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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of caring for others, rather than just rewarding them. They emphasize the need for intentions to change and offer assistance for those affected by the pandemic. The importance of mercy and compassion is emphasized, along with the need for a culture of gifts and friendships. The speakers also touch on the importance of creating a safe environment for people to live their lives.
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hamdulillah Muhammad who want to start in Wuhan iStockphoto who want to study

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when are older be lucky to auto Mysuru the unforeseen Omen see Earth Dr. Medina

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yeah hello for them with the Lahoma you drill for the head yeah.

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Why should Why

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should you

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Why should you Anessa you know have you been I was what an hour call you know Mohammed Abdul rasuluh Allahumma salli wa sallim ala Sayidina Muhammad who are early here pull up nobody knows how big marine water cooler winter we are home via Sunny Leone Dean. Allahu Muslim never in fact window in front of him Arlington. I was in Ireland wants to panic Allahumma Arlington in the country, even hurricane

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respected brothers and sisters.

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Justice and Omani Kumar said once again said Omar Abdullah Baraka.

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all praise for loss of Hano data. It's an honor, it's a privilege to be here with you today.

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I can understand by listening to the jokes that it's a very light hearted program.

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So I don't want to become too serious as well and spoil your fun.

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But Inshallah, let's see,

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we hopefully Allah grant us the tow vehicle to discuss some issues relating to today's gathering.

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Most of you are medics.

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studying medicine.

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Studying dentistry.

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Medicine in Islam, from an Islamic point of view is considered to be a very prestigious, a very lofty, very

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Anything any science to do with the human body with the preservation of the human body with the preservation of one's health, with the preservation of one's

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well being

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Islamically that science is considered to be a very noble science.

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The reason being is that

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Islam and our beautiful religion that Allah subhanahu dialler has blessed us with and the beautiful religion with which the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent by Allah.

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This religion really emphasizes on the importance on the significance on the relevance of the well being of a human being. This body, this Jessem and body which Allah has blessed us with, is considered to be a man a trust. You know what the word earner means? It's a trust. We don't even own our bodies. Imagine Islamically we don't even own our bodies, who owns our bodies. Allah created us, he owns our bodies, he owns our soul. Allah has blessed us given us this body as a Amana as a trust. And he has honored the human beings with this beautiful body. And Allah says this in the Quran, where he says in Surah Al Israa, wala Ramana many other very we have honored the Children of Earth,

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which means that we have honored the human being by blessing the human being with a beautiful body. And this is a reason because of which, because of this reason that Allah has given this body to us as a Koran as a Amana as a trust. We are not in a position to tamper with our own bodies, in a way we think fit. It is not possible for a human being to tamper with his own body or destroy his own body or cause self destruction. And this is also in the Quran where Allah says Allah to be a de Camila Toluca don't destroy your own cells with your own hands. Self Destruction is haram and this is the reason why anything in the world in your life that's going to harm you. It is Islamically

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unlawful and this is the reason why most scholars are of the opinion that tobacco and smoking is haram. The reason being is because it destroys the body of the human being. Anything that harms there's a hadith Allah of Dora Allah the Lord, which means there is no harming you can't harm others and you can't harm your own soul. This is something really important in Islam well being and so there's two words

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Sahara and Eritrea, these are two Arabic terms. Sahel means well being. FEMA, sorry, Sahara means health, and Alfia Al Arabiya means wellbeing, these two things are greatly looked upon with great regard. In Islam, a human being is given his body as a man of trust, and he has to preserve his body. We as humans, we have to look after our own bodies. And we have to preserve our own bodies have learned NASA, you know, we have five universals in Islam, preservation of five basic

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parts of of one's life. And one of the five universals is healthful, have the have the

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we have have the Dean have the acculevel merge with the NASA and

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the preservation of one's health is one of the five universal teachings in what universal what I mean by universals are all the rules and regulations of Islam that have been prescribed for the Muslims, they all revolve around these five universals, the either to do with all the rules or to do with either of these branches, all the rules in Islam, some things are to do with the preservation of the lineage like many of the laws of marriage and divorce, and, etc, there to do with the preservation of the lineage because Islam really emphasizes the importance of a person knowing who his parents are, and many laws and commands and injunctions and rules are prescribed for the

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preservation of one's health. So because preservation of one's health is very important, the well being is greatly looked upon. Seha is significant, it's important in one's life. This is the reason why any science, any science, any subject that helps to preserve the human body, any science that helps to cater for the human body. Any science that helps to, to preserve the well being of humanity, will indeed, be looked at with great importance. And this is a reason why medicine is considered to be greatly prestigious and unknowable, not just medicine, even dentistry and any science that looks after the human body. It's it relates to the Sahara and well being half of the

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human body. And because human body, the well being is very important. the well being of the human body is very important because without which we cannot do anything else in life. We can't even do our acts of worship. We can't even act upon the rules of Islam. We can't even worship Allah in a way we want to if we are ill physically sick, and we are not in that physical state to worship Allah Allah subhanahu water either. And this is a reason why

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this science the SIR any science that helps to preserve him the human body and preserves the well being of the human being is looked upon. It's a very noble science and this is why your mama shelf every one of the great Imams of this OMA and one of his coats, actually, I saw on your poster, which somebody actually last week I was I was saw as University last week on Friday. And somebody said, you got a talk on Wednesday. I said, Yeah, and they said, there's a really really good coat on there who is said, I haven't even seen the poster yet. So then I went home and then on the weekend, I looked at the poster and when whoever designed the poster, mashallah, they've got this coat of Famer

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Michelle fairy, now the Allahu anhu, one of the great Imams of this ummah, where he said, I am not aware of any science more noble than the science, more noble other than anyone had anyone had on the science that teaches you what's allowed, and what's not allowed what's unlawful and what's lawful in Islam. Other than that, besides that, so that's also noble, you know, to learn about what's lawful and unlawful in the Muslims life. That's also noble. But other than that, I don't know of any other science that is more noble than the science of tip, tip, the science of medicine. And historically all our great none the Muslims that were taught people within the Muslims are at the forefront of

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medicine at the forefront of, you know, research in the field of medicine, and this same Imam Shafi Radi Allahu anhu, there's another quote There's actually two quotes from him. This Imam was a great team and he must have heard a female Michele Ferrero, the Allahu anhu, Mohammed, Abu Abdullah Mohammed Idris, a chef and who was born in Makkah, and then he went to Paris. So he was in Palestine and then he went to Makkah and then he traveled and he studied in Medina studied with Imam Malik, another great jurist and a great scholar of his own. And then he studied with the Imam, he went to Iraq, he went to Baghdad, he studied with Imam Mohammed Hassan a Shaban. He was a student of Malibu

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Hanifa. And then after that, he went back and then he latter part of his life. He went to Egypt and he lived in Egypt and he passed away they visited the area which is living until now in Cairo. That place is called Mahalia to Shell fake the area of Imam Shelfari and his graves that his buried there in Cairo. Now this Imam

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Another quote from him as well he says, Are there any more element

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or element for killing a deer while multibillion dollar this is like a poetry who is a great poet. He was an eloquent man in this in the Arabic language for say Hello Lisa Imam Shafi was known for his eloquence in the Arabic language he was very eloquent, and he composed poetry. There's a whole book called Do you earn all Imam Shafi? The poetry of Imam Shafi and in one of his poetry, he says that if poetry wasn't, you know, disrespectful to the scholars, I would have been the greatest poet of the time, but because you know, if I dedicated myself to poetry, you know, I would neglect my other important duties of teaching and studying Hadith and Quran and Feb, etc, etc. So he says a few

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lines of poetry early more element or element at the end were able to be loved and science is worth studying only two, there's only two one is eligible for colored urine, the science of fake which is the science of halal and haram, the science to do with religion, the science of fact to do with D and the science of STEM, the science of medicine for the body rhymes, and this is what Imam Shafi said And why wouldn't he say this because as I said, you know, it's very important the well being in the Quran and Sunnah greatly emphasized within Islam. You look at the teachings of Islam, you look in the Quran and you look in the Sunnah numerous verses numerous Hadith of the messenger SallAllahu

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How do you send him there's a hadith in the Sunnah, Halima materiality This is the sound Hadith where the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said Mersa Allah, Allah has che and I have that delay him in Allah our fear at the translation of this hadith is nobody asks Allah, anything which is more beloved to Allah than asking him for your well being. Imagine.

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No one asks Allah for something more beloved than asking Allah for one's well being. I feel when we ask Allah, we beg Allah Oh Allah we want well being Allah is happy Allah loves this. There's a hadith, again is a dua the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would normally make this dua this supplication, he would regularly include the supplication in his prayers. And and you must have heard of this dua and after prayers you should make this to our wish and all form a habit of making this supplication Allahumma inni Alukkas Saharsa will refer these four things is asking Allahumma in here so Luca sahaja. Well, I further want a monitor well how snel Hulu, whatever we'll call them

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sorry, five things. Oh Allah, I ask all of you a SATA. What the health of this is a regular dua of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah who may need a Luca Saturday Oh Allah I ask of you well being well, effort and chastity very important to ask Allah for chastity and for us to remain chaste as well. Allah Helenius Iluka Sahaja will prefer the one monitor and trust worthiness to help Snell Hulu and good character. ask Allah for good character some of the older Mother said you know health and good character they're both related someone healthy generally is not grumpy. You know someone healthy is generally has good characters, generally speaking, there are exceptions, of

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course. So And the fifth thing whatever I will cover I know Allah I asked a few that I am content with that which You have given me. This is something we should regularly include in our prayers. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one said to his uncle Abbas, he said, Oh, Uncle cellular hull, our filter, cellular alpha with our filter for dunya Oh, our bus Oh uncle, ask Allah. Ask Allah for Allah for forgiveness, and our fear and well being in this life and the next life. We want wellbeing not just in this life, but even in the next life. So while being on a sovereign health is greatly looked upon, and as I said, anything that contributes to the well being of the human body,

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then that will be looked upon with great favor. This is something that we need to always remember. Sahara is a great Nirma Sahara is a great network, you can run this health is a great bounty and gift. And only those real those people realize the true value of Sahara when that nirvana is snatched away or taken away from them by Allah. Now I'm attorney there's a hadith in Sahih al Bukhari and I'm attorney Michael Boone V Hema cathedral minuteness there's two great gifts. Most people are deluded about these two great gifts. What are they? A Sati well for our people are deceived people take these two great bounces and gifts from Allah. The people you know, they they

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take the take, they take you for granted. This is the meaning mama Boone Bahama which means

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People are deluded, they are deceived, they take you for granted, they don't value it. Number one, a well being number two all for all time, when you when you have time, we don't appreciate time and then when we get busy, we start complaining, there's no time, you could have done half the job, you know previously, and well being as well greatly looked upon and it's a narrow, it's a gift that Allah has given. So therefore,

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this is something very important. Now, we understand the importance of Sahar of well being and anything that contributes all your own all of you, if I don't know if all of you but you're all studying medicine or whatever, all of you are insha, Allah will be all contributing to the well being that we understood the importance of the science of medicine, we input we understood, we just learned, the significance, the relevance, the importance, and the noble nature of the sides. But remember, with everything in this world, anything that is greatly looked upon an alien that's greatly noble, and anything that's prestigious, the responsibility is even great. Whenever your

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interest when whenever a person reaches a MACOM, a position a status, right? Anyone who reaches a status, a McCombe a position, the greater the position, the greater the responsibility, or you guys have a major responsibility to play in a great responsibility and a great role you have and will have in the society and you must not take your responsibility lightly, you must take it seriously. It's very important you take your responsibility seriously. And I don't have time to half an hour economy talk about anything. But you know, I did want to talk on medics before as well. And I mentioned some of these issues and responsibilities. But just one point I want to discuss in quite

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depth, which is I think, the crux of the matter, and maybe the conclusion of all the responsibilities, which is to do with how you approach the field that you are in. Remember, Islam is a beautiful religion, you know, the way the approach the approach we take to things changes a great deal in terms of our standing with Allah subhanaw taala, many acts of worship, or maybe many acts, worldly acts, if we do them with the right intention with the correct intention in mind, we do it, we do them with the right approach, and we have the right mentality, then we will be greatly rewarded, it will become an act of, of reward, it will be an act of worship. And that's where the

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nobility of this science comes in. If you don't have that intention, if you don't have the authority, if you don't take that approach, if you don't approve, approach it from the angle that I'm just going to discuss with you right now. Then it's just a worldly act, there's no reward, there's no significance, we don't get into those rewards of the Hadith. So you really need to from now, if you haven't already, I'm sure most of you have already, you know, and made the correct intentions. And you have the right approach. But if you don't, and this is the time, I always say to most of the students, this is the time right now, when you listen to this, you have to change. You

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don't have to do nothing. You don't have to start jumping on your place. It's just something which is in the heart, the intention and near the armory recall. This religion is so beautiful that anything we do we do the right intention, we get rewarded, even to drink a cup of water. If I take an intention that if I could just drink this water, I get no reward. But if I before I drink it, I think for like 10 seconds and you know what Allah has blessed me with this water. This is a normal gift from Allah, I will drink water and what I will do, Allah will give me that energy with that I will worship or speak, you know, my throat is dry, let me just drink some.

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If I do complete my intention, but if I completed my intention, that if I drink this water, and it gives me more energy, and I benefit myself, I benefit you and we talk about Allah and His messenger that you know, drinking of the water, that sip of water becomes an act of reward. And likewise anything we do Abdullah hin Mobarak he was a great scholar, Imam Mohammed he used to say Europe Burma in saline into Kabiru who Nia were Obama in COVID into sub zero near sometimes you have a major act physically you're doing a really good act of worship are you really doing an act of worth in the world worthy act but your intention makes it minute small you can no reward for it it's of no

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significance in the eyes of Allah but sometimes it's a very you know small act it's something that really physically externally it is just like maybe picking up something from the road and you think you've got you've seen you know, banana skin and you pick it up somebody might slip something small ima total other three with the right intention and rewards are huge. In nama llama Lavinia the first Hadith that comes in all our Hadith collections

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actions are based on the intentions. So we need to correct our intentions as medics as people in this field. Remember, if you do it only and I'm saying I'm using the word only, and solely if it's just for monetary gains, and to have a good career in the future, solely that's, that is a consideration, but a secondary consideration. But if it's solely an only to have a good life, and have a good career, and have a good mansion, and that's it and nothing else, then there is no reward Islamically the intention is that we have a concern, a genuine concern for humanity, for humanity, and that's the approach you need to take. This is the this is the field that I'm going into reason

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being I want to care for people I want to look after people I want to contribute to the health of the human beings and want to help people and want to alleviate the distress of people. And this is many Hadith we find the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a hadith which is in the Sunnah of an Imam Abu Dhabi with Abdullah Omar he relates the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a Muslim, Muslim, a believer is a brother to a believer. Remember this some of this hadith they have the word Muslim reason being the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was advanced was addressing the Muslims and that's why he will use that. And that's why in some

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narrations, we have them general it's not only specific or exclusive to the believers, but in this particular Hadith, which is a sound Hadith. A Muslim is a brother of a Muslim, Allah Yahoo LIMU the certain things the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that a believer does not do, who he should not be doing and other things he should be doing. As a Muslim, a whole Muslim, your brother, brotherhood and sisterhood.

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You should he should not oppress. That's one thing you don't do. There should be no kind of oppression, no kind of oppression on a fellow Muslim and human being unjustly there should be no oppression. Wala use LIMU and he does not leave his fellow Muslim abandoned. You know what that means? Oppression is out of the question. Right? That's out of the question. It's haram. It's a sinful activity to oppress any type of oppression, physical oppression, mental torture, financial oppression, you know, some people will do financial oppression you don't give money back on time. noccalula Ronnie illumine the messengers of Allah Allah Psalm says, The one who takes a debt and

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loan from someone else and then doesn't pay back and he's just like, dilly dallying and he doesn't want to give back and he's just making excuses here on that. This is oppression mythology you Boolean. So a Muslim doesn't oppress someone else. And then he doesn't abandon him he doesn't leave him just lying on the ground now you slim who this is the meaning he doesn't leave him in a just distressful situation a stressful situation in distress. When you see a Muslim or a human being that he is in need. You're on the middle of the road you there's an accident in front of you.

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And sometimes people just drive by as though you know, that's it is their problem, not my problem. There's nothing wrong with me I need to get to work. That's what a Muslim does not do. For a Muslim in order to become close to Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to be considered a practicing pious Muslim. It's not just sufficient to just look after yourself and do a few rituals here and there. As for a Muslim these Hadith in Sahih, Al Bukhari and Sahih Muslim elsewhere. We need to we need to have this genuine concern for humanity. We need to really have this concern for humanity. You don't abandon anyone just leave them in in in distress, we help them out. And then the

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messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said men can be hijacked can Allahu Hagerty whoever is in the help of his brother or sister someone who's fulfilling the needs of his fellow Muslim brother or sister. Then Allah is in his house, which means that whenever someone is there to remove the hardship of his fellow Muslim brother or sister or humanity, and Allah is always there to help him. Woman Thora Jehan Muslim in kirkburton Faraj Allahu Anhu corbetta Minnkota yo, Mila Jana, whoever alleviates a difficult situation for a fellow Muslim you have a patient that comes to you and you alleviate that distressful situation. You are someone who really needs help or you help them, Allah

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will remove the calamities and

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difficulties and the trials and the tribulations of the Day of Judgment. Subhan Allah just imagine so remember, these are very important responsibilities. There's another Hadith in Sahih Muslim man Yes. surah Allah Masuri whoever makes ease for a person in a difficult situation. Yes, sir. Allahu alayhi for dunya Allah, Allah will make things easy for him Allah will make place ease for him in this life as well as next life wala ova. I will add the maternal Abdullahi I will neither he nor the Hadith Allah is in

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help and assistance of a human being as long as he is in the help and assistance of his fellow Muslim brother or sister. Now remember, and this as I said, this is this is general, not specific to Muslims. Now you have patients when you take up this field, you have this intention that I am doing this for the sake of Allah, I am here to help assist many, okay, financial, no

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gains is a secondary consideration. It's there, it's going to happen and you're going to get there anyway. But you make the right intention that this is this is a responsibility. It's a job. It's a duty of a muslim, to ensure that he has a right intention. And he wants to help humanity remember, not just Muslims, Muslims, non Muslims, and even animals. This is actually the teaching of Islam, that Islam says that you can only remember you know what we have to do to have the right intention, what I've just said to you, that have the right intention that you want to really help humanity. But you can never do that one can never do that, unless one has genuine true love and mercy and

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compassion in the heart for the creation of Allah. That's what we have to create in our hearts, genuine compassion and Rama and love for the creation of Allah and using the word creation, not just Muslims, Muslims, not even animals. There's a hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said 100 a year Allah, the creation is the family of Allah for a herbal hulking Illa Hema behemoth escena Isla Yi, the most beloved to Allah is the One who is the best to his creation. What is he saying? The look, the creation is the creation of Allah, you know, when someone makes something, if I make something even something small, something really insignificant, you know, if I

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make a small stone, I think this is my stone I have created this. You know, you you bind something, you make something here and you think this is mine, it's precious to Allah has created humanity. Allah has created animals. Allah has created humanity. So when we are good to the creation of Allah, Allah loves us because we are loving, we are doing good to the creation of Allah, something attached and something connected to Allah. We need to have this Rama and mercy and compassion, you this, you know, having this intention of trying to alleviate the distress of another human being will only come about if we have the genuine, genuine concern, compassion in the heart, which is Rama and the

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messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent with this compassion into the world. You know the famous verse. What's the famous verse? Well, my Ursula K la Rahmatullah aalameen. We have not sent you or messenger except as a source of mercy for who?

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For the Muslims, Lila Isla, me and for everybody in the world for the world. He came and there's one beautiful Hadith. I'm concluding shalders One really good Hadith where the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam you know companion says that the messengers of Allah, why do you send a wood

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getting you some millionaire next to a smell and he would tell us himself his names he would describe himself because this is my name. These are my attributes. And then Mohammed. Ahmed, my name is Mohammed My name is Mohammed will enter a fee and the last of the profits will an interview Toba and the Prophet of repentance will enter Nabil Rama and I'm the prophet of mercy. And then the other Hadith which is absolutely beautiful. I love this hadith he says in Ramadan Maha that a sound Hadith where he says that Verily I am a mercy that is gifted to you.

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Imagine the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying I am a mercy that is gifted to Who are you with me? Are you guys listening? Oh, God asleep? Are you too

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hungry to eat food? I am I am watch a mercy gifted to you now whenever someone or if I would give the brother a gift here okay, there's an item that is being given us gift we have the why here we have the MO hoot someone's giving the gift someone is being given the gift. When he said I am a mercy source of mercy in nama Rama Muda, gifted to you who is the giver of the gift.

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Who is the giver of the gift?

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And a woman is left? I'm not gonna go into that I need an answer. Who is the giver of the gift? Simple question who's given us the gift?

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Yeah, Allah of course Allah is the giver of the gift. You're not rocket science. Come on. You know Allah is the giver of the gift. We are the recipients of this gift. And who is the gift?

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The mercy of the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He Allah has given him as a gift to him. This is a sound Hadith. I am at his mercy that is gifted to you. We have to appreciate that gift.

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And how do we appreciate it we inculcate that mercy in our hearts. And we bring about that mercy in our lives. And we deal with everybody around us with that intention of mercy. And we have this genuine compassion and concern into the heart. There's a hadith and I will end with this in Sahih al Bukhari were the messengers of Allah when one Hadith is Mullah, Johanna your hand the one who does not show mercy who will not be shown mercy. And there's one Hadith is a story but just sum it up in a like a minute. It's not a story. It's just that there was a man who is in Sahih al Bukhari where a man was once thirsty, and he went on to weld to drink water. You must have heard of this hottie and

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he saw a dog, he saw a dog gasping because the dog was thirsty for either who are Caliban yell has the word el has in Arabic gasping and barking for water. So minute Akash because of thirst, so he said this, this dog has Lockard Bulava be Hema Bella Miss cinema Bella Rani, he's thirsty just like I was thirsty. So he went down and down the world. He took his leather sock off, and he filled it with water. And he unset the whole beef he took it with his mouth because because he had to climb and then he climbed up and then he you know gave the water to the dog first. First this is the Hadith of the messenger SallAllahu Sallam is talking about someone in the nations before and he said

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he gave the words to the dog and because of that, for Shankara for Shakur, Allahu La level for love for Allah. Allah appreciated what he did. And Allah forgave him for that. When the messengers of Allah who said this to the Companions, the companions that O Messenger of Allah, do we even get a reward in you know, helping animals. He said, of course, we could only keep it in ratbert and urgent. In every living creature. Kevin in Rotterdam is moist liver, which means every living creature on the planet, you have them, you have a concern for them, you have Rama and concern in your hearts for them. Allah when we watch, and to sum up, this is what you all have to have in your

00:32:03--> 00:32:38

hearts. You have to make an intention. Don't worry about your bank balance. Don't worry about earning and don't worry about your career that will be there as it is anyway. But change your intentions. I mean seriously, you change your intention right now. And you get into this field and then you do everything Islamically and you have this genuine concern. You know you do your job with a genuine concern and compassion in your heart. You will be rewarded and you will see those rewards in the next life in sha Allah. So I pray Allah grant us the trophy me and you and all of us to act upon some of the things that were certain shoulda coulda Cody herder was the federal law. or So

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Allahu wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.