that the host of the savvy Rila, the Patras, the highway, Patras, the border control, the guards the security, who have been doing this for the sake of Allah.

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I mean, in a Muslim state and a Muslim army and the Muslim cops, he's doing this to keep security so that people would sleep in comfort is doing this for the sake of Allah even though he's getting paid.

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On the day of judgment, He is secure, and he's safe, because while everybody else was asleep, he was awake.

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To be continued in sha Allah after the short break with the remaining categories of those whom Allah will shelter under his shade. On the Day of Resurrection, stay tuned.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back.

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It is easy for a person to pretend that he is God fearing in public.

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But it is the hardest to be God fearing in private.

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And because of that, the Prophet salallahu Salam once paid a very beautiful advice when he spoke about I'll hire

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to be shy to be modest, this beautiful quality which would stop you from doing

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Since said, You should feel shy from Allah as much as you should. As much as you feel shy from a few righteous people of your clan or tribe, what does it mean?

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It means the person behaves rightly and abstains from doing bad things in front of people in public, especially if he's in the company of respected people, or righteous people. So he tries to behave like them. He lowers his gaze, he watches what he says he doesn't say bad things. He doesn't involve in vain talk, and so on. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, I wish that you can deal with Allah as much as you did before those people.

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So in private, is none but you and Allah subhanaw taala. Do you know why the night prayer was considered and is considered superior to any other voluntary prayer? Why? Because at night, the likelihood of being seen is very slim. You go up in your bedroom and you pray in the darkness of the night. Nobody is aware of your prayer. So it is the sincerest so the common factor in all of those categories is sincerity. Sincerity in fearing Allah, sincerity in being justice, because you're afraid on the Day of Judgment, you will be held accountable and you will be a con for that sincerity in Why do you offer your worship on time and you chose to be different than the other people?

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Sincerity, sincerity is the key to success. And the following category is what Julian called boom or Lacan in masajid.

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And a man who was hot is so attached to the machine the word the more I luck hanging from,

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like a chandelier in the masjid.

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Does the chandelier or the light or the microphone leave the Masjid? No, it doesn't. So does it mean that you want me as a grown up man to live in the na*? To stay in the masjid full time? No, no, it doesn't mean that. But it means after offering your prayer, and you leave, if you like you want to go back to the masjid. And you're willing wants to hear that, then you rush to go back to the machine to attend the prayer in JAMA. Well, isn't this similar to the previous one, which we'll talk about a shabu Nisha rabada. Tila and a young man or a youth who grew up in the worship they meet but they are not similar. They have things in common such as the first one and the second one are

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regular in their worship, including going to the massage massage and attending the prayer on regular basis in congregation. But the first one specified the youth and the second one specified persistence in going to the masjid on every single father prayer and trying to spend as much time in the masjid as possible. Why? Because al masajid are Allah's houses on Earth, and masajid

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are full of mercy.

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surrounded with angels. And once you sit for your foot in the masjid, you are in the prayer even if you're not praying until you leave. So you finish the enough for the prayer. You finish with Mo Salah and you're sitting that counts as a prayer and the angels are regularly seeking forgiveness for you and praying for you saying Oh ALLAH forgive him a sense Oh Allah have mercy on him. So as a result of hanging around in the masjid very oftenly that description fits that person Roger Stone, Carl boo Wallah convened masajid perhaps I'd like to give you this example so that you can really comprehend what I mean. What happens when you go to pray?

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And you have to make wudu so we take off your watch and your wallet, maybe and your glasses, your sunglasses, you put them on the shoe rack.

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Then you make your own do it catch the prayer. And soon after the prayer you leave, maybe forgetting your wallet on the shoe rack, forgetting your valuable watch or sunglasses. What happens? Oh right away, you make a U turn you want to go back to the machine. Why? Because you left a valuable thing in the machine.

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The keenness of this person to go to the machine is much greater than the person who left a valuable thing of his belonging in the masjid. His heart is like a shinda leaves the Masjid.

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You notice that I'm not saying the mosque? Why shall I say the mosque if every Muslim knows what the word means?

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Should means and should actually educate non Muslims by saying this call a mosque is called a masjid. Not a mosque.

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Okay? And Allah Almighty say that his house is on earth or al Messiah did full of mercy.

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So the person is very eager to go to the machine whenever and attend in the machine as much as possible. Because of that, Allah subhanaw taala will shelter him under his shade on the Day of Judgment, when there would not be any shade, but his. In the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, best Sherrill mesh

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in a field would be normally 10 Meo Mel piano. This man was going back and forth in the five daily prayers to attend prayer in congregation in the masjid, right. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam in the previous Hadith which I just shared with you say, give the glare tiding. To those who walk to the masjid frequently. While it is dark Phil vola me early morning for federal prayer late at night for Asia prayer when it's dark,

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give them the glad tidings that they will be eligible for the perfect light on the Day of Judgment, lie security shade, why the shade of Allah subhanaw taala all of that all these privileges because of what because of going back and forth to the masjid.

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It is sad to see our masajid empty during the five daily prayers, especially during fed in Asia prior.

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And then you see a huge number attending for Juma towards the end of the sermon, which indicates that in this locality, there is a huge number of Muslims living there, the friend outside the masjid or holding two consecutive jervois because the community is outgrowing the Masjid. So what happened to the rest of the prayers? Don't you want to be one of those who will be sheltered under his shade on the Day of Judgment? What is the following? What module the sub club is for the heart in fair fair, how Letta Alana shemale, whom I don't think we I mean,

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which means

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and somebody I believe who give any charity give anything in a charity, money, cash, food, medications, any help any charity. But in private, we say that the common factor in all of that is alcohol plus sincerity. So he gave whatever he gave in a charity in private, it is recommended to give all those with the right hand and take with the right hand and eat with the right hand, drink with the right hand and so on.

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So he gave with his right hand, but in such a very private way that he concealed his sadhaka in a way that his left hand doesn't really know how much his right hand has been given.

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By the way, giving any charity in public and in private, both are admired in the Quran, sometimes sometimes given in public, before people maybe rewarded more than given in private. Likewise, a lot of mighty says Toby who saw the court if any, if he were in to Full House to help focus on who or how you will learn why you will get filled one meals a year to come. It is excellent. It is appreciated. If you show your charity, no problem.

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But if you can see it, and you give it to the poor in private, that is better for you. If somebody is attending a fundraise, and people are reluctant to pay would build in a mosh shed is in fun for an individual in the community who needs help, whatever. So he took the initiative, he said I'm giving that much in order to encourage people to donate. So people followed him because of him. So his intention was to encourage people, he will get double word, His word and our words similar to every donor after him. But it depends on his intention and on the situation as far as the one who give in private, such a way that his left hand doesn't know how much his right hand has been given.

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That is more appreciated and he will be sheltered as we mentioned in the Hadith.

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And by the way, brothers and sisters all or most of these qualities.

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You and You

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And you and me can achieve it, how we have to achieve it even once because the Hadith doesn't say that you have to do this on regular basis like give any charity in private every time. Your hand doesn't know how much the other hand has been given? No. He said, What are the common sadaqa he gave once in a charity. So what are you waiting for? Today and after watching this program,

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when you go out and you know that somebody is in need, for if you have a machine, or if you have an orphanage, or an organization that raises funds for needy people, put your hand in your pocket and take whatever is inside without counting. Give it away once without knowing how much do you have, other than the coins, of course and the change, once do it this way, so that you will be eligible

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to enter Paradise because of that and to be sheltered under the shade of Allah on the Day of Resurrection

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remains with us.

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When category which is the person who was invited or was seduced by a woman who's a beauty queen, and she is a powerful woman, like the condition of use of Ali's salon

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to have sexual relations with her, he is stained. Why not because she is an ugly woman. She's not attractive, or because he was busy. He's in love with another woman no, because he fears Allah. That was the sole reason sincerity again. So because of that Allah subhanaw taala also will shelter him and will save him and will give him salvation on the day of judgment. And this quality isn't easy to achieve. But there are similar cases such as the youth, you and I everybody, whenever we are in private and we have this screen in front of us, we're invited to browse evil websites, porn sites and so on. So when you do this and you avoid looking at that while you have the urge and also you

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have the means and no one is watching you and you do this for the sake of Allah

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in sha Allah similarly you will be sheltered under his shade on the day when there will not be any shade but his by that will come to the end of this episode a whole Holyhead our stuff Rola the welcome. Also Allah Allahu ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Salam wa Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh