Our Weapons Against Shaytan – Maldives 05.15.2021

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The secret of Islam is discussed, including the use of "by the way" to describe behavior and actions, and the importance of accountability and accountability goals. The use of shelling and attacks on people, particularly children, is emphasized. The speaker advises slowing down and not overdoing things to avoid future failures, and mentions a rally happening at a local community on Sunday.

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In Alhamdulillah, heeta Allah and I'm gonna start up on a stock photo when I was at ILM and Julian fusina. I will say RTR Marina, Marina de la Jota Allah for la mala woman you'd live further ahead, yella, WA shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah who the WHO luxury Keller, WA shadow Anna Mohamed and others who want to be you who are solo. Yeah, you have Latina I'm an otaku. Allah haka. Ducati he wala moto Nila one two Muslim moon. Yeah Johanna su tiempo Baku Mala the Halacha comin I've seen Wahida wahala come in has Jaha Weber Thurman humare Jalan Kathira one he said.

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Otter hula hula de Tessa Luna be here or ham in Allah can Alikum rock Eva? Yeah, you're Latina. I'm an otaku. Hola Hola. Kulu colon sadita Use la coma ama hola como el de la comme Vinoba calm? Well, my new Tori la hora Soon Allah who forgot the first 1000 Alima All Praise and Glory be to Allah. We thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness and His protection from the evil whispers within ourselves and from the consequences of our evil deeds.

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For whomever Allah azza wa jal guides, no one can ever lead astray and whomever Allah leaves astray, no one can ever guide them. And I testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion, and our love and obedience in the absolute sense of those two words but Allah and Allah alone without any partners, the true supreme King, and that the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was in truth without doubt, His Prophet and his servant and His messenger and the best of his creation and the seal of his revelation, and the most beloved of the slaves of Allah to Allah. After welcomed my brothers and sisters to the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala and reminding myself a new

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the Taqwa of Allah to live mindful and conscious and loyal and dutiful, and loving and consistent with Allah subhanho wa taala. All of this falls under Taqwa.

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And after asking Allah azza wa jal to accept from us and do every effort to we expend it in the month of Ramadan, and forgiving us for our missteps and our Miss glances and our misgivings.

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In that month of Ramadan, I asked Allah to keep us consistent and straight after this month of Ramadan.

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And how do we do that? This is a secret that Allah has disclosed to his creation. He informed us that the shaitan does not come back. And the Quran does not get interrupted and the fasting and does not end after Ramadan for those who recognize and appreciate and act in light of the secret. And that secret is the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, in the hadith of Abu madaket I shot a year of the Allahu Anhu and Sunnah Timothy and elsewhere. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Zecharia alayhi salam commanded the people to gather in Al Aqsa

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to gather in beta and mock this. And he told them Allah has given me five instructions that I must live by, and two interest that you all hold on to and live by.

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One of those five is the vicar of Allah. And he says what we'll see can be the Corolla and I entrust you to stay adherent to the vicar constantly mindful at heart mindful on your tongue mindful in your action of Allah, adhere to the vicar of Allah. And then he explained why he said for in my fella there Lika can mythological in Tala hula I'll do CRR and fear theory. Because the example of a person that makes the vicar of Allah is like the example of a man who the his enemy is in hot pursuit of him. His enemy is gaining on him,

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chasing him and making ground on him. He says,

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what the fella has done until he is able to slip away into a fortress slip away into a defended impregnable castle, a fortress. He says what can Valley kill in Zion and the human being is like this layer Khedira Allah Yan Zhu Min ash shaytani Elizabeth Aquila. He will not be able to escape shaytaan except through the vicar of Allah, that is the fortress of the Muslim. That is why the book of Vikram dua it's called fortress of a Muslim that famous book it's based on this hadith actually, the vicar of Allah is your fortress. If you go inside this fortress, you are armored in the best way shaytaan will not be able to reach you. Notice it doesn't say shaitan will not be able to reach you

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in Ramadan. It does not say the human being will never escape shaytaan except in Ramadan. It says the human being will never escape shaitan except through the vicar of Allah Subhana Allah

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Allah Ramadan is facilitated He's held back more and your thinking is high heightened. And so it is easier but generally I life mission nothing Ramadan mission nothing like the thicket of Allah subhanho wa Taala and this concept the secret this formula is in the book of Allah itself, when Allah azza wa jal said in Surah Zakharov we may ask you and vicarage man,

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whoever blinds themselves to the victory to remembering the Most Merciful and it's Allah is calling you to remember your accountability meaning your role in this whole project. He doesn't say whomever that becomes distracted, whoever blinds themselves, meaning you turn the Blind Eye, when they ask you, you know the ASHA even if there's no one even in colloquial languages, Egyptian otherwise, they say an ASHA lately when someone has bad vision at night, it's called Asha, like he gets he bumped into light poles and stuff, you know. So Allah says, Whoever blurs themselves from the vicar of Allah, it's your job now you blurred yourself from the vicar of Allah gnokii La who Shavon and we

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appoint for him a shaytaan for who Allahu Corinne and he becomes his cohort he becomes inseparable from him. Shaitan penetrates and sticks when you turn a blind eye to the vicar of Allah. The next day it goes on to say how does the journey happen when shaitan is with you on that journey? What a Nahum lair layer so do not home any savvy way so buena home water Dune, and these sheltering these devils that cling to you now when you for great forgotten the vicar of Allah, they hinder you from the path they slow you down they swerve you. While the person doesn't even notice while he thinks he's rightly guided I'm fine. not doing that bad heavens like that much. People do far worse. He

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thinks he's fine. She thinks she's fine. How either Jaya Anna. Carla Yeah, Leila Yeah, later being you are being a cabo del mushiya clean if a bit self hurryin until his journey ends by arriving at Allah Allah says and he comes back to us and he says, I wish between me and you his twin the shaitan me and you is the distance of the Eastern the west. How awful a comrade you were how awful a partner you were. You comatose me and took me in the wrong direction while getting me to think that everything was under control.

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And then Allah azza wa jal says, While I am back home will Yoma if volum Tom and Nick and Phil other bewitched raccoon, and today it will not benefit you that you are together in the punishment, you will find no comfort that shaitan is there with you. You know, in this world when you go through a tragedy and people are there with you, it mitigates it lessens the hits the brunt of the tragedy, Allah who will remove that component from human nature on the day of judgment, and you will find no comfort by the amount of people and the sheltering, that are there with you in the punishment. May Allah protect us and you from that fate. Keep us upon the vicar of Allah azza wa jal strong.

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Why do you think there's so much reward in saying Subhanallah Alhamdulillah Allah Ilaha illa Allah Allahu Akbar, because saying it's so much heightens the likelihood of it activating in your heart, you actually become mindful in a state of mindfulness. Why do you think Islam is so strict on prayer times? Because those are stations refueling stations for your vicar welcoming Salah to the victory establish the salah for my victory. So if the vicar all bleeds out, you become so vulnerable. And so this is the stronghold There are endless ayat and a hadith that 10 Hood was would not be enough for about what victory does for you, and what a victory go does against the shaitan he is tormented by

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it. Have you ever thought about why the Quran says shaitan is a clear enemy?

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I mean, he's invisible so how's he a clear enemy? We don't see him so how's it clear? Clear meaning clear in his enmity to you? Meaning he's a non negotiable enemy. He you can't like sweet talk him you can't win him over. You can't get him to feel bad for you. He's a sworn enemies with his meant. The only thing you can do is defeat him. So you will either torment him with your thicket of Allah azza wa jal, or he will torment you with swerving you from the path and getting you to go to the fire with him. There's no peace treaty is here. It is war, war between you and shaitan. Your greatest weapon your greatest Citadel and fortress is the vicar of Allah azza wa jal and that is why

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some of the some of the early Muslims they used to say,

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let alone Nana, I do love Allah. When I can Kinal half.

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Don't think that the enemy has defeated you shaitan can't defeat you. Not because you're no match for shaitan

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No because Allah azza wa jal shaitan is no match for him. That's the idea. He says don't think the enemy one rather your guardian turned away. Why did Allah azza wa jal turn away because you turned away so you turning to him being conscious of him clinging to him, remembering him in your words remembering him and your actions living by that this is how you defeat your enemy. And another one of the Salah for another one of the early Muslims he said

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right to them will contain Allah He obeying a shape on for interval Allah Hula, hula Miaka Allah He shaped on we're in araba and who other who I will tell him who shaitan I imagined after reading the Quran, the Sunnah, understanding the secret that the human being is really a nonfactor. He's powerless between Allah and between shaitan if Allah takes him in shaitan can't touch him. And if Allah lets him go, shape on, devours him shaytaan is able to entrap him shape on toys with him. And so that you understand the stakes, you understand your weaponry, now carry it right.

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Also, the last thing I want to say, and I will leave it for after the break is you are powerless in knowing that you have nothing, you are able to appeal to Allah and make dua to him and plead with him. Then you in that case, you would have everything. Do not depend on yourself in this fight. He's been around longer than you. He has a better resume than you. He he's more patient than you he has a better strategy than you. But you have Allah azza wa jal so you have all that you need a call how you heard that was tough for Allah Allah Allah Murray welcome.

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hamdu Lillahi wa salatu salam ala Mala Anna Viva shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa hola Shadi Keller was shadow and Mohammed and Abdullah who want to be you who are pseudo. They asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam why more than any other do that you make? You say? Yeah, mocha level cola with a bit scalby Allah Denecke alternative the hearts keep my heart firm anchor my heart upon your deen upon my commitment to your deen. He said because the hearts are between the two fingers of aroma and the most merciful to turn them however he wishes. Recognizing that you can't even control your own heart

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caused you to realize that someone else is in control and that is your treasure. That is the treasure you must recognize as you exit this month.

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And when I said that shaitan has a very good resume and he understands human nature very well. Even though clay and Rahim Allah He said about this. He has a book called lost to left hand saving rescuing people from the endless traps of shaitan called the left hand when Messiah shaitan he says in the beginning of the book, women Katie Hill IG and now who you share me knifes of like some of the most fascinating aspects of how shaitan works is that he smells he takes in a whiff of each soul. Like he basically he studies your personality. He says if he finds you to be a hard worker, he will push you to work even harder meaning and Islam until you quit until it becomes unbearable. And

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if he finds you to be a slacker, he'll push you in that direction to Slack even more, until you're essentially a quitter. You've also left the project, the rebar the project the servitude to Allah until we meet him project. So he studies you and he may know you better than you know yourself. And that is the Nirvana also of our deen telling us this is the path. Don't go over it, don't go under it, you will fail. And regarding Ramadan, what that means is make sure you slow down after Ramadan. I'm not saying that sarcastically. I'm saying that. Prophetically. The prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam when he said to us, Whoever fasts Ramadan, and follows it with six days from show. Well,

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that is so wise. He's telling you reduced by 80%, isn't it? Because if you have an expectation to continue outside of Ramadan, when there's not as much communal support, not as much, shackles on shaitan, all these factors are not there. So to expect to do the same thing with different resources doesn't make sense. You will disappoint yourself you'll feel like you're a failure and you will quit. And that's exactly what shape on wants. You want you to think you're finished before you're actually finished. So you give up. So he said Whoever fasts Ramadan, and the six days from Shaohua

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if not best to second that he said the Allahu Anhu the Prophet SAW Selim was the most generous in Ramadan, which means what? He was not as generous outside.

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If Ramadan he was still more generous in the world. Nobody ever outdid him, but he outdid himself in Ramadan, which meant that there was some sort of difference between Ramadan and non Ramadan. So make sure you slow down that's my final advice to you so that you don't stop. So that shaitan does not you know, I'm not talking to the people that Ramadan for them was okay, let me just get this over with because Ramadan is you know, it's Ramadan. No, those are the people that we ask Allah to extend their life until they realize how ungrateful This is. And they reform really, I'm talking about the people who really said Ramadan is not a pause button on my, you know, the ugly side of my life. It

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is the eject button, I'm removing the disc and I'm not gonna go back there. But where is there? There means you have to be better after Ramadan than you were before Ramadan, my brothers and sisters, not better after Ramadan than you were in Ramadan. That could be a trick from shaitan actually, and Allah azza wa jal said and with this I close for Stephane cannot

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be straight as you are commanded, because sometimes you have good intentions and you overdo it and you shoot yourself in the foot and life is short and we're not gonna have a second chance. Second Chances are endless in life, not after life. So He said Be straight in the way that you are commanded.

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And Telamon tab and mark you and those who repented with you on Muhammad, meaning be straight as best as you can and you're not going to be able to be straight always to keep repenting right be straight, as you are commanded you and those who repent with you on Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wala talked about and do not go overboard. Repenting is from slacking and going overboard is from excessiveness and thus is the name of your Islam, that it shows you the path to continue the path to sustain your efforts. The path to not be manipulated by a very strategic, very conniving sworn enemy. Shaitan. So the vicar of Allah, the timely prayers, the reasonability and your

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expectations, not thorough we you can do to rock us not 30 days you can do six of them, or three of them a month, the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said to us, let it be at least three days out of every month. So if you decline even further beyond shall well six days don't go beneath three. And he said sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam liquidly Amylin Shira will equally share Ratan Fatra every action this is our human nature. Every action has a point of energy, a high point and every point of energy must decline. So whoever declines to my sunnah, right? incident has an upper whoever declines to my sunnah will be saved, and whomever declines anywhere else will be destroyed. And so your path to

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Allah is up and down, but generally up this is how you do it. And when you dip make sure you don't dip too far. May Allah azza wa jal purify you all and propel you all. And help us be an asset for ourselves and our family after Ramadan and encouragement and an inspiration, keep them driven to benefit themselves in this world and the next and benefit their brothers and sisters in every corner of the world. All of you of course know the island town for Palestine rally that will be happening this Sunday. It's going to be happening at 2pm at Seventh Street and Hamilton to make a statement to add to the awareness in this peaceful protest, but we will not be silent. I will see every single

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one of you there in sha Allah azza wa jal May Allah write us among those who used every avenue available and they are little to help our brothers and sisters and protect us from ever being categorized with Allah as those who neglected them or forgotten their cause, or thought their cause was not our cause, or thought this was a cultural issue, or thought that Al Masjid Al Aqsa does not belong to Allah and His messenger and the believers and those who peacefully choose to live with them. Allahumma Amin Allahumma Villa now Hamner, Allah Who McQuillan our Hamner, where he left at colletta Kilner if Elana for them now Mahana Womack, Elena Alma and to Allah will be him in yarmulke

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liberal palooza. Bitclub and Allah Denecke yah, Masada Hello sort of curogan Allah Tala artic. Allahumma Felina has an allergy dinner Allahumma you know my limited hair to hide on Nana whatever finally the unlimited offer to Chiron Lana, it Felina HollyWell Idina will you see me now oh my acumen he said. Well, Sal, Allahu wa salaam wa barakaatuh Vienna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge mine