The problem in dua

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So here's the problem. Here's the problem that happens when we make dua and this was my misunderstanding about da. I felt like making dua is like you've sent out, you know, you send out your da, and then there's no responsibility on your shoulders anymore. Basically, a lot of people think about the art like this, Hey, I've sent out my door now I'm sitting at home waiting for this dog to show up kind of like and I hear this language when it comes to marriage someone's like I'm waiting for or they'll say,

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you know, a suitable a suitable spouse or something I'm waiting for like, What did you say waiting for that this thing is just gonna knock you on the head while you know like an apple.

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And but the thing is, that was me like I'd make these doors in Ramadan and take no action make these doors in Ramadan take no action. Sometimes they pop up sometimes. But there was DAWs. That year after year, I keep making them and I kept getting more intense, and raising my standards with my dog until finally bad.

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It's time to time my camel.

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And that's what we're talking about here today, inshallah Tada. Now,

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let me lay the foundation for you of this. What does it mean to place your trust in Allah? What does it mean to place your trust in Allah? Let's suppose you want to get married. Or you want to have a baby, and somebody tells you place your trust in Allah? What does that mean? So somebody might think that placing my trust in Allah, let's suppose you've lost your job, or your husband has lost his job, or you know, somebody's lost a job. And they say, I placed my trust in Allah. What does that mean? Does it mean that you go to the masjid?

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And you know, you're not taking any action? You're sitting there and you say, I've placed my trust in Allah? Is that trust in Allah?

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As you look through? Is it trust in Allah? Maybe it is, you know, you know, like Allah, maybe that person isn't the message and they're praying to Allah subhana dawn, and someone taps him on the shoulder and say, Hey, do you got some computer skills? Guess what, I got a job for you. And then they're like, Hamdulillah I placed my trust in Allah. And Allah brought me the job. Definitely, doors can be answered like that. 100% I'm not saying that they cannot. But sometimes my statement that I would say, is you need to build a boat like no Hallasan Allah was gonna save No. And he said, That's it, nobody else is gonna believe. So Allah save, you know, save us and the believers. And

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then Allah subhanaw taala says, build a boat to new heights. So maybe, maybe you're making such an intense draw that you need to build a boat and not a normal boat. This is a boat that's going to have animals in it, male and female from every species, and it's going to be built in the desert and the whole desert is going to flood and it has to float on its first time out in the water.

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So that's what we're talking about today and all the time.