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The speaker discusses the importance of protecting one's privacy and privacy in the workplace. They share a personal story about a woman who lost her job due to a sexual incident. The speaker also talks about a woman who lost her job due to a sexual incident.

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Rosalie, Rosalie,

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Marina Mohammed, he was on the edge main, my dear brothers in Islam

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we're going to be talking about

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a love,

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a form of love that history has never seen.

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And that is the love

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of the Sahaba.

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The Companions of our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, formula, Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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When you look into

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the xerography,

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he was sending, you look into the stories of the Sahaba, and how they used to strive, they show their love for the progress that

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we see amazing stories, amazing wildlife,

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outdoor walking with Bob and other others to have a walk with

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me, then everything everybody except for myself, a natural person loves himself, usually more than anything, anybody

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who believes it's up to him, himself, and his mother, his his his father and his son.

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After this, he said, Now

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even to myself, he said,

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a lady mean already.

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To him, there is

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his father, mother, father, parents, and all of mankind. This man

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a sign a condition to fulfill

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the law, you have to follow the

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In this verse, it says

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that, the law and follow me and return all of you, and He will forgive you of your sense

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of the companions.

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Following him, that's what he will do.

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He was in a bit.

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He was

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in a beautiful story.

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He came to

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him and he said

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to me, myself, and my family and everything. And he said,

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to me, my house, he said,

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look for you, I have to come find you have to come see you. So I can relax, relax, if you

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think about my dad, and I think about your dad. He's scared, because high levels of the agenda, and he's afraid I will not reach those levels.

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I'm afraid I won't reach those levels. So I won't be able to see

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the policies, the gold, the silver, the pearls, or the paradise, his main concern is not that I'll not be able to see the

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He didn't answer that first.

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The verse his first one, he said, whoever obeys Allah, His Messenger, once again goes back to the following to obeying the

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They're very, they will be within the between

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the models.

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And who is better than to be with your patient with these people in the day of judgment?

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How was

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he said what

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he said he was more than that all our money, and our children, and our mothers, and our fathers and from cold war are a very hot day. We're very thirsty. You can think about it as the deserts. He says, first of all, that

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all of that was set up.

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In a beautiful story.

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was one of the first Muslims captured as a prisoner of war.

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sent out the Sahaba to teach the Muslims he was captured by preach at what was he the first people who since

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they came to see him and he was preparing himself and he asked him

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he said,

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he said,

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now and you went home with your family relaxing, kicking back. They said to him,

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these beautiful words. He said, No.

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He said I want

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to be home with a Thor that breaks in

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and I am with

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the our other die. here right now. We have a Thor.

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Who did this love have reached?

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In spoke the words of Trujillo, he was awesome at this time. He said, he swore by law, he said never seen love for anybody demanding like

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he said something I've never seen before,

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at this stage, to get your head chopped off, and you say, I want nothing to harm you, even if that means dying myself. So

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when we look into the story,

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when it came to the migration, the hater

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reported the story, he said that

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he came to us at a time

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where he never came before us, the people relaxing during this time

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was really hot.

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There's something going on, because the person doesn't come visit us at this time.

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And he said, Have the people inside go outside? And he said, don't worry.

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So he said to him, I have got permission.

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I've been given permission to make

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became so excited.

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He said

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and he said, Yes, you'll be with me.

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He was so happy, and so thrilled because of the love you have

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and being able to travel with

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him, even though he knows he has never seen his own life. And he broke down.

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he said I never knew until that day a man could cry from happiness until I saw my father crying when he got the news from the police that he will be with him.

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went out.

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He was the one who volunteered to sleep in the bed of the prophets of Allah while he was alive, even though he knew that all of the families of grace had gathered survival spirits outside of this door, anytime a guru

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was in the dead.

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line that he was risked his life for the purpose of a loved one he was killed.

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started to go south.

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He said he

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was right in his back. He was nervous. The process as to what are you doing? He said when I think about them coming behind us trying to capture us

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Again, waiting for the train and during the three days

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as the policy director is head on to the Near

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reviews do make a noise because he didn't want to disturb the promise of a lot while he was asleep because he loved the process of so much the pain

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and his fears, and to the teardrop came down and hit the piece of the puzzle. He was seven he woke up.

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And he said,

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used to strive to protect the province of a lot while he was sending the show the love of the province

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during the battle,

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the coup 4350

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said, is a good idea. So he took all his

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activity within 300 of them, leaving us 650 30

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dudes up to this panel during this battle, as the

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as the suit was coming down to the

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sacrifices, his finger cut off

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to his face.

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We put out

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we put it out with his own team.

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Straight perfectly straight wouldn't on the face of the prophets of Allah while he was in even knows what he was doing it. Because of the love they have for the purpose of the law. He was one of these I have yet

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a wonderful answer.

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She came out looking money. Where's the practice of law?

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So we have some bad news for you.

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So listen to us, first of all, first of all, your father died in the battle. Your brother died and your husband died. She said I don't care about that right now. Where's the problem? Is that what happened?

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Is the main thing. Is he okay? He's fine. He's not want to make sure he's okay.

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Anything that happens after you it's something we can take. It's something he's supposed

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to he was in them.

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he was in them. And

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he said a man came to

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him and said to him

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and he said

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to me prepare for this. He said, football.

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The messenger

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said to him,

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individual who he loves

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and never became or is a we never became in this habit. We never been more happy with any word or anything after becoming Muslim.

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In the statement of

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those who love

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us when he said

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he said and I love them all. And I love his messages.

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And he said

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he said he reached for a rich in essential I will be with him on the day of judgment

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to success

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in this life,

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and in the next is when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He was a role model. Allah subhanaw taala says to us

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he was COO, COO,

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COO, coo coo

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and those who believe in him

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and they honor Him

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and they support him and they follow the lights that was sent down with him follow as soon as they became the role model that barely these people are the ones who are successful.

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If you

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are successful, we are supposed

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to make us from those who are successful.

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And we are supposed

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to make us from those who truly love us

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in our interactions

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