Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari – Last 10 Days of Ramadan in Istanbul & Pakistan

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari
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Bismillahirrahmanirrahim assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh hamdulillah in the last 10 days of Ramadan, I was honored to have visited and traveled to two countries to countries, which are both very close to my heart. And I really like both of these two countries. I went to Turkey and I went to Pakistan. And some brothers and sisters have asked about sort of some of my reflections regarding the visit, and hopefully, Inshallah, I'm planning to write a small article about the visit, which will be posted online soon, which you can inshallah read. And in terms of Pakistan, I traveled last year as well to Pakistan about a year and a half a year and about four months, about 16 months ago,

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which was very detailed trip two weeks, which I wrote about as well. I spent two weeks in Pakistan and we actually published a book. And this is the book two weeks in Pakistan, which if you haven't got a copy, Inshallah, you can get your free copy, which is available from our director website, there's a online PDF version as well, and ebook which you can also download and read and if you want the physical copy, then you have the physical copy as well, very detailed explanation of all the different modalities and the various scholars and Islamic institutions that are visited, and specifically a lot about Germany, Adelaide and Karachi and with many haffi the whole loudhailer, so,

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that book can be read as for this particular journey, inshallah a small article, I will, I hope to write but before I do that, I thought, let me just share with you some of my thoughts, some of my reflections on both countries the visit to both countries. So, the last 10 days of Ramadan, before sorry, which was about a 10th of Ramadan, 17 to 18 Ramadan, I visited Istanbul, Istanbul is the capital of Turkey and I already previously visited Istanbul once before in 2013.

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And Hamdulillah, that was a detail visit, I stayed there for about eight days actually delivered some lectures as well, which were translated into Turkish. This time, we only spent two days in Istanbul, Istanbul was, as some of you may know, classically known as cost Constantinople or Estonia, and has a lot of history. What we did in this particular journey was one of my main reasons of visiting was it was enroute to my visit to Pakistan.

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But also secondly, I also really wanted to offer my salah and the famous is Sophia mosque. So I have Sophia is a very famous mosque which inshallah I'll talk about briefly. But when we first when we when we landed in Istanbul, and when we reached Istanbul, we stayed in a area in an area which is called the third area those of you who have been to stumble you know, the father Harry, a very famous area fighter, it's on the name of SoulsBorne Muhammad fatik. So find the Conqueror or him Hello data. So this fat area is a very good, Muslim friendly, very peaceful area. A lot of billable items stay there study, there are a lot of scholars and she used to teach a lot of Syrian scholars

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reside there as well. And there is some Institute's there as well. So if you're a student of knowledge specifically, but generally if you're a practicing Muslim and you want to stay somewhere in Istanbul, then I would really recommend the five area as opposed to the more tourist popular tourist areas near the Blue Mosque, etc. But for that area, there's a grand mosque which is called upon Hamid, Fidesz, which was basically on which is on the name of Sultan Ahmed Fatah. But the whole area is a very beautiful area, and especially the char shamba sort of quarter, which is in Istanbul. Many practicing Muslim brothers and sisters and it's a very Islamic environment you can find in

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there. So we stayed in the fourth area and we used to offer our regular Salah in the grand Sultan Mohammed for the mosque. It's a very beautiful mosque as many of the masajid and the mosques of Turkey and Istanbul are very beautifully constructed. Architecture is amazing and unique. So Tom Hamad verde mosque is similarly beautiful large. The Advan is beautifully pronounced the Imams recitation of the Quran in Salah you know, it's a very, very beautiful, beautiful way that they recite as well.

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It's written recited with the tweet, despite being non Arabs, Turkey is a non Arab country but mashallah the Imams and they have now in their various massage and they've studied in the Arab world, and they are able to recite the Quran very well. Even the Adan is very beautifully pronounced. So that's a very good mosque to perform your regular Salah you will meet a lot of scholars there a lot of students there as well Inshallah, and even in my previous visit in 2013, we stayed in the fourth area, we actually in fact, stayed in the same hotel that we stayed in 2013 So

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It's actually called the Dark Dark Reign hotel just I mean, I don't have anything to do with them so, but it's somewhere that I was told it's a very Islamic friendly hotel. And I felt it when we when we went in 2013 and this is why we went and stayed there this time around as well. I met the owner as well mashallah really a practicing Muslim brother. So, the fight area is a good area in the fight mosque, there used to be somebody called Sheikh Mohammed Amin Sirajul Rahim, Allah Dinah famous scholar of Turkey, who actually just passed away last year,

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a year and a half ago,

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a scholar of high level of knowledge and merit and piety and mashallah, you're well respected in Turkey, who specially preserved the dean of the Muslims in those difficult times of Ataturk. So, he was he was teaching he would conduct his regular drusen lessons in the father mosque for many, many years for many years. When we went in 2013 Hamdulillah. We were honored and privileged to meet him. We attended one of his one of his lessons. He used to have a small room at the back of the masjid. And that's where used to sit every day, teach that as well. He welcomed us with a lot of warmth, and he embraced us and then you know, Hamdulillah He granted me and those few brothers were with me each

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other in Hadith. He actually, you know, read out what we call a suburb, Tibet is a collection of all the assignees and permissions of a chef, which is then published in a book so he actually read it out like it took him half an hour to read it. He read normally they just give it just sign it but he said no, I want to read it. So he read it out the whole thing. And then he wrote our names with his pen and then signed it. And especially you know, when we told him that our connection is with some of the subcontinent scholars, especially chakras or Korea candelabra himolla when he heard that name, he was like very, very excited and very respectful to it. Shuffle Hadith Maulana Muhammad

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Zakaria Rahim Allah and Shahabad Hassan Ali nadwi He mentioned as well. So this time of course we he had passed away. So we visited his grave with we had thoughts I had thoughts in my mind you know of Shahar means Raja Rahim Allah but very close by there's a graveyard and in the graveyard He is buried and hamdulillah through Allah, Allah Sophia to be recited al Fatiha and some Quran next to his grave.

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Also, I met a very dear and a beloved friend slash share, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed mudgear al huthi, but has any share Mooji here is a Syrian scholar, when I studied in Syria back in 2002 1000, sorry, 2001 2002 Around that time, he was quite young. He's still mashallah young, but he is not much older than me in age maybe, maybe I don't know how many years but he studied in Syria and then he also studied in Germany after Islamia, Medina University, very balanced individual who has adjusted in Hadith from Sheikh Muhammad Yunus Rahim, Allah of India, Salam pura as well and he met him on a few occasions. And he also made sure our shareholders happy with them and you have the hold on many

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times. So chef Mooji, Mashallah. He's the author of many books, he actually gifted me some of his books and he is a master in Hadith especially, is not his actually, his thesis. his doctorate thesis was on isnaad on the chain of transmissions, and also will Hadith and Musella Hadith that says, you know, 40,

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an amazing teacher, those of you who have studied in Syria may have studied by him. So when I was studying in Syria, he was a young teacher, and he became a friend to me but also a teacher. So I used to go to his house and one one to one, I read the shadow Nahuatl flicker with him, I used to have breakfast or I used to have lunch or dinner at his house and eat as well he was to feed me as well and then we read history teach me as well read the book with me read some other books that deliver Ravi and others, so I'm not sure that I met him in 2013 He's moved to Syria from Syria to Turkey. So this time around as well I sent him a message that I want to meet him and he mashallah

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came all the way and we sat with him after the hot Salah in the courtyard just outside across via the mosque and mashallah he conducts regular deduces he should teach us or he'll Buhari and many other lessons that he teaches in Istanbul. There's another show called Sheikh Mohammed while humbly again, a very dear friend, when I was studying in Syria, he was actually a student is my age. And I met him a few times, but we never got to know each other that well. But in recent years, hamdulillah through WhatsApp, we've stayed in contact and regularly we message each other. I couldn't meet him personally, because he lives many, many miles or kilometers away from Istanbul, like I think he said

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to me, it's like 12 1315 hours drive or something like that, near the border of Syria. But he kept on messaging me kept messaging me and then he messaged me again, Have you arrived? Have you arrived and then I message back and then under law he sent student one of his students. He said, I want to send a student to

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With all my books as a gift, so he gives me gave me like one of his books is this hadith of the handle of Estonia. A small booklet explaining the Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in which he talked about the fact the conquest of Castanea Constantinople, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Let's have the handle of spontini for the Nirmal amigo Amuro Howard Nirmal J. Shu vertical Jaysh. Indeed, You shall conquer Constantinople? How amazing. Will it's the Emir be the leader of that army that will conquer it, and how amazing will that army be? So he's written a small sort of declaration of the Hadith and commentary of the Hadith, etc. So that

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was quite good to receive, you know what his books are. And we also in the fighter Harrier, there's a method called Mad Shabda reserve and Halaby

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you know what, on the second day, because we were there only for two days, I was returning after Fajr Salah from the modified MSG and had just offered for just Salah and walking back. Suddenly, you know, somebody who looked like a shell just came to me and he was maybe in his 60s, white, white beard, white hair, so you know, maybe mid 60s or something. And he said, Where are you from brothers? I had my nephew with me.

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So I said, we're from England, and I said, Are you from is Syria necessary? Okay, so I normally tell the Syrian people that I used to study there and then it happened that he was known and called Usher Khalid.

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I actually didn't know him. I know his brother who was a famous scholar in Syria, Sheikh Abdul Hadi, Casa Bashar, harlot HRSA. I never met him when I was studying in Syria, maybe I might have seen him Allahu Alem. But he's a quite known Syrian scholar. And he said, Oh, okay, you studied there. I have a mat here. And he has an institute called Maha Abdullah reserve and Halaby on the name of Sheikh Abdullah reserve, Al Halabi, who was my own chef and teacher from whom I received the Jasmine Quran. So he said to us that he invited us to visit him and his manhood around that time. So then a lot of time we went there and we sat with him and hamdulillah

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very fruitful discussions with him this morning madrasa that he has, it's called Murder on Halloween. And then we were also told that there's another method called Maha Hanifa. Again, a Syrian scholar is in charge, but various teachers. One of the teachers is actually graduated from Karachi darlin, Karachi, Maulana amarilla, his name is Pakistani scholar. He's actually just doing his his doctorate I think, if I'm remembering correctly, in Istanbul, but his teaching he teaches Tafseer there he conducts a dose of Quran in one of the message they're quite popular scholar a lot of Uzbekistan scholars, sorry students, many students who are studying there are from the Central

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Asian countries, Uzbeks, and many of them knew me and they came to meet me because I've traveled to Pakistan. And Hamdulillah I remember there was one really beautiful brother who was

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sent by this Maulana Muhammad I think, or one of my friends who actually one of my friends who's actually is now teachers in Istanbul, but then for Ramadan holidays, he had gone back to us Pakistan, shahada, who actually studied in the room nobody speaks fluent was back and fluent Turkish maybe and English as well. And his speaks to do as well and Arabic as well. He studied in darlin Durban in India. So I messaged him, he said, Look, I'm not going to be here, but inshallah I've got my students, they will come and meet you and wherever you want to go, they'll take you. So he sent one of his students and then he took me to the IW Hanifa and then we met chef Ahmed relax cetera. So

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hamdulillah it was a very fruitful to two day sort of visit of Istanbul. And like I said, yeah, the second day, which was the most one of the main reasons that I wanted to visit Istanbul was that I wanted to perform my salah in the famous Ayah Sophia mosque. I like to read the Hadith the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam talked about the great Amira that will conquer Constantinople in Arabic spontini, Constantinople. So

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many people tried many Muslim leaders tried to conquer it, but they were unsuccessful. Until chef sorry so far. So bon Hamad, further known as Mohammed father, because Fattah means the conqueror. He conquered Constantinople

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in the year

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857 Hijiri

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hamdulillah Medina, and after the first time after the conquest of postpone tinea, postpone Tonia, the Muslims offered the first Juma Salah in the ayah Sophia Mosque, which was originally a cathedral which was it was a church and there's a whole discussion behind it that you know, it was converted into a mosque at that time. And you know, there's history behind it. If you want to understand more deeper why this was done

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but in the

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Beginning this why is it called is Sophia Sophia. It's not like he's a Sufi mosque or something like that. It's Aya Sophia. This was the name of it beforehand from the beginning.

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You know, in the beginning it was called the great cathedral. And then in later on its name became known as ayah, Sophia, which is from the Greek word, divine wisdom.

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It means divine Illa I am is divine godly, and Sophia means Hikmah wisdom. So Ayasofya means divine wisdom, and this was the name and it continued to have this name. And even today, they'll say, the grand Ayah Sophia mosque.

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So it remained a mosque for many, many, many hundreds, five 600 years. I don't know how many 100 years through the Ottoman Empire until, you know, when the communist regime of command title came, he closed it and he changed, converted the mosque.

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You know, when Muslims conquered Constantinople, like I said, the first Salah was the Juma ASALA. They offered there, and the Emile Sultan, Mohammed further, he was the one who led them in prayer. You know, the first Salah and he changed the name of the city from Antonia Constantinople to Istanbul. It was actually Islam boule, which means the city of Islam and which then became known as stumbled Islam. Whoo. So,

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it remained a masjid until when Kemal Ataturk converted into a museum in 2013. When I visited it was a museum Muslims non Muslims if you buy a ticket, like you go to any museum, oh, this was a Muslim, you know, like a mosque in back in the day and, you know, seven 800 years I don't exactly how many 100 years Muslims prayed here, but you know, now it's a museum and you know, like the Cordoba Masjid Cordoba in Spain, people go and they just think, oh, no, you know, Subhan Allah say like that until just last year. 100 Allah Bible of the Han, the president of Turkey, he re instated it as a masjid and the first Salah offered was again Jew masala and Hamdulillah you can see on YouTube you know the

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live broadcast of the Jamal Salah we offered our Asia and taraweeh there in Ayasofya Masjid first time this Ramadan tarawih was being offered after at 88 I think after 88 years of being a museum. So it was just one year since they started offering five time prayers and the first Ramadan first IV was offered this this year. So Hamdulillah we were honored to have offered our Taramasalata moving on quickly. Then we went to Pakistan and there's quite a few things to say but I'm going to try to you know summarize this. I stayed there for 10 days we landed and arrived in Karachi, which is the main place where I stayed and then a couple of days in Islamabad on the 21st of Ramadan in the

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morning hamdulillah Fajr Salah the first salah I offered was in the masjid of Dar Orem Karachi because we reached from the airport five minutes before Fajr Salah it was 21st of Ramadan and met my chef teacher chef on Islam of the Mohammed taco with many half of the whole largest after photo Salah now in Ramadan Darren Karachi, there's no classes because there's holidays, there's no students, their teachers some other some are there because many of the students teachers actually reside with their families enduring Karachi massive place. So some of the pictures you can see on our website

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from my previous visit, so but there were no students maybe like 100 odd students out of the 10,000 students that study there because everyone's going home but

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the masjid used to be filled with local worshippers and many people in the last 10 days observing the spiritual retreat I think of approximately I think three 400 people maybe 500 I'm not sure exactly numbers of people who are performing the article. And mashallah you know, the does the masjid is a beautiful message the salah used to be offered in the bulk sorry in the courtyard because it's very hot. So all the salons are in the courtyard, the mom's place is what into the courtyard and so forth. The rows are in the courtyard, so it's open and you get a bit of cold air but there's also fans etc.

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Five Time offers being

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offered prayers being offered there.

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On what used to happen each day was chef multiple with many happy to Allah who stayed throughout there he used to deliver deliver a talk a general Naseeha talk a lecture a began after Lasala every single day after voxel until the last two days. His main talk this time his talk and his main topic,

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focused on vicar of Allah. He has grown Allahu Akbar, Yamuna, Rodin, and then wait for karuna, thicker and thicker Africa reflections amazing, amazing talks like a very deep everyday. He actually you remember one thing he said, Allah said yeah, you and Adina Amarnath Corolla decurrent cathedra so there's nothing, no other form of work.

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Worship Allah says that do it cathedra and excessively, only vicar. He says, Do it excessively. Allah doesn't say perform Salah excessively fast excessively, but for vicar, Catherine but very detail every day, different aspects of what is exactly the God. So Hamdulillah that was,

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you know, conducted after the horse salon and all the people who perform Attica, they would listen the local worshippers and local locals as well, they would listen to the talk for about 45 minutes.

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Many other students and people connected people who are connected to him in the science of the soul, Wolf, who have given by to him, we call them read, but like his students, many of them and these are like people who are very close to him. Many of them had come from all over Pakistan and beyond. I know a family that came from Australia, there's a doctor who came from America, from Dubai, there was another doctor who or a brother came from Dubai, from Suffern, people from different parts of the world, they just want to come and spend 19 days in the company of the doctor with money having the law he doesn't. Well, he didn't this year, observed the spiritual retreat attic off because of

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you know, his condition is old in his age, etc. So he didn't observe Attica, and many of these also didn't, because many of them were going back on the 28th 29th, they couldn't stay for the 10 full days, some came for five days, some came for six days, so many of them And subhanAllah, like there was you know, after every salah, as soon as he completed salah, and he's returning the security guards around him, because of the assassination attempts on him. There's a lot of security, but there's like so many people, I try to meet him. Everyone wants a piece of him. It's just,

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you know, it gets it can get crazy sometimes. And these people are all you know, who love him and all his students, they're all close to him. So what he would do is after that talk, he would go to his office after that, he would. So basically he said to the people that look in Ramadan, my time for other people for the work is between Valhalla and arson. That's it after as well do not bother me until next day, as somebody said to him that we want to invite you for Iftar he said, Look, my principal in Ramadan is Iftar. And so I never do outside my home and I do it with my family. And number two, my principal is between the hara and NASA give time to people but after that, you know,

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after Asia I do not meet, sit and meet with anybody, like sit down and have a meeting with anybody if you want to just talk to me just quickly was a walking fine. But and then he told me this person that I have a whole line of tasks from after taraweeh till fajr. I don't sleep at night that I have to complete at night, which includes their body, maybe his you know, a lot of bad and all of all of that. But like lots of other works, he's Boggs, this task, that task, he has a bundle of letters that he has to reply on a regular basis basis, emails and letters. So he would go to his office in his office, the first half an hour, 45 minutes this people meetings have been arranged and people

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are coming in and out and etc. And then also, you know, his letters, so he is replying he has a secretary, one or two other people next to him, they are opening his letters, honestly, you see him at the age of around 80 the type of work is doing it's mind boggling. You know, normally people in this stage would probably go you know, and you know, in exile or next or in you know, going live in Spanish resort to Island

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people who've retired in retirement.

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So, but he is fully focused, you know, he's the head of the bifocal Midori. So he's got that job that work running all of our room, his books are being written this many letters communication that everyday he has to reply to. So people are opening letters for him at his, and you know, SubhanAllah. And in Ramadan, I saw a different side of him, a very serious side of him a bit stressed, but a very, very serious side of me, someone who's really focused, he doesn't have time to relax. And you know, subhanAllah those 10 days, I saw that he was very serious. And you could see from first day in Ramadan, that he's very focused, very serious. He's got a lot of things on his

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head is fasting or rather his like, you know, he's got a worry on his head as well. It's like constantly he's in something which actually completely changed on Ignite, I saw a completely different person, His face changed his now smiling. It's like a whole weight has come over. He's, he was like, in Ramadan. I've got a task and jobs and tasks and I've got lots of things to do. He's still busy after another, but Ignite, this bit of relaxation came into his face. So in the afternoon, we used to go to the office now all these 2030 people that I've talked about who are close people who you know, came to visit him, we would all wait in his outside his office in another

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room because people were meeting him private meetings, etc. When all of that finished, then he would his secretary would call us and 25

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He office and these are people who only he knows and who have been given granted permission, we will go and cram into his office. First of all, he would conduct a dose of the Quran yesterday, the Quran was not specifically done for these people who have come but he's been doing this for the past few years that he his does is recorded. One of the brothers brings special equipment, it's like a studio studio type of recording and you can go into his website with the duck with website, and you can listen to all the doses that are available in order to see of the Quran. But then what happens is that after they are recorded, they are, you know, uploaded online, but then there's one,

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one of the teachers they want one of the brothers to share, he actually transcribes them, and then it's checked and double checked, etc. And then the whole then it's sort of published as a book two volumes so far of his Tafseer of the Quran has been published. It's called Assan tafsir Quran

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Tafseer of the Quran is it of sin of the Quran and I have two volumes with me.

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Surah Fatiha and surah Baqarah has been concluded the pursuit of the Quran in two volumes can the inshallah Allah grant this

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May Allah enable this work to complete hopefully maybe in seven eight volumes this will be a complete opposite of the Quran in Urdu, just like his father wrote a deceit of the Quran called modflow Quran and inshallah hopefully this audit of silk will be translated into English. We're thinking of starting the translation from now as well the first volume and the second volume. So that will be fully 45 minutes and we will listen to that it will be recorded but it was for the publication of the deceit and then after that if there's about 2025 minutes left then he would give us some let's see how maybe read you know from a book of acumen or modern or chivalry time we're I'm

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hold on to either on dusky or on spirituality. Sometimes you will give some advice, there will be a letter that he would read out and then he would answer it and explain to us the answer, etc. Until also and then then he would leave and then that's it and then he would do his things between us. Tamara Benicia Mobdro, McGraw, Manisha, etc. If Powell used to be in the masjid provided for the people of isikoff but I've talked about this as well. That one really good amazing thing that I really liked was that they would give time for people to eat in Iftar a long time

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you see MacGruber Salah should not be delayed and Muggeridge Salah shouldn't be offered as soon as possible in normal cases, but if it's a good Islamic reason, like if there's a debate going on a lecture going on, you're studying you're teaching or you are opening your fast and you can delay it for 2025 minutes. So in darland Karachi what they do is they don't offer the salah Maghrib Salah within like three four minutes or five minutes they actually let everybody eat for 25 minutes and normally I mean what we used to do we'd see properly that's it then after maghrib salad there's no need for us to eat. So we will eat nicely properly all our food and then you know we can rinse our

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mouth and do some work or brush teeth go and offer Salah and then then you feel like offering the sun and the NFL and the OB and etc you know rushing they're not You're not rushing there's no there's no food stuck in your teeth as well and you know you're you've half eaten of samosa and one you know kebab in your pocket and Allahu Akbar This is what happens when we give like five minutes or three minutes either give no time just this one I think just date and water and straightaway so then you just eat properly after salah or it properly now and then pray salt Salah afterwards, in a calm way. We give like five, seven minutes it's like neither here nor there. But anyway, so I really

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liked that system and then after maghrib we used to relax and pray out Salah and then go back slowly you've got enough time come back and just have a cup of tea or something.

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And Dharavi mashallah Quran was concluded. The heart of the Quran took place on 25th Ramadan, but they don't make like a massive thing of it. It was just a photo of the Quran and it's like a normal normal diet like every other day there wasn't anything major. And so this was Hamdulillah. And also, I was one of my teachers chef Mufti Mohammed a chef with money, Rahim Allah, regarding whom I've written in my book two weeks in Pakistan, I visited him when I went last year we went to his house. So this time he already passed he passed away three four months ago. So this time we went and visited his sons and I remember I sat on the same place where I such last year, but this this time I

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was meeting his sons and his

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passed away now so these thoughts came to mind as well. May Allah subhanaw taala have mercy on him and enlighten his grave. And Grantham graduate chef Murthy Mahamudra, Chef Othmani, who was the grand one of the most is main major Mufti of the dollar left of darlin Karachi and also a teacher of Hadith teacher of sahih al Bukhari.

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One highlight for me it was on a day I was able to have a pizza with Chef Martha with money for the whole bar he does not lead etc, in the room Karachi, he actually for many years for 40 odd years he has been traveling to a Muslim

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Hola, gah masala were in the open. I think some said about 100,000 times 150,000 I don't know how many but no large crowd of people come there. There's a lot of security and he has to travel because of the situation in Pakistan with a lot of security. So I didn't know if I could travel because nobody traveled with him. But on the pleasure on the day I met him and he said to me, and inshallah we will be going for it's a law so I'll be leaving at around 745 So you go get ready and get ready by 730 It's get here outside my house for 730 So I was quite excited. I quickly after Fajr Salah already I was kind of already ready anyway, had something to eat and and then went with him now,

00:30:46 --> 00:31:29

this was experienced because he goes with massive security. There's like a car off like army personnel granted by the government. This is a security that is given to high ministers. This was after the assassination attempt on him on him in 2019. So there was only two cars, the rest of all security cars so there was a car of security and then before another car then another car like people 12 Bodyguards with rangers and there's a police car that behind and another police car and it's like sirens and the two the traveling cars are only two so in one car, he sat with his driver, his two sons and one of his grandsons. And I sat in the car. There was another car which is which is

00:31:29 --> 00:32:05

his son's car but driven by a driver and his four grandkids and one of his grandsons is Abdullah Manuel graduated this year a very good friend mashallah, you know, I used to spend a lot of time with him and every day he's he took a lot of care of me as well. And so I sat with him and he was telling me he was he actually told me should make make a blog or a vlog is he make like about this take a video of how the security car is going. And you know, he kept on telling me I should do that. But you can see some of the images with the videos that I'm able to which I was able to take at that time of traveling through this whole you know, security entourage of cars. And then we have the

00:32:05 --> 00:32:41

officer out there and then came back and then when we returned, we went straight to the graveyard which is in government garage, and the sheriff came out with him we went into the graveyard. I saw that he went straight first to the graveyard grave of his father Sheikh Mufti Mohammed Shaffir Rahim Allah and he put in reciting Fatiha and he recited the Quran there next to his grave is his mother's grave. He recited there and then his brother and then a sister four of them. And then he went straight from there to the grave of multimodal shovels, money, Rahim Allah and he prayed there and then he returned. There's other people sorry, he went to his sheiks grave Dr. Abdul Rahim Hola. And

00:32:41 --> 00:33:13

then from there he went to with the amount of the show with my mother's grave the some of the teachers and great people so buried there maybe he does recites their graves as well on other occasions, but this is what he did this time. And then a day wasn't handled. I like I said he was very pleasant when we went to his straight after that I went to his house. And I sat there for about an hour or two but lots of people were coming in the teachers were coming and you know, everyone was meeting him and they were eating and hamdulillah very pleasant. And then the next day after that, he told me to come to his house and I sat with him for about an hour or so Hamdulillah you know, spend

00:33:13 --> 00:33:14

some good quality time with him.

00:33:16 --> 00:33:59

And then hamdulillah two days I stayed after eat and then after that we took a flight to Islamabad and that was unique I loved I stay two days in LA by the Slava is completely different to Karachi. I thought I was in America and Michigan looks like Michigan or Chicago with greenery, beautiful green mountain mountains. And next to the mountain is the Faisal mosque. We perform Salah in the face of mosque and I saw a few other places hamdulillah one of my dear friends called shellfire Mohammed via from Islam but he actually graduated as a Mufti. This year before Ramadan, he completed his three year the hustles in Karachi, mashallah very, very learned and very dynamic and Hamdulillah I can see

00:33:59 --> 00:34:34

a very good future for him speaks fluent English as well. And very close to share multiple with money with Allah He insisted that I stay at his house so we stayed at his house, he came to the airport collected me, we went to his house mashallah looked after it's really well, you know, his mother cooked some really nice food for us. So, not super, super attended now, because it was two days after breakfast and lunch. And you know, Mashallah. And he took me around everywhere. There was one or two other scholars that I knew and had met in Karachi, move the doors, Muhammad and those Maulana Shia alimony, these are all students on the money, they stayed with us as well. And they

00:34:34 --> 00:34:59

took me around everywhere and we visited we went on top of the mountain, we saw the Faisal mosque, and one or two other places that I'm forgetting right now, and how the law it was good to stay and see Islam but as well and with that, our journey came to an end and then we took a return flight to Manchester and they lie to Allah. So these are just some brief reflections on my visit to Turkey, Istanbul and Karachi and Islamabad in Pakistan

00:35:00 --> 00:35:11

But like I said hopefully inshallah I hope to penned an article and when that's released then there'll be more details and you can read those details in the articles is that Kamala Harris rambling Coolangatta market

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