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The importance of following the path of the Prophet Sunal commanding the holy month is highlighted, as it is essential for the health and well-being of believers. The importance of knowing the holy month and following the right path is emphasized, as it is crucial for the health of the believer. The importance of staying firm and not giving up on the path to actual salvation is emphasized, as it is essential for the health of the believer. The importance of keeping good companies and not wanting to be in trouble is emphasized, as it is crucial for the health of the believer.

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala rasulillah alameen Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi. Germain.

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The topic that the brothers had advertised for today is the path to salvation. And we want to talk a little bit about this path.

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And we look at the path to Allah subhana wa tada the path to salvation.

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It's just like when you travel anywhere in this dunya, you first of all you need to know what is the correct path. If you're going to travel anywhere, you're going to go to TripAdvisor on your app on your phone, right? And you're gonna see how to get there and get the directions. So you need to know which path to take. And then you need to know the nature of the path. And you need to know how to stay safe along the path. And what are the dangers on the path. Just like when you travel anywhere in the dunya. You say for example, from here to here, how many kilometers there's no petrol station, so you know, that's a danger. You have to be careful from here to here. Some areas in some countries

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even still today, you can't travel during the nighttime, because what's gonna happen you get traveled in the nighttime,

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you can get robbed.

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And certain areas, you know, you shouldn't go in a certain time you know this because you're traveling to these areas, you have to check it out. Also, when you're traveling down the path to salvation, you need to know first of all, what is the correct path. And this is a problem that we face today. Because

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all through the Muslim oma, everybody is claiming that his path is the correct path. And it's confusing for a lot of Muslims, which path Should we take? Because everybody says this is the Pat

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alosa panel what's Ana made it clear to us in the Koran

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and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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made it clear to us in the pseudonym because if we look at the Muslims that everybody says this is the path. So as they say all paths lead to Rome, right? Is that correct or not? And Islam is correct or not correct.

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Let's see what the Quran says. And as soon as as people say everybody says, we have all these Muslim groups. So this is the path This is the path.

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Allah subhana wa tada tells us and sort of that verse 150 310, the Muslim demon for who who while at the W sewable butterfat rugby C'mon CBD.

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In this ayah, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and this is my path, the straight path, so follow it and don't follow the paths because they're gonna make you go straight on on his path. So kinda what's Allah.

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In this verse, Allah Buddha talks about the path as being what how many, one path, and he wants us to stay away from the what

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the other paths and the province that Allahu alayhi wa sallam illustrated this.

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And as soon as a slot was slammed when he sat with his companions, and he drew a straight line on the ground, one straight line, and then on the side of the line, small lines coming out from it. And he said, this is the path of a lot, the straight path. And on the side of it, there's small paths at the end of each one of them, there is shade bonds, calling people to it, pulling it away, beautifying it.

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So now as a Muslim, we know that we're looking for the correct path. It's only how many one path and we know that there's going to be other paths. And we know that a chiffon is going to be on the on the end of these paths, trying to fool us. So which one is the correct path? Now we know it's one hamdulillah we narrowed it down Which one is it? Now we have to determine this, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He told us that the people of the book before us from the Christians and the Jews had deviated from the correct path into 71 different groups for the Jews 72 for the Christians, and he said that this

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oma was divided into 73 different sex.

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All of them pay attention this is when you read some of the things we don't go back to the Quran sooner. If we go back to the Quran and Sunnah the direction becomes easy dislike now, men, when they want to find something nowadays, they don't like to ask directions. And they don't like to use GPS is like to know themselves when they get lost all the time.

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Same thing with the human Now if we look into the panel, look at it. It becomes clear.

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He said kulu have in all of it is in the Hellfire in Nevada except for one.

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That's scary, right? All these groups then which one is on the correct path? Just one of them is on the correct path going to the gentleman. The other ones on the past where to Jana? May Allah protect us

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Very clear the Hadeeth the Sahaba hearing this they got scared as well. They said then who is it? Yeah, it'll sutala show us explain to us. He said man kit Makana Allah and Allah here lumos hobby. He said what I am upon in my companions today by Allah Helio was happy when I'm on in my companions today.

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So this is the criteria to know because every group is going to tell you we are upon the Quran and Sunnah on the path to Allah.

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Every group says the Quran should nobody ever do go to a group and say what do you what is your thought? What is your What is your understanding of the team based on they say, a Quran and Sunnah.

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But in reality,

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this is the difference when it comes to the understanding in the way of the Sahaba. This what difference differentiates differentiates the correct path from the other paths, because everybody's gonna say hold on sooner, but on the understanding of

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they say on the understanding of mowlana so and so understanding of shih tzu and so on instead of our forefathers.

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But those who truly follow the Quran and Sunnah and follow the path of the Quran, Sunnah, is according to the understanding of the Sahaba. But this seems like it's kind of clear.

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The prophet SAW Selim, he told us that it's going to come a time when it's a lot of fitna.

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He said at least a dozen men ch mean confessor of the laugh and Kathy era. See there's gonna come a time when people want to live is going to be all kinds of fitness, all kinds of difference of the laugh.

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And he showed us the solution.

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The way out of these these difficulties, he said, finally combustion. He was supernatural, whatever. Rashi Dean elmen the human body, he said, then it's upon you to follow my sooner and the sooner the rightly guided caliphs after me.

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There wasn't enough he continually salatu salam to put more emphasis he said I'll do I have no urges.

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He said hold firm to it, bite down with your molar teeth onto it onto the onto my son. And he said we Yeah, como de de la more. Back in Kula motors is in beta Bakula dat in de la la hora de la la, he said and be aware of the innovations in the religion, because every innovation

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is something has been invented in the RIDGID. And all of that is leads to the Hellfire mela protects us from that. So the promises to sell them. And I'll also point out that they made it very clear to us in the Koran sooner that this is the path we need to follow. The question comes now, why don't people follow this path? Because it seems like something basic Okay, hold on sooner the way the Sahaba that's how we should be? No, it should be no difference between that. And that's that's very clear. But still, we want to take the other paths. So many Muslims nowadays, one take the other paths. A lot of it is

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People don't know. They don't read, they don't research they will reflect.

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And it could be General Ignorance. Or it could be not knowing the evil itself not knowing what is the evil. And that's why they thought of the loved one. If you go inside the behati he mentioned in the beginning of the book of Philippians, and we'll call it reliever said cannon. nezu is Luna Anna here will come to us Elena sharp, mahathat and neurokinin. So the people used to ask about the good. But he said I would ask about the evil because I was scared to fall into it. I don't want to fall into the evil. So you have to know the evil so don't fall into it. A lot of people are ignorant that some evil comes to them. Well, that looks good, but it doesn't know.

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So he gets tricked by SharePoint

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and falls into other than the path leading to a loss of final Tada. A big thing that we have from the Muslims today is following what we found the forefathers upon.

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You go to so many people, you show them very clear Quran and Sunnah. We're talking to brothers yesterday about different issues in the community, different celebrations. people celebrate we say please bring this to us from the Quran as soon as we want to come celebrate with you. Now with that said that they can't bring that from the point of view because they can't find it. So no, I can't show you that because that's hidden knowledge that everybody knows it's about Allah give us something authentic, we want to celebrate with you.

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But they can't bring it. Then we come to and say why do you do this? He said this is what our forefathers were doing.

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So that means all of our forefathers won, but on a straighteners they can't accept this. But throughout the Quran, Allah tells us about the danger of following the forefathers if it's not on.

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And those who turn away from the truth that they're going to use as an excuse. But we found our forefathers fought with pay attention this example and sort of the bucket of verse 171. All it says to us without vilella Houma Toby ruma Anzalone law, if it said to them follow that would have lost them down. What are they going to say? For Lubell net tiberiu man face

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me I'll finally hear Bana say we're gonna follow that was we felt we found our forefathers on the last scene and follow the last sentence you know we're gonna follow that we found our forefathers following what okay about whom layout

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to do either their forefathers did not understand anything and when that rightfully got it they're still gonna find a way and so many of the Muslim that's what that's what the Mushroom Kingdom did and so many other Muslims today they do the exact same thing

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instead of the Quran and Sunnah so this

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is you know this is not authentic all the scholars say it's not authentic How can you follow it? And say no, this is my friend, my forefathers follow it, I'm doing it

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as we follow down the path to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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it's important that we remind ourselves how to stay firm along the path. Now we know the correct path.

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We know that we have to follow this one path, we know which path it is. As you come down this path now there's going to be some dangers are going to face some difficulties. So how can we stay firm along the path?

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First of all, with the pain and the certainty that everything that happens is from Allah subhana wa tada and that goes back to our Eman and the other. The decree from Allah subhana wa tada the good that comes from it when the bad that comes from it. So Pinilla, the Muslim is blessed with this certainty. The Prophet has told us and trained us and taught us la salat wa sallam

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algebra Li Emery movement for in Morocco kulula who claim that it's strange the affair of the believer because all of it is good for him. All of his affair is good.

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He said either a Sabo assata Shakur is something good happens. And he's, he's thankful when I saw it to a raw suburb for $1. And if the difficulty comes to him, then he is patient is better for him. And this is only for the movement for the believer. So as Muslims, we know that whatever is gonna happen to us from difficulties, it's from Allah subhanho wa Taala. We're being tested. How are we going to react? Even the good that comes to you as a test from Allah subhanho wa Taala? How are we going to act? How many of us when we have that good, we're doing good at work, we're making a lot of money, we're being successful. We remember Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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But as soon as you're made redundant, or as soon as something bad happens to you, as soon as somebody goes to the hospital, and so that then you return to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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The other night, when I was doing the live q&a on Islam channel, somebody called me and asked me about doing these hutments they have, they have all these different names.

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They have these different karma for when somebody gets sick, they all return to Allah subhanho wa Taala and they read the Quran so this person can get cured. So why don't we return to Allah subhana wa tada and in the good times, as well as only the bad times we returned to Allah. And then we say Allah, we don't really need you now we'll come back to you at the time but still it is the reality of so many people now. But the Muslim the true Muslim at the time of good and he knows that the good is a test and the bad is a test. So there's certainty as you travel down the path to Allah subhanho wa Taala is one of the greatest things is going to help you out your to heat your applause to Allah

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subhanho wa Taala sincerity to him. As you drive down the path, knowing what the goal is in life, knowing that the goal is get from point A to point B This is the salvation that you're here to be tested in this dunya you're here to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala we know this in our hearts, but we need to put it into our actions when it comes into our actions is to read it only worshiping a law of doing everything solely for Allah subhanho wa Taala only returning to him subhana wa tada you're going to see the effect is going to have inshallah and helping you hold firm to the along the path inshallah. Also the domestic holding on to the Quran and Sunnah. The process that I'm told us

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in the Hadees we just mentioned, bite down on it with the multilin as soon as you need to hold firm to it, because the Quran and the Sunnah is the manual for the Muslim, the true Muslim of do's and don'ts. When you go to work now they give you a manual what you need to do. This is the staff policies, which is what you can do a staff but you can't do be careful. You need to make sure you're on time make sure you do this. Make sure you swipe in make this that make sure you don't do this. When it comes all the affairs our life we have it in the Quran and the Sunnah. So we hold firm to what we know the direction we're going, and what we need to do what we need to know to do having

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Because the problem a lot of times we fall into the issue of ignorance, a bill payment, a Mullah. He mentioned something very beautiful in a verse of poetry. Or two verses Actually, he said, As Jeff alluded to okati loon when she fell Who am Rania turkey bimota Connie.

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He said in the first verse that the

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Jen is the ignorance that kills General Ignorance. It's a disease that kills. Ignorance is a disease that kills and the cure for it

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is two things. So no swimmin and REM and pseudoknot in or puppy Buddha Allah Allah Mara Barney, he said a text from the Quran and the Sunnah and the one who is the puppy, the doctor for that is the island the scholar who is Rabbani who trains the people teaching the the ambassador of the Allahumma the minor issues before the major issues, he trains the people he trains his community, this is the true scholar

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This is what we need to learn our Do we need have no no one has had what is how long have you have certainty have knowledge and our religion? Even though pain by the way, these verses I mentioned we'll look at the scholars of Islam. This this is called the book of a no Nia

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Nia means that every single verse has to end with the letter noon and Arabic alphabet. Otherwise you can't use the word. So yeah, every word has to end with the noon and this verse was over 5000 verses of poetry Mashallah. So it shows you Mashallah, how talented the scholars were, may Allah have mercy upon them. The issue of the taqwa always strengthen our tough while also pentatonic constant reminds us yeah, you will know it token law, federal law, you believe you're a law, whether it some don't have some damage.

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And let every soul look at that which it puts forth for tomorrow. And the law comes back and tells us again with the law, and fear on law. In the law be Don't be my time alone, very alone as well acquainted with everything you do.

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So as we travel down the path to Allah subhana wa Tada. We consider most of the tough one. And a beautiful example that Abu huraira rhodiola gave about the taqwa

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a person hasn't what is the taqwa?

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He said, Have you ever been down a path that had thorns on it? pricks on it? And he said, Yes. He said, What did you do in order not to get hit by the thorns. He said, I have to that Delia mean without the shame. And so I went to the right went to the left, trying to avoid getting pricked. And so that's the tough one. As you go down the path you try to stay away from the harm comes to you try to get away from just like that thought is gonna poke you, it's gonna harm you. So you try to stay away. You might get hit a little bit here on that side, but you try to make your way through until you get to safety. So that's taqwa.

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As the sky was mentioned, to do what you're supposed to do, stay away from that what you're supposed to stay away from. Always train yourself to have strong taqwa as you travel down the path to Allah subhanho wa sallam. And the last thing we mentioned, as we traveled down the path and shallow to salvation to Allah subhanho wa Taala keeping good company

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all throughout the sooner and the Quran you find issue of the of keeping good company.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says to us yeah, even at the end amaroo takala once again, oh, you believe fear Allah will Kudo. Masada teen MB with the truthful.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam pay attention is Heidi. He said

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el Moro Allah Dini Crowley de phillium da Eleonora hadoken manoharan the person is on the religion of his friend their religion Did they say he was affected by he said on their religion the DNA of his friend so each one of you should look at who he be friends because the good person the good friend as the process that I'm described him and the other Heidi

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like the one who sells the musk

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what's going to happen when you hang out with him?

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You're going to either even smell nice first of all have that that's guaranteed inshallah. Because he always he got the munchies taking it out. It's just gonna get on your clothes. You might you might get your with your wife though, cuz she's like, Where you been? You know why you smelling good all the time outside, right? She thinks you're up to something. But nonetheless, you're gonna smell good.

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Or he's going to

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give you a gift. He will give us friends and say, I have a little bit you know, so much she got some free musk. So free perfume with you.

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And if not, when you buy at least he's gonna give you what a good deal. He might give it to you for wholesale might give you even less. He sent it for 100 outside gives it to you for 50 pounds. That's good. So you're gonna benefit from this guy? No doubt. Any promises and it was described. The bad friend is being what? Like who? the blacksmith.

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When you go and hang out with the blacksmith what's gonna happen

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is gonna burn your clothes, how you're going to smell and you're going to think the same thing with the good friend and the bedframe. So always pay attention to this. Constantly when you travel down the path to Allah subhanho wa Taala your friends, your brothers, they are the ones who protect you. Just like when you go in a certain area.

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In the dunya you make sure you go deep you got like four or five brothers with you to carloads so nobody's gonna mess with you. So this area I'm not going by myself crazy people in there you go the two carloads of brothers, five 510 of you so when you're struggling with your brothers and they're reminding you you have an agreement that every day we're going to go to sleep to the budget

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we're going to carpool

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save some petrol at the same time is good and petrol is expensive in the UK. So we say we're gonna we're gonna come together four or five of us so what happens when Shane long gets the best there's no rest you know? You can go play later you know who said that you can pray for the sunrises and it's a difference of opinion. So what are you going to do

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you want to go back to sleep by yourself but you know the brothers are waiting for you and they're not going to do when they're calling you to the phone lighten up. You get up and you encourage you but the other guys in like a love of water Amen. Come on just sleep you can wake up and pray at 830 if you want no problem Allah knows just in the heart You're good inside.

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And other says that even if you don't pray Allah before Amen.

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And he wants good for you he he'll forgive your sins. Allah knows if he knows inside your pure and you like yeah, you're I actually think but the rivers I feel the Hellfire man, you're gonna go to the Hellfire view. If you're not gonna pray. You can leave Islam if you don't pray. He's reminding you again. Thanks. So who you mingle with who you who you hang out with. This is very, very important to keep you straight as you travel down the path to salvation. And the last one of the things as a seventh point, and that is the issue of very bad,

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constantly worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala. The prophecies tell me that he prescribed for us in the Hadith.

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Regarding the fitting as they come, he certainly isn't bad. yuru bill Amelie Fitzalan, he said to race

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against the fitness with your a Bader

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and then he described how severe those fitness will be.

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That is your spirit

00:22:08--> 00:22:18

orajel meenan williamsii kaviraj out of the blue, that he wakes up in the morning as a believer and enters into the evening as a Catholic.

00:22:20--> 00:22:27

William C momina. Will Smith kathira and he enters into the evening as a believer and wakes up in the morning as a caffeine.

00:22:28--> 00:22:38

Why what did he do? Joby rodina, who be out of them in a dunya that he sells his Deen for something of the dunya

00:22:39--> 00:23:19

fitna, but the beginning was that shield the protection which was the bad bad rubella many to race to do the the bad acts of worship, in order to protect yourself from the fitness before they come. So when you're constantly striving to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala when the difficulties come when the the lust and the desires come, and the thing is come to take you off the path, sometimes it comes like a hurricane, to rip you off the path not just to take you out altogether. And you have your Eman. You have your a badger. You have your good deeds, you have the good companion all these things and chunks on it will help keep you firm. And we talked about the dangers along the path. You

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can just do the opposite to the seven points I just mentioned. And you'll see these are the dangers you're going to find them on the path drifting away not having knowledge not having taqwa not keeping good company and all of that and other points that I mentioned and alone was best alone Alamo Solo Solo Baraka and Mohammed