Does One Have to do Qada for Witr – Ask Shaykh YQ #230

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sr autofab from Pakistan is emailing saying that she has heard different opinions about whether to make up the witted if she does not pray it. Does she have to do cobalt for Witter? 107 mean Kobe league in Region Jalan? No he lay him first earn Oh lickity

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the responses that she is correct that she has her two opinions, because there are two opinions

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excuse me, and because she's writing from Pakistan. So, the Hanafi madhhab, which is the predominant method of Pakistan is the only method that says that which it is obligatory or wajib. And therefore, if it is not prayed, the Hanafi madhhab says it is obligatory to make it up and therefore she has heard correctly from the Hanafi madhhab that she should make up with it if she has not prayed it for whatever reason. The other three months is the Maliki's the Shah fairies and the ham bellies, they stayed that way, it is not obligatory, it is strongly encouraged sooner, so no more aka the strongest suit, but it is not wajib. So, if you do not pray, you are not you know, sinful per se,

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but it is not something that you know, you should do as a habit. And therefore, if you do not pray, then you do not need to make it up. However, the other three men have said that in case you had the regular habit of praying with her, and for whatever reason, you did not pray with her on a particular day. In that case, they say you have the option of praying Salah to have the next day because it is reported from our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that if something distracted him or he was sick from praying the winter at night, then he would pray the next day 12 Raka and you do have extra in order to make up what he had done. In any case in a nutshell, if you are following the

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Hanafi madhhab then yes you should make up the winter as other if you're not following the Hanafi madhhab if you choose to you may pray an extra Salado rakaat and if not, there is no sin Allah Who Tada Adam Yeah