Most Dhikr of the Prophet before he passed

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The speakers discuss the importance of forgiveness and recordkeeping in Alaska, with a particular emphasis on the need for proper recordkeeping and audit. They also mention the use of Lloyd of the elders and promise of forgiveness. The importance of forgiveness is emphasized, along with the need to clean records and be prepared for events. The speakers emphasize the importance of proper recordkeeping and audit, as well as the need to be prepared for events.

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Hello orchid

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and hamdulillah Bilal Amin. So Allah wa salam Baraka Nabina Muhammad and while earlier Sigler Selim to Sleeman Kathira mama, but

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you guys would like to know what was the most favorite or the most common and Dhikr the Prophet sallallahu wasallam used to say before he passed,

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but I know that

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what was the most common or dhikr the Prophet saw some repeated the most right or the time right before the pastor what Allah ceremony is one of the most important that we need to share with you inshallah Allah. Hopefully we can use that in our lives. That's the thing the Prophet used to say repeatedly, over and over again, then it must be important, right? Can anyone predict and maybe think what could it be?

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A banana for dinner.

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That's a good number. It's not it's not it.

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Low I'm gonna take a nutshell for dine. No, that's not a good one, though. But it's not a

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yarmulke level Galoob that's beautiful one personally.

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That was a response the Professor Sam gave to command that came to him from Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And what is that that's here on the campus. And I should have allowed that I'm gonna call it Kana Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam up throw on the Akula Cobla mounty he she said the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prior to his death. He used to supplicate frequently Subhan Allah who will be handy he Starfield Allah wa tuvo la

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Subhanallah Hamdi a Stanford Allah wa tubo They probably already know these words, you know from different ADKAR now put them together one sentence Subhan Allah Hamdi a Stanford Allah wa tubal LA where is that command come to the Prophet Salah Salem regarding these words you guys all know that command.

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Nostril la he will fit alright and Assad Hoon if we didn't allow her Fajr fossa behind the rock beaker was the fear in Ghana. The lava? That's what he says what Subhanallah your Hamdi Astell for Allah? Wa tubulin.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala staring us in the Surah as a matter of fact, this sort of you know, guys this circumstance of the surah the surah was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam after Mecca

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after the conquest of Makkah, when that sort of was revealed Sahaba were were joyful. Allahu Akbar, Allah subhanaw taala says either Jaya and Austral Allah he will fit.

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He says indeed when the victory of Allah subhanho wa Taala and triumph come to you. What is it and I said hold on if you didn't know he's a forger, the conquest you've seen it? And now you see people coming into the deen of Allah subhana water inserts, numbers, the subject behind the Arabic you need to now start doing this we're by the Grace of Allah azza wa jal the name of Allah subhanaw taala was Telfer seek his forgiveness in now Canada wherever because it's about forgiving Subhanallah accepting the Toba

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now all the Sahaba they took the or not not all but the majority of the Sahaba they took the surah as well. Good news.

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Allah sharing good news with the Ummah right except for few one of them was Rama and the other one was no one knows.

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Even Abbas the only one

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even Ibis Abdullah honorable Kappa, we asked the elders so how because we used to bring him in our bus into the shoe Romulus, like his, the elders of the community. And you have this young man in his 20s Probably at the time, he used to bring him in. And these elders they say, I mean, come on you I'm your minion if you're gonna bring these kids are bringing my kid to.

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He said, Well, let me show you why. And he asked all the elders says what do you say about the surah? What can you tell me about the surah? And they all say the Surah Surah Nasir, I mean, it's Allah subhanaw taala sharing with the prophets on good news that the victory is coming. And that's it. It's over.

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Because of an ibis, what do you say about the surah?

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Because what ALLAH SubhanA wa there was announcing the eulogy and the death of the prophets of Allah salah.

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It was how come? He's telling him tell us your mission is accomplished.

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Now prepare yourself with what would this be seeking forgiveness and ask Allah to accept your Toba?

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Keep doing Toba regularly? That's the meaning of the surah over here and that's to give you the minute here on Alaska says for some behind DECA they said the behind the ROB Baker mean, praise the name of your Lord. Praise His name with us.

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sugarcoat, saying Al Hamdulillah Subhan. Allah Hamdi

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was the Fuhrer suffer seekers forgiveness and we don't have to say that I stopped for Allah stop federal law stuff will allow the mullah de la ilaha illa will you were to believe in many different ways you sigmanest over. And then in Canada wherever, because Allah subhanho wa Taala accept the Toba which means you require to sit down and do self audit.

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You have audit? What sins have you committed that you think that you still need to do? Tober for

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what mistake have you done? What mistakes have you done against other people against yourself against Allah subhanho wa Taala that requires each one of them requires one unique tell before you seek you know Toba from Allah subhanaw taala for that, do that.

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Before you meet your Lord subhanho wa Taala you need to have you clean your record clean. And you can't have it clean unless you really audit yourself and seek trouble for every mistake that you've done. So we'll be erased as Allah promises of Hannah Wattana if you accept your Toba that's the meaning of this done. Now the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was instructed to say this, when is your man

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you know in the last few years of his life, maybe the last few months of his life sala de la semana. Why? Because his imminent death was kind of like, like announced to him like you're dying soon. So get ready. So you start doing it so alasa more frequently. As a matter of fact, the same Hadith the same statement was also reported by Anselmo radula, Tirana, also other Sahaba from the men, they heard the Prophet saw him doing that publicly very often, which means what he was doing it everywhere in the house of Selma and the house of Ayesha and Tao and the Sahaba in the masjid. Everybody heard the Prophet Salah Sam centers da Subhan Allah Allah subhana Colombo Behanding says

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stop for Allah to Allah Subhanallah OB Hamdi has done for Allah to Allah irregularly because he was preparing now for us when should we say that Dr. Gemma

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What do you guys think?

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Every single day. Why?

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Because we don't know. We don't know what's gonna happen. So you better be prepared, they will be ready. And you better have a clean slate and clean records with Allah subhanho wa Taala before we leave this world, very simple, very simple message Subhan Allah will be handy. A stop for Allah wa tubulin as simple as that. So please, repeat that frequently. Am I let's repeat that three to three times together in sha Allah Subhana Allah will be handy.

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Starfield Allah,

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wa to Allah

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Subhana Allah who will be handy.

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Stanford Allah wa to Allah

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Subhana Allah who will be handy.

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Stanford Allah. Wa tubo la

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mer luxon from all over Europe.

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And the question is Gemma

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Subhana kallangur Hantek Ashok Leyland esta Furukawa to Samadhi