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The Real Reason Why You Hate Everything… Probably

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Saad Tasleem

Channel: Saad Tasleem

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What is the real true cause of your constant criticism of others, you're watching hashtag sound asleep.

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When you see something good from someone some effort towards goodness, and your first reaction is to find some fault with it, see what's wrong with it to criticize it. This is a problem of the heart, the heart may not be purified. There's many problems of are there diseases of the heart that lead us to do things that are actually sinful, that are bad for us that affect our behavior. And that's why the President said that if the heart is sound, then everything else will be sound, the body will be sound. So when these problems are occurring, it's important to question yourself and ask yourself, maybe I'm jealous. Maybe I'm envious. Maybe that's my problem. Maybe that's why I'm a constant

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critic, and a loss of habitat knows best. Until next time, I sit down with a comb what happened to LA hate well, but I can't