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Assim Al-Hakeem
AI: Summary © The Hadith book provides insight into manners of answering the call of nature, including the use of a shirt or dress for women, and the importance of not wearing necklaces or bracelets. The speaker also discusses the history and meaning behind the scenes of the pandemic, including hangings of the title of the holy Bible and the connection between animals and human bodies. The importance of protecting from the jinn and the use of the proper language are also emphasized.
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Salam hamdulillah salat wa salam wa barakato

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II wasabi ah main Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and welcome to lessons in

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today's chapter is the seventh chapter of the book bluehat muram and it deals with the manners of answering the call of nature to very long title, the manners of answering the call of nature, which tells us that there are certain things one should do, when he answers the call of nature

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regarding location regard regarding direction regarding other aspects that we will inshallah deal with, in the following Hadith. So, who should read the first Hadith? And brother know is similar Amanda Rahim narrated honors in Mali, radi Allahu Allahu Allah messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to remove history when entering the laboratory.

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Okay, of course, the battery means the toilet. And we have to remember that the prophet SAW Selim, at this time, they didn't have any toilets, bathrooms, they used to go out of the city, out of the neighborhood to a place in the wilderness, in an open area, away from the people's site. And they used to answer the call of nature. Now, if we look at this Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to remove his ring.

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Now did the Prophet has a ring?

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Let me rephrase this. Did the prophet SAW Selim have a ring that we use? Like every day?

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Yes, yes. I didn't think he had a small ring and he's right little finger. Okay. hammock. The Prophet used to wear a ring.

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Okay, do you by chance, Mostafa know why.

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No, I don't know. Fadi. I think it was like a signature. Right? It's a seal seal. So lots of people nowadays think that it is certain to wear a ring, whether in the right hand or the left hand and the actual thing it is not the sooner the prophets Allah Salam had the string as a seal. Whenever he sent messages, he used to put his seal on it. And it has the inscription it it was written on it. Allah Rasool Hamad, of course, they put the name of Allah azza wa jal at the very beginning what but actually, it should have been Muhammad Rasul Allah, Muhammad is the Prophet, the Messenger of Allah. But to glorify Allah's Name, they put the Name of Allah first Rasul Mohammed, and this was a seal.

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So it is not as soon as you wear a ring.

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And of course,

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this hadith

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is not authentic, it's regarded as weak.

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So, but we will still go through it because the meaning is correct, which is that one of the manners of answering the call of nature is that wherever you go into the toilet, bathroom, the place where you will answer the call of nature, whether you urinate or defecate, you should not have anything that has the name of Allah. You should not have anything that has the name of Allah or of the Quran. And this is a sign of glorifying Allah,

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that even a written thing would we would not allow it to enter a place that is filthy such as the toilets in the bathrooms. And this tells you that Muslims glorify Allah, they glorify the old man

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It the creator of the earth and heavens and that is why we are offended. That is why we are offended with anyone. Curses our Lord Allah or says joke about Allah or even relate Allah to humans by saying Allah has a child, Allah has a son, this is an offence, we are offended by it. And we do not accept this because we glorify Allah, even to the extent when entering a bathroom, we remove anything that relates us to the name of Allah. Yes, brother Mustafa.

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Well, I want to ask a question.

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Sometimes people wear a necklace where it has like,

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like Ayat of the Quran.

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I just want to ask, is it permissible

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to wear I Are you talking about males or females?

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Both both, okay. As far as males are concerned, it is forbidden to wear necklaces. Whether you put Allah's Name, or you put a cross, or the David of the Star of David or whatever, or just plain necklace. Why, because you are imitating, you are copying you are doing what women do. And in Islam, any man imitating or doing something that resembles females. This is something that is worthy of being cursed by a live soldier. So if when someone wears a dress, he is immediately cursed by Allah azza wa jal, when someone makes his sound as a female, though he's joking, he is cursed by Allah because anyone that imitates the other * is cursed. So if a woman cut your hair short, as in the

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Navy, or the army imitates a man, she is cursed, if a woman wears a man suit, or clothings, she is cursed. So wearing necklaces for men is completely out of the question. Wearing bracelets, wearing earrings. This these are all out of the question. men cannot do this is completely forbidden.

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We go to the other side of the question, which is women wearing necklaces, of course, women may wear whatever jewelry they would wish to do. It's permissible, this is their nature. They have to beautify themselves. They're originally beautiful, but they have to put these on ornaments to make them more beautiful. So if a woman wears a necklace, and she hangs something, we have to look at the things that she's hanging. If she's hanging the verses of the Quran, for example, I could see

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then this is not permissible.

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Why isn't it permissible? spirit simple. Allah has revealed the Quran to be read.

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And by hanging it, you're not reading it?

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Why are you wearing it? The answer would be for protection.

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for protection. Yes, for protection. I don't want to have any evil eyes.

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I don't want to have any harm coming to me. So I keep this either kursi in my neck. And this is a misconception that a lot of Muslims have. If you go out to the parking area, and you open the glove compartment of most of the cars, you will find a copy of the Holy Quran. Wow, that's great. No, it's not. If you open it, you fly you will find flies coming out of it and Dustin, that symbolize that they have not opened it in ages.

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If you ask the owner of the car, why do you call Do you keep a copy of the Holy Quran in your glove compartment? He will tell you so that my car would not be stolen so that I would not have any accidents. So that Allah will protect me from any harm coming from to me. And this is not allowed. Allah azza wa jal has not revealed the Quran to be form of protection. You know, a bulletproof vest and putting it in my pocket. Why? So I'm bulletproof. I don't have any bullets coming to me. Nobody can blow me up or whatever. explosions and so I'm, I can't be burnt alive. I have this holy book around. This is wrong. I know personally, a lot of pilots Muslim pilots keep a copy of the Holy

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Quran in their flight kits. And they never read the Quran.

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Except from ramadan ramadan once a year, and maybe they don't finish it completely they just read portions of it. Why do you do this? Well, they say we what we want protection to our planes. So it does not crash. This is unacceptable hanging verses of the Quran, in your living room, on your body under the pillow before you go to sleep as a protection. This is not the doing of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. It's not the doing of the companions. It's the doing of shaytaan who wants you to be away from the Quran, and the only relationship between you and the Quran is protection. That is it. Don't read it. Don't do what's in it. Just keep it as a blessing and protection. If you hang

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anything else, for example, some people hang the name of a law a law. They just put it as in their necklaces. Again, this is not bad. This is there's nothing wrong in it hanging the name of a lot. It's okay as you're writing it, but you have to be careful when entering the toilet bathroom. Because then you will expose the name of Allah Almighty to that filthy place, the bathroom or the toilet. So it's preferable that you do not do this. And again, our connection, a connection with Allah. Our relationship with Allah azza wa jal is not limited in few verses that we hang or put in our pockets or wallets. It's not limited to hanging few verses on our the walls of our living rooms.

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Our connection with Allah Xhosa is far greater than this. We have all our tawakkol submissiveness dependence support from Allah, the Almighty and we depend entirely on him.

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Coming back to the topic,

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though the Hadith is weak. Yet, the meaning is true. It's preferable that when you go to the bathroom or toilet that you remove anything that has the name of a law written on it. scholars say that there are exceptions. For example, if I have a wallet, and in my wallet there are credit cards and money. And in Arab countries, some of them you might find the name of Allah written on no currency,

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like the riyals or their harm, or whatever, you might find the name of Allah. So is it advisable before entering a public toilet, that you put it outside and you entered it to relieve yourself and you find yourself completely relieved of everything, even if you have cash, have your credit cards, scholarship, this is an exception. If there is no safe place to put it in, tuck it in your pocket, then enter the toilet or the bathroom. Similarly, the Quran if you have a copy of the Holy Quran with you, should I leave it outside or enter the

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toilet? scholars say, Well, if you're afraid that it will be stolen, then you may take it in because of the fear of being stolen. And there is no big or strong or authentic idea preventing us from doing this because it is not authentic. yet. Still we glorify the name of Allah, we still We glorify the words of Allah, we try our best not to allow to enter such filthy places unless it is extremely

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impossible to leave it out side. I believe we have a short break. Please stay tuned and we will be right back in Sham.

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Salam Alaikum wa rahmatullah and welcome back to lessons. In fact,

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we have the following Hadith Hadith number 78.

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narrative and cinematic rhodiola one, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam on entering the laboratory is to say, alone India will be coming and hopefully we'll have a if, Oh Allah, I seek refuge with you from devils, males and females are all offensive and wicked things evil deeds and evil spirits. Of course,

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reading it depends on how the meaning ends. If you say

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hubs. One hub is, is different than hobos. One hub is one means males and females of the devils. The other ones mean, the other one means the wickedness of an evil things. Now, this hadith teaches us a supplication that all of us should say, before entering a bathroom. Why? It's very simple. A bathroom is a place of filth and dirt. And that is why the devils reside in them. And it's like their common room. They usually spend most of the time there for chatting, communicating. And so whenever you go there, you try your best to stay away from it, you don't stay, and you you are going there to do something, you're going there for a task, you're not going there to stay. That's why you

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should go quick, and come out quick.

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Lots of people and this is really funny. I once went and visited a friend and I requested to go to the bathroom. And I went in there and near the toilet seat, I found a pile of magazines

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and comic books. So I was you know, is this substituting toilet paper What? I don't really know. So after I relieved myself, I went out ask him what is this? said? Well, I usually spend like an hour and a half or two in the toilet. So I want to make use of my time so I read an hour or hour and a half in the toilet. What are you doing? What What is this? you're you're you're doing constructions and digging canals are what is something that you should do? And get out of the toilet? You should not spend so much time there. So it's a place of filth. The prophet SAW Selim says you should say this supplication. Okay, what else? There's another Hadith narrated by ID. mela, pleased with him

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said that the Prophet sets of Allah Selim saying Bismillah is a visor between our our and the sight of jinn.

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Meaning, when you say Bismillah while entering, when you take off your clothes, your private parts your our

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the jinn cannot see it, because Bismillah would

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impose a visor it would prevent them from seeing your our by saying Bismillah so this is the sooner whenever you enter the bathroom, you say Bismillah R. Rahman hope see what have is, what do we learn? From this hadith we learned that there are gin and gin are creatures of Allah. And there are Muslim gems. And there are non Muslim shins. The non Muslim gens are the devil's shayateen that causes problem. What is the origin of jinn

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nor what is the origin

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of jinn, the origin of

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what are they created from from,

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let's say?

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Close. Close, but not close enough.

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fire fire fire, that's correct. jinn are created from fire. And humans are created from money from mud or clay.

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And angels are created from

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light from light. And these are other things that they're created from as reported to us by the prophet sallallahu sallam. So we believe that they exist. Now do we see them? We do not. Fortunately, we do not. They have their own world and they have their own lives. We believe that there are males and females and they reproduce. They have children. We don't know how they look like and actually you're not interested. Let them be and live in their own world. So what's the connection between us and them? There are a few connections, such as one

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that they have

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and they have

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they also eat

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and he told us sallallahu Sallam that they're their animals eat the dunk

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of our animals. And the jinn themselves, eat whatever bone is found that has been slaughtered the animal that has been slaughtered. So when we slaughter a sheep

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We eat the meat, and we have only the bone left, and we throw the bone. The prophet SAW Sam told us that the jinn come to this bone and find this bone filled with meat for them, not for us. So that is why they eat it. And we also believe that as a Prophet told us of Salaam, that they can transform, they take different shapes. And they, they can move from one area to the other in a very high speed, as in the case of Maltese, the queen of Yemen, and the Prophet of Allah Solomon, when Solomon asked who may who can bring me her throne from Yemen, to a sham or to wherever, and it's the distance of 1000s of miles, and one of the jinn said I can bring it to you, and less than a minute or two before

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you, you stand up, I can bring it to you. So they have this power to transform, to look in different shapes, and they have the power to do to move from one area to the other. Our Prophet told us that is a sign that they have the ability to inflict diseases on us. So plague, the well known disease is from the jinn. The Prophet says that it is from your brother Lawrence, is from the jinn the inflicting it on you the plague, the well known

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disease, but unfortunately, some of us have magnified the role of gin. To the extent that any problem takes place. We pinpoint gin and said, well, they caused our cars to crash they caused caused our children to fail the exams. They cause me to divorce my wife, they did this, they did that and this is strong. Allah azza wa jal says, in the Koran true, there were persons among mankind who took shelter with persons among the jinns. But but they increase them in folly.

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To the extent that people fear jinn, some of them slaughter animals to them. And this is

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one of the notifications of Islam. There are lots of people, when they're building their houses, just before they move in, they slaughter sheep, and they take the blood of the sheep and put it on the pavement on the steps. Or some of them while building the house. They take the blood of the sheep, and they paint the pillars, the foundations of the building with blood. And when you ask them why you're doing this, they say, Oh, it's just symbolic. It keeps evil away. Then you've started this cheap for the evil for the jinn. And this is Schick. This is associating others with Allah, and it nullifies your Islam. A lot of people

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say touchwood. Whenever they want to compliment you on something you say touchwood knock on wood. And what is this? This is to prevent gin from heating it. When you knock on wood, we talk Jean is not heating what you say so you don't you won't be harmed by them. And again, this these are things are not acceptable in Islam. The more you fear jinn, the more effect they have on you.

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And then we have an Arabic saying that whoever is scared of a genie, the genie Genie comes pops out to him. You have to connect your heart and faith to Allah azza wa jal feel no one but Allah subhanho wa Taala. And the best way to prevent jinn from affecting you, and your life is to supplicate to Allah reciting the supplications in the early morning, and the evening time, and escar if you do this, you have sheltered yourself in a castle and no one can penetrate this castle. You have to do this when your children are

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going out.

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And you have to prevent your children from going out between Margaret and Asia. A lot of Muslims don't know this.

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Your children should not go out between Europe and Asia. Why is that? Is it okay to for them to go out after a yes it is? is okay to go to after before Margaret sunset. Yes, but from sunset to the time that the

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ratio prayer is called which is about an hour to an hour and a half. They should be kept in houses in their house. Why the Prophet told us told us is a sign that the jinn spread in the cities and the streets and they capture these and the present

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Those children, the vulnerable children that don't know how to recite the supplications of the Quran, and they possess them, God forbid. Also, the prophet SAW Selim, tells us to mention the name of Allah Neff Corolla, when we close the doors to when you enter the door, you just you don't just slam the door and start shouting at your wife. No, this is the wrong way to do it, you slam the door and you say, Bismillah because Satan, Satan cannot open a door that the name of Allah was mentioned on. You should mention the name of Allah say Bismillah. When you enter the house, you should mention the name of Allah when you eat, when you drink, when you ride in your car, when you have *

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with your wife, all of this, you should always mention the name of Allah azza wa jal, so that you are preserved and protected from the Djinn. Yet by saying this, we do not magnify their role, we do not give them more than we do not credit to them more than what they deserve. Jin's and us humans will be questioned on the Day of Judgment, as mentioned in the Quran, as mentioned to us by the prophet sallallahu sallam, yet, they live in their own separate world. And we live in our own separate world. Lots of people have their superstitions regarding that there are connections and there are marriages between gins and humans and they have kids and you know,

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what's what would the result be of a marriage between a human and a jinn and on one eye, and one eared creature that flies and does this is all fiction in Korea, no realities. There are different species, they have the different worlds. preserve your faith, connect your heart to Allah azza wa jal always continuously say the vicar, the car, the supplications and Allah the Almighty will protect you from any harm to come to you. I'm afraid that this is all the time we have for today's program. Until we meet next time. Allah wa Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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