Marriage Workshop – Session 2

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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See you tomorrow, attend tomorrow as well.

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And in terms of question answers shala we'll take go through the question answers tomorrow, not today. So it's good to complete the whole course the workshop. Then at the end, if you have any questions, so tomorrow inshallah we'll have at least like half an hour

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for the last session after the break from 11 1511 to 12, we can do a whole dedicated question answer session. So any questions you have related to the topic today, just write them down, keep them safe, and then inshallah tomorrow, we will conduct a question and answer session.

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Okay, next point. Sorry, next discussion.

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Very important. This is actually very, very important. Some factors that cause breakdown arch.

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I've listed 10, potentially 1112.

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Which I have in my phones,

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there's also benefits, right?

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So I

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see, let's see.

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Some factors that cause breakdown of marriages or causes problems in marriages, these are some of the things that I personally feel

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based on Louise are really

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strong factors in the breakdown of marriages, things that cause problems within marriage, marital conflicts, etc. Number one, it's a very fundamental point and very simple point.

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Which is basically I've titled it men are from Mars, women are from Venus.

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Because our book was, you know, titled men are from Mars, women are from Venus.

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should read that book.

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This is also an Islamic concept.

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How many times people say when they are married?

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Me and my wife are two very different people.

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Me and my husband wishes were completely different. We just different people. Of course, you're different Europe, you're a woman and you're a man of course you're different. You didn't marry another woman did you know you married a man so of course gonna be different. Men and women are mentally psychologically, physically, emotionally.

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Two different types of people.

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Not just men and women. each human being is different from another human being. This is why the greatest moja is marriage is because you have to live with share with, have children with and share all aspects of your life with somebody who is completely different because every human being is different, not just men and women are different. Men are different to other men and women are different to other women. We will look differently and into people who look identical here. Stand up now.

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Even twins, still, they're not like absolutely identical. Even our fingerprints that are located everyone differently.

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fingerprints are different. We are all different and there's two dimensions. The first heading is talking about general differences between every human being and then the second one we'll be talking about the male female. So every human being is different man or one man is different to and from another man.

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Regarding that, integrity was messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said and Muslim will love you Holly told us well yes, there are other higher Mira Muslim Villa de la Johan as

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a believer, a Muslim man or woman who interacts intermingles mixes in with other people.

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And therefore because of this interaction

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has to exercise patience and stuff.