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The upcoming launch of a tour in London will feature a series of video and audio interviews, including a tour of the moon. The tour will feature a series of video and audio interviews, including a series of video and audio interviews of the moon. The importance of fasting during the day is discussed, and practical advice for those who see the moon in logged-in areas is provided. The Facebook faced by the Saudi Arabia is a Facebook faced by the Saudi Arabia is a Facebook faced by the the Saudi Arabia is a Facebook faced by the the Saudi Arabia is a Facebook faced by the the Saudi Arabia is a Facebook faced by the the Saudi Arabia is a Facebook faced by the the Saudi Arabia is a Facebook faced by the the Saudi Arabia is a Facebook faced by the the Saudi Arabia is a Facebook faced by the the Saudi Arabia is a Facebook faced by the the Saudi Arabia is a Facebook faced by the the Saudi Arabia is a Facebook faced by the the Saudi

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato Ramadan Mubarak all around the world say Sudan where you from we'll get started in two minutes

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synonyms where you're from synonyms and where you're from SNAM and where you're from cinammon where you're from

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and you Ramadan my barks all around the world.

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Salaam and where you're from Salem and where you're from

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Surya in the UK welcome Assam Saira Malik Mr. Ram

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Solomon where you're from

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Moon sighting or moon fighting.

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Like I said I'm Syrah in Houston.

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Mohammed Rafi in mature in Seattle, Malik Muslim

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Samira Annabelle Wa alaykum wa salam walleye in Dallas, Oli Sameer in Maryland, Alec masala

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more lie. Is your name pronounced Malay

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Ramadan Mubarak Sharifa in Minnesota are they gonna sit down plan in Washington DC or like Madame Farah in Houston or are they gonna Sadam Shazia in Wichita? Like Mr. Ram, we've hit 100 and we've hit the top of the hours. Let's get done in Philadelphia. Alec, Miss Patricia, take one. I said I'm on Lake rahmatullah wa barakato Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi wa ala Anna. Before we begin, I have good news for you insha Allah Tala this Ramadan, we bring back the classic Tara we truffles so we traveled is a Facebook video that I used to do or we're going to do Facebook Live this time. We used to do Facebook videos back in like 2008 or 2009

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something like that as a long time ago, and hamdulillah actually, my page here grew because of those videos that we did the tidal wave travels we did it year after year and then we kind of got into visionair and Ramadan, but inshallah Tada. I have a plan that we are doing Visionaire Ramadan this year, and we're going to do the total truffles. We're going to do both. So you need to take note that the towaway truffles are going to be broadcasted at 1pm 1pm New York time. What time is that in the UK? 1pm New York time I think is murder. No. Let me just check for you what time UK is 1pm New York is 1pm New York is what time UK it is 6pm So it's going to be at 6pm in the UK London and stuff

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like that every day inshallah data throughout the month of Ramadan Tarawera travels. The concept of the turmeric truffles is that as each day we're reciting a gist from the Quran in the Facebook Live I'm gonna take a verse from that just so we can reflect on it just one verse one concept and we'll base it on that inshallah Donna

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so 1pm New York is 6pm UK it seems anyways 1pm New York whatever time it is, in the UK, you know best. So let's get started. Bismillah so today we're talking about

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Moon sighting or moon fighting. I wish I could talk about a different topic right now. But this is the topic of the hour especially as

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as the moon and Maghrib time starts coming into western countries. Western countries don't have the same leadership as you have in Muslim countries. And so there's a lot of different bodies a lot of people talking about the moon sighting issue and I think inshallah Tada that this would be

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this would be a great reminder for you guys of how to solve the moon sighting versus Moon fighting issue. Okay, so here's what you got the prophets that Elijah has said um said

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so I've solved this moon sign the moon fighting issue long time ago I've never had a problem with it. I've never had a problem with it based on an Islamic principle and I'm going to share it with you inshallah Tada give you a background of the moon sighting Moon fighting issue and then share with you why don't ever have a problem why you will never need to have a

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problem with this issue. So here it goes.

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There are generally four opinions on how the month of Ramadan starts and they're all valid. All of the four opinions are actually valid on and on about the fourth one, but the three of four are kind of valid. So let me tell you how it goes actually the fourth one to inshallah Tada. Okay, so the Prophet said a lot acnm said, so Moliro Yeti fast when you see it, the moon, what a pharaoh liro, etc, and break your fast meaning the end of the month and the month of Ramadan, the Yeti that in a WOMAdelaide calm and if the clouds cover up the skies, the EC meliorate data Sha

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Sha complete the month of SHA ban 30 days. Okay, so this hadith, all of the opinions actually have bases in it. So let's look at the first opinion. The first opinion will tell you that

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whoever sees the moon in the whole world, whoever sees the moon in the whole world, the whole Muslim world will be accepted and they will start fasting that's why you'll see some people let's say North America.

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This happens Canada, US and stuff like that. There'll be like, oh, somebody saw the moon in Papua New Guinea. Therefore we're going to fast we don't care somebody and somebody saw it. Somebody from the Muslims saw it in the world. So we're going to fast

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and so that's based on the Hadith sumo you should fast when you see it. And they say you refers to the whole Muslim Ummah, that's the first opinion. The second opinion is that

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that no, you have to locally see it. You have to locally see it. So it doesn't matter what they see in Papua New Guinea doesn't matter what they see in in as they say in Saudi, we have to see it locally. And they base this on the same Hadith which is fast when you see it. So the first people are saying when you meaning the Ummah see it and the second group is saying fast when you see it when you actually see the moon. Okay, so that's the second group. The third group are the calculations people. So the calculations people Muslim, they're often Muslim, the law calculations are based on you know, the end part of the Hadith says like this.

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It's clouded over and you can't see it, then calculate the month, 30 days, calculate the month before Ramadan, 30 days, calculate the month to administer, you know, FUCK DO ruler like Okamura, it's a calculation. So then the third group say based on this hadith, that calculation has some validity. So therefore, we will just calculate now that we have this technology and the calculations and once I add all of these things will just calculate it. So that's a third opinion. And by the way, while I'm saying this, what, what opinion do you guys so anyways, actually, before I asked what opinion, let me give you an analogy first, and then I'll ask you that. The fourth opinion, is this.

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Fourth opinion says that there's so much difference of opinion in my community that you know what I came from Bangladesh, and, and even though I live in Toronto, I'm going to follow Bangladesh. And the next person says you don't want there's so much difference in opinion. I'm from Trinidad, so I'm just going to follow a Trinidad says and third person says, You know what, in my country in Egypt, everything is fine. I will follow Egypt, and so on and so forth. P The fourth opinion is just follow your home country because everything was so much easier in your home country. Okay, so this is the question for you guys. You are now the ruler of a valley in some in some mythical world. You're the

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ruler you're the Muslim ruler. And in this valley, everybody's you're the ruler and everybody's looking to you to cite the moon.

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Which opinion will you take? And it's your responsibility. Which opinion will you take knowing that they're all valid? Let's hear from you guys.

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And before I forget, I want to remind you insha Allah Tala tomorrow, we're going to do these Facebook Lives these daily huddles under tarawih truffles it starts at 1pm New York Time, which is according to some calculations 16 pm in the UK

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and Charlotte Allah so that'll give you time in the UK before if thoughts enjoy these beautiful taraweeh travels. Okay, so back to the question. You are the ruler of a little valley in a mythical Muslim, Muslim Valley, which opinion will you take?

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Let me hear from you.

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That's not how it says I will assign the task to the Weather Network. So you will go with calculations I assume

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Forget scholars right? The Weather Network.

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Samira Holly says, I will take the opinion that you see it locally.

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And NIDA says your tolerate truffles are back

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let's get to more people to more people.

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Nia says I go with the opinion of my local masjid and I don't think about it more than this. So Nia we're talking about if you are the ruler of a village, in some mythical world, which opinion will you choose? Why suffer says what's the question? The question is,

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if you are the ruler, you have these four different opinions that fast when you locally see it fast when anybody in the world sees it. Can't use calculations to determine this.

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Or just follow a home country. Okay, so we got some and some people are saying local Masjid. Some people are saying so and so. Somebody says following Islamic body, somebody says that I'm from Rockville, Maryland, and Oh, yeah.

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Okay, so here's the thing. Here's a principle an Islamic principle, that

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actually a fifth principle

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and if you understand this, if you understand this and you embrace it, it will solve the moon sighting Moon fighting issue for you. So this is the principle the principle goes like this. How come are Hakim, your fall killers? How come al Hakim Jatropha alquila How come the ruling of the ruler

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ends the difference of opinion Hoekman Hakim, your fall he left the ruler, the ruling of the ruler ends the difference of opinion. So these opinions are valid. But imagine if for example, you go to a court case, and it's an Islamic court case. And there's an issue that there's a difference of opinion about and you know, maybe it's a marital issue and stuff like that. And there's, you know, one method says this one or this, whatever the ruler says the judge decides, then you can say Yeah, but there's a difference in this is a ruling. And this is the Muslim judge who has decided, so it ends the difference of opinion. So the question isn't, so whenever somebody says, So what do you

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follow? Do you go on one side? Or do you do calculated? Do you do this? That's the wrong question. I actually say this thing. You know, when people ask me questions, I always say, I, it's hard for me to answer because it's the wrong question. The correct question should be, who is the ruler that you need to defer to in your life? Who is the ruler, the Muslim ruler that you're deferring to in your life? And they're the ones who determine the moon sighting or which opinion to go with? So that's why that's why this issue isn't a problem in Muslim countries, because you've got a ruling body that is determining the moon sighting and everybody's just go through with that, right? So you got

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country after country, no problem, no problem, no problem, no problem. And then you start moving into countries who are Muslims are minorities, and then who is the jurist who has the authority in those kinds of countries. That's where the problem comes in. Because now we are confused and what peoples tend to do as they fall back on, everybody become a musty not only everybody in the community become Mufti in North America, in the West, what happens is even in the same family, everybody becomes a Mufti. So even in the same family, you can get three different opinions. One person's falling back on one person's falling a local one person is following, you know, global

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siding or something like that. And then they're fasting on three different days and then they're breaking aid on three different days. So this is what you do my friends.

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And by the way, just a reminder tomorrow in sha Allah Tada, we are going to be doing this at 1pm New York Time tidal wave truffles is back. We're going to do these Facebook live daily huddles, but the focus is going to be on the Quran and focusing on what's being recited in the total rate prayers. Inshallah. Tada, that's 1pm. Tomorrow.

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Also, I'm gonna say,

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yes. So the first thing that you want to look at who has the legal authority, if you're in a Muslim country, go with the Muslim country, if you're not in a Muslim country, let's talk about territory. Maybe you have some territory or something like that, then let's suppose

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you don't have that territory in that country that's following that that has a legal ruler, then you move into a council. So you might be in some countries where there's a council of Imams Council of Islamic organizations, not everybody's on the council, but that council is like, you know, it's a good 95% of the community or 80%. Great go with the council. Let's suppose you don't have a council. Then you want to go with for example, the majority of the community

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majority of the community could be like, hey, this community has 10 massages in your city or five masajid and four of them are fasting on one day and that the kind of like they figured this out and one message is like no we're gonna follow back home or something like that. No problem go with the form messages, you're good. Or when it comes down to it, you go with what your local Masjid is doing it like worst case scenario. What does the Imam at your local Masjid where you're praying, tada, we're, or that's where your community is. And that's where you're celebrating your aid, who is making the decision there? And then you go with that. And there you have friends that don't have to

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fight about Moon sighting. You don't have to become a Mufti. Not everybody in your family needs to answer this question. The ruler needs to answer this question. I never answered this question, because

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I never saw myself. So what's your opinion on moon sighting? I wasn't I'm like, I don't care. It's not my not that. I don't care, I care. But the it's not my responsibility to make a decision like that the ruler is and so you just have to find out who the ruling is. So now this question comes up. What if you know what I go with this and you know, locally or whatever, you know, our, our committee goes with something. And then halfway through Ramadan, or by eight or something like that, we find out that we were wrong. Oh, my God, we made a mistake.

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We're human beings, and we made a mistake. Are we in big trouble with love? Because we did that? Are we in big trouble with a lot I've seen this before. Maybe a few years ago, there was like this, this fake news going around that like everybody who followed Saudi has to pay an expiation and do Toba. And you're in big trouble because you missed a day from Abba, something like that, you know, fake news. It's fake news. Because that's not true. That's not how Islam works. So if somebody did this, they followed. You know, maybe you're in the West somewhere. And you have a local community council, and all these Imams have come together and they followed an opinion and they said, Hey, Ramadan is

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this day and grant and you started an aid and everything's right. And then you find out you're wrong later. It's not a problem, because they tried their best and even if they made a mistake, the province of a lot, SNM said a song, Yamato Simone will fit Yamato of Tehran to beautiful Hadith in which the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, and they're all beautiful Hadith. Fasting, the day of fasting, the day of Ramadan is the day that you started. And fifth, or they're either fifth or the end of Ramadan is the day that you broke your eat. So if you follow this ruling, and that's what Islam is requiring, requiring from you. Now, I want to make like a side point as well on this topic,

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and that is, how beautiful is it that the whole world is coming together to combat the COVID the COVID or the Coronavirus? How awesome is that? How good does that feel? You're all around the world. Everybody's working together keeping everybody safe. Everybody's staying home and it's such a beautiful feeling. Now if that's the case, if that's the case, then what about in Ramadan where everybody's coming together and the beautiful thing about this is a ruling like this that decide who has the legal authority to make these decisions for you and then follow them and you'll find insha Allah Tala, you'll also resolve that and get that unity that you're looking for in that beautiful

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Miss inshallah Tada and that's it my friends. And so before we go if you're serious, you want to get some amazing gems this Ramadan at 1pm this daily huddle is changing to 1pm New York Time, which is I think I understand 6pm UK and I don't know the conversions for any other countries. Inshallah Tada we're starting tomorrow. Tomorrow we truffles is back. It's a classic like Coca Cola. It is the original the 2000 we didn't turn away truffles The first one was like 2008 and inshallah Tada we're bringing it back this Ramadan. I chose 1pm because inshallah Tada even when we're teaching visionary and visionaries coming up and you should register right away visionary Ramadan is going to be

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amazing inshallah Tada even when we're doing visionary inshallah Tada I'll still continue to do the tidal wave truffles visionair session start at 1:30pm New York time and tolerate truffles will be at 1pm

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and that's it my friends just Accola Hayden

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around the world

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the Ramadan Moon has been cited in Saudi and usually when it's out of sight and in Saudi on the first day then all around the world. People are

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Moon sighting sorry, everybody kind of gets together on that.

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Okay guys, we're done. Send us send us wants to ask

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what's a riddle? Tell us in this What's your riddle

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are waiting for synthesis riddle?

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I'm sorry. Yeah, I'll take some questions to all you guys

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if somebody has a question, you're welcome to ask we are done. If you want to tap out, you're welcome to. If you have a question you can ask.

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Like I said, I'm asthma.

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Asthma we're going to do today we're truffle starting tomorrow at 6pm. UK time, inshallah

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I will fit through Yamato fleet

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my local master was a founding member of the city's Moon sighting committee last year, they decided not to follow that committee to make their own decision. So we did follow them. But it was super confusing for the community, as massage in the same area, we're doing different days. So that's what happened sarrish When

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we pin this, you know, sometimes there's a

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moment, sometimes there's this committee that we're talking about a committee and then people do a committee. And it sounds all nice until one person decides that their opinion is too important to accept, you know, difference of opinion. So then one message basically just says, you know, what, we're tapping out of this committee, they go and do their own thing.

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And then it just, you know, what, in my community that that same thing happened, there was kind of like one message that was separate from the community, and it just created havoc in the city. That's what I was talking about, when there's like, five messages, four of them are on one side, and one is just kind of like, No, we're gonna follow back home or something like that.

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So that's what happened. So in the end, that HANDLER handler had this message that in my community also got on to the community. And that was great and things were resolved. What should you do though, Suresh I would say that if you are if that message that went rogue does not following the committee but that's the method that you always go to that semester that you know, your family goes to that semester where you pray to we all the time that's the message where you're going to be doing an aid with everybody you know what Allah and I think it might be just go with that local Masjid even though they might I don't feel like they're doing the best thing they should go with the the

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main community mastered but if you're 100% with damage to all the time, then it might be good to just stick with them

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while law and other questions

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waiting for the for the riddle I'm trying to get this on another page as well. So that

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so that what I can see it twice.

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primadonna says what is total we truffles about tarawih truffles means

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like like chocolates like gems like sweet so tearaway truffles are like data with sweets and their verses of Quran that are recited in the title we that night and I do a reminder based on that verse So I'll tell you guys little analogy a little story tell you the version the Quran and something to understand basically her onic reflections. Allah Allah Tala wave travels starts at 1pm Tomorrow inshallah Dona so these Facebook Lives are going to be at 1pm New York time starting from tomorrow in sha Allah Tala with Tara with truffle themes

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All right, here we go. Here is from Sunday us.

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This is our riddle for the day. Let me get my pay.

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A woman shot her husband held him underwater and hung him

00:23:58--> 00:24:04

later they went out for dinner how it's come send us what do you guys think? What's the answer to the riddle?

00:24:09--> 00:24:11

What is the answer to the riddle?

00:24:36--> 00:24:38

Waiting for answers to the riddle.

00:24:40--> 00:24:55

She took a picture nice. That makes sense. How did she get it right? She took a picture she shot her husband and later hung him. drown him. Yeah. Well, if you're talking about like old school photography, then yeah,

00:25:02--> 00:25:05

Alright folks, any other questions or hulless?

00:25:11--> 00:25:16

If somebody asked a question earlier on and Okay, here we go. Sharif, this question says

00:25:19--> 00:25:26

if a sister's not praying but continues to read the Quran during these days for the purpose of completing the Quran during Ramadan, is it okay?

00:25:29--> 00:25:34

You know what what comes to mind? Sharifa is that there's a difference of opinion on the issue.

00:25:35--> 00:25:47

And to be honest, I don't want to say it from the top of my head. I don't know what the conclusion of that difference of opinion is like, I haven't come to a conclusion about it. So I'd rather not talk about it Well, law on

00:25:49--> 00:25:54

my apologies, gelatin, and maybe I'll look it up and maybe in another session, I'll try giving you the answer.

00:25:56--> 00:25:57

Any other questions?

00:26:03--> 00:26:49

As the Joomla has question, can a person follow Saudi Arabia? So as you let me tell you why the Saudi Arabia thing is so tempting for people. That's probably like a fifth opinion, which is just follow Saudi Arabia, because it's the capper, right. It's the kava, because when it comes to the other eight, when it comes to Adel Aadhaar, which is the Hajj aid, like the whole world follows that moon sighting, like nobody's gonna say that? Oh, EAD is not there either of the hij it's it's like no, we got a different aid. So that because of that, that that issue that happens in which time other people kind of turn it like look if we do that, if we do that during Hajj, then why don't we

00:26:49--> 00:27:09

do it in Ramadan as well just go with Saudi Arabia and then you've got difference of opinion people I know site the moon see it yourself. People are like anywhere in the world, even if it's not Saudi Arabia doesn't have to be Saudi Arabia. And then you have people saying, let me just follow my home country. Third person says let's just do calculations. But that's where the Saudi thing comes from.

00:27:15--> 00:27:25

Lavon is question is it not? That is a problem that someone some countries are using two different calendars for the calendar is actually causing them to make mistakes? To be honest, Lavon I don't

00:27:26--> 00:27:57

I don't know the details of what they do. But I would guess that the calendar that they use throughout the year isn't actually like, Oh, they're not going to base the moon sighting on that. Like there's a regular calendar throughout the year that's it's just a calendar, Allah Allah and then when Ramadan comes along, there's the moon sighting committees, and there's scholars and there's people that come together for moon sighting, and I don't think they just base it on. Well, we've got a calendar and whatever the calendar says nobody really says whatever the paper calendar says.

00:28:08--> 00:28:09

In a mythical Valley

00:28:11--> 00:28:12

mythical valleys are cool.

00:28:15--> 00:28:16

Any other questions?

00:28:19--> 00:28:21

Maybe less says can I teach my son Quran without having to do

00:28:23--> 00:28:33

Yeah, you can you can teach Quran without what the issue is about. About touching the Quran without although that's where the differences maybe you can teach Quran without no problem.

00:28:35--> 00:28:35


00:28:39--> 00:28:46

he asked me this question says if a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding and cannot fast,

00:28:47--> 00:28:56

how can she feed a poor for the whole Ramadan and this lockdown situation well la atomia Samina how she feeds poor if she sends the money to people who are feeding the poor.

00:28:57--> 00:28:58

Allah knows best.

00:29:04--> 00:29:43

Surat Khaled says how can I be consistent my dollars and have faith because he got to have faith and have more trust in Allah. I'm joining visionair for the first time this year. First of all, I would like to welcome you divisionary insha Allah data most welcome, sister, I believe sister, right? And in sha Allah to Allah, those questions are going to be answered. That's what the whole course is about. So let me say how can you be consistent my daus, which you'll see in visionair, is that when the drawers that you're making are ones that you truly care about, that they're coming from the deepest part of your heart, and you really care about it, you will be consistent. If you choose

00:29:43--> 00:30:00

drawers that are not from the deepest part of your heart, then it's hard to be consistent making dua for things that you don't care about. So that's about consistency, having faith. I have a one of the sessions in Visionaire is all about actually even before we get

00:30:00--> 00:30:41

To draw selection, I talked about having like real trust in Allah subhanaw taala, like knowing that Doha works. So somebody may say, well, once upon a time, I may go off or something and it didn't work out. And because of that, I don't trust in Doha anymore, may Allah forgive us. But they'll say I don't trust him anymore. Because, you know, my heart was broken that time that I made to offer something and don't workout like for example, somebody may say, Oh, my mom was sick, and I made like DHA from the heart and my mom passed away, and God didn't heal my mom. So therefore, I don't trust draw anymore. So that might be okay. Somebody's had a situation like that I'm going to be talking

00:30:41--> 00:30:59

about, um, die and how powerful it is and regaining that faith. And actually, day number one, a visionary ideal with a mental hurdles that people need to jump over to get to a point where they really ask what they want, because a lot of times people have this.

00:31:00--> 00:31:40

When they're making their drawers, they ask for things that they think, like kinda like they lower the bar, they lower their bar on their doors, because they're thinking to themselves, well, you know, what, if I ask for big things, like things that I care about, I don't know if they're gonna happen, I don't want to be disappointed. So let me just aim low. That way, I'll never be disappointed. I'll aim low that way, I'll never be disappointed and I talked about that inshallah. Tada inshallah. Visionary you guys has actually the group has begun and everybody's in there for those of you who are registered for visionair please get in the Facebook group start to introduce

00:31:40--> 00:32:10

yourself meet other people. I usually hang back from the Facebook fade visionary Facebook group until the students take ownership of the Facebook group because I have this issue where if I start talking people don't people just kind of keep quiet and then I have to talk a lot so I'd rather the students take ownership of the Facebook group before I get involved inshallah Donna so if you're registered for the class, jump in sha Allah Tada it seems like this is going to be one of our best vision errs of her

00:32:16--> 00:32:59

I mean, it says what I like most and I'm a minute a sister who is sick just told me she has 10 days fast from last from Milan I'm not paid meaning not I guess not not completed not made up because of sickness How can you pay it now? And the present Ramadan Ramadan mubarak. So here's the thing if she if she missed a she still hasn't made up 1010 days of Ramadan it is what it is she needs to fast this Ramadan and then make up the 10 days after Ramadan if she can I don't know if you're talking about a sickness that you know she's never going to get better from and in that case then she can pay for it like feed people instead of the fasting but if she can fast then and but she just arrived

00:32:59--> 00:33:05

at this Ramadan she should fast Ramadan Allah and I'm and then after Ramadan make up the 10 days that she missed

00:33:14--> 00:33:26

see do says like my son Brother please share my wife is pregnant at the same time she's weak How will she do in this fasting? I'm alone well I don't have money. What should I do sit down from Ghana

00:33:31--> 00:34:09

Okay guys, we're done. I think there's one more comment that I want to want to bring up after this and then I will then we will shut down and tomorrow a final reminder if you're serious you guys you want to join up. We've got our target shuffles is going to be the mass daily community huddle is going to be Tuttle with truffle Ramadan edition, it's going to happen at 1pm we are going to be the focus of these sessions in these community huddles is going to be on the Quran. Inshallah Tada so each day in Ramadan, each Jews that were reciting I'll take a verse from those a couple of verses and the reminder will be on the Quran inshallah Tada Tada we truffles

00:34:16--> 00:34:51

Okay, so see do if your wife can fast, then she can fast then she can make it up later so you don't have to pay if she's going to feel better and all that data you know after she gives birth, and she's feeling better she can make up or fasts afterwards we'll log on so you don't have to pay for the missed fast you just focus on completing the fast sorry, you focus on you know, staying healthy during Ramadan and Charlotte Allah after she gives birth or when she's feeling better than she makes up the fast. Alana.

00:34:53--> 00:34:55

Right last post Khadija kabhi says

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

people are sharing the below post is this limited pinetree

00:35:00--> 00:35:00


00:35:02--> 00:35:26

people are sharing the below post is this a good thing to do aside from I want to be the first to beg for forgiveness before Ramadan arrives. Sorry if there's anything that might have caused any pain in your heart sorry if you cried any day because of me sorry if I once heard you knowingly or unknowingly Ramadan is approaching, it's better to clear my soul so that my fasting shall be accepted by God Inshallah, honestly, this is the truth from the bottom of my heart. I can never also

00:35:28--> 00:35:48

so I don't so people are sharing this idea you're saying is that is this a good thing to do? I don't know. It's like it's like a chain letter. I don't really feel like it comes from the heart when somebody forwards it but maybe it might be better to just you know, be just send maybe somebody that you're

00:35:49--> 00:36:10

that you've hurt or something like that or you want to ask forgiveness from send them a direct message on send them up forward, but send them a message like hey, it's Ramadan just wanted to mention you know, if there's if I've hurt you or something like that, please forgive me. I think that would have a bigger effect than sending a chain message. But in general it doesn't seem like there's anything wrong in that post

00:36:11--> 00:36:11


00:36:13--> 00:36:56

Well, I'm alright guys, Zack Callahan final reminder we've got total we're truffles is starting tomorrow at 1pm New York time so this session that we do normally at 2:55pm New York time is going to be shifted to 1pm I decided this so that I can keep it up throughout the whole month of Ramadan the whole month of Ramadan so that even when I'm teaching visionair classes I will still do the tunnel we have truffles inshallah Tata daily and so there won't be a conflict in the time and then the second reason is our current time right now coincides with mercury in the UK and that's going to be a problem in Ramadan time so that's why we're doing 1pm New York time which I believe if I'm not

00:36:56--> 00:37:14

mistaken, is 6pm New York time so that will give people in the UK Sorry 6pm UK time people in the UK a chance to have time before Muhammad comes in. Is that Allah Hydra and Ramadan Mubarak to all of you. I said MIT can walk with the law here but I can't talk