What Are We Collectively Accountable for

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The transcript discusses the importance of acknowledging and suppressing evil in one's behavior, especially in regards to the killing of a sheet camel by Allah Azza. The speakers emphasize the need to regularly suppress evil behavior and ensure that it never gets worse, even if one does not do it.

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Allah azza wa jal concludes so the chef's with the story of the moot and Allah as he did mentions about them that they disbelieved in their profit at the thermal DaVita why the embossed ash? Aha, that the worst the most wretched one of them, went forth with an evil plot to sacrifice and slaughter, the she camel of Allah Azza you are the she camel of slaughter that was sent as a miracle for him. And so the people of the mood were all held accountable and it's very interesting because Allah as he says, Forget the whoo hoo factor. Oh Ha he says about the people of Saudi the mood that they disbelieved in Saudi and they killed the she camel, even though the person who killed the she

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camel was one yet Allah Azza yet held them all accountable. And so what's interesting about this versus that it shows us the importance of not being complicit with regards to evil because the people of Salah they all agreed to the killing of the sheet camel, so they were all held accountable by Allah as they did, and they were all punished by Allah azza wa jal, even though the person will actually undertook the action was one of them. And so we learn that when it comes to repelling the evil, that we have to truly repel evil, either by with our hand, or with our tongue, or at the very least, making sure that we consistently keep the dislike of that evil alive in our hearts, that we

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never be complicit with it and held accountable for it, even if we don't do it by Allah azza wa jal