99 Names of Allah #25 Al-Baseer

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The transcript describes the physical appearance of Allah, who sees everything and keeps track of everything. He gives examples of how he can see things in very limited ways, like when you're on the ocean floor or at night. He also mentions that he gives people what they deserve of, like a smile or a hugely award.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Tonight's name is Al Basia. Allah Allah is Al Bashir.

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al al ser means that Allah sees everything.

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Every single thing that happens, whether it's out in broad daylight, or hidden at night, or even all the way on the ocean floor, or even an outer space, Allah sees everything.

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And he keeps track of everything that happens.

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Now, when it comes to you and me, what we can see is very, very limited.

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When we come into this world, as babies, we can't really see much of anything at all.

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Maybe when we get older, we start to need glasses, like these. Or we might even go blind at the very end of our lives.

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Even when we're able to see

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and able to see, well,

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there's only so much that we can see we have to be facing a certain direction. I can't see what's going on behind me. We have to be present. I can't see what's going on three miles away.

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All of those limitations, they don't apply to Allah at all. They don't hold a law back from seeing everything.

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A lost power to Allah, He sees everything happening. And so he's going to give everybody what they deserve. Maybe you did something good

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for a brother or a sister are one of your friends. And nobody saw it. And so nobody thanked you or told you that you did a good job.

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Because Allah sees everything. Once we return to Allah, Allah is going to thank everybody and give them the reward that they've been waiting for.

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That's all for tonight. I said on one on one off at Allah