A ‘special’ Cure for Arguing Couples!

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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So this family, you know, husband, wife, this job, a lot of conflict, a lot of problems, a lot of fights and argumentation. So they went to this one chef. And they said to him that, you know, we've got this problem and he spoke to the husband and the wife and and found out the problem and he realized what the problem is and give us some, some worthy for some reciting something, you know, is there something to read or whatever, you know, give us some, you know, they took some water, you know, can you just blow on this water, so we can drink so, the sheriff was trying to explain to them that look, these are real issues that you need to tackle need to sort out these sit down, discuss

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them, you need to change your ways, no water blowing on you to whatever you pray is just going to solve your problems, but they wouldn't take that, you know, as an answer. They kept on persisting and insisting and so, you know, we want you know, give us some water, you know, blow on it, we, you know, our problems will be solved the shattered, okay, is these guys that are listening. So let's, what should we do? So what he did was he gave them some water, he knew what the problem was. So he gave some water and said, Look, I've read some verses of the Quran and some Hadith from them too, etc. This you need to drink, I tell you the way you need to drink what happens, you want, you know,

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the water problem was he realized the root of the cause of the dispute was that the husband used to be outside the house. And he used to work as all husbands do normally outside, he used to come back stressed and you know, tired after a hard day's work from nine to five or nine to six job, he comes into the house and he's really tired, he needs somebody to look after him and somebody to you know, take the burden and weight over from his head. As soon as he comes. The wife saying Oh, but that thing's not done and that thing's not gonna you didn't do this and so relax, you know, I'm just tired. You know, as soon as you go in the house and the wife starts nagging like this, of course

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it's gonna cause a problem that was the main problem and then he will retaliate and that's it fight argument until they go to sleep and it just continued and cried on so that these people don't realizing you know, this problem. So the chef said, Okay, let's give you water dumb, you know, class you know, bottle of water. said okay, the husband and wife or they said Look, I've done some good blowing on this water, I've read all sorts of stuff, you have to drink this water. I said to the wife, this is a very spiritual you know, water. Now the way to drink this is that as soon as your husband comes inside the house, you have to take a glass and put in your mouth and you have to keep

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the water in your mouth for 10 minutes. How many minutes 10 minutes. Take your mouthful Okay, in your in your mouth as soon as when you hear the keys that he's come inside the house water

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if you're gonna nag

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10 minutes, he's also and he told him as well when you come as well. When you see her once she takes water then you have to take water. So you go and take as well. Now she's angry. I have to do this. Nothing's happening. He said you have to do this for like three to four months. Every day as soon as he walks into the house straight of water in your mouth. There's no no conflict. After three four months, things started you know calming down and they can react mashallah you give some very good water so they I know give me very good water.

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Some of the shields they actually do that they just because people don't take no for an answer. I don't want sharpies to write this down. Easy switch. If somebody is a co writer I'm not saying it's haram you know, there's a third code behind that we've amulets, whether it's allowed or not, you know, not everything is shared or not, everything's allowed. There's a middle way, but we shouldn't over be be over reliant on these things. Our main means is do our asking Allah I mean, who's going to who's going to solve our problems? Allah, I mean, the Tao is itself. There's nothing in it. It's really Allah. So does Allah need a paper for you for us to put a paper Allah we can ask Allah with

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sincerity with our own words, it's enough. We don't really need that Allah. At the end of the day, even the will leaf I remember. Remember anything prescribed from the Sunnah of the messenger salAllahu alayhi. Salam said, such and such read this after this prayer. Without doubt we do that. Other than that, those things that are based on experience, I'm not saying it's better or anything like that, but we must not be you know, we must not give it too much importance. Because these things at the end of the day, who is the one who is going to change Allah? If you ask Allah Allah you know, please, you know, this particular problem combined, please alleviate this difficulty from

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me. Allah can remove that Allah doesn't need you to read something, you to read something 346 times you know, after version 432 times after maghrib and make sure that it's one tonight and one here and one there. Allah doesn't need all of that. Does Allah need that? Does Allah say okay, only if you read 346 Then if you do 345 is not gonna work. So, ultimately, it's Allah and we rely upon Allah and we have to deal with these problems.