Reflections Ramadan 2023 04 – And indeed We have eased it in your tongue that they might be reminded

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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back. We're still reflecting on the beautiful Surah of the Han chapter number 44. And today's affliction is on the verse before the last verse number 58 in which the Almighty Allah says in, yes someone who believes, Nicola Allah Who knew that go.

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And that means, indeed we have eased the Quran in your tongue, in order for them to take heed and to receive the admonition in order to be reminded.

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And that cannot be achieved unless if they comprehended, Allah said they understand that that's why the Quran was revealed in their language in their mother tongue. So that it is not something weird nor strange for them rather, the master the Arabic language to the Almighty Allah revealed to them Quran which is good haben movie in Clear Book, there is no ambiguity in it, because that give you any challenge them to bring anything similar to whether an entire Quran or 10 chapters, or even one chapter of the Quran, even similar to the shorter chapter of the Quran. And the challenge was not met with any challenges. No one showed interest. No one was capable to bring anything similar to but

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there is something very special about every verse in the Quran, and that's why it's called in Arabic ionic sign. Miracle. Every verse of the Quran is very attractive is very powerful is very deep in meaning besides the Arabic grammatical structure and its miraculous linguistic nature. In surah, solid

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verse number two in your mind Almighty Allah says Kitab whoo

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and that is the purpose for which Allah

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has sent down this lizard book which is simply his words his wise words. For what reason? Lee at the bottom of it and this is exactly what we're doing in this program reflection to ponder over its verses while yet as a corollary above and in order for people with understanding to take heed to be reminded to benefit out of it

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what interesting in the beginning of Surah Doohan after Allah subhanho wa Taala started the surah with her meme, he said,

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while keytab in the movie, I swear to the Clear Book to the Quran.

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In Anza, no fee Leila TMobile rocketing in Hakuna misery. So the beginning of Surah two, Doohan was talking about the beginning of the revelation of the Quran,

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the Clearbrook of the miraculous nature, which Allah subhanho wa Taala sent as a warner in Hakuna Mondrian. And then he said, by the end of the Surah, for in Nanaia sadhana who believes Arnica indeed we have eased the Quran in your tongue, that the may be reminded. And then he follows that by the final Isaiah 59 When he says for Turkey in Turkey Boone so watch or Muhammad, they too are watching they're watching they're watching what you are anticipating and you're expecting Allah has promised to come true which is this Deen will prevail. This Quran will be recited by every mother tongue by every believer on Earth. There will not be a single house on Earth by the Quran will enter

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it and it's no one will shine all over the earth. This is what the Almighty Allah said. While they're watching multiple bone, they hope that you will vanish and you will message will be extinguished.

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What watch and observe and how Allah subhanaw taala is going to make your message and the Quran prevail over all other messages and other books Subhanallah also you find in Surah

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Al Kamara in anumber 17 Almighty Allah says while accordia Some no Quran, Allah zyk reefer halaman muda Kia indeed we have made the core an easy for remembrance not only for remembrance for memorization, but for a citation for remembrance and memorization. For pondering and also to practice it for hell Mimmo Decker. So are there any will take heed and remember, any who would benefit out of this divine message like Allah Almighty repeated this four times in Surah two comma. So he is confirming the fact that even though the Quran was revealed in Arabic, because the first group to receive it for Arab, but it's a universal message with a universal nature. So the vast

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majority of Muslims nowadays are non Arab,

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vast majority of Muslims over 82% They do not know Arabic, but they know the Quran

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they enjoy is a citation. And the vast majority of the whole father, those who have memorized the entire Quran, may come from non Arabic background, the appearance do not speak Arabic, millions of her father, Yanni those who have memorized the Quran from Pakistan from India, from Bangladesh, from Malaysia, from Indonesia,

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from here and there, Subhan Allah.

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So the Quran is not only limited to the Arab, not only limited to the Americans, unless it will Acharya Sultan Al Quran, Allah Zicree for Helmy Medaka. And also the nature of its words and recitations are very attractive like magnet. So whenever it is recited even before non Arab provided it is recited properly with a melodious voice. It's like a magnet, it attracts the audience say, very soothing, I love it. What does it mean? What does it say? So invite the audience to find out and figure out its meaning. This is exactly what Allah Almighty said. You know, when Allah Almighty said before in an era of Surah, Shara chapter number 26, discern in Arabic a movie and he has the

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Quran was revealed in a clear and plain Arabic language, and any book would have been revealed in a particular language. But this particular book is universal. That's why if we say, if all the books which people perceive as holy or sacred were burned to ash, what you will come

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be recovered overnight only the Quran because simply there are hundreds of millions of those who have memorized the Quran by heart, even though it is not the language. So may Allah subhanaw taala make us all from among the people of the Quran, who are elevated above the rest of people. I mean, until next time