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AI: Summary © The importance of understanding and living with light and real life is discussed in the context of achieving goals, with a focus on the benefits of accepting the light of Islam and healing and growth in one's heart. The speaker emphasizes the need for individuals to live with light and real life to achieve their goals, and the importance of accepting the light of Islam and healing in one's heart.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to a new episode of In the light of the Quran. Now today we have light, some light that we will take from the Quran. It's a beautiful light because it gives us the distinction between the believers and non believers. It gives us the distinction between the people who live by the light and by the guidance of the Quran, and describes them as they are the people who are really alive. Whereas those who don't have the slide, they are the dead ones, because their hearts are dead. These verses are from Surah to enhance the surah of the cattle. It's a wonderful surah has deep meanings for anyone who recites it. So today inshallah, we will see

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how we can read these verses, as I said, in a new light, which is the light of understanding and reflection, we benefit from themselves. So we get this light to light our lives and have more understanding a more light and the way we get by in this life, and we start with the recitation then inshallah we'll talk about the translation of the meanings of it and get the wisdoms out of it.

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Salama Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome to In the light of the Quran. We'll come back to this new verse that we will deal with today in sha Allah, which is very important for every Muslim who tries to consider the believers and the disbelievers. Why because it tells us wisdoms that really helped the believers become stronger and get by in this life. It's very important for us as individuals, especially now we're talking mainly on the individual level, as Allah says, In this verse that can the dead person whom we gave life, imagine was giving the example of someone who's dead, and we gave him life. So he is alive, and we gave him lights. Imagine life and lights. This is

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the description of the example that Allah has given. With this life and light he walks among the people, whereas the rest of them are dead. Can this man be compared to someone who's living in the depths of darkness and cannot get out of them? Could you imagine?

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The comparison that Allah has given someone was dead, we gave him life. And we gave him light and we are talking about the light and why are we trying to see things in the light of the Quran. So Allah This is actually the example of someone who believed in the Quran. And who takes light from the Quran, the wisdom of God. And this is what we are trying to do in this series, we get more light from the verses of the Quran from the divine words, get more light. So actually, this light and these wisdoms that we take from the Koran give us life, they give us life, and they give us as well light. So imagine your life full of life and energy, and you have light. So you have the energy to

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do what is good, you have the strength to do that. And you have the right insight, you have the correct vision so you can tell where you should go. You're not wasting your energy and your life with something that will bring you no benefit. On the contrary, you have the power, the energy, you have the strength, and you know your destination, you know where you are heading to. So this is the example of the Muslims, we have life. And we have light whereas the people who don't believe in the Creator, who don't believe in Allah, they live in the depths of darkness, they are in darkness, they cannot tell imagine someone in darkness in the middle of the night, there is no source of light at

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all. How can he walk? How can he get to his destination? How can he get anywhere he wants to get darkness does not get you anywhere, there will be lost. They they don't know what which direction to go to, which maybe they will fall in a pit, maybe they will fall in a valley. Maybe they will drown in a river of water. It does not the person who does not have lights is lost. This is exactly the example of someone who does not believe in the plan. So can we now look at life we can our selves, as Muslims in this way. That we have light from Allah, we have real life because there are so many people who are alive today but their hearts are dead. This the souls are dead are suffering. But

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real life is not the life of the body is the life of the heart because even when the soul leaves the body and the body dies, and the cup is decomposed and becomes dead, the life of the heart is still there, those whose hearts and souls are alive,

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they will remain alive but the ones whose hearts were dead, will be dead and will be tortured. So Winston should be happy that we have this life and dislike now this is the example I gave us. These are the believers whereas the disbelievers, they live in darkness, darkness imagine even the heart of the soul cannot be happy or content or pleased are satisfied when it hits in darkness, darkness because it does not know what is around it. The hazards the dangers around it cannot tell. It doesn't know it does not even enjoy the beauties around it because it cannot see. So even the disbelievers honestly they cannot they don't understand the beauty a lot but in their hearts, the

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beauty of this life which is the real beauty of living for a living in this life that he gave us, and the light that we take from the divine. So we will try inshallah to get to that, in this series, which is the light of the Divine words, try to live with it, see things with it. So we can tell what is around us. And we can tell where our way is and where we should head to. This is the life or the life story of the Muslim then Allah says talks about how people dealt with the prophets and messengers who came to them with light. They said these people said, the criminals, the people oppose the beliefs, they said they always mocked at the bit on the believers, and they plotted

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against them. Then when any verse came to them, any sign came to them that they should follow the truth. They will always say we will not believe until we are given what the messengers were given until we receive revelation personally until the angels come to us and give us the message. Now these people are so proud and arrogant, that Allah knows they do not deserve to be guided because even if the guidance has been given to them for the angels, they will not accept it.

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Now you see how Allah knows who are the people who accept light and benefit from it and who are the ones who will reject it. Then the law says that the people who are the criminals who reject the message were rejected in light of a lot the likes of God on these people, they will receive a severe punishment, this will be the end. Then Allah gives the example a beautiful example unless is anyone that allow ones to guide to the truth of Islam and this, we can see this when we deal with non Muslims. When we tell them that Islam, we show them the light of Islam, the light of the Quran, we tell them about Islam.

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Allah says the ones that Allah wants to go to Islam Allah with open there's just a lovely wind in their chest. Imagine when someone feels depressed and under stress. They feel that their chest contracts, their breast contracts that even they cannot breed.

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They cannot breathe. This is the example really of being under stress and agony and pain. But a lot talks about the ones who accept the faith. Imagine how the light of the plan is so soothing to the heart and the chest and the soul, that when it comes to this heart that is willing to accept the light, and the truth is heart widens and is relaxed, and opens itself to accept the truth, and the heart feels at peace and security, and calmness and contentment. This is the life of those who accept the light of the plan. But Allah says, As to the ones that Allah does not move for them to become Muslims, because they reject the faith, they reject the light of Islam. They don't, Allah

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knows, because he knows the unseen, he knows what is in the house, he knows that they don't want to accept the truth, they recognize the light, but they rejected these people, whenever the light comes to them, their hearts and the chests become contracted, so that they cannot breathe, it's just like this, the the one who ascends up in the heavens, you know where, because in the higher altitudes, and the higher levels of the atmosphere, there is very little oxygen, so the person cannot even brief. So anyone who goes up to, especially those who climb mountains, high mountains, like Mount Everest, and the Himalayas, when they go, and they reach very high altitudes, what happens to them,

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they some, some of them cannot even breathe, because there's very little percentage of oxygen in the air. So they need to breathe, and they feel the chests are contracted, the lungs are being crushed. This is what they feel. This is the description of luggages, that the people of rejection who reject the truth when the light comes to them, they feel the hearts are contracted, and they cannot even breathe, they cannot bear the beauty of Islam and the light of Assam. This is why they fight against it. Whereas the ones who accept believe that just open are relaxed and happy with the truth of Islam and the light of the stuff because you see how the light of Islam is so suitable and compatible with

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our souls. So if you really feel good, and you feel relaxed, when you listen to the Quran, and recite it and understand it, then that's a very good sign. But if you don't feel comfortable when you hear or listen to the Quran, that's a very bad sign. But you have to work hard on yourself. And Allah says that this is a district of your Lord, it says straight the straight path of your Lord. So Allah says that we have made everything clear for the people, the wide and long. See how Allah subhanaw taala is giving us the light in this world.

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And this light is the life of our hearts. So we want to revive our hearts, give them life through the light. And this is one of the goals of this series is that we want to receive the heart of the plan, and so that our hearts shine with it. So wherever we go in this life, whatever we do, the slide shows us the way it lights the way for us. So we know what we are doing. Then Allah says describes those people who accept the light and live by it. Those people whose hearts and chests are open, and they accept the truth and the light and purple and these people lundahl salami, and for those people, that would be the Land of Peace, or the world of peace which is paradise, which is

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gender, that we all are looking for. Gender Paradise is the Land of Peace, because they were at peace with the peace at peace with the light of their chests was so comfortable, their hearts was so content with the whole and in the light of it. This is why the lift in peace in this world and they will live in hereafter in paradise. And basically Allah concludes by saying and what is their helper because of what they used to do. So this light of the permanent inches of our hearts when we understand it, and it spreads, you know hearts and chests, it will spread it will show in our actions and we will be light and we can see everything clear. Then Allah will help us and support us

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and get us to paradise. Now I hope we benefit from this beautiful wisdom which is the light of the Quran. We live by it it gives us life. Until we meet next time. I leave you in peace salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.