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The speaker discusses the confusion surrounding the Prophet sallua's true and false personality, and how it can lead to false actions. They stress the importance of researching and learning from the Quran to determine one's actions and finding out who is true and false about the Prophet's statements. The " AD" is the source of allied events, and the " AD" is the source of allied events. The " AD" is the source of allied events, and the " AD" is the source of allied events. The " AD" is the source of allied events, and the " AD" is the source of allied events. The " AD" is the source of allied events, and the " AD" is the source of allied events. The " AD" is the source of allied events, and the " AD" is the source of allied events. The " AD" is the source of allied events, and the " AD"

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While Levina and those who sow they strove fee, I attina in our verses meaning against our verses, why is the hour necessary? Because there's one group of people who believes and does righteous deeds, they have to be honored. And then there is another group of people who are striving against the Ayat of Allah against the verses of Allah. And what is their effort, more RG Xen,

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ones who are seeking to cause failure, more hydrazine is a portion of more artists from a redesigned dream, say, and more arduous is one who is trying to make the other Arges. One who is striving to make the other, you know, fail to make the other defeated, lowly.

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So, there are those who are striving, they're putting in a lot of effort

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to cause failure to Allah's idea which I had, for example, the Quran, how they're trying so hard to invalidate the verses to prove them faulty, to prove them wrong, to find contradictions and errors in the Quran. And they're trying really hard. They're spending their time they're looking one book after another speaking lecturing, advertising, whatnot, doing whatever they can to defeat the verses of Allah. Allah says, Hola, Iike dos LA home for them. Are there been a punishment? What kind of punishment midribs of foul nature the word Riggs is from the regime ze and what does rich mean? It's from the word rich, rich is filth. And Riggs is something that is so filthy and so foul, that it

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causes you to shake and quiver in disgust. So myriads of file nature, a Lehman painful. So if you look at the words over here, or LA eCola home for them is either either marriages in a Lehman, meaning either been a layman, a painful punishment, that is millage isn't, that is off rates, meaning of foul nature. So the Hour will come to bring about this result also, this is necessary while you're off, and he sees who are Levina those who own Tiller Ilma they have been given knowledge, which knowledge those who have been given knowledge meaning knowledge of the Quran, knowledge of the Scripture, these people they see, and levy that that which all Zilla elaida has

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been revealed to you. It is mid Lubbock, it is from your Lord. They see that what has been revealed is indeed from who from your Lord, it is who will help. It is the truth. Meaning they will see that the Quran is really the truth, way at the end that it guides meaning the Quran guides Isla sloth, to the path which path the path of Allah disease, the mighty, Al Hamid, the Praiseworthy, so those who have been given knowledge, they see that what has been revealed to you from your Lord is the truth. What has been revealed to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from his Lord. It's the Quran. So those who have knowledge, they see that the Quran is the truth. It's really from Allah. And they see

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that the Quran guides to the path of the mighty the Praiseworthy, meaning the path of Allah. This is what the Quran guides do.

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What is this i Amin Wayra meaning now such people see this, they know this as a reality. They see this, they see the Quran as as true

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despite the striving

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of the enemies of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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Remember the surah is murky? Right. And in Makkah, what was going on? They were people whose obsession was what?

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insult the Quran insult the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam somehow or the other, tell the people the Quran is evil somehow or the other tell the people that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is not worth your time. Don't listen to him, don't pay attention to him. This is what they were obsessed with. And this is what they were striving to do.

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So they would go around in the city of Makkah, they would follow the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam wherever he went, they will go outside of Makkah to all the main roads that were leading into Makkah, and they would speak to the travelers to the visitors to the people who are coming for hajj and they would warn them against the Quran, they would warn them against the Prophet sallallahu

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Do Salam.

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So basically, these people had created a lot of confusion about the Quran, a lot of confusion about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So the ordinary people, they didn't know whether the prophets of Allah Azza was really a true prophet or not, they couldn't figure out whether the Quran was really true or not. And if you think about it, this is something that has always been the case, right? Even today, where there are people who are very passionate about, you know, spreading the knowledge of the Quran, there are other people who are maybe more passionate about warning mankind against the Quran,

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right? And they're not just passionate, but they're striving really hard.

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So this is telling us that despite this confusion, which has been created by the enemies of Islam, there will still be those people who will know that the Quran is true, who will know that the Quran guides to the path of Allah Who is Aziz and Hamid, they will see this for themselves. And ro e over here gives the meaning of, you know, seeing as in having knowledge of certainty, because when you see something, then you're certain about it, you have no doubt left. So they see this with their family again.

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And this is the beauty of the truth, that no matter how much confusion is created about it,

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the truth always survives, always, no matter how many lies are fabricated about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam there will always be people who are drawn towards his personality.

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No matter how much confusion has spread about the Quran, there will always be people who are attracted to the Quran.

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So why Iran Lavina alter Ilma they see this, they know this, and this happened at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam take the example of under dashi when the Muslims migrated to Abyssinia what happened a group of mushy Kean went to bring them back and they went and spoke to the Joshi right. And they said, You know what, these Muslims actually, they don't really think good about your god ERISA. They don't really think good about Mary. So what happened under Joshi he didn't just accept their accusations. What did he do? He spoke to the Muslims himself and he said, You tell me. So what happened Jaffa de la Horne, who Jeff had been a bit louder, but over the long

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run, who What did he recite? He recited to Maria.

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Right. So this is what led him to the truth. And as a result, this man also believed. So, this teaches us a very, very beautiful lesson, that when noise is created about something,

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all right, go and find out for yourself.

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Investigate, go to the source yourself.

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If people say a lot of things about for example, the marriages of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what do we need to do? Study the life of the prophet Sallallahu Sallam study his marriages study the life of Arshad Lavon. Go to the roots yourself.

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And this is the way of who Alladhina ocular Ale, those who have been endowed with knowledge, those who are true carriers of knowledge. Because one is that we just hear things.

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And the other is that we seek knowledge. Is there a difference? Hear one thing from here here, another thing from there and formulate our opinions based on what based on what we hear from, you know, one news channel what we read another paper. This is not knowledge. It may be a lot of information, but it's not knowledge. Knowledge is what that you go to the source. And you find out for yourself. You read the actual text.

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recently in the news, there was this thing about some ISIS worker guy boda the or whatever, being like, oh, we need more recruits, right? And this was on Twitter, right? And then people started messaging this guy with really funny, like, replies and stuff. And I was like, this is kind of weird, right? So then I started researching more about this guy. And then I went to his Facebook page. And it turns out, it was just some guy who shares the same last name as the leader of ISIS, and is actually an activist and stuff and he was just like, innocently translating the message and he got so much hate for it. And then like newspapers and stuff, like they published it as if he was

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part of them. And now he's just like, he's like, actually an activist. Just because the last name was the same people thought that he was, you know, who they thought he was. So anyway, there are

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At times when we come across these issues in in our daily lives also, that just because someone hurt something didn't really go to the root of it, they misunderstood it. And when they misunderstood it, they formed a wrong, you know, assumption of it a wrong opinion of it. And that led them to wrong actions. I mean, forget about politics, just look at any, you know, singers or football players or whatnot, they tweet one thing, it's misunderstood, right. It's misunderstood, misrepresented. And then from there, the story just takes another a completely different turn. Right. So, what does this ayah show to us? Especially when it comes to the matters of the deen, don't just believe in hearsay.

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Don't accept everything that people say about the Quran about the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam go find out for yourself.

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Go find out for yourself and this is the way of who AlLadhina autorola and they see that the Quran Yeah, de la Sultana Aziz and Hamid the Quran guide to the way of Allah Aziz al Hamid, who is Allah's is the owner of all owners, the mightiest of all, and Aziz also means ruler is the one who has who's worthy of all honor. He's the giver of honor, the taker of honor. And he's the praiseworthy one, meaning he is praiseworthy in what he has decreed and what he has legislated in what he has revealed. So those who have been given knowledge of the book, they see the reality of the Quran, they are not swept away by the efforts of those who provoke disbelief. And on the other hand, there

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are those who are very easily influenced by AlLadhina sarahfey. If Tina, for example, in the next ayah, Allah says we'll call Alladhina Cafaro and those who disbelieve say, what do they say? Hello, do Lacan, shall we inform you? Shall we direct you, Allah, Allah, Julian, about a man? Now don't look come from the root letters Dan lamb Landelijke what is the legal mean, proof evidence and evidence takes you to what conclusion? Right. So it leads you somewhere. So from this Nadeau LUCAM Shall we inform you meaning Shall we direct you? Should we tell you about a man who you know Bill calm, who will inform you? You not be Oh from never, never means important news? Who will inform you

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that either when mosaico Tom, you have been disintegrated Quinella. All Mazagon complete disintegration. Mozilla Catan Calama Mazak he will tell you that when you have disintegrated incomplete disintegration, he tells you that what will happen then, that in Nakum Luffy, helping God that surely indeed you will be in a new creation, that you will be given a new creation. In other words, this man says that once your body has finished, you will be brought back to life. And unit B Oh come look at the word unit Bill COMM He tells you, he informs you he says big things. This is what he's going to tell you.

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Mosaic Tom coulomb Amasa from the root letters, memes, a cough muscle, which literally means to tear to tear something, right? And from zero is to shred into pieces to tear something into pieces to crumble to tiny pieces.

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So, he says that when your body has completely disintegrated and look Kalambo muzza meaning Kula in entirety in total disintegration. Then he says you will be recreated.

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Who are they talking about?

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Which men, the Prophet sallallahu Newson. This is their effort. This is their striving against Allah's ayat.

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And they continue they say after all has overhears is the farmer to QUESTION All right. For the purpose of amazement, they're expressing their amazement and denial that how is it possible has he afterall has he fabricated on Allah against Allah Cathy been a lie? Has he invented a lie about Allah NP Jinnah? Or is there with him some madness?

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Notice over here, they give two options. They say either he has fabricated a lie about Allah or he has gone mad because of which he's saying this.

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They don't even consider the possibility of this being true.

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Right. They don't even say or maybe he's speaking the truth. They don't even consider that option. What does it show that they have made up their mind that they're not going to believe? So now they're coming up with some, you know, explanation for why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say such a thing? What's the first thing they say? He's like, either he's lying lying about who Allah? Who are they accusing over here, the man whom they themselves described as a slug?

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The man who was the most truthful amongst them, they're accusing him of a lie over here, the man who would not lie about people, they're saying he's lying about Allah Allegion or there's some kind of Junoon with him because of which he's saying this. They describe the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam as a mean, the one who is trustworthy, who can be trustworthy. The one who has some kind of Junoon No way.

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The one who has some kind of madness, no way. Such a person cannot be trustworthy. So, um, be Jinnah. They don't even consider the possibility of him being truthful. Allah says Val rather Alladhina Allah you may know Nabil Hera, those who do not believe in the hereafter. They are Phil either be in the punishment what burl buried and in extreme error, when they will be resurrected in the Hereafter, where will they be in punishment? And right now in this world, they are in extreme error from the truth. There is no way that they're going to find the truth. The thing is that when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi, wa sallam recited verses, teaching people about resurrection, they

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laughed at him, they didn't believe. But the fact is that resurrection will certainly occur, no matter how much people deny it. And yes, when bodies have completely decomposed shredded to bits, completely disintegrated,

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such that nothing of it remains, Allah will still resurrect the dead, Allah who will still recreate them, as mentioned over here, hulking God, a brand new creation. And in Hadith we learn that after the blowing of the trumpet, Allah subhanaw taala will send a rain

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Allah will send a rain and because of that rain, what will happen bodies will literally grow out of the earth literally grow out of the earth, just like plants do from seeds have been readied. It's not difficult for Allah.

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So those who deny this reality what are they in right now? Lala will bury extreme error and in the hereafter what will they be in a lie that torment?

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FL Amuro Allah says Have they not seen then do they not look at ILA towards my Boehner ad him that which is before them? Wilma Hofer home and that which is behind them? What is before them and what is behind them? Mina sama of the sky, while out and the earth

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because no matter where we are in this world, you know, we face one way what is it that we see in front of us beneath the ground? And what is it that's above us? It's the sky right? Even if we see a roof on top of us we know that above the roof is what is what maybe another roof maybe another roof maybe another roof. Okay, fine, even if it's a 500 storey building above that is what it's the sky.

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No matter where we are, what is beneath us, the earth and what is above us, the sky. So don't be see this. Is there any place that we can go to? So that there is no sky above us? And there is no earth beneath us? No, it's not possible. We are completely surrounded by Allah sky by Allah's Earth.

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So Allah has full power over us in Russia if we want now see if we can cause to swallow be him with them under the earth meaning we can cause the earth to swallow them in all all new spirit we could cause to fall sin off for support to fall we could cause to fall I lay him on them. Kiss off Amina sama fragments from the sky. Something could fall down on us from the sky if Allah wants in a fee valleca Indeed in that letter A attend shortly assign li Kalia of the money for every servant who is Muneeb Muneeb one who turns back repeatedly, money was for

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I've known while back in ABA and what is Inaba to turn back. So indeed, in this is a sign for the one who turns back to Allah. reflection on the creation is a means of what turning back to Allah. It is something that teaches us to repent. You know, for example, if we've done something wrong,

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let's say a person has skipped a prayer.

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And they know that they've skipped their prayer.

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But if they really, you know, think rationally, and if they really reflect, and they think, Okay, this guy's above me, the ground is beneath me. I am Allah's creation, he has complete power over me. Stop everything, go and pray.

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Doesn't reflection on the creation force a person to turn back to Allah in repentance, and not just in repentance, just to reconnect with Allah, think about him, remember him, turn to him in gratitude during to Him in humility.

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reflection on the creation is a means of connecting with who, with Allah subhanaw taala.

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Just the other day, I was listening to this webinar of Sheikh Mohammed Al Sharif on da. And in that he was saying that when you're making dua, go to a place where you can be inspired.

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Because the problem with our doors is, you know, we lack that Yaqeen. Right. So you're saying that be inspired? How, like, for example, if you're somewhere outside, okay, somewhere outside, let's say, you're at Lake Shore, Lake Ontario is in front of you. And let's say it's winter, so it's covered in ice. Right? And you see the vastness of that lake? You see how big it is? As far as you can see, what do you see? Only ice only water? And then you think to yourself? What am I asking Allah for something that is smaller than Lake Ontario?

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Isn't it? If Allah subhanaw taala can create this and it's not difficult for him? Is it difficult for him to answer my prayer? He definitely answers. Every dua is answered, right? It's not difficult for him. So be inspired when you're making God because it's a source of Inaba, Illa, Allah turning to Allah, and the stronger our connection with Allah, the stronger our faith and our reliance and Allah, the more Yaqeen there will be in our doors, and the more Yaqeen there is,

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then definitely, they will be responded to.

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So in the fidelity color icon, liquidly, Abdun, Muneeb

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that we were just talking about, we thought about the idea that, you know, when you go to visit doctors or hospitals, you take so many like they take record your medical history. So for people who, who go to different doctors, for example, like I've been to so many doctors, over the past years, I've been alive, and all the different hospitals, or the different offices all have record of my information, right, and it's all spread out. And also I volunteered at the hospital. And I realize like, I've noticed how much record nurses take. So it's like every single visit you go, they have record of that. And they have record of all the previous visits that you have, they have

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records of employees of every single person that ever stepped into the hospital, and Subhanallah all of that knowledge alone knows and he's like, that's little that's not that's nothing compared to my knowledge. Yes, exactly. I mean, medical related information. That's just one part of a person's life. Right? And that also may not be complete, isn't it? Because how often when we're telling the doctor about what we're feeling, or when exactly we started feeling like that we might have made many mistakes, isn't it? So that's just one aspect of our lives and even that is incomplete and that is faulty. Allah subhanaw taala is knowledge is complete, absolute perfect, free of any errors, any

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deficiencies or any mistakes.

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Anybody else?

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Salam Alikum was the chef name, the chef you drama The Sharif Sharif Jessa hola hair. I remember once I went to the lake, I was sitting in the lake I and I was reflecting and I make it to the next day the alkane truth.

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So hang. And one more thing that he said was that the DUA is always accepted. Because Allah subhanaw taala says that, oh gee Buddha with a diary, either Don OG but what does Ijebu mean? I respond. Right? So dua is always accepted. Even before we make it, it's accepted. All right. But Allah knows how and when he decides how and when to ask.

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To realize that da

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I feel like in these verses are less proud that I was making it obvious that for people who consider themselves to be rational and logical, it's actually illogical to not believe in Allah subhana data, that it's so clear in the way that the world works, and the creation in just the way that we ourselves are and you know how everything works, that it's not possible for all of this to be without a creator. And it's not possible for all of this to be there without a reason, right people spend their lives searching for why do I exist? Right? If human beings are born with this question, there must be an answer to it and all his friends that he has given it to us clearly, and he's

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basically saying that it's illogical for you to not believe in the day of judgment and in Allah subhanho wa taala.

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somebody raised their hand over there

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as low income so I was just wondering how you said about inspiration going to like Lake Ontario for example. I live in an apartment that's like, Hi story. So I see the sunrise every day and it's different every day and just looking at the sunrise is inspiring to make dua like at that time at McRib time, it's so easy to be inspired and make dua so, so try that.

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So then come to the reflections that my group and I we came up with. The first one was that we were saying that anytime, inshallah like we feel tempted to like do a sin or commit wrong, just to remember the favorites of Alanis and like look at the creation and see this is the earth that I'm standing on, how can I disobey Allah, that Allah has given me so much and look at his look at his creation, reflect on that and use that as a means to prevent us from committing sin inshallah. And the second one that we were talking about was that Allah subhanaw taala. His record is so complete, and he also has the ability to know our thoughts, in addition to our actions, but through His mercy,

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he chose not to hold us accountable for that as well. Of hamdulillah for our thoughts.

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Have you noticed in these verses the names of Allah are mentioned which names are mentioned let's look at them. And the first idea which name

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said Al Hakim, and Hobbes in the next style, Allah Haim lover fools

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and then I in number six, Allah Aziz al Hamid

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So, it's a murky surah the names of Allah are mentioned and one of the best ways of getting to know Allah subhanaw taala is knowing His names his attributes presentation will loveliness

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Dina Mwangi, Xena hola nada.

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Legions in any way. Oh levena Otto lineman ledee nadie

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de la isla you can become one boy, the wire de la say all things Rosie's.

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Walk on and Molina CAFO Hannah doll Hello coonara Are Julie gonna be

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able to call

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in fluffy

00:28:31--> 00:28:36

Jedi and a star on a law you can even

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Benny levena You know no fear what do you feel being

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a third Amuro Ilana ad in one

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minute us

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you will

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not be able

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to stay following this

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Color I utterly cool

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