Key to Happiness- Lowering Expectations a-Kawthari

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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The importance of happiness for everyone is discussed, including the need for rewarded behavior and setting expectations for success. The speaker emphasizes the importance of fulfilling expectations and finding inner peace in one's heart. Fear of failure and negative comments are also highlighted as contributing factors. The golden rule of happiness is emphasized, along with setting expectations for success and being rewarded.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Jamaat E or other coolamon till they are home BSN Illa you have indeed long aluminum and pharaoh now what you find now being an island Turner was in element other than your hammer Rahimi.

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Especially brothers and sisters. Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Insha Allah, this is the first in a series of very short reminders that we will hopefully be presenting to.

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Jay's reminder is about something that we all want in our lives. Every human being wants happiness, whether the person is poor, healthy, unhealthy, rich, poor, men, women, elders, young people, spouses, parents, children, everyone is looking for happiness in this life. I'm sure all of you watching, you want to be happy in this world in this life. And actually, there are many ways and I did a talk previously steps to happiness in pursuit of happiness. But in this short reminder, I just want to talk about one point that I really think is really effective, I think it's very effective in us being happy. It's what I call the golden rule to achieve happiness, which is that we live a life

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in such a way that we cut off all our expectations from the creation of Allah subhanho wa taala. And connect all our expectations with the Creator with the creator of creation, our expectations, our hopes are with Allah, not with the creation, not with Mr. Luke. Seriously. bring that into your life and you will see a world of difference.

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Cut off your expectations from the creation of Allah.

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Don't ever try your best never to be and never expect people to appreciate you. Do not wait for a return when when we are good to people when you are good to someone. Don't expect to be thanked, don't have expectations of being appreciated, or given something in return. Because you see, when we have expectations from people and people let us down, then we become sad, it hurts. And you say you know we talk to people Oh, I did so much for him or for her. And she did not even say a word of thanks in return. Didn't even appreciate it. Once we wait for appreciation and people let us down. Now what will happen? We will become despondent to become sad, we become upset. But if we have no

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expectations, from the creation we do everything for the sake of our lives should be in solidarity with us. Okay, well Maria or mimetic. I mean, everything prayer, our living and our death, everything we do we do for the sake of Allah. We are good to our parents for the sake of Allah. We look after our children, for the sake of Allah No, because they will look after us when we are old. We are good to our spouses for the sake of Allah. We are good to our students, our teachers, our employers, employees, for the pleasure of Allah for the sake of Allah, not for getting anything written. We exchange gifts for the sake of Allah. This is called the Spirit or near correcting one's

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intention. We don't invite people just because they invited us or will invite us, or the worst thing that you can do, you know, they will take it back. Now we do things sometimes we don't really want to do it from the heart. But we think about what when people say they'll take in bad things bad about us. They'll talk negatively about us. There's no reward. You go and visit someone or have to go to visit because you know what? They're taking bad will the talking about him at all when people think

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this is very, you know, this is really sad. The thing that I feel is really killing people is the fear of what people will say.

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People remember brothers and sisters, you and I we can never make people happy. You could do something for someone for 999 years. Okay, I don't know if anyone lives alone, but you could do something for 999 years. And one day you do something wrong, and they will say you've not done anything ever for them. So why worry about people worry about the creator of the people. Okay, so cut off all expectations. If you cut off your expectations.

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You never expect anything from

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May when you do things good for two people, you fulfill the rights of others, you are good to as people unkind Palach only for the sake of Allah and you're not expecting anything, and then they do something for you in return, then you will consider it to be a bonus, like, wow, subhanAllah I wasn't expecting this, you will be happy. And if someone doesn't do anything for you, they don't give you anything in return. They don't appreciate you. They don't thank you. They don't show any gratitude. They're not they're not kind in return, then you will not feel let down because you weren't expecting it in the beginning. So there will be no sadness and you won't be upset, you know,

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because you didn't expect it anyway. I know this is difficult, but you have to we have to work at it. It's it's really important. We cut off all expectations from the creation of Allah, and we

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expect everything from from Allah, we build our expectation with Allah subhanaw taala

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and this is why you know, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would make

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it a welcome, call, we'll walk through our journey and see what

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had the origin

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or Allah, place in my heart. Please instill in my heart in my heart. expectations with you. I want all my expectations with your work rigea e annemann. Sila, and Oh Allah, cut off all my expectations with anyone besides you. So that I don't expect anything from anyone I only expected from you. Allah is the One who we expect everything from and Allah is the high level Lazarus and we do things to please Allah for the sake of Allah for the pleasure of Allah.

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So try to bigger

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bring this into your life inshallah and you will see this I feel a golden rule of happiness. If you want to be at peace, you want contentment in your life, you want tranquility, you don't want to be upset all the time.

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This is a golden rule. Don't expect anything from anyone never expect to be appreciated thanks or given something in return. And never worry about what people were saying. As long as between you and Allah. You are fine. You're not you are not violating any of Allah's commands. You are not displeasing Allah, then don't worry about people because people one day they will praise you one day they will swear at you. So don't worry when people live a life like this and insha Allah hopefully you'll see that you will be happy in your life. That doesn't mean that you will have no problems because this life you know, we all face problems, tests and trials are part of this life. But you

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will find this inner peace and tranquility things won't affect you. Someone said something okay? It doesn't make me a bad person. You will free feel and experience this inner peace in the heart inshallah. We pray and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant us and blessed us with this Inner peace is tranquility, this contentment of the heart and bring us happiness in this life and importantly happiness in the next life is Ocula hi for listening Baraka wealth equal Holika we have our stuffing Allah salAllahu Salam ality midwater and he was happy with Salam. Wa Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Heda