You Can’t Help Others Unless You Do This #shorts

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The speaker discusses the concept of making decisions based on one's behavior and not on behalf of others. They use an analogy of "one not being able to have good things" as an example of how decisions should be made by one's own initiative and not by others. The speaker emphasizes the importance of making decisions based on one's own initiative and not others' input.

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We make dua for others and not for ourselves. So a lot of people they might feel like look, I can't have good things other people can have it and you make dua for grandkids and other people and this and that, but you don't make dua for yourself. And I've noticed that as a recurring recurring thing Oh, like Oh, I hope my friends get married.

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But you don't make dua for yourself and of course the angels say me and Sandy for you, so that's really great. But you need to make the offer yourself it's kind of like that analogy that gets quoted so frequently put your mask on yourself first, before you try helping other people because when you put your mask on first and you have oxygen and you're living life by da you're making Donna less Peridot is responding and you're conversing with Allah you have more to give. Instead of being a vampire with all your blood sucked out making no dua to Allah Azza vida, Donna, and then you think you're just going to go out with a with a fake smile making dog for other people when your life

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sucks, doesn't work like that. You have more to give