Marriage Workshop – Session 1

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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The speaker discusses a workshop on marriage, which is a course that covers topics such as hardship, relationships, and problems. The course is designed to help people understand the importance of marriage and its negative impact on their mental health. The workshop is a continuation of a previous workshop on the topic.

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salatu salam ala Sayidina, Muhammad Ali, he was a huge Marine,

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aloha Marina

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especially brothers and sisters serravalle Kumara de la vaca.

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We can workshop two day workshop, say it's a two day workshop. So please come back tomorrow,

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even if it's boring

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for arranging this program inviting me and all of you, last panel data brantas, tofik, and ability to discuss things which are

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for arranging this program inviting me and all of you. last panel data brantas, tofik, and ability to discuss things which are beneficial for us, and we can implement it in our lives.

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This is a very important topic.

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Everybody, everyone received a copy. Yes.

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The word marriage is written, highlighted in like big ratings.

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Just to put you guys

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I actually didn't have the title marriage.

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I never had the title marriage.

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the word marriage in the title of this course.

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I actually named it protecting the relationship or protecting the marital relationship dealing with marital conflicts and separation slash divorce.

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But then the organizers thought that we need to kind of everyone just loves marriage. So we have to put marriage in big writings and people don't look at like the small,

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you know, marriages highlighted quite a lot. And then he says protecting the relationship. So still, people might read that. But people don't want read dealing with marital conflicts and separation slash divorce. And that's what the course is really about.

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divorce and separation is something that we should talk about. Everyone needs to talk about it. It's people get scared. It happens so frequently, but everyone's scared about it. It's a taboo word, slacker. You know, there's some words that people don't like to ever speak about, like jihad, for example, you can't like, say the J word.

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Actually, you had a talk once here in Toronto, many, many years ago, I attended this conference couple of times, seven, eight years back.

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So the title they gave me was the J word.

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That's the title, they put the J word. And then there's some description underneath that.

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this is what we're going to talk about. We will, of course, marriage, you can't you can't talk about separation divorce unless you talk about marriage, and you can't talk about marriage. And let's talk about Separation, Divorce and problems and conflicts. And it all comes together. So

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we will talk about this topic. It's not like a marriage marriage course for the beginning of marriage. And I remember that actually, this is my third time on delivering a workshop here at this event, approximately one to three years ago. Remember, in this same hole, we had a weekend

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workshop on marriage.

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Did anybody attend that? Just out of interest.

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And sisters.

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So this is a continuation. And that was two years ago. And then last year, I remember I delivered. I don't think it was a school but I delivered a workshop on therapy and upbringing of children who attended.

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this is like a continuation of the first course

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in protecting the relationship dealing with marital conflicts and separation and divorce.

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So we will try to cover all the points which are mentioned here.

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And I will try to explain them and look at them in a lot of detail.

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your spouse knows, sorry,

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but also on hard work, this is the reason why much reward has been promised in relation to marriage.

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Just like everything else in our life,

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we have to remember that marriage also has all entails struggles and problems and difficulties and hardship.

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this dunya that Allah subhanaw taala has created is a world in which we have use like us.

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We all know surah Mashallah, right. In the rosary, you saw hardship difficulty with bliss.

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The three worlds gender paradises, where there's just only bliss and happiness. This is what the Quran says. How

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about if you look in the Quran, talks about gender, many times describing this lavorando See, Allah says, you'd get this in general, you get bananas and gender,

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you know, all these things, and you will get the agenda in Treasury mentality, and they'll be in streams, the ultimate agenda, you know, of course, the sight and the vision of a law is the greatest nightmare but in terms of the number that's given to us, this is why many IRA versus a lot a lot Hold on. I didn't even

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contemplate on that in paradise.