Stories Of the Prophets – Nooh (AS) Part 2

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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we continue with the story of no anana V in our history.

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Yesterday we explained how shaitaan had duped the people prior to the coming of know Holly Sonam they were after the era of administra on towhead on belief in the oneness of Allah of worshipping Allah alone, until what transpired when pious people used to pass on the devil then told them Why don't you make a picture? Why don't you have a statue made? Why don't you have an idol made in the features of this person was passed on so you can remember them. So that's how it started. And eventually it led to idol worship. And by the time Nohara Salatu was Salam came is an abbey, his people had forgotten what was the heat what was monotheism what was belief in the one Allah, what

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was worshipping Allah alone, and they had started to worship idols exclusively. And when he came to them, his message, which was the natural message actually seemed strange. And we threw the parallels yesterday with the time of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam as well. And I explained that all important, misaligned routing, that shift does not necessarily mean that you deny the existence of Allah altogether. If you attribute any exclusive quality of Allah to any other being, then you have committed chicken you out of the fold of Islam and I gave the example of how there another Allah is the only one who has the ability to be omnipresent. So if you attribute the exclusive quality of

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Allah and we say any other being besides Allah has the ability to be omnipresent to be aware of anything, everything anyway all the time every time, then that is problematic in terms of attributing an exclusive quality of Allah to a being other than a lot of Baraka without him. Now, we concluded yesterday by saying that low highly salaams people told him ya know, for the delta of 30 Jelena enough of the arguments now 14 Avi Mata Dona encounter minister didn't bring this punishment that you talking about. Then the revelation came from Allah. Allah No. And the hula you mean I mean komikko ilam and irmen Filatov the SP makan we have falloon that Oh no. These people who have

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accepted Islam they have accepted the rest are not going to accept and when I look to learn more on Instagram, that's when one is gonna meet the two ha Rob bellaterra out of the middle care farinata Yara Rola destroy them because if they're going to remain alive, they will continue to mislead the people that will come now Allah gave nor any saddam the command to build the ship was snake oil full. So no Holly Sam and his people started building the ship. But every time these people would pass by they would mock them they would scoff at them say you building a ship. What's gonna happen here? Where are you going to sail this particular ship are called Mr. Murali mela Tommy Roman when

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the leaders came, they used to laugh they used to say what's what's this you building a ship? What are you waiting for where those rains are going to come? pseudo Ali Salaam responded in Romania for him Nana Saruman come. You know what they say in English? He will laughs last laughs the best. So no, Holly Salaam said you laughing today a time will come when we go into enough and when we laugh It will be the last laugh and that they came after either. amona Allah says that they came when

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the water came out of the ovens, the ovens burst open. Now what is the meaning of the ovens that burst open the scholars have written that the water started coming from all sides of the Earth from all sides. And in those days they used to have ovens in the ground they used to bake in they used to cook in the ground. So the floods came from all sides in such a way that even those ovens were now filling over and spilling over with water. That's why the Quran uses that description for lack milfy ham equivalent so Janie 911 serverpilot encoder woman Hemen so no Holly Sam was instructed by Allah that take one of each in every pay meaning every creation of Allah take a male and female male and

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female with you on the ship, so that after the deluge when everyone and everything else is destroyed after the floods, at least on the ship, they would be a male and female of every creation of Allah so that it can continue you know the different creations of Allah can continue after the flood. And I'll let don't know honey, Sam, I will protect you and your family. I will protect you and your family in them and Santa Clara Hill poll, except those that have excluded themselves and the decree has already been made with regards to them. So now the floods came and people started to to drown, and the ship started to sail. And here's where the famous law comes without a cup of coffee. Hmm. So

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they were told right get onto the ship now because the water started to flow. Bismillahi Madre ha Murcia. That's the law that is read when you embark on a journey on a ship.

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When you embark on a journey on road you say Subhanallah de soccer Alana Omar Quintanilla. homescreen so when you're in an animal or in a ship Bismillah himadri hermosa, we're in Nairobi lava for Rahim. Now, a lot of bodycote Allah says this was all from the trenches, where he uttered gdb him Fimo Jenkins jabaal Allah says those waves were like mountains. The floods was such that the waves were like mountains. Now not only Sam saw his son, when are the new Nibbana so he called out to his son will call a boon a year Camana. Oh my son get on to the ship, get onto the ship, so you can be saved. So what did the son say?

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Further, sir, are we illegible in ya Simoni? minalima he said Nah, I'm not going to panic. His son was not a believer. So no Elisa mustard him come on to the ship accept Islam and Allah will save you look at the punishment has come look at the floods. So the sunset No, I'm not going to panic. I'm going to run to the top of the mountain. The waters will not reach me on the top of the mountain I'll be safe there. So no Holly Sam tried to reason with him and said la semana Yo mama in Amarillo Illa Mara him no one will be saved today except the one who Allah wants to save by His mercy Illa Mara him but he never listen for Kern, I mean a mocha teen. So he drowned because those waves

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overcame those people also reach the tops of the mountains. Allah knows best how accurate it is. But they say these archaeologists when when when they do the excavations and all of that in the region. They find bow bodies on the top of the mountains and they are indications that those bodies had succumbed to flooding right there on the top of the mountain and normally you won't have a flood that high your water will not reach there. So there are some indications Allahu Allah that there were many people who were the science is still evident up to today that the water reach them now no honey salatu salam started making dua for his son when

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he colada to Allah for color in Ebony min Ali. Hola My son is from my family. We're in Nevada call Huck and you promised that you will save my family. And Allah responded and said you know in the whole a seminar, Alec, he's not really from your family. Why in Illinois,

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his actions are not right. His actions are not right. For this LD Malik silica behind him Don't Don't ask Allah that with regards to him with with regards to which you have no knowledge. You see, no Holly Salam had now forgotten about that part. Well, listen, I'll save your family except those who did not bring him on. And his son was from the exception he son was from those who did not bring him on. Then Allah says after everyone had been destroyed, Allah now issued the command

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to Bella he murky sama, who actually was he the Alma waka ama. Now the steps were shocked, so to speak from the top and from the bottom from the heavens and from the earth, and the water settled. And the ark of Noah, as they say in the Bible, or the ship of New Orleans. Salatu was Salam. Okay, what's the what's the island Judy was the what Island Judy, it came to a rest on the Mount of Judy. And where's the mount of Judy? It is between the Euphrates and the Tigris. That is where the ship of knowledge Salatu was Salam came to arrest with ILA poorer than lillico mithali mean, and it was said, Look at how distant the oppressive people have become. So Allah had warned and Allah had

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warned and Allah had warned, no Holly Salam had cautioned and he had cushion dinette cushion 950 years, nothing happened. So everyone thought nothing will happen. Nothing happened. So everyone thought nothing will happen. But when it came to was major, it was catastrophic. It was colossal. And it resulted in the destruction of all those who have disobeyed the commands of Allah and who had neglected to obey the message of the Messenger of Allah know Allah His salatu salam will live with them continue tomorrow in sha Allah May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the understanding Subhana Allah He will be Hamdi Subhana Allah Mohammed the shadow Lola. Hello